B30 3.3Ft USB C Cable
B30 3.3Ft USB C Cable

  • Standard Type A USB 3.0 to Type C USB 3.1, can be used to charge or transfer for external devices with type-c port (one plus 2 , Asus Zen AiO , Google Nexus 5X , Google Nexus 6P, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL ,etc.)
  • THE NEXT EVOLUTION -- USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ offers a whole new level of connectivity. Transfer data at incredible speeds, charge other devices, and even power mobile devices - all with just one USB-C cable. Quickly becoming the new universal standard, USB 3
  • Reversible and Bidirectional Type-C: Smaller, smarter and more convenient! Low-profile metal connector with a reversible design simplifies the connection; Plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation
  • There are not yet many computers or devices that support Type-C USB 3.1 but in the near future that will change as it offers a lot of benefits over USB 1.1/2.0/3.0, including faster data transfer, a reversible connector and the ability to charge devices t

PECHAM B30 USB-C to USB-A Cable - Easier, Safer, Cheaper, Better!

Super Strong Compatibility:
100% suitable for Type C port supported devices(New Apple MacBook 12 inch, Nokia N1 Tablet, Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015), OnePlus 2, Asus Zen AiO, Google Nexus 5X, Google Nexus 6P, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, etc.)

Well-made with High Quality:
Best quality cable in the market - aluminium alloy connector & high density braided nylon net for long-term use
The combination of sturdy construction with a flexible jacket and USB 3.1 Type C connector with molded strain relief provides a cable with reliable performance and long life.

Hi-speed USB 3.1 Type C Cable:
With this standard USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 cable, it supports faster transmission speed. Based on USB3.0 technology, it is backward compatible with the previous version of 1.1/2.0/3.0.

Type-C Reversible Design Cable:
The Type C interface with 24pin terminal is symmetrical and reversible design makes the plug and unplug easily without checking the connector orientation

- Connector 1: USB 3.1 Type C Male (Reversible)
- Connector 2: USB 3.0 Type A Male (Not Reversible)

Cable details:
Color: Black
Length: about 3.3 feet / 1 M
Plug: aluminum shell with silver edge
Outer mold material: braided nylon net (environmental)

Package contents:
1 x PECHAM B30 USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 Type A Cable.