Pecham 6.2-inch LED touchscreen, Stereo, Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, MP3, MP5 Player With Mobile Bluetooth Carplay and Card Insertion Car Radio

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This 6.2-inch LED backlit LCD high-resolution touch screen provides a comfortable viewing experience, is extremely responsive, and puts all your favorite content at your fingertips. Traveling the country without listening to your cherished music is completely different, that’s why we added music streaming capabilities to your Dual Electronics double DIN car stereo. Music streaming allows you to view and control Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify apps from the home screen while also wirelessly streaming music from Apple, Android or media devices including any stored music. To give you more control over your music experience we’ve included an AM/FM Tuner with 30 station presets (18FM/12AM) and 7 EQ settings (Pop, Jazz, Classic, Rock, Beat, Flat and User).

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Pecham 6.2-inch LED touchscreen, Stereo, Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, MP3, MP5 Player With Mobile Bluetooth Carplay and Card Insertion Car Radio

  • 6.2-inch LED touch screen Double Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth.
  • Features including Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, MP3 and MP5. In addition, it is used to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, navigation and more.
  • Upgraded wireless Bluetooth technology enables the double Din car stereo to easily pair with most Bluetooth devices for hands-free calling.
  • The On-Screen Navigation APP adds a Navi shortcut button on the receiver’s home screen for easy access to favorite navigation apps via smartphone providing instant audio guidance.
  • A high-resolution 6.2-inch LED backlit LCD touch screen display provides a comfortable viewing experience and keeps all favorite options within reach.
  • Music streaming allows users to view Pandora, iHeartRadio and Spotify apps from the home screen while also wirelessly streaming music from their Apple or Android devices (including any stored music).
  • With an FLAC/MP3 player, AM/FM radio (with 30 station presets and seven EQ settings), complete control over your listening experience is at your fingertips. Additionally,this product has front panel USB ports which can be used for charging user devices too.
  • Backup camera ready; this car multimedia receiver can be customized according to user preferences – adding backup cameras so that one may always aware of surroundings.

1127 reviews for Pecham 6.2-inch LED touchscreen, Stereo, Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, MP3, MP5 Player With Mobile Bluetooth Carplay and Card Insertion Car Radio

  1. christopher rivera

    It is a great buy for its price.

  2. jerame

    Received fast and installed very easy. Nice easy setup.

  3. Shane Gimes

    I bought this for my ’92 Firebird and it was an easy install, and sounds amazing, but almost every three songs at random times in the song, the whole system will buzz once for three seconds, play the music higher pitched and slightly faster for about ten seconds, then buzz for five seconds, taking up about 20-30 seconds for the music to return to normal. This only happens when I use Bluetooth on my Android (HTC One Mini 2). I haven’t tested it with IOS Bluetooth yet. Otherwise, this system sounds and looks good.



  5. amanda geisler

    Had to have a custom made dash kit done to install it. Then get a universal adapter kit because the ends did not match up. Was kind of a pain to install is what the shop people said. Other than that it looks great and sounds good.

  6. DavidF

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now. The sound is great, and I like the Blue Tooth capabilities which allow the playing of music on smartphones through the receiver. I also like the USB option of inserting a USB memory stick/jump drive and it plays the music from the memory stick. I only have two complaints: the LED is hard to read when the sun is bright (there may be a fix for this that I haven’t read about in the manual yet), and the other is that the power has to be On in order to eject a CD (our last receiver would eject a CD by pressing the Eject button even if the power was off). This was used to replace the dealer stereo receiver because the CD player was beginning to fail. Good player for the money, I think.

  7. kiya331

    It was just as described. I would have given it 5 stars if I would have known prior that my vehicle wasn’t equipped for a double din radio. I had to have my console customized to fit the radio.

  8. lee

    grilfriend loves it

  9. Big E

    I have to say I like it far better than the factory unit. I am still exploring the unit but so far I like it a lot.

  10. Evodave

    Good head unit especially for the price….. The display during the day sucks though. The Bluetooth is great and works every time!

  11. michael cahoon

    Easy to install

  12. Master Mechanic

    WOW! GPS is perfect. User Manual=Worthless! DVD So Nice, just dark scenes Are Extra Dark. Has More “Bells” Than systems at twice the price! Sound is very good. Dash fit is as it should be. OMG A Slide Show For
    Pictures Too! Only Bad: Micro data card, sad to say it can not see folders. a 32 gig card is a long list to look at! Unit Was at my door in 7 days.

  13. Danny

    It’s a pretty good system for its price. I like how I can bluetooth connect my phone to this unit and skip songs using the unit’s touch screen. I saved my music into a microsd card and played them in the unit. I wish there are more options of how I can play the music. I have separated my music into different folders but the unit shuffle plays all of them regardless. No other shuffle options.
    GPS works good.
    Installation was easy, it came with the trim and bracket that I needed. I didn’t even use the Metra dash trim kit that I bought separately.
    It is not a top of the line but I’m satisfied. Great value.

  14. mdiguy

    This is a really nice unit. I like it and would buy it again. I’m only going to list the cons.

    1). Radio reception seems weaker than the stock radio
    2). The unit is very light compared to the stock radio. This is because there is virtually no heat sink. Maybe the radio just doesn’t get hot and the big heat sink like on the stock radio just isn’t required. We’ll see.
    3). I would REALLY liked to have had a 3.5mm audio input on the back of the radio too for a permanent connection to an AUX source in the glovebox without having a cable to plug in on the front of the radio
    4). I don’t think it should be so shiny black. Most cars (including mine) to no have a shiny black interior. Mine is a mat black and the radio would have fit in a lot nicer if it was a mat black.

    People have mentioned that it doesn’t have a dedicated off switch, but this is no big deal. The off switch works fine (hold src for 2 seconds).

    I needed a fit kit and a wiring harness to do a nice installation.

  15. Ted

    Worked better than expected. A little difficult to get set up but all in all I’m satisfied with the purchase.

  16. Jason

    Its a radio

  17. Stuart

    Be sure to purchase wiring harness and dash mount for your specific car! (It is not included)
    For the price it is well worth it; sounds way better than my stock radio and is loaded with hundreds of features (it even has countless measurement converters and built in games, which are prabably pointless to 90% of people, but still!)
    Only downside is I can’t figure how to utilize the external connection cable since it doesn’t recognize any of my devices I connect and maps will crash once in a while. But Bluetooth, maps, and touchscreen all work amazing!

  18. Will Shearins

    I love this unit looking at buying 3 more for all my vehicles

  19. TGD

    Everything works great! however here a few things ive noticed:

    1 The “mixtrax” color beats setting that goes to the music, barely works, in fact, its so subtle, you dont even notice it, on top of that
    for the change to occur, the bass has to hit so hard, and in a specific range.

    2 the radio reception is CRYSTAL CLEAR… HOWEVER… the distance at which it accepts a signal is SHORTER then both the last 2 systems ive had in my car. “stock system, and an old single din alpine that i lost the faceplate on”; i regularly commute between 2 cities. every week, and i know EXACTLY where the radio station should come in on the new city…. with this radio, i have to get a few extra kilometers closer to get it.

    3 the output display is nice and large, but is narrow; songs and descriptions are always cut off mid way.

    4 holy CR#P this thing is bright, really bright. I drive through the country between 2 cities where there is zero street lights and the whole
    interior of the car glows – ive had to turn the illumination down to its lowest, and its still too bright at night – i wouldnt be shocked if it got
    me pulled over – it hasnt yet.
    in the city where there is street lights, its bright to my own eyes, but it doesnt appear to make my car glow in the dark – but i havent seen from the outside in the city.

    5 buttons are kinda clicky, annoyingly so, cant describe – must experience.
    forward and back buttons must be pressed in the middle or they LEAN.


    The microphone is annoying and i removed it, its big, ugly, has a clip (seriously a clip?, useless, why not a suction cup or sticky bottom, pioneeer, are you listening?) theres literally no where to clip this in my car.

    Takes longer then im used to before it plays a CD, as it determines to read format. once its in and going, its golden.

    AUX is great.

    Bluetooth works great, range is good too, i can leave my ipod5 in the trunk and itll work – my alpine at that range clipped here and there.

    the volume curve is ridiculous, from 0-20 you get almost nothing, then from 20-35 it climbs as you expect, then it gets loud fast
    like for every 1 volume at this range, is like 5 below it. And by the time you get to 45 the sound turns to utter trash (max 52)
    And its not the speakers, everything in my car is aftermarket right down to the tweeters and sub in the trunk; my alpine got alot louder without distortion. I have 2 ways in the doors, 3 ways in the rear 6x9s. the sub is a 500RMS 12 inch competition class with competition class amp.
    At that volume, the only thing that stays tolerable is the bass hits from the rear.

  20. CanadaPeppersINC

    Great working unit. However it didn’t fit properly in a standard double din dash kit.

  21. EE

    Good for the price. Buttons don’t light up.

  22. qqrq

    Radio is not working in my country, it says that radio on this audio hes been made for US ….

  23. SPLLC

    Everything works great except the Bluetooth connection. I do a lot of errands every day and it’s typically fifteen 5-15 minutes drives daily. At least 8-10 times out of those 15 trips I get a “No Service” message and I have to clear the Bluetooth memory as well as disconnect and forget the device to reset it and then it’ll work again. This is highly annoying as usually my trip is over by the time that’s complete. Also my driving is dangerous when I’m doing that and going down the road. Everything else works great and the sound is a wonderful upgrade from the stock stereo that was in the car. This has been my experience with an iPhone 6 Plus and a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire.

  24. Arturo C

    bluetooth pairing is a real pain, but once its done, works like a charm must be bought with the double din installatio kit for the brand of the vehicle your are acquiring it for

  25. Joseph

    This is such an amazing receiver. The receiver has an illumination setting that flashes ridiculously crazy that it can cause seizure to a drunk friend sitting right next to you. All the features and sound quality of it are great and this receiver is 5 stars worthy but I had to take out a star because it made me enjoy the music so much that I cruised around for nearly 3 hours instead of studying and flunked my exam next morning.

  26. J. Ashley

    great radio but two things I have to complain about. One the front face on the top is starting to come off a little bit, I can keep pushing it and snapping it back in but one day it will come all the way off and Ill have to figure out a way to glue it or something. Second is I use this souly for the bluetooth and it works great once its connected but sometimes it can be a pain. (that could very well be my cell phone though I have a G3) im not sure what is causing it, it seems to just do whatever it wants. It doesnt matter if I have panadora already playing before i get in the truck or maybe it has to do with me pulling out of my driveway and my cell switching from wifi to network and confusing it. Hard to say but it gets 4 stars either way

  27. Billy

    look very nice

  28. Dean

    So far so good! I mounted it in my 2004 Suburban and found out quickly that I was going to have to buy a couple of items to get it installed.
    I have the Bose system in mine so I had to purchase the….
    CRUX SOCGM-17B GM Class II Head Unit Replacement Interface with Bose Amplified System.

    The unit does not come with a face plate mount so I had to buy the….
    Metra Electronics 95-2001 Double DIN Installation Dash Kit for Select 1990-Up GM Vehicles

    I also found that GM thought it would be good to change the standard size radio antenna that’s been around forever to a smaller size for their stock stereos so I had to buy the….
    Metra 40-GM10 GM Antenna Adapter

    After I had everything, the install was pretty easy but the unit will need spacers for the face mount to sit flush in order to tighten the mounting screws, I used some small nuts and installed the mounting screws threw them, worked great.
    Oh…And don’t forget to pick up a box of wire vinyl crimp connectors.

    The stereo sounds better then stock but the menu is a bit complicated at first.
    Enjoy your new Stereo!

  29. Ginny O’H

    Needs better info or include wiring harness for the year model told it would fit.

  30. Brian Jackson

    I’ve been using pioneer headunits for 20 years and love their reliability. This is a great deal for a double din. Bluetooth streaming and handsfree feature works great with Android and iphone. I’m surprised it comes with a wired microphone, that’s a bonus. The only disappointment is the daytime screen brightness. The max setting was still hard to see. I set it to dim when the headlights are on- which is fine, just tough in sunlight. You can change the screen colors, and some are brighter than others. Overall – I like it

  31. Vee

    I love this radio, it does so much. The only thing I hate is that my phone won’t connect to the blue tooth after one time. I have tried other and connects right away.

  32. Mitchell vaughan

    Everything works good but when I put it in it was a little crooked, fixed it tho, works great, good buy shipping time wasnt the best but I was waiting for it and had no radio so seemed like forever but the radio itself is good and looks good in my car

  33. Eduardo B. Ramirez

    Excellent system easy to install looks amazing….

  34. Jennifer G.

    Working good. Nice upgrade for 100$

  35. Bryce The King

    Sound quality is great
    Easy to set up
    Bluetooth connect is almost instant

    It seems a little over priced for the functionality not super over priced.. but a little bit.
    Half the time when using Bluetooth the song name, artist, and album never change. It stays whichever song is played first.

  36. Joseph Cavalcante

    Not nearly as expensive as the Kenwood that I put in my car a few years back but delivers what I was looking for as a replacement in another car.
    I would have preferred more lines of information and better text scrolling like on my Kenwood but what I was looking for was Bluetooth for my road warrior sweetie. I was really glad to get this feature for her but I think what she really likes is the USB connection. I got her a thumb drive and loaded it up with her favorite tunes and now that’s all she listens to.
    I like that we don’t have to turn the volume knob endlessly to get more volume like we did on the Aiwa unit I replaced. Sound shaping is more than adequate as we’re not running amps or sub woofers.
    I’m still disappointed that a double DIN model doesn’t offer as much display info but it’s a worthwhile buy.

  37. vaw

    Hard to see display in daylight hours. Other than that this unit cranks.

  38. mohammed awwal iddrisu

    Will this stereo fit my Toyota Corolla 2006. LE

  39. Howard

    It’s a great stereo but I think the internal memory might be bad. It is hooked up correct but will not hold memory

  40. Nick

    Good sound.

  41. Jonathan C.

    If you are looking for a decent head unit with all of the current technology, excluding GPS, then this is the one for you. I have been using it for over a month and so far it has met my expectations. The screen itself is not customizable. You have 3 different background colors to choose from. The USB and DVD functions work great. The clarity of the screen is decent. The only bad thing is that it doesn’t update the song/artist name very well when streaming music via Bluetooth. Other than that, every thing else is great.

  42. AQWWQ

    Good radio for the price, does what it was intended for. User interface is a bit difficult to navigate, and volume knob feels a little cheap

  43. Norman Oklahoma

    Fits 2005 Ford Explorer without any issues

  44. Fremuth

    Meets all expectations and is a great unit for the money.

  45. Narledy Valerio


  46. Ferdanko

    Works perfect, only thing is for some reason when I change the song using Bluetooth it displays the same song

  47. Benjamin

    This radio is good enjoying every minute of it thanks Panasonic 4stars

  48. nerdbooks

    This installed easily into our 2004 Subaru Forrester (with the separate wiring kit) and fits nicely without significant gaps. The hands free microphone works moderately well. Not as nice of audio on the other side (your caller) as the fancy built in microphone in our 2014 Forester, but sufficient quality that there is no problem communicating albeit with a bit of a tinny quality. Very happy with the functionality for the price and would definitely buy it again.

  49. Brandon N.

    Slot above the receiver exposed after installation

  50. Enrique Martinez

    Good quality stereo for the price, no remote control

  51. Tyan

    Nice looking and compact. Features are up to standard. Just need a bit more power.

  52. Jon C.

    Hard to see in the sun light. Other than that it’s great for the price.

  53. Ryan K

    I like this a lot but wish the clock was bigger and brighter, also I wish I could change the background picture. This really has a good sound.

  54. Gary

    I really wanted to give this 5 stars. But the brightest really needs improvement.

    Installation was super easy on my 02 Civic EX. Bluetooth calling sounds great. The mic is pretty cheesy but it appears to be the standard for the aftermarket world. I settled on orange buttons and white display as that was the easiest to see on a bright Houston day. My phone connects before I can even put my seatbelt on and all my contacts are there. I also like the call alert feature. The USB works awesomely. If the brightness was better it would of been 5 stars.

    One more note. When using GPS on my iPhone 6, if your listening to the radio it does not cut out the source and play the GPS over the car speakers. Not a deal breaker but still my 2013 accord rental would override the radio.

  55. witchdoctor

    I wish there was a way to initiate voice control like I can on my other pioneer stereo

  56. Matt H.

    This thing has most every setting you could possibly want. The sound is great and looks good in the dash.

    My only complaint is the daytime brightness of the screen can be hard to see at times on the brightest white color setting (darker colors will be worse). Almost makes having darker colors for the screen pointless if the screen can’t be seen during daylight hours.

    And while we’re talking about the screen. It’s awfully small for a double-din stereo. There’s plenty of real estate there for a bigger screen.

    This could be 5 stars if the screen were bigger and brighter.


    The unit sounds good, touchscreen is responsive, bluetooth works well but I dislike the cheesy looking graphics background that reminds me of a PowerPoint slide from 1998.

  58. Kenneth T. Rose

    I really like this stereo. It sounds better than the factory radio even though I’m still using the original factory speakers. The only downfall I see with this unit is the display brightness as some others have mentioned. I’ve got it set as bright as it will go but it is still unreadable in even moderately bright sun. I would still buy this stereo again.

  59. John Simms

    Works great

  60. Josh

    Just installed this in my ’08 Mazda 6 in conjunction with a Metra Dash Kit. Definitely worth the money. Everything works as advertised and the surprisingly solid construction and touchscreen gives it that high-end look and feel without burning too big a hole in your pocket. Will update with more details when I install the rest of my system…

  61. Roger A Walker

    fits wifes crv

  62. PCHZ

    Couldn’t hook up gps it made everything not work properly but it works fine without it… overall ok radio…

  63. NAEEW

    Liking sounds and display variety,a little hard to learn how to use them though

  64. Patrick Brown

    For the money this unit is a cheap way to set up DVD system . I was under the impression that this unit had much more no sat no android over all I am pretty disappointed in this unit can’t change the display face .

  65. Robert S. Schlackman

    Overall I am happy with this receiver. It was cheap and seems to work well. The sound isn’t the best, but I didn’t expect it for the money.

    Synced to my iPhone 6 without any issues. The words on the display are very big so even though you will see song titles, they appear one word at a time.

    I installed it in a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. Fit perfectly and was pretty simple to install. I recommend using 16/14 gauge (blue) BVBC vinyl connectors to connect the wires to a wiring harness made for your car. You will need a wire stripper and crimper to do the job. The connectors make the job very easy. You may also need an antenna converter depending on your current radio. I didn’t for the 2006 Tucson. Don’t forget a mounting kit for your car as well.

    I completed the job in about an hour. Very simple receiver, but I expect it will last a long time.

  66. chilltexas

    AWESOME system, easy to install and looks and sounds fantastic

  67. Cybernetic56

    Great looking aftermarket stereo. Easy to use and program. The Bluetooth function is nice and gives your vehicle that doesn’t have the amenities of a luxury vehicle those capabilities. I installed this in a 2012 Nissan Frontier that had the more simple factory radio. Very nice upgrade. The new Alpine speakers compliment this unit nicely.

  68. Emmanuel

    The Pioneer Pecham is a good option to upgrade, change or replace the audio system of your vehicle without spending too much and buying a recognized brand instead of a cheap brand, which even if it offers more always has something that does not work as it should or is not designed properly. . In appearance it is very simple although it incorporates some functions that allow you to take advantage of your smarthphone and allows you to expand the system easily (amplifier, subwoofer), What I like most is the ability to change the color of the letters on the screen to leave them as close to the original appearance of your car and its brightness in my case is always adequate at any time of day (there are several options to dim it even programming it according to the time of day), the bluetooth works great for answering or making calls, in the same device you can search for missed, made, answered and even assign speed dial on the same buttons that save your favorite radio stations. It has its remote control in case you find use for it, maybe if you have passengers and want to give them the option that they choose because otherwise the accessory is appreciated but it is useless having the stereo at your fingertips. Its USB input is very accessible. One “negative” point is that it only has English language for the menus, but of course you may not need a dictionary to read play, stop, etc. Although in these times one takes for granted the multi-language in the devices. And well if you are not an expert in these topics, it is an entertaining project to install it, it has been a while since the stereos do not include everything they used to have, so you may need to buy some mounting accessories, but assuming you have everything, the installation is simple and the manual explains the basics to do it. Good system and good price with no surprises.

  69. ZB

    Not a bad price for a BT aftermarket CD player. It works well and I haven’t had any issues since installation. The hands free calling works pretty well too. I only wish it would display the clock and album/artist information at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

  70. Triston Curtis

    Perfect fit, super easy to navigate through, Bluetooth is crystal clear and has all the nice features, Bluetooth, aux, USB, satellite hookup, and Bluetooth microphone. Only complaint is the wiring harness is pretty small gauge. Wish it was one or two gouges bigger for easier crimping.

  71. Cedro

    For basic radio it’s okay, just spend the extra $$$ and get pioneer top-tier models.

  72. Gizzly

    Works well, installation was easy. Very basic set up, but it gets the job done.

  73. Jmarckson

    I had this professionally installed in a1998 ML 320. I wanted Bluetooth phone calls and streaming in a double dinn that did not look like it was also designed to do a light show in a 16 year old’s vehicle. I paid a little more for a double din with a DVD player because I wanted the Pioneer brand and I did not want the clunky light displays of other generic brands. I like the double dinn because it fit well in my vehicle and made an older vehicle look updated.
    I have had it installed for 3 days now.
    -I didn’t think I wanted a remote on second hand it would be nice.
    – if I could talk to siri from the head unit or a remote this would be nice too.
    -1 other minus is that when you turn the volume up the number the volume is at is displayed right below your hand making it hard to see.
    -There is a slight buzzing sound that can be heard through the bluetooth connection when listening to a podcast but when streaming music it cannot be heard.
    When making phone calls everyone says they can hear me well… So microphone quality is good.
    Bluetooth pairing is quick and easy. reconnects automatically.
    I like the mute button just below the volume
    I streamed podcasts the last 2 days and really enjoyed having this option.
    CD sound quality is good also.

    DVD quality is as expected.
    Touch screen is responsive.

  74. stephen mial

    Really like this system. Delivers very good sound and has all of the features I was interested in. The bang for the buck is outstanding. As a matter of fact, it produces better sound quality than some of the more expensive units. Now I know why there are thousands who have purchased this product. The only down side is that it is difficult to read messaging during mid day when the sun is brightest.

  75. Me

    Works good and good price but every now and then the touch screen quits working until you shut the car off and back on which doesn’t really make me happy

  76. Abian

    Very cheap looking screen with limited features. Pioneer could have done better.

  77. Martin Lopez

    I am happy with this stereo. fit perfect on the car’s base. I did had some difficult installing the aftermarket wiring on the car. but this had nothing to do with the stereo.

  78. ken

    Works good thus far (few weeks of use). Wish I could use a custom background. That would be a pretty easy software feature to add.

  79. Sandra Kostka

    I love this radio. Great sync ability even to my android phone. Love the options for the display colors and features. Was pretty easy to install once I got the correct wiring harness. I am giving 4 stars due to the display not being very bright in direct sunlight, but otherwise it’s totally easy to deal with!

  80. George

    This is a great product. I ordered it for my civic along with a dash and bypass to play video’s for my passengers while in drive. The sound quality is amazing, and the bluetooth connectivity is spectacular. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because you CANNOT change the background. I was watching youtube videos to put my own custom background picture but you can’t do this on the 280bt. This is a pretty basic model, if you are looking for something simple and great quality, but I think I would have spent a few extra bucks to get all the android apps, navigation, and spotify.

  81. Racquets and Wrenches

    I’ve had this stereo installed in a Nissan Frontier for about a month now. Install was just as easy as any other car stereo and it hasn’t given me any trouble. Here are my observations thus far:

    – Bluetooth works perfectly. It connects right away to my Samsung phone every time it powers up. I’ve streamed Pandora without issues and I can skip tracks from the unit itself.

    – Phone call quality is good. I routed the microphone so it sits right at the top of the A-Pillar trim, about 10-12 inches from my head. It seems to work as well as my wife’s car that has a factory stereo with Bluetooth.

    – I really like the fact that I can customize the colors to match the instrumentation. The menu is pretty straightforward and not difficult to figure out. I do wish the display could get brighter. It’s a little difficult to see during the day. That’s why I give it only 4 stars, but I’d buy it again.

    – Remember to buy the adapter kit for your vehicle. I had the wiring harness already since this was replacing another aftermarket stereo, but I did need to order the mounting bracket.

  82. Simps

    This system is updated and better than most. It sounds clearer than my last stereo too. My only minor complaint are the wires that come with it. They’re quite thin and weren’t great when I attached them to the wire harness. Alas, I’d probably purchase it again if needed.

  83. Jason

    After using this for a few months in my wife’s Xterra I’ve noticed one problem. If it is bright outside you can’t hardly see the display. I’ve turned the brightness up all the way but the display is useless if its a sunny day. Now this could be an issue with how the head unit sits in the Xterra, but still tis annoying.

  84. William S. Niehaus

    First off: I would not call myself an audiophile, but I have invested a lot in my sound system and I produce music, so I know what I’m talking about.

    First, the Good:
    – It Has Bluetooth
    – Responsive Touch Screen
    – Good sound quality

    This Unit has a great-sounding EQ, Allows for minor adjustments to fit the lack of mids that tends to arise in car audio. The aux input is very clean, and paired with my S5 I have a very low noise floor. It’s basically inaudible.

    Now, the Bad:

    The DAC:
    The bluetooth might be fine if you’re running stock speakers. But if you have components or a tweeter of any kind, it creates this high end down-sampling, sort of a buzzy character. It’s very annoying, and it ruins the track you’re listening to. This can happen with any sort of DAC, but I’ve heard much better. I’ve not tried the USB input, but I would assume there is a similar quality DAC in use.

    Now, I would have no problem just using the analog AUX input. Analog generally sounds better, and the aux doesn’t bottleneck your system at all
    EXCEPT. When you use the aux, this irritating message continuously pops up saying that it’s illegal to use a video input while driving. It will not go away for more than 10 seconds before popping up again. Even when you’re not playing any video.

    —-THE FIX:—-
    You have to disable the video playback in the bottom right corner of the screen when playing through aux. A bit counter-intuitive, but whatever.

    The Verdict: it’s a solid purchase if you have a phone with a decent DAC, and you don’t care about bluetooth.

  85. Rick

    Bluetooth works crystal clear

    I do enjoy the hpf/lpf 12-24db octave it offers

    The screen doesn’t get that bright though.

    All in all it’s great considering it’s cheap price

  86. Jennifer Swope

    Good head unit for the money.

  87. Lcan


  88. Victor

    Bought this to put in my 2013 F-150.

    INSTALL: Had to buy the Metra 95-5820B Double DIN Installation Kit for 09-up F-150. Pretty easy to install. Fairly straightforward. The biggest and really only headache was trying to find a switched power source within the F-150, but that will vary by vehicle. Bought the Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Controls to keep my steering wheel controls and that’s worked really well. The only control I’ve “lost” was the button that makes the system listen to my voice for voice-commands. I was hoping I could somehow tap in to the factory(built-in) microphone that’s already in my truck, but decided against it last minute and wired and hid the microphone up behind my sun visor on the driver’s side. After several phone calls to people that I had called from my truck before the installation said that the new mic sounded better, and I’d heard that from several reviews as well. I also installed a switch to bypass the parking break and hid that and the aux and USB cords in the glove compartment. If my F150 had a real center console(mine has the jump seat) then I would’ve routed those wires under the door frame on the floor and up and into that console, but this works well so far.

    PROS: this is a solid entry-level DVD player stereo. It does everything you would hope the average stereo now in 2016 should do. The bluetooth works really well and displays song info from my Android using Google Play Music. The sound is so adjustable that after some finicking, you should get some really crispy sound. I am still using stock speakers and have been impressed by the sound, though I have two Pioneer speakers for the front that I’m planning on installing soon. In my opinion, the video quality is very good. For some reason, the stereo automatically applies subtitles to DVD’s, I guess that could be a pro or a con depending on what you prefer.

    CONS: I’ve had real inconsistently playing DVD’s. Sometimes it will, some times it won’t. I haven’t figured out something that I’ve done to get them to play after minutes of the stereo not wanting to play the same DVD. When switching to bluetooth, it doesn’t automatically play the music every time; it probably does half the time..against inconsistency.

    Not a ton of pros or cons because for the most part it does what a stereo should do and plays DVDs. I was close to buying the one with SiriusXM, but for me, it plays DVD’s and that kind of cancels that out. Maybe my next one will have it, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. I would recommend buying it to anyone. Makes trips a breeze because you can just pop movies in if you have the parking break bypassed.

    I will say that it seems like more and more car makers are making it more difficult to install aftermarket stereos by the way they build the bezels around them in the factory. As you can see in the picture, and as I mentioned earlier, I had to change out the entire bezel which wasn’t hard, but I liked the look of my stock one better. But that’s for a different review..

  89. lCAN

    This is a great radio for the price you’re paying, all features work flawlessly sound quality is good the touch screen is highly responsive, bluetooth works great with very good connectivity speed

    Update: This evening i got in my truck and the radio is not working. I started troubleshooting the problem and found nothing wrong with the truck the radio just doesn’t come on….very pissed right now.

  90. Margaret Dahlgren

    The only thing this stereo is missing is the built in gps option, otherwise over all its a amazing radio

  91. albert

    All good

  92. mx_fight

    Loading is slower than I expected. Overall it is very good.

  93. Sylvain

    I like almost everything about this head unit. The display is clear (and for those who can’t see it in the daytime, just change the screen illumination color to white and that should do it), the controls are easy to learn and to use, and the remote comes in handy sometimes and it’s fast.

    The only thing that I’m not too fond of is the Bluetooth function. It’s kind of a hit or miss whether you’re trying to use the call function or to play your music. When I call, sometimes it works amazingly well and the mic is clear, but sometimes it’ll either just hang up by itself or give me an error message on the display. When I play my music, sometimes it displays track/artist/album names spot on, then sometimes it gets stuck on one of the variation, then sometimes it displays no information, then sometimes it doesn’t even want to read my phone even though I manually turn on the music from my phone.

    For the price, it’s one of the best head units you’ll find – hence my 4 stars. The Bluetooth thing doesn’t really bug me too much, just thought I’d mention it for the people to whom it WILL matter.

  94. YkGrizzly

    Can’t control Bluetooth with this device ….like changing the song…other than that it’s ok for the price

  95. John

    great cd player for the money handsfree works great.

  96. YY

    Delivery speed over… Great..

  97. tania

    Super great. The only downside is that it is not wide enough to fit my Matrix’s (2003) radio hole. I will have to install side panels to cover the empty space.

  98. KUAE

    Hard to setup sounds preference. Equalizer preset not to my liking

  99. Siri

    love it great product no issues at all

  100. Shaqueena davis

    It is a great radio but when using the Bluetooth it statics a little sometimes. I have to power it off and back on to stop it

  101. Andrea R.

    Great radio for the price and easy to install.

  102. Joe

    Works Great so far …. I’ve installed it a week ago

  103. Soto80

    A lot of nice features equalizer,Bluetooth,dvd,cd.Does not come with a controller.With that being said you hit buttons by accident sometimes because they are real close to one another.Sound quality is good and video is great.

  104. cand

    Great radio for the price, only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there shipping method sucks. They make you and only you sign for the package. But other than that picture quality is amazing and sounds great

  105. 40Something

    So far very good radio. Just traveled north & the USB, backup & Bluetooth all worked flawlessly

  106. michael m

    really nice radio

  107. Ivan aguero

    It’s really good it fits perfectly in my Lexus gs300

  108. A-A-ron

    decent unit

  109. CJ3B

    Good radio.

  110. K and J.

    I guess with this model, you cant update the wallpaper/background. Hence the minus 1 star.

  111. Brandon Smith

    Surprised it didn’t come with a trim ring or mounting cage. Other than that it is ok so far…

  112. Jimmy Newtron

    I’ve been using this stereo for about 5 months now and it works well. The problem I’m knocking out 1 start is that sometimes it looses bluetooth syncing to my phone. I am not sure if it is my phone or the receiver’s fault. Sound is good and product is affordable.

  113. ed


  114. Ohioian

    Bought in April, installed when I got it a few days later. Worked OK, wasn’t impressed by any of the feature’s but it had Bluetooth and worked. 3 months later the head unit is failing cutting in and out with sound on every setting, radio, CD and bluetooth.
    After some investigation I found the internal amp was causing the issue. I then decided to try one more thing. I pulled the head unit and removed EVERYTHING around it, cutting out a lot of stuff to give the head unit more room and ability to dissipate heat better. After that the issue was fixed. No more problems. Not the greatest head unit, buttons are finicky but works as advertised.

  115. Ruggs

    Headunit is great for blue tooth and also looks and performs great but beware if you love to use just the aux cord don’t buy this because the connect is behind the head unit

  116. Southernmunitions

    This unit was so nice, and at such a great price, I bought it, installed it the next day after it arrived, and some POS thieves stole it out of my truck two days later! Guess I’ll be ordering another….Bluetooth works great, solid clear sound, and looks great in the dash.

  117. Finncey

    expensive one but good item

  118. S. Rugg

    This radio/CD player works very well. It fit into my 2007 Mustang perfectly, with the correct adaptors, and looks cool. Puts out good sound, and has a very nice equalizer for fine tuning the sound.

    Haven’t been able to get the DVD player part to work yet. Don’t know why. All I get is a message on the screen that says something like “DVDs cannot be watched in front seat while vehicle is in motion”. But it won’t play whether the vehicle is moving or not. I did not hook up the green wire to the emergency brake, but don’t think that’s it.

  119. pablo mathus

    Perfect description as stated online, easy to install connected the radio with color code of radio harness, camera will require a little more cable for power and ground but the unit is perfect

  120. Tiffani J. Fenimore

    I got this for my truck as a Christmas gift. I have had it installed for about a week now. It received 4 stars because of the microphone cord was smashed/melted….. I just sent an email and we will see how this gets resolved.

    In have never installed a stereo before so I did what every novice does I get you tube educated. It was a very simple install. Things u also need to buy with your unit so it will go a lol smoother than mine.
    -Head unit… Check
    -Antenna adapter For the factory antenna plug in back
    -wiring harnes
    -the proper double din face plate. There are two types one for Asian style stereos and one for American style.( It will fit and look a little better. I got the Asian style. It still looks good just took some working with it.)
    -micro bypass.. this is so movies can play with out the parking brake set.. not a necessity if u don’t care about watching movies
    – a universal steering wheel control module. (This will allow your controls on your steering wheel to work.) I tried to use my truck with out them… Nope went and bought one for myself. It was fast and easy to instal. It took a few hours to knock it out, one because I’m a novice and two I used wire taps, plugs and connectors. I didn’t just cut twist and tape. I wanted it to last. I hope this helps I’ll do a follow up post with this microphone situation.

  121. Ricky

    I would like to be able to match the button color with the theme or at least change the wallpaper but it’s pretty good and I like it oveall.

  122. Andres Espinoza

    Good entry level radio. Not “iPad like” display. GUI is quick enough.

  123. Dinesh

    Met expectation, at it’s best !!!

  124. Jack

    I know the delivery is not your fault, but got it a week after expected and i payed for express shipping. The radio started acting weird about 2 weeks after being installed. it annoyingly flips radio stations on its own. to the point that now i just keep it off or only use it with bluetooth.

  125. Trader John

    This replaced my worn down factory stereo in 1998 Sienna. Lot of features. Well priced. UI is not straight forward. There is a learning curve. You also need to take your eyes off the road and look at the display to select music source and many other functions. I think my old stereo has richer base and clearer high. It is a good basic radio.

  126. Ethan S.

    This is a really good head unit over all. The only problem is my radio reception is horrible.

  127. Brandon

    Very basic unit that has all the features you need to get by. I was disappointed that you CANNOT change the wallpaper on the 280BT, when some reviews said you could.

  128. Bradley A.

    Great radio with many options. Has held up well and have had it for 7 months now. Only complaint is the LCD screen is hard to see when the sun is shining into the cab of my truck.

  129. Ronald Brown

    Have to split the rear sound between sub woofer and speakers using your own slitter since there are only two jacks for forward and back.

  130. Vincent

    Andriod User. Great Sound. Good Bass. Looks Great

  131. chevygurl11

    Pretty happy with my purchase

  132. MJK

    I have never installed a car stereo before but it was pretty simple once the wires were all matched. I used the Metra wiring kit 70-1761. The unit is great for volume equalizer and I listen to radio, podcasts, and music. Bluetooth works perfectly. Haven’t used the DVD or CD or Aux. USB charges while my phone is plugged in but it caused some connection issue with the Bluetooth initially eventually working itself out. Very satisfied. Will keep playing with the unit to customize.

  133. KEAW

    Worked great..

  134. Mr Gates

    bought this for a friend… so far so good

  135. Sael Argueta

    Good double din for the price. The bad thing is that something when making a call over the Bluetooth radio get stuck I can’t end call from the radio. I have to reset it.

  136. Walter B.

    I thought it had more features then my old pioneer,but it doesn’t. Overall the price it’s nice and the hands-free is there a clear.

  137. Li Lei

    It was alot better then i thought it would be ive been into car audio for 25 pluse yrs and i wasent expecting much and i was surprised it works great sounds better and for the price you cant do better

  138. Gerardo F.

    Good stereo easy install

  139. Morphius

    i like the receiver for the most part. the only gripe i have is that the “next track” button and the display on/off button are very close and often misinterpreted so often i try to advance to the next track, only to turn off the display. only gripe though.

  140. Taciturno

    It works fine

  141. L. Liukonen

    For the most part, this is a great stereo… Here are my only complaints…
    USB drive to my understanding needs to be Fat32.
    You need a separate app to properly sort the files alphabetically in your drive, so that your albums play out in the correct order.
    I had mine installed by BestBuy. The DVD functionality does not work, indicating some warning, including in park mode.

    Other then those issue, Very happy!

  142. Anonymous

    It did meet my expectations. But the only thing I was disappointed about was that you can’t change the background

  143. stefano Loi


  144. The Pool Rulz

    Best Budget Stereo I have ever bought. Although the USB and AUX connections are a pain and inconvenient, the sound of this radio out of the box is pretty dang good. The Bluetooth is solid and has good noise cancelling and the display can be shut off for night driving. Solid radio.

  145. Alex Osinski

    I would give this five stars if it had a better owners manual, but overall, it is pretty good. It fit my 1993 like a glove, albeit very right glove, I was able to use the OEM mounting brackets with minimal modification (basically it is a very very tight fit innthenfactory bracket, so I cut relief slots innthenfactory chassis. Wiring was a little bit of a hassle even with the recommended adapter kit, but not impossible. This gives my old car a whole lot of the features built into newer upscale cars and makes long trips and commuting a pleasure in the econo-car.

  146. Billy

    Note bad for the cost. The radio is strong, DVD works fine and connects my phone to blue tooth every time. GPS works well and has plenty or features. There are limited instructions, so you need to play around with the settings. Install was easy using a Harness for vehicle and a install kit. The wires are all marked and if you know how to wire a car audio system, it is very easy
    Good product, good low price

  147. PY


  148. Reid P

    It’s a rather plain operating system, but it’s Bluetooth works great, the USB connection is awesome, camera function works great, and it was very simple to install.

  149. Brian B.

    The Good: Nice features, remove is nifty

    The Meh: Sound is just okay. It replaced a stock Toyota premium stereo and the Toyota’s sound was significantly better/fuller. The Pioneer unit feels like its pushing fewer watts even with the stock amps.

    The Bad:The lighting. I bought the unit specifically to match my green interior lights but have been disappointed by the quality of the lighting. It’s too dim during the day, too bright at night, and the autodimmer function failed after a just a few months.

    All in all, it’s an okay stereo but it feels like a $100 dollar unit compared to the nicer ones.

  150. Adam M.

    Like it but should have gotten the full screen version with Pandora and Spotify apps. Touch screen is accurate, quick and responsive; manual buttons… not so much. Pandora song info doesn’t update properly with Android phone. Otherwise good.

  151. Rey A. Manalo


  152. Greg C.

    This thing is a great purchase for the price.

    My main complaint is the display is too dim during daylight hours. I have tinted windows all around, and still cannot see the display on it’s brightest setting without leaning a bit to my right…also the microphone was a little hard to place, and just kinda lays there flaccid at this point. I don’t use it anyways, so no issue there.

    Otherwise, great set up…just drive at night, and all is good.

  153. Becca

    After a few months, all is good so far. The only issues is the mic for calling is terrible, it makes a weird noise for people on the other end so I no longer use it. It is also a pain to get it to connect to multiple bluetooth devices. I use both my phone and ipod and it can be a headache for it to go to the ipod for music.

  154. Wiliam

    Great unit but doesn’t fit flush in a fox body mustang (the angle is not right with the size of this radio)

  155. Jason Williams

    good radio but NO REMOTE also hit next button it turns off display lol

  156. LEE W.

    was ok

  157. Brianwilcox

    So far works good

  158. TASE

    Love it

  159. M.ACE

    its ok

  160. Joseph J. Shafer

    great addition to my traveling experience

  161. Mike Henshaw

    This unit was a good buy does what it says on the box

  162. Mable head

    Works well..

  163. UEWES

    I really like it

  164. Ray Hoffman

    Works alright I guess. It’s pretty annoying that the parking break wires do not come with the set. If you try to set over three phones to the Bluetooth, it will say memory full. The only way to reset, is to engage the parking break. You see where my problem.

  165. Amelia Miles

    You need to buy a double din dash bezel, for this to fit a dodge charger.

  166. jp

    good for the price.
    Bluetooth auto connect isnt 100%. Many times I have to manually connect.

  167. Vivian

    Good job

  168. ggautier

    Has lots of features and looks nice . U must read the instructions and if u want to take full advantage of all the features

  169. kaleseya

    Anyone think that it’ll fit?

  170. Paul

    This system was very easy to install. Will be putting up an installation tutorial and unboxing on my YouTube channel soon regarding this system.

    Touchscreen very responsive, and Bluetooth calling works well! My one disappointment is that the system does not come with a faceplate to go around the deck, so I’m left with a gap on all four sides of the interface. I do hope the company can shed some light on this.
    Also, I noticed that the User Interface itself is quite archaic; it feels like it’s from 7+ years ago.

    Overall, the system is functional, but I expected more (in terms of UI) from a deck made in November 2015.

  171. KYLE L.


  172. Jeremy R.

    Great radio but the screen is to bright at night needs to be able to dim the brightness more between day and night

  173. rmva

    Nice unit for the price. Bluetooth works well with my iPhone.

    Couple negatives though. The unit was packaged like it was a return, and it had a fingerprint on the screen. Also, you have to be very careful how you press the Next Track button, if you press it squarely, it will activate the button above it and turn off the display.

  174. J Torrey

    I installed this myself into my 02 Lexus ES300 and it works lovely. Its a very basic stereo but has far more capabilities than my stock had available. The USB and Aux IN are located in the back so I ran the wire to stick out just at my driver kneecaps but I’ve never needed them since it has Bluetooth capabilities. All of the buttons are conveniently located and the phone works great. There are only two features I dont care for; the phone book isnt very user friendly. To get to a name you have to press down down down so many times its easier to pick your phone up which defeats the purpose. The other issue is the explore feature through your music library is just as cumbersome. It doesnt pick up the playlists off my phone and you almost have to go through folders like windows explorer no play a certain genre or anything like that so you have to pickup your phone again to get these to play.

  175. Chode69

    Good. Worked great. Easy to install.

  176. Ivana

    The unit is good, the screen is just small for my liking. The settings are plentiful and I’ve had no issues with it so far

  177. Sadeem H.

    It’s awesome
    Everyone should buy this product

  178. Brian P

    Excellent device with a lot of handy functions. This was so easy to configure with my iPhone for
    streaming audio and hands free phone calls.
    The iPhone sound quality is amazing when making calls and streaming audio.
    Both USB and iPhone work so good fpr playing music; nice to be able to just plug a thumb drive that’s
    loaded with music into the provided cable, or just carry your phone with you.
    The only thing I found lacking was limited customization of the background image and screen colors.
    Looking online for which ones you can load your own image file onto it most directions online are using different models then their
    instructional video states..nowhere did I see this one saying it was capable of that, but after receiving it I sure wish it did.
    I am truly impressed with the functionality of this, and ease of use..a great price too. A wonderful product.

  179. Nicholas Moore

    Fits and works great

  180. R

    Had this receiver installed by a mechanic and haven’t had a problem with it since. In another review it says that the display doesn’t update when songs change on the radio, but mine does. Connects to my phone and ipod easily. I use the touch screen to skip songs rather than the side panel, so the closeness of the display button doesn’t bother me. I didn’t get this receiver for the DVD function, though it works fine and looks good. Finally, the display in general is a little bland, but since the function and price of the receiver match what I wanted I’m not bothered by it.

  181. Tia G.

    Works great. Isn’t pink light as shown or could get it to change if need be. Yes, we bought it because we thought the light was pink for my daughter. Works great as expected. Nice quality. Honestly, I would of upgraded if not for the dang light. Lol.

  182. Nancy Abdon

    My grandson hooked it up easily and loves it.

  183. Leroy M.

    good could be better

  184. Juan Carlos Perez Diaz

    I like it a lot and keep buying. There is timeliness and the products are the same as described.

  185. javier rodriguez

    great purchase works grferat and also turned my car into a blue tooth where I can talk on my phone in an older car .

  186. Adrien

    Awesome product love it!!!

  187. WW

    It’s an excellent stereo I love it

  188. KLJE


  189. Linda Matusiak

    works great

  190. Ben

    Great unit overall, but the programming and functions are tedious.

  191. Anthony Wright

    Work fine. Haven’t hooked the camera up yet. The only problem I’ve had so far is the distance on the GPS instead of miles it uses Km. But so far so good

  192. Nicholas Harmsen

    Sounds decent as long as you are at lower volumes. Distorts after “32”.

  193. Jown

    Works fine

  194. MP100

    Functions and sounds great!

  195. John Brown

    Will it fit in a cadillac cts 2003

  196. Taj97

    Decent stereo for the money, everything works and sounds great. Only issue is the bass is not as loud.

  197. Bill w.

    this is a great product for the price…I love it

  198. Jennifer m.

    I bought this and got it installed for my fianc¨¦ on his birthday, he loved it!!! Amazing sound on the Lexus is300 🙂 I’m going to get one for my Honda as well

  199. CSDH45

    Easy installation (does not include wiring connectors). Easy set-up, great color options, and Bluetooth works well. Only real complaint is that if the bluetooth disconnects while it is on, it must be restarted to reconnect.

  200. C.R.Cavazos

    It delivers good service, the Bluetooth interface sometimes connects the audio as a call. Can’t change the “desktop background” and the color scheme selection is minimal.

  201. Jennifer B.

    Good stereo for the price. Go ahead and buy the parking brake bypass, you will most likely regret it if you done.

  202. Jenny wallpe

    works great! fit great in my 2004 jetta!

  203. Brady

    Product works great. Quite impressive for the price.

    Cons: Was missing GPS chip, had to get directly from Boss

  204. Dan

    Good quality works good not sure how to up date the GPS yet but other than that love it

  205. Erik

    Good radio and never really gave me a problem. The only problem I have is that I own a soft top car and when the top is down it is very hard to read anything on the screen because of the sun glare. I wish I knew this before I purchased.

  206. Grant

    After reading through the reviews for a dozen or so car stereos, I settled on this one. I looked at a number of products from Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer, Clarion, etc. It might sound strange, but my #1 feature was a always visible clock. I wanted a radio that could do song info, while displaying the time. A number of radios, like the JVC models and Sony one I looked at, cannot display the clock constantly. It is merely a piece of information that the main display displays intermittently. In this radio, the clock can be set to be always displayed on the bottom left of the screen, and then the main screen can do song info. I do work out of my car delivering food, so time may be more important to me than you.

    After narrowing that down, my next criteria was the connectivity of the unit. I wanted a unit with good Bluetooth, a USB front input, AUX, and a CD player. This unit has all of those connection options. The Bluetooth in particular is very good. my phone will autoconnect in seconds. (I have a Iphone 6) I cannot comment on the MIC or FM/AM reception because I haven’t installed those components yet.

    After that I just read the reviews for all the car radios, and this radio seemed to be the most reliable, and convenient one. I would recommend going on Youtube and actually looking at people use these units. That was a good way for me to check how the interface was.

    The only things I miss about the unit are some of the brightness issues. Pioneer should really have more settings than 1-10 brightness levels, and they should Include dimming with my car dimmer knob(right now it only dimms to 1 when headlights are on, regardless of the actual setting on your car dimmer. I also wish the radio could be brighter on the display in the daytime and dimmer at night.

    Overall its a good unit.

  207. Carrie Souders

    Awesome. I love this radio! Easy to learn and the colors are great. I really like the Bluetooth. I get to play music off my iPhone and also talk on my phone without touching it. The only improvement I can think of is the display could be brighter during the day. It’s very hard to read.

  208. Clayton

    For the money, this is a very nice upgrade to older stock radios.

  209. Michael G.

    Good unit. Great product for the price. When pushing the next track button, I often accidently turn off the display. Other than that quality product

  210. Guillermo Abad


  211. tim da pool man

    Best thing I bought for my truck

  212. robert davis

    This product works great. Bluetooth works great. The only negative is that it did not fit in my 2004 Chevy Silverado. The depth of the receiver was about a quarter to a half inch too much for the cavity in the dash. I could not blot the receiver into the dash using the factory bolts and the double din mounting brackets. I was able to modify it to accommodate the receiver by using some plastic spacers which allowed the bolts to secure the receiver snug to the dash frame. It wasn’t that big of a deal however if you are not somewhat mechanically inclined this could be a big problem for you.

  213. Fase

    Arrived a lot sooner than expected and I was highly satisfied with

  214. Brayan Collado

    The browser on my unit no longer works

  215. Johnie R.

    Came as expected and works great!!

  216. julo a urrea

    This radio is perfect for me I like.

  217. T=N=O

    Arrived fast and I’m enjoying it nice radio.. only thing is how do you add photos into the radio

  218. Tivi

    Overall it’s a good In-dash Radio.
    Cons: The bluetooth can remember just up to three devices, so when you want to connect a fourth you’ll have to delete a device in order to connect to the new one.
    Another bad thing is that sometimes it can’t recognize the format of the movies in the USB connected. And also you have to install a switch before you start to watch DVD or USB movies.
    The clock is de-configured when you disconnect the car battery

    Pros: Good call quality
    You can turn off the screen
    Your phone contacts sync
    Store favorite contacts

  219. IWE

    Great radio for the price..highly recommend…..

  220. Luis Enrique Hernandez

    Navigation sistema stop work now only say ” can’t found navigation software ” what I can do ?, I’m unplugged everything and plugs back again everything working perfect except GPS, how I can fix it?

  221. Ron J Taylor

    Better than the app Radio

  222. anton

    Pros: Easy to install, low cost
    Cons: Low quality of sound, not easy controls

  223. Lyssa713

    I’m very pleased with this head unit! Works and sounds great, but the Bluetooth ability is amazing!!

  224. Detective Pardo

    I haven’t had a radio in my truck for over 5 years. Bought this with little to no knowledge about it and installed it today. Positively life-changing. Like music from the angels, it had not been heard before.

  225. Mitchell blaschke

    This radio us insane, I love it and would recommend it to everyone trying to make their sound system sound great. And very nice quality, exactly what I wanted.

  226. Jessica

    Still using a year later. I love it

  227. Mike n.

    Quality is good

  228. PROSHAY


  229. Edward Owens

    Needs update. Can’t up date through any server. There are a lot of cool things programmed into it. But the music while using gps sucks.

  230. Ronnie Johnston

    Operating system is a little slow but for the price this is a good unit lots of features and expand ability with Android.. I purchased mainly for navigation in my work vehicle and I am enjoying using it.

  231. steve rader

    Not bad at all. Very simple and easy to install. Simple and easy operation also!!!

  232. Glenn

    this is the best I have ever had


    Great radio until I tried to update navipath now it won’t work has anyone else has this problem.
    Will recommend if this wouldn’t have happened

  234. IRTEA

    great service, works great ! TNX

  235. ReadMoreBooks

    Perfect fit for my 2008 Chrysler 300. Installed over a year ago and still no issues. However i wish i would have purchased the newer model with all the features unlocked. If your going to purchase the Pioneer AVH series this one is excellent for a starting point. But if you like plenty of features don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. I would love to have the AVH-X391BHS or the AVH-2330NEX.

  236. Ashley

    Make sure you buy all extra connections but works well

  237. Atahmas

    Works great, sounds great, but my biggest complaint would be the display. The brightest setting can barely be seen on a bright sunny day. I often have to hover my hands around the led screen to block enough light in order to make out the screen.

  238. Danny V

    No disappointment here,Great for the money

  239. James F.

    This does everything I wanted it to do and they provided me excellent customer support whenever I needed it.

  240. keonesan

    Quality product, best deal!

  241. Manases E.


  242. BSRFW

    Pretty good with a lot of options. Easy setup as well

  243. Rohan Hartley

    Very good car radio .I have no regrets.

  244. Dakota Walker

    This stereo has surpassed my expectations by a long shot. It has a large amount of customization to it. For users to like to have subs in their stereo system it is a must have the cutoff frequency for the subs and gain can be adjusted from the stereo rather than fiddling with the amplifier. The cutoff frequency may also be adjusted for the rest of the speakers in the system. The Bluetooth feature is very nice is compatible directly with Pandora. You can thumbs up or thumbs down without ever pick your phone up. Also the call function is very simple to navigate and the microphone works very well. I never once had an issue with being heard clearly. A very nice feature was that the volume setting is remembered for when you make called or listen to music. For instance if you are listening to music a setting of 48 and you make a phone call at a setting of 36 the volume with automatically be set to those volumes when transferring between music and phone calls. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is an audiophile.

  245. MSRWW

    good car stereo for the price

  246. JDV

    Ordered this unit to replace a moody Boss unit. Satisfied, unfortunately it does not have navigation.

  247. MSDE

    Great stereo.. Love it!

  248. pearlene johnson

    Bought this for my husband Wish and he loves it

  249. CFire94

    Everything arrived perfect very good seller

  250. Professor

    I tried to do it right. I bought all of the wiring adapter plugs and a custom installation kit. I watched the you tube video of how to do it about 5 times, and then I put it in. It works perfectly and I am very happy. It works very well. It sounds great, it is easy to operate, and works well. What else can one ask to have.

  251. MAXO expresses llc

    That stereo in GPS navigation works great I install it myself I actually love it I saw my car took it out going to switch it for my all the new car the battery in the body I lost my wiring harness and a car that I sold no I got a buy one otherwise great stereo the only downside you cannot connect it to the android I don’t want to speculate they may baby my stereo I don’t know about the other ones work great with my iPhone with no problems

  252. Gloria Gutierrez-Soto

    We had to run around to get the right adapter, but once we found it, it worked great! To play music videos, you will need to convert your videos to a movie theater format in order to play.

  253. Bradley Pierson

    Great head unit for my Tahoe!

  254. ZaT

    not bad, the screen is a little difficult to read. not bright enough

  255. Dean Crawford

    Like it but gps tells me that there is no program found

  256. Jon Robinson

    Five Stars

  257. tory mack

    Love the gps feature fits perfectly in my mustang console.

  258. KB

    Has worked good and looks nice!

  259. QHQA


  260. LKER


  261. NAA

    Very nice.


    This product is great once you get it installed correctly. I had it installed in my 2007 Passat and it looks and works great. the DVD plays real good with great sound and picture quality. The GPS works well and has the latest data installed. You cannot beat the updated version because it packs features that a more expensive brand name comes with. I definitely recommend this unit, but get someone who knows how to install because the directions that come with it are minimum at best.

  263. Placeholder

    Radio sounds 100% better than the stock radio. Very cool.

  264. Tyler

    Great quality! Functions easily! Love it to death! Amazing price! I use it everyday and it looks great!!

  265. dane williams

    its fantastic i am loving the product so much and its a great product to have. its great

  266. Chuck R. Baringer

    Easily installed in my Pontiac Vibe GT. Love all the features have not tried all the features yet but very impressed so far

  267. MrNurse

    We love it! With the wiring harness installation was very easy!

  268. QEQ

    Awsome product I love it specially when I’m over the speed limit it tell me to slowdown and where is the stop

  269. Lary

    Works like it should only problem in bright light you can’t see the display.

  270. Jose Adonay

    I have placed these radios twice in my two cars and I have no complaints

  271. luke

    Great price! Easy install, runs system great!

  272. James L. Ebenhoe

    Great gift

  273. Kim Baumann

    Bought this as a present for my husband. HE LOVES THIS SO MUCH!

  274. papster33

    Best purchase I have made this year. Easy to install and all the features work as described. Sound has been enhanced dramatically. I would recommend this to anyone!


    Seems to work very well. No problems.

  276. j gaddis

    While this is not as good as a unit that would come with a new car it is definitely a great upgrade to a stock system in an older car. I installed this unit in my 2007 Buick and it works great. the call quality is good, it syncs with my phone with no issues.

  277. carlos


  278. Sarah Mitchell

    Product was awesome and did everything it said it was supposed to do. If you don’t know how to follow a wiring diragram then this product may be hard for you to install. Very happy with this product!

  279. jhonnatan

    I love it easy to instal and it works great didn’t even need a by pass for the bluetooth to work

  280. Chris Purple

    I like this unit quite a lot, it was my first time replacing a stereo in a car for an improved one. I wanted bluetooth support for my car and this does the job nicely. The signal is almost always just fine – but can cut once in a blue moon. There are a few issues, however. These may be unique to me and my setup, but its a problem none-the-less.

    USB: I’ve plugged in a purpose dedicated USB stick with 1000+ songs on it, all detailed, labeled and with album art, into this unit. It cannot for the life of it shuffle them all. It’ll shuffle the same ~40 or so songs over and over and over, and nothing else. So much so I ended up just turning it off and letting the unit play all the songs in order.
    Additionally, I’ve had relatively regular occurrences where the radio just suddenly decides it doesn’t want to do USB anymore, and it claims the USB is either not connected, or it is unrecognized. This, means that once my unit does this, the only thing to do to resolve it is to shut my car completely off, and turn it back on. Which is extremely annoying.

    I’ve also had issues in which the device suddenly stops or becomes extremely slow, like its being taxed by something, of which I’m not sure.

    Overall, I like this unit, but I am definitely upgrading to something better now that I’ve put some money away for it.

  281. Mike Deuel

    Great radio, everything works on it very happy with this product!

  282. Awildo

    Excellent unit. Fits perfect on my Corolla 2008. Excellent sound quality. I also buy the harness and the adapter separately.

  283. Danny boy

    Nice stereo. Hands free works very well. I installed the stereo in a convertible and it is a noisy car but the hands free works perfect and people can heard me well. Easy installation.

  284. WVA fishking

    The wife loves it works perfectly in her 04 tundra with jbl premium system. The fact that it is a brand name made the steering wheel control adapter i bought from crutchfield work flawlessly. The mount adapters for the double din mounts are two small brackets and they work seamlessly with the rest of the dash. Antenna reception for the am and fm is perfect or better than the stock stereo. The bluetooth works flawlessly in all aspects. Cyrstal clear handsfree micophone quality. Easy setup with user guide. I would buy again if i needed a new radio again.

  285. unvme6

    Well it was exactly what I ordered it was delivered fast. I put it in my 2004 Lincoln navigator looks good works great. Was hard getting it to sync to my phone but afterwards worked great sounds great no complaints

  286. Jose William Restrepo


  287. Denny C.

    Greetings, buy this radio and it does not play MP4
    the FM frequency is not heard well

    I need help with this

  288. The Regular Consumer

    works great, my wife loves the blue tooth on her iphone

  289. mdsheldon

    Works as expected.

  290. Ladonna L.

    easy to use

  291. S.S.S.

    Very nice radio. Clean sound the Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls flawless. Looks great too

  292. Matthew Titus

    Worth the money

  293. Wendy

    works beautifully, sounds very clear and is easy to install.

  294. Ariana

    Amazing radio. I installed this in my 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart. I’ve had many after market radio’s, And i’ve always had a very rough experience with touch screen radios.. but this one is so nice. Easy to navigate and the touch is very accurate. It sounds very clean, and has so many options of connection. Blue Tooth, Aux, USB. And you can run those cords anywhere in the car. So I have mine set up very well. And the DVD player works very well and the picture quality is surprising very very good.

    Only reason this isn’t a 5 star is the first one I received in the mail broke as I was installing it. It worked for a second but as I was fitting it into my dash it turned off and would not turn back on. So I sent it back and got a new one. And it worked perfectly fine and hasn’t had an mechanical issue whats so ever.

    Also, The bluetooth usually auto connects to your phone as the car turns on, and it usually has no problem with that but, 20% of the time it wont connect to my phone so I have to manually go on my phones settings and manually attempt the connect and it works right away. I think that It may be a problem with my phone and not the radio. But I cant be sure so i’m just going to throw it out there.

    Other than that. Im superrr happy with this radio. Very good price for what you get.



  296. Densy. Hidalgo

    It was ok

  297. Burke

    Would be 5 stars if the cd player didn’t give “error 12” or “error 11″…Will sort out with seller and adjust rating.

  298. Franklin Garcia

    It looks great on a 2004 Toyota RAV4 fits perfect, my only problem is with the Bluetooth, the only phone that I can connect is mine if I try with another iPhone it says that Bluetooth it’s full…

  299. BZDW

    For the price, this is a solid stereo system with a LOT of features!

  300. Brenden L.

    Installed this headunit in my 2006 Forester. Fit perfectly! This headunit has great features for the price and is easy to operate and navigate through menu options. I have it hooked up to my stock component speakers but I did add a subwoofer. It only took a few minutes to get the settings adjusted for the subwoofer and now I have a complete audio system. Bluetooth works well and it is great to have both USB and AUX connections. It is sometimes difficult to read the text on the display in bright sunlight but it does not bother me much. Buy this if you are looking for a budget friendly upgrade to replace an old/stock headunit that is lacking connectivity options.

  301. Chad P

    Easy install. Sounds good. Good fit for my 03 Tahoe Z71

  302. jack

    Works great. Wish there were 3 preouts though.

  303. Susan M.

    worked as I thought it would.

  304. Captain Morgan

    This is a awesome CD player. I love that the color of the light changes every few seconds. Every thing was easy to hook up and the blue tooth works nice.

  305. Jstin

    Actually a great product for the price ran it in my Yukon no problems and it looks great

  306. VAEW

    Easy to use and amazing for the price

  307. Mark John Negrelli IV

    Great I got it yesterday and hooked up in about 3 hours without wore harness everything works great gps Bluetooth with iPhone6 (no osd for songs or car play) am/fm no problems I hooked Illumination to dimmer switch instead of straight ill works great rims and everything along with parking straight to ground so dvds play while driving

  308. flyhotstuff

    it is a great head unit. very responsive and fast unlike the older pioneers. I am still a bit annoyed pioneer keeps putting their USB connections to the back but this may be an ideal situation for some.
    The only thing i dislike is that it seems to be only able to pair 2 devices at a time before the bluetooth memory is filled. Then i have to manually delete one to add another. So few entries is annoying but not the end of the world. The sound boost it gave the stock speakers is phenomenal. This was installed in a 350z that hardly made music with the stock system. This thing rocks!

  309. Jaime

    I am very happy

  310. Michelle C.

    Not exactly what I expected it feels a little on the cheap side and the screen is quite a bit smaller than I had hoped but it works and my wife loves it, guess I can’t complain it was only 103 dollars

  311. Kate

    I love this radio, its Bluetooth has no issues, it never cuts out. The auto-connect works great. The sound quality is night and day from a stock radio to this. I have two complaints I do have about the radio is the lack of customization, I think in future generation of this radio they should offer some more backgrounds, and colors. My other complaint is the buttons, they are really close together and if you press forward it sometimes goes backwards due to how close the buttons are adding to that there is no physical bump on the button so you have to look down to press the correct one, which takes your eyes off the road.

  312. Nick

    Excellent for the price

  313. L.Watkins

    Great product, especially for the price!

  314. RC

    It bumps… My daughter loves it. Good choice.

  315. Li Anne Kern

    Looks great and works well!

  316. Katie Reeves

    Amazing buy

  317. Traceloy

    The Unit is ok but it is shocking that it does not play MP4 and the settings are not stored when it is switched off; I didnt buy it for the GPS or the BT because it has issues with those. Otherwise it plays pretty well.

  318. HQW

    Does anyone know how to set the time? My system displays pm when it’s am and am when its pm!! How to I preset the radio stations as well

  319. Derek John Ransonet

    Does what it is supposed to. Simple and easy to use. 4 years and still going. Never had a problem with it.

  320. tendayi

    its an awesome dvd player the quality is impressive its a must to have unit. the shipment here to South Africa was very quick.

  321. Richard Wiseman (Product Reviewer)

    worked perfectly

  322. atef abdelmalak

    very good

  323. Trenice L.

    This radio is decent for the price. I really love that the bluetooth works really well it also was a quick and easy install.

  324. James Hollenbeck

    That it works Great And Sounds Good !

  325. Matt fulton

    Works great

  326. DB

    Fit perfectly and is a nice upgrade for my Hyundai Sonata.

  327. jorge baez

    exelente stereo

  328. Scott

    Love this radio!

  329. Anonymous

    I had a alpine touch screen replaced it with this. Ya went cheep.. But I love this deck great power. Eventhough my jeep has amplified all around speakers. You could definetly hear a difference. The mixtracks or sound enhance works great with subs deleting most of the bass from my door speakers.. I love it if available when ready to Finnish my truck I will definitely get another one

  330. Angel Dixon

    I have for a year and a half and is excellent

  331. Jester

    Awesome stereo. Just needed something to replace broken oem radio and for the price you get alot.

  332. kolt

    Great stereo at gateway price.
    Blue tooth works great, sound is awesome!
    Very happy with this purchase.
    Installed in 2001 4Runner.

  333. Missy Col

    Perfect, thanks!

  334. Queen Shi Yung

    I love all the features on this radio, just tell people that if they got a foreign car like Mercedes just buy their own hornest for their car instead of the factory one. This system is the Bomb 20 stars in my book

  335. NAW

    Great price for an awesome radio. Love it

  336. Aaron

    It’s awesome. Good quality and definitely worth the money.

  337. Tuto Canonboll

    Awesome radio.

  338. Oushan Ali

    Easy to install. Looks clean.

  339. Johnny Summers

    Havent installed yet.. But what you see is whats in the box. Nicely packaged. Gps antenna.. Wiring harness.. Sd card.. Remote.. All inside the box. Cant wait to finally get it installed and try out the functions. So for now.. 5 stars off presentation. Will do a follow up after i get it installed.

  340. Donte J.

    Did everything as promised. Love this unit.

  341. Jimmy L.


  342. Mr.G

    Just what I expected.

  343. Jesus M Garcia

    excellent radio good merchandise

  344. Robert K Williamson

    I love this unit. It has just the right amount of power and the way the lights illuminate with different colors at night is an attention grabber.

  345. G. Smith

    This thing rocks. The bluetooth connects flawlessly to my samsung s5. Sound is great. Phonecalls sound as good as you can get and they say the same on the other end. I couldn’t be happier.

  346. Luis

    Everything works excellent, fitted perfect in my 2001 Toyota Tacoma, also good seller communication and super fast shipping. Thanks.

  347. Tracy Cree

    I had this installed in my 2006 Impala and it is super awesome! I have no complaints.

  348. Ms. N

    I was a little hesitant about ordering this radio due to all of the reviews but I’m glad I did. My Best Buy agent installed my stereo and it rocks. The guide doesn’t mention anything about it being compatible with Android phones but it definitely does.The Bluetooth automatically connects as soon as I get in the car. I love all the details, the equilizer and the hands free feature.

  349. Matt

    Awesome head unit, Bluetooth works well, clear sounding and has cool features.

  350. boni

    Pros: Looks great, I really like the button layout, and i set the colour to blue to match the rest of my interior lights, it also dims when i put my headlights on, the FM scanner picks up alot of stations easily, and once i got the bluetooth set up it works great with my Android.

    Cons: the plastic front scratches super easily. The display is super dark during the day even on highest brightness, too bad you cant set the background brightness separately but its not too bright. and i wish setting up the bluetooth was easier when it comes switching devices, you will have to delete some too once you’ve set up three i think.

  351. Charlene


  352. Mark Reyes

    Awesome buy. Fitted great in my 03 Nissan 350z

  353. Rod S

    Good radio for the money.

  354. angel melendez

    good price , nice feature and a solid sound.

  355. Karitz

    Work very good…

  356. janine tucker

    Good picture and sound

  357. fredy

    I love it omg

  358. Katie H.

    Paired with a silvef dash kit, it looks like it was made for the 2005 Chevy Equinox. Everything on it works well, the remote is a great thing to have, you may think you won’t use it, but you will. Works with android and iPhone, we have both and both can be connected at the same time. I have the FH-700BT in my 1997 s10 and it looks sweet with the matching grey abs dash kit. If your vehicle can accomadate a double din radio, go with a double din radio, especially this one. A single din will look funky in a double din spot and the controls are hard to see. This one is really well laid out, everything is easy to see, and the controls are big and simple so that you don’t have to screw around with it while you’re driving, plus you can customize colors and brightness, which is awesome! I would also like to note that I am writing this review about 2 years to the day of the install and I can verify it’s longevity, still looks brand new!

  359. Dj Baby Bori

    Just installed it in my uncle¡¯s truck, so far so good ????

  360. Antonio K. Sr.

    Switches very slow from screen to screen

  361. Larry J Rodgers

    For the price this thing sounds amazing. Great value for the money

  362. Kate

    used for my son’s car, and all went smoothly, and he loves it.

  363. Brandon Hollimon

    It¡¯s a NICE product slow at times and IT DOES FIT A 2007-2012 Nissan Altima ! Just wish it was so slow starting up ..

  364. Larry (BEAST)

    Well I was hoping for products from USA, but it is what it is… Hopefully it works fine…

  365. Margaret L Morehead

    I bought this for my son’s car and he loves it.

  366. Jesse Chandler-Brown

    Good sound and picture. Installed in SUV with aboys overhead monitor and it works great ?

  367. ZLA

    I installed this unit in my 1990 FJ62 Landcruiser, and it fits perfectly. It looks like it was designed just for this vehicle. The controls are very intuitive and easy to read. No glare on the screen. I like that I now have the hands-free capability phone calls.

  368. Raul Medina

    Works exactly as advertised! Purchased Chuanganzhuo universal camera and together, they work awsome! The only things I dont like is the USB adapter is VERY picky about the drive you use and how much data is on it. Anything other than music, it wont play. The buttons feel cheap and a personal prefference, I couldnt change the color of the buttons, only the background of the screen. Otherwise, if your looking for a good radio at a good price, this will work for you.

  369. Juank

    so so



  371. Emo

    Works great

  372. A. C. Taylor

    Great Stereo!

  373. WINY

    This comes fully equipped and fits nicely.

  374. Justin

    Works awesome . Simple and easy to operate

  375. Pedro

    Mi paquete venia abierto y no traia la tarjeta del GPS

  376. Allen Manser Trundle Nufio

    The radio dont have much instruction , spund quuality is bad my audio output two plugs not working so i am not hapoy with this.product

  377. Bart Christian

    Love it

  378. ER


  379. windelljones

    It’s great

  380. Mitchell C.

    Funny thing is, shortly after i installed this in my ex girlfriend¡¯s car I realized I didn¡¯t even like her anymore. Easy to install and improved sound quality, but don¡¯t think for a minute that I will save a dying relationship.

  381. JR

    Replaced a stock stereo, easy enough. Not an exact fit, slightly smaller, and no spacer to cover the gap. Powerful tho

  382. Jenny Gres


  383. Bianca G.

    Love this stereo, gps works good

  384. James

    It is very easy to use

  385. Pmiguel01

    I finally installed the stereo. Like most of the other reviews, it came with no installation or use instructions. Can not adjust the time. I knew coming in it was a Chinese product, but I’ve purchased Chinese items before. I happen to know how to install stereos, Buyer-be-where!!!

  386. Nickolas kulwicki

    It was miss the GPS cable for it

  387. cforestz

    Easy to use and minimalistic

  388. Wanda Acosta


  389. Ryan

    Very simple design, you only get an option of 3 backgrounds, and no app to a play store to download other apps. Wasn’t what I was expecting. Installation… You will need to remove more of your dash to make it fit. it’s too tall. Read other reviews and you will find out

  390. casimiro Rodriguez

    Good stereo but too big for the functions it has the remote control never worked I bought another control and it didn’t work either.

  391. HQ

    Loved the GPS even showed stop signs

  392. Sammy Dang

    Good design I want to exchange the others one but my used only two months the led screen doesn¡¯t show and can¡¯t turn off the radio

  393. Sexy A

    The only issue is the steering wheel remote doesn’t work.

  394. Adam G.

    Worked well for two years, then it quit playing out of the right side speakers only in Bluetooth mode

  395. Erwin Castillo

    no puedo cambiar el logo al iniciar el auto

  396. GEORGE H.

    Great product

  397. Keith DAngelo

    Radio sounds good

  398. Percy Brown

    Liked it very much, but the button for GPS fell off need to exchange or get another at some price

  399. Freddy P

    Perfect For My 09 Lancer

  400. Aaron Bussey

    Just installed this headunit. It makes the stock speakers sound 200% better.

  401. Justin

    I love it. Installed into a 2008 Frontier, and it works perfectly. I can make calls, but text messages do not pop up on the screen. At least that I’m aware of.

  402. hurley


  403. CarlosP

    That’s what really matters right? I had a technician friend install it in the car, so I can’t say if it was hard or not. But I know it works great with the rest of the sound system and connects quickly to my phone. Sound is pretty good.

  404. JEQW

    Muy bueno

  405. Josue Myrtil

    It’s pretty easy to install

  406. lee dunlap

    Pice of junk

  407. William J. Finnegan

    Installed in my 2006 Outback. Works excellent.

  408. Kevin L King

    Looks good but very disappointed that it said it would come with remote but didn’t. Will not buy another product from pioneer since it is not honest about items promised.

  409. robert mercer

    No controller

  410. Isaiah P

    Worked good the first year, the Bluetooth function; which was the main reason I bout it stopped working and sometimes the USB as well. Using the aux. Somewhat disappointed

  411. KoungHo-Kim

    very good.

  412. BVA

    It fit perfectly in my car in and the sound is great, the navigation is outstanding

  413. gonzalez

    I like it. Works like it¡¯s supposed to

  414. desertlilly

    We got this for my husbands new truck and he looooves it – especially the DVD capability

  415. Richard A Irwin

    Works perfectly

  416. Allan Sanders

    Just what I order

  417. The charlie on Earth

    This double is well worth the money. It’s cheap, but it delivers. It’s shallow so it makes frabricating a hole easier. The extra space behind the houses is perfect for wires.

    The only issue I had was with the wires. They mixed up the yellow and green wire. When connecting the brake wire to the illumination wire you get a (no connection) warning when the lights turn on. If you are having the same issue; just put the wire in the illumination port with the, most likely, yellow wire on your cars wiring harness.

  418. Dukes

    I had to return this item for it not fitting but it did work and was very nice

  419. Mayra Gonzalez


  420. niusky d pereira

    Es facil de intalar nada conplicado. Imagen y sonido nada mal. Facil de usar

  421. Gary Custer

    A little slow to turn on the first time, great after. Sounds great all functions spot on. Amazing head unit output. Not sure how long these pos factory door speakers can hang.

  422. Antone R. Escobar


  423. ruiz

    Bought this after doing all my research about which radio was the best to get at the time in terms of quality and afordability. This was the choice for my 2005 Lexus Rx330, the radio looks great in my, easy to use, display on point but I need to change my speakers cause they are the factory version and it sounds awful when I play music too loud. The issues that I have is that I’m not able to play anything yet using; aux, USB or CD keep getting a incompatible error on my screen, its not reading the cable. The Bluetooth works fine close up but not really outside of the vehicle. If anyone has any suggestions in how to get USB working let me know please!

  424. rich stuart

    Works great

  425. keny

    I’m installing Nissan 350z…

  426. Paul M.

    Very surprised at all of the features and sound quality considering the price. Back up camera display not high resolution but does the job fine. Multiple band eq makes it easy to taylor to the vehicle and touch screen very responsive

  427. The one 2u

    It was used but it works like new I’m very happy with this product

  428. LI

    Not a good product this radio is blanking out when in use

  429. Stephanie Walter

    Works great for what i need

  430. E. Allen

    Using it in my Workshop, so I haven’t tried the DVD but the camera looks great on the screen, and it sounds great as well.
    Thank you for reasonable pricing and accurate product description.

  431. undercover mother

    Love this! Installed mainly for Bluetooth capability, but happy that the radio is also great!

  432. MM

    Everithing exelent

  433. erin manion

    Difficult to install

  434. Walter kosinski

    Works alright

  435. Jose Adames


  436. Dgomex

    Works good but the MirrorLink don’t work with Android 9. I try developer an SD USB debugger and still won’t work. Did anyones knows how to setup the MirrorLink With Android 9.

  437. DSA


  438. Shaun Parker


  439. Daniel Morales


  440. 9093209525

    Good product

  441. Chris Goflin

    It’s an ok system. Problem is that with any standard heat while parking during even temps in the mid 80s the unit malfunctions ever time.

  442. Staci

    Great purchase

  443. Ken Lacasse

    Very excellent product for entry-level. Very user-friendly and extremely easy to hook up if you are experienced behind the dashboard. Recommend it for anyone looking for a good Pioneer touch screen multimedia player.

  444. jeremy w.

    Just put it in and not fully set up yet… just got the two to one RC adapter so that is next to connect the sub and I have not played a DVD. So far I am liking it.

  445. Zach R.

    *Only complaints is that the UI requires a bit of skill to navigate (1st head unit of this caliber that I’ve owned) & the USB/AUX ports are at the rear of the deck so you have to plumb access yourself. Yet for the $ I don’t think you could ask for any more. Has so many provisions, hookups, & features.

  446. Brendan

    sound is good, touch screen works good


    Ok for the price and phone didn’t work for me even with the original cord so I bought a good USB to C data cable and that would not work either, and so now I’m looking for another radio. Good luck everyone maybe it’s just my luck.

  448. Sammie McCullar

    Love it!

  449. kylie

    Everything works, was happy with purchase

  450. Mike Sookhi

    It¡¯s Great!

  451. jmoore

    Easy glare in day time screen not always visible. EQ is good but it blocks my bass knob after a certain volume. Decent price though. Be mindful of other models almost all of them have the same features you really need.

  452. Otho


  453. Brandon DePriest

    Exactly what I was expecting

  454. Vail johnson

    Like it a lot it fits an sounds good

  455. journey

    Muy lindo

  456. Andrew Smith

    works pretty flawlessly in my truck. Easy to set up, UI looks good.

  457. Michael Jarrells

    Great product easy to install and use

  458. Klad31

    Pioneer delivers every time

  459. LL

    I mix sound for many local bands and I commute 90m per day and this stereo has me so happy. OEM speakers in 01 Honda Odyssey with 10″ sub sound great. 13-band EQ and individual time delay & speaker level were big selling points to me. Dual-phone connectivity is awesome for roadtrips with my GF. Do yourself a favor and get an e-brake bypass module with this, or half the functions are missing.

  460. Art Leister


  461. Anthony C.

    My 17 year old daughter hasn’t broken it so that’s a plus.. it’s a pioneer

  462. NARS

    Controllers are cool, sound quality average

  463. AWEA

    Good job to all the drivers

  464. KG

    Much better than the radios that kenwood offer. Made my components sounda way better

  465. BigMikey619

    Worked as described and easy install (with kit) and great sound!
    Bluetooth pairing is automatic and describes what is playing on screen.

  466. Jim Hamilton

    Works very good so far!

  467. Christopher

    Great car stereo. Connects to Bluetooth fast, good sound quality, and plenty of ways to adjust the sound. Great budget stereo. Installed in a 2011 subaru legacy.

  468. Tijuca

    The radio was good, has an okay screen, iPhone connectivity is good, android was a little more difficult but doable. Pretty good audio quality, but the short shape pf it make is a little more difficult to install.

  469. havv

    This double din is fantastic. Touch screen works well enough, seems to have the interface compatable for fake nails, ect. Sound quality is great. Displays album artwork for music when connected via usb. Thinking about grabbing a mirroring device to see the Maps app on screen. For now, I¡¯ll be fine listening to the directions through the system when it¡¯s connected. Great all around product. Don¡¯t waste your money with a 3rd party unit. Pioneer has been pumping out gold for decades now

  470. Greg Lander

    The sound is good
    The touch screen is not so good , but if you use your nail instead of your finger, it could be better.
    I recommend it for the price
    Even if they have a good camera
    And the have a wonderful customer service

  471. wellington suzana

    Buen presio, pero pocas configuraciones de sonido

  472. Gregory Malone

    Bought it after the boss double den stereo I had for only 2 months circuit board got too short very common gave me the run-around didn’t want to replace it. Got tired of messing with them. Bought this one so far it’s good…

  473. Agustin Gomez

    Beautifully designed!

  474. Q

    Overall worth the money I wasn’t disappointed!

  475. Dallas

    5 stars. great radio.

  476. egbert lewis

    great product and easy to install but wish it came with a install kit and instruction for the mirror option

  477. KK

    Nice product ..after about 2 months of use i have no complaints been giving me 100% everyday. 5 star review

  478. Dave R.

    Finally got this installed. Even without a sub woofer, it sounds great

  479. rafael

    It’s awesome

  480. Roberto

    Great Product

  481. Jerome W.

    Works great !

  482. MJ

    The secret to making the mirror link software work with an android phone is your phone must be in developers mode with USB debugging turned on. This is a feature that doesn¡¯t show up if you search for it does not tell you anything about it. To get started with this you go to the about section in your control panel, option menu or your set up menu however you choose to call your setting menu. On most phones you go to your very bottom of the list on most phones and click on the about button on some phones show you the version of android and build number you¡¯re running some him you have to press a button to where you can see what build number of android you¡¯re running but fined where it shows the Build number. Once you located this you just tap on the build number anywhere from 3 to 20 times at some point it will turn on the developers options. When you go back to your main menu under settings and you will see something with the word developer in it maybe developer mode maybe developer options but I¡¯ll have the word developer. Click on this option and in this option you will find USB Debuging turn this feature on. Install whatever mobile app software (Google makes one Android auto you) want to use while you¡¯re driving and install it on your phone from the play store. Then plug up the USB to your phone through the radio and make sure you have a good cable and data those $1 to $3 old charging cables do not work you won¡¯t have to spend $10 or more for a good two way communication charging cable. The phone with them prompt you to you want to allow your Radio to this to use USB Debugging to display and you say yes and remember this option on the screen will pop up automatically on the stereo and then you just turn your phone sideways and you¡¯re often running start your automotive software you chose and you are working. Some manufacturers consider this voiding the warranty so you do you do this at your own risk. I¡¯ve done it for 10 years and never had an issue. Are you have issues locating debugging Go to google put in the model of your phone and activating debugging mode. Most times they are a written instructions are YouTube video to show you exactly how to do it

  483. Tena Isakson

    Love that it changes colors and has Bluetooth capability

  484. Jeff

    It works for everything I needed, made my stock system sound amazing

  485. Alphonso Newton

    I like the sound it put out

  486. sarah

    Bluetooth works fast and clear! I haven’t had any issues connecting or disconnecting. Easy to use with self explanatory screen set up. The screen has great picture quality! Work definitely recommend!


    Good and pretty

  488. Cristian Ventura


  489. King jester

    The audio keeps going out and it freezes a lot doesnt want to mirror my iphone anymore

  490. ShastaO

    Easy to operate.

  491. ci



    Was just what I needed

  493. Awad

    I am realy satisfy i made good deal

  494. Steve hopkins


  495. Shanice Licorish

    Best quality ever!

  496. JJ

    it only needs th slot for SD card, very happy with this stereo. Not too expensive.

  497. Anthony Reyes

    Love it sounds amazing and crystal clear with my upgraded sound system. No issues with Bluetooth. Would recommend 100 %

  498. tim

    Installed in my 06 F150. Extremely easy install. Very nice radio + for the price.

  499. Herbert Cody

    Pioneer has never let me down. Great product at a great price.

  500. Lakischa

    Love everything about it

  501. rico & pam

    Everything is well ,sound ,installation went a
    Ok no problems except for the blutooth , sometimes it¡¯s keeps asking to reconnect when I start the car which is annoying ..

  502. Ernie

    Excellent component, easy to use

  503. B. Gannon

    I have a 2008 Mitsubishi lancer gts the only issue i am having which might be the fuse behind the radio or a short somewhere in my wiring system..and that is that after it runs for awhile maybe a hour or so it shuts off for a few mins and then comes back on was told buy a professional radio installer that the head unit was faulty and probably from the manufacturer..i understand you cannot test every single product that comes out of your factory but this is unacceptable i bought a pioneer because ive always had them work great in the past had i known this was going to happen i would of went with a different brand and probably a single din .if you buy this i would recommend that you also buy the wiring harness .. also if you have a Mitsubishi with factory amp i recommenced you bypass that amp when installing a aftermarket stereo

  504. Dillon Luly

    Great product

  505. Ble55ings

    Great for the money!

  506. LaurenM

    It was used to replace an old system.

  507. Greg Richards

    Install in my motorhome, works great!

  508. DOUGLAS is pimpin

    I’m happy with it. Kinda confusing to install.

  509. Joney Antonio

    Excelente producto

  510. HeathMc

    Another quality product from Pioneer. I had previously purchased one with a cd/dvd player and it worked great up to the time I sold the truck. This one is same quality without the CD player. Just be aware that the parking break ground trick does not work with this stereo. You will need to purchase the break bypass if you want that function. Would purchase again.

  511. Everson torres


  512. Chris Wallace

    Not bad

  513. Johnny maliod

    Who still use CDs nobody 13 band EQ slope change sounds great

  514. tod

    If you want a head unit that is easy to use, sounds great and can control every aspect of your sound system. Pioneer except no substitution

  515. Melissa

    Looks very nice, sad I had to have it professionally installed

  516. BIGDAVE

    Great for price ??

  517. Matt O’Dell

    Love the touch screen love all the apps

  518. Love books

    Good unit for the price. Easily installed everything I wanted for the money. I¡¯ll keep it for a long time. Huge upgrade from factory

  519. Placeholder

    Nice unit for the money.

  520. JOSY

    I like it because is easy to installed and to use

  521. Ian

    It was used for two of my cars

  522. Marcelle Aybar Rosario

    Es de buena calidad

  523. Kurstin

    Could be louder

  524. Christina flores

    very nice works great!

  525. Gorilarms01

    Perfect gift

  526. Doc Jewell

    Looks and works great

  527. Joe Baker

    Like it . A lot

  528. Allan

    Good Product! Enjoyed it very much

  529. Mike

    Touchscreen is perfectly sensitive.. Backlight is not too bright. Lots of options and EQ options. Bluetooth is awesome. Wired a system to it and it works perfect.

  530. Sugarfoot

    My daughter loves them in her car

  531. Manuel

    I do really like this Double Din Stereo, and it will fit your FJ cruiser, but be aware that it doesn’t come with installation kit for FJ, you have to buy separately.
    Make sure you buy the wired adapter, it will take 15 min to installed.

  532. larhad

    The screen is very responsive compared to other brands I have bought.

  533. Jrc

    Sound great with my factory 2003 honda civic speakers.

  534. Kelly guidry

    I like the system it has very good tv for the price can’t beat it ??

  535. Amy Foust

    We bought this for our oldest son’s Mustang. I have the Pioneer AVH-110-BT installed in my Olds Custom Cruiser and I have been very happy with it for a few years now. This one looked similar enough I figured we would like it. So far so good. Easy enough install and the sound and picture quality are great. This is a great system for the money spent.

  536. Bubba29810

    Awesome product just hate there’s no remote. Everything works perfect. Don’t forget to purchuse the avh wire i think so it will work….

  537. Jake

    Okay radio for the price. Does the job

  538. booman311


  539. Tom & Emily

    This is an OK unit if you were not looking for modern features. This does not have Apple CarPlay or android auto, the Bluetooth is also very unreliable. I installed this in my daughters car and she has had nothing but trouble pairing her phone. It never connects the next time she enters the vehicle. The screen looks good and seems to be very responsive and the sound quality is better than average.

  540. Jose Ferreira

    Has some software compatibility issues with iPhone using Bluetooth. But nice unit for an older car. The sound is much better compared to factory.

  541. Mc.Lovin

    Installed in a Jeep for my daughter for hands free calling

  542. Marie

    Great value for money, my boyfriend loves it, the only annoying this is when he puts it on shuffle, it doesn’t shuffle plays the same sound over and over.
    Love the Bluetooth feature also

  543. Emperial Officer Jeff

    Good for the money, easy to install. The only hard part was getting it to mirror link thru the usb cable. After calling my phone’s maker and being told that function was not possible, the radio’s manufacturer gave me a vague hint on what to do. Download an app called “USB debugging”. Thru that I was able to get my Android 7 phone to mirror link with the Camacho deck.

  544. Tony M.

    Good product

  545. Richard BeDell

    Nice radio. Just remember that it doesn’t have a CD player but who needs one of those things anymore.

  546. cruz linares

    Very good I love pioneer

  547. Lewis

    I love this media player. The price was just right and you can’t beat the sound quality. I’m happy with my purchase. It’s just surprising this unit does not come with a remote.

  548. Rebecca

    The display is great. It was easy to install. My 7 year old nephew helped me do it. Easy to navigate from station to station.

  549. Christopher Hutchinson

    Sound quality is amazing. Spend the extra money and get this pioneer.

  550. Jaclyn Dulaney

    It was a gift for my Husband on his birthday and he loves it!!

  551. Kali

    Basic radio. Works well. Every once in a while it doesn¡¯t say what is playing correctly and a few times I¡¯ve had it ¡°error¡± but a restart fixes it.

  552. Alejandro

    Buen reproductor para tu carro

  553. ricky

    It¡¯s has a delay at times when I tap on the screen. That¡¯s the only thing Bad about it other than that it¡¯s great

  554. Andres

    The touch screen is very responsive and accurate, i have 2 amps in my car and this radio has the much needed crossovers for subs and front speakers. Most bang for your buck i would say

  555. Andre

    We have these in all our cars and love them . Easy to use and loaded with good features.

  556. REAPER72


  557. Baby Dodder

    Very easy to hook up and install. Works perfectly.

  558. Michael Gilchrist

    Easy install quick shipping would have rated a 5 but don’t like the volume level being placed beside the button

  559. steve L

    Lot of features for money. Fit in dash with no cutting on 2005 avalanche. Wiring was tight but that¡¯s my application not radios fault.

  560. Nins

    I love this radio it’s just when I installed it it plays phone when Bluetooth from Android phone until I start to drive its like I lose signal my phone plays but the radio would be roaming

  561. Kayleb

    It¡¯s a great deal for what you get . Only complaint would be what you do have to press down rather hard .

  562. Marti Manley

    I just installed it today so far so good. I haven’t got the camera hooked up yet as it started pouring snow. Honestly the directions left desire and I wish they had been clearer I had to watch a video to understand the camera hooking up side.

  563. Jessica Pacheco

    I love the fact that it fit perfectly in my truck

  564. Patricia Marie Edwards

    Easy to use and puts out good quality sound but can be annoying to install and time consuming

  565. Justin Ferguson

    Great product

  566. thomas haynie

    Works great and sounds awesome

  567. Kathy Sharpe

    After having trouble with previous purchases of another brand, I chose this on. So glad I did.

  568. Joe

    Looks like a great deal! Would it fit my Honda CRV 2001?

  569. Eric M.

    first one stopped working after about 10 seconds. They sent me another one. I had already bought a better stereo but hooked it up anyway to try it. It played music through Bluetooth but the interface is weird.

  570. DR Spark

    No complaints with this unit at All ,, I actually just ordered JBL¡¯s to replace my factory speakers even though this unit makes them sound much better than the factory unit .

  571. Judith N

    Wow this radio is great, and it can do everything, DVD player, cd, Bluetooth, usb, radio, etc.. it¡¯s super easy to install in my car, hooked to my phone really easily, and it functions perfectly.

  572. Jos¨¦ lopez

    la dimensiones y el articulo

  573. Barbara Knoll

    My husband was able to install by himself and it looks like it came with his truck

  574. James Alexander Fields III

    I love this radio the equalizer is great. The functions are easy to use and the Bluetooth is very nice. For under 150 this radio is a bargain.

  575. ddbyrd3

    Bought for my wife¡¯s car. Nice head unit.

  576. c b

    2005 Kia Sedona van is what I own. Excellent choice!!!!!!! I’m now out of stock speakers and the new pioneer…..I even add 2 12in subs and the whole van is so tight stock I barely hear anything outside of the van. This deck does it all!!!!! Microphone is excellent and absolutely no reason to even talk loud driving!!! DVD player and it’s a great smart purchase. Buy both factory vehicle and pioneer adapters at AutoZone and plug in whatever your into and enjoy!!!! I like the different colors to choose from for illumination…matches the factory perfectly!!!! I’m actually impressed with this radio!!!!!!

  577. NotYou

    Easy to install and feature rich. Excellent stereo especially for such a low price. Definitely worth more than I paid.

  578. marion

    sometimes when i select an album or folder to listen to it just shuts off

  579. Joseph Reynolds

    The features are good, the bluetooth works flawlessly. It looks really nice in the dash and was simple to install. The sound quality is a little bit tinny, but its subtle and can be smoothed out with the EQ. For this price point its a really good choice.

  580. Darkishpower woodworking

    Great product installed it as soon as it arrived good sound with stock speakers had to buy batterys for the remotes 2025 to 2035. Great buy will definitely buy for other cars only thing is the wires harness come with no rhyme colors dont match what they attach to but other then that great buy

  581. Dave Evans

    Nice unit simple install. Would but again

  582. Tyler K

    Replaced the radio in my jeep and this one has been working great. The stock sound system in most jeeps is limited by the stereo so this is usually the first thing that people replace. The install is pretty normal for a car head unit. If you are familiar with the installation process it¡¯s easy but if you¡¯ve never done it before there¡¯s plenty of videos out there to show you how. You just have to get the correct wiring harness and match the wires up neatly and the rest is plug and play. The equalizer has been working well for me and I¡¯m pretty impressed with the other features that this unit offers. Great product overall!

  583. Gerardo Cebrian Hernandez

    Good quality

  584. Felvis

    Nice for the money !!

  585. William

    Everything worked good

  586. Mario Jose Reyes

    Awesome radio great price, only issue it sometimes the radio freezes (music keeps playing so no big deal)

  587. Tanya Doughty

    Love this radio sound quality is great

  588. Chrispinoy

    Pro: looks good and easy to install
    Cons: reception of antenna sucks, sound not really good at all ( there is no EQ adjustment)

  589. Shasta miller

    You will need to buy wiring harness adapter that fits to your car.

  590. Syble Lunsford

    I bought this radio in October and the cd player stopped working in January.

  591. Harrington

    Not sure if this head unit needs a amp, but I have like no bass from it.

  592. Kaycie

    I just didn¡¯t get the headphones with it ?

  593. Tavarous Johnson

    Considering the price, great product

  594. Poop

    Works fine

  595. Gavin

    It didn¡¯t come with a template to mount the stereo.

  596. Rockville/Soundstream supporter

    The wires are great and labeled correctly. The interface is very easy. Everything is great. Hooking it up was very easy. There is only one sub out for the stereo so buying a y adapter is a good idea if hooking up sub.

  597. Amanda C

    I love Pioneer radios….It was a pain to get it to power on in my 2012 f150….I had to get some professional help but now it works amazing….I lost my sync and steering controls but it works perfect

  598. Sarkis Albert

    Great buy super fast shipment . Does exactly what I want play music and answer phone calls

  599. Timothy Campbell

    I couldn¡¯t use it again that¡¯s all

  600. Ray

    Totally satisfied with unit.
    Has all the features I will ever need. Easy to navigate.
    I reccomend. Very good price for the quality and features. Looks Good too !

  601. Homegrown

    Great price.

  602. Kevin Gunter

    Easy to install. Sound quality is good, plenty of adjustment to make it sound how you like it. Picture quality isn’t the best in-dash I’ve seen, but for the price it’s pretty impressive. All in all, if you’re looking for $100 in dash DVD player, I highly recommend this one.

  603. Everardo lopez

    Fantastic double din from pioneer and very responsive screen and various settings

  604. Uhdeman

    Poor sub control really only complaint well worth 100 will add cheap eq. Easy to use self explanatory set up simple good sound easy touch response

  605. david

    C listens very well and is very easy to operate.

  606. Jarocho

    I still don’t receive it but it said that it will arrive on Sunday 5th but it just came out that it will arrive on Monday how is it?

  607. Alvaro Naranjo

    Installed it on my 08 Tacoma and fit great sounds good too, pricing is fair

  608. Gregorio R Farfan P

    This car stereo, for price and quality it is a good purchase

  609. jairo

    Amazing good product i loved thanks

  610. franc

    Simple enough but you got to buy a separate wire harness if you don’t want to cut your car harness wire. Also, mine didnt not come with the screws

  611. WadeFU

    No remote included. NOT COOL, NOT HAPPY….

  612. Levi


  613. HH

    Love it!!

  614. Dbo

    Simply wonderful

  615. benicio

    I am very happy with my new acquisition , it fitted on my Tundra 2005 SR5 .

  616. Edgar Vergara

    Works well and is easy to install

  617. Margarita

    Its all great just wish that it would give you more detail on the sterio.

  618. tony

    It was a fair price for what I needed

  619. Eddy

    item usually syncs with my i phone, but sometimes it doesn’t connect automatically

  620. Bert

    Only thing I dont like about radio and I got two. Both won’t keep time . Set the time drove 45 miles all fine then all the sudden goes 9 hours off.

  621. Timothy Maxson

    I thought the radio was suppose to have the navigation antenna and it isn’t with it.not very good instructions

  622. Marily Morales

    lo recomiendo mucho

  623. Luis M.

    It’s ok

  624. C. Monterroso

    Good radio I wish screen can be brighter har to see during daylight

  625. Cam

    Amazing product at a great price.

  626. MSDF

    Everything works, except the phone screen mirror if you have an iPhone 7 or higher it will not mirror on the radio, the ipad does, you will also need to buy an antenna adapter, the microphone work semi good, but for the price it fine.

  627. Mari C. Rivera

    Just installed and I love it. Came out great!

  628. Marc

    I can’t get the Chevrolet logo to dload. After many videos on install and some of its apps will not let me click on them no matter what I do. I can’t even find a install housing to fit my suburban for it

  629. Jill Merry

    kinda had a hard time installing because my car is old but once i got it in, it looked so good and works great

  630. Alex_bloodline

    Easily installed got no problem so far

  631. Atomic Reverend Handyman

    Pretty happy with it for the price.

  632. DeRez

    Dont waste your money purchase this because the screen black out and won’t come back on either.

  633. Alexander Hanakahi

    Got the deck and it would restart intermittently. Had to return it and got the better one with CarPlay.

  634. Desi Carmona

    Awesome Product! Awesome price!
    The Only down fall is the radio amplified 300watts it¡¯s puts out. If you hook up more than four speakers using the built in EQ and the LOUDNESS button ON without any amplifier upgrades the system will shut down all audio sound. (Built in security feature so your deck not to burn up on you) No sound will come out of any speakers. You will have to rewire the speaker connections again to reset the Soundstream VR-623B for your audio sound to start working again. Set EQ to your preference and leave the LOUDNESS selection off! I recommend purchasing a good separate crossover for all of your upgraded amps you are installing. Use the Soundstream VR-623B built in EQ, crossovers and your additional amplifiers to find the sound you are looking for. Any tweaking using your Soundstream VR-623B LOUDNESS button ON/ will shut down any sound going into your speakers. If this happens , rewire speaker connection to reset the Soundstream VR-623B. Don¡¯t use the LOUDNESS button.
    Leave off! You will be fine.
    It¡¯s still a good 300 watts audio player for the buck. I recommend buying a high dollar unit and spend the extra money to avoid this headache on any low cost aftermarket radio. You do get what you pay for:)

  635. Edward Hughes

    I bought this stereo in need of a updated head unit for my 2011 Scion tC. I have installed stereo systems and security alarms for years. So when I installed the stereo I had issues with the wiring as it did not match my stereo harness. Because of the limited time I had to install the radio, I did not want to deal with the hassle of trouble shooting. I started the return process which was very simple and the seller was VERY understanding. I was able to have my issues resolved with a replacement in. I time. I honestly appreciate good service and I will definitely give this another try. Problems may arise with electrical issues that are unforeseen but this company truly knows how to do business.

  636. Enrique Rodriguez

    Even though the screen did fail and cracked. I’m updating the review and giving them a 3 star for at least messaging me and trying to resolve the issue. That’s more than what I can say other seller’s I’ve delt with in the past.

  637. johnny wright

    The microphone does not pick up voice as well as expected. Had better hope of voice calls.
    Would recommend purchase extended microphone.

  638. Elvis Killion OSonis

    This is awesome. I had one before but wasn’t satisfied so I got this one-very satisfied and it is what I expected. Thank you.

  639. Emily Rachell

    Easy installation and works really well, many different color settings as well.

  640. greg vance

    Sounds great

  641. MSAS

    Shipping was quick and the radio works great. Definitely a great buy!

  642. TL

    was smaller than I expected but would work if installed by professional

  643. Diego F Gutierrez Delgado

    fulfills its function

  644. Bryan M.

    Works ok but I had to tape it together

  645. Cheskey

    It’s worth the money I hade to do a little own cutting I put it in my 2002 ford Econoline 7.3 l.

  646. The Dwight Brown

    Not really heavy. Great product so far. Easy to connect.

  647. Viser

    The functions are easy to use and it seems to prove good quality for the cost.

  648. Elizabeth Bergdoll

    Very good value for you money. Easy to install. Looks and sounds great. Installation was a bit difficult but I managed.

  649. Justin loveday

    Visuals aren¡¯t the best, mirror quality is what I find useful about the product would buy additional screen quality if given chance

  650. jon betts

    Fit like a glove easy to install. Good sound for a surprisingly small unit.

  651. Grace Amanda

    generally, there’s lots of features and the interface was very good. Good sound quality for the money. The unit died a little over a year into ownership. That’s not so good. And the only videos it would playback had to be in a weird, particular codec. So to watch anything you had to transcode it. Lower than SD video playback quality.

  652. A. Baker

    I like it and all but if not hooked up just right then you can’t clear out the connected bluetooth devices and u can only have 3 devices saved. Needless to say, I can’t use bluetooth now with my new phone because there are already 3 saved devices and I can’t clear them

  653. pepz


  654. JOSH


  655. Nino

    Good deal

  656. Atraiu M. Guzie

    For the price the stereo is an excellent value. I bought it to replace a Apple CarPlay unit from pioneer that the touchscreen broke. As I mainly just use the Bluetooth anyway this is a pretty good replacement for much cheaper. Just installed it today, and the only issue so far is that when playing Bluetooth podcasts it does not show you a status bar with the time remaining, which is very annoying.

  657. valentin chery

    someone asked if it would fit in a chevy c2500. yes the space in the c2500 takes any double din system.

  658. andres

    Very good product.

  659. Nik

    Dang, Bang, crank me up…… When i got the radio installed i didnt know what to expect, but it came out 100% better then i ever heard, this radio my family love it also. we go for drives at times and we love how it sounds and feels.
    honest its loud to a point i CANT even go to volume 10….. NO JOKE……. max volume i think is 65……… if your dumb and wanna blow your speakers and windows be my guest. you also will go death. I am not gonna try….. ALL am saying i love it and worth the buy. ENJOY. Great product…..

  660. T Bird

    inexpensive but still has great sound and uncomplicated operation. I recommend this enough i’m buying another one for my mustang

  661. Guillermo Freire

    Very good product, easy to install

  662. RGAS

    Best service good price..

  663. Jadel Severino Nunez

    “Hello from Dominican Republic greetings.
    I feel very good to have bought this Radio all was as I saw it in the purchase, the same as I read so I have worked very easy to intalarlo.
    Just a question where or in button I can find the folders of the music because I only find the music in a single folder thanks.????”

  664. x infektid x

    it works fine BUT the sound settings are crap. they work but i do NOT use bass boost and such just to get it to work well as i know that thats just adds distortion when it gets loud with amps. you HAVE to add it even if you have stock speakers.. it is just such a THIN sound with out anything added. well all radios sound like that when nothing is added. NO THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!!!! this works fine for the average person. i can recommend this for them but the people with amps and know that when you ADD sound processing to the mix of large amps and such, its a 50/50 deal .

  665. Robert McGiffin

    as described

  666. Christopher Ence

    It was easy to install and sounds great I haven’t had it in for berry long so I havent had time to go through all the features I’m hoping it does screw mirroring for navigation with my phone but if not oh well I can’t complain to much for the price. It paired with the Bluetooth on my phone quickly, the only complaint I have is it takes a bit to start the music from my phone with start up I am usually driving for a good couple of minutes before it starts up. Edit: there is no mirror link option when you plug you phone into the USB port it acts like its goong to do something but then gives you an error code it did this with my Android base phone my iPod and iPad so I bet because of the overall price of the unit they didn’t add the software needed to do this still doesn’t hurt my feelings it was really inexpensive to get a unit to play DVDs on a Bluetooth my phone to I’m good

  667. Eugene T Miller

    Love the touch screen. It’s nice using bluetooth and playing music from my Iphone. It does have a CD and DVD player, but the DVD only plays while it’s in park. The radio puts out 200 watts. I did have to cut out the middle dashborad support bracket to make the radio fit. I used my angle grinder to do this. I also had to use a cable plug adapter, which made life so much easier. I’m very happy with the Pecham radio.

  668. Jonathan

    Calidad de sonido A+

  669. Dailin


  670. David bish

    first i must it has crystal clear sound screen is bright and easy to read but getting to settings is not that easy i’m sure a kid could get to it easier but the instruction are more pictures than actual writing connecting bluetooth was a breeze as descripted the trim ring or beauty ring as some call it to thick for my f250 dash opening so radio sticks out some

  671. antonio cabrera

    for an inexpensive item it looks good and has good functionality, they should only correct the Mirrorlink connection for the current versions of Android.

  672. John A

    This stereo for the price is amazing, I haven¡¯t hooked up the camera yet but so far everything is decent. If your looking for a cheap stereo it¡¯s a win.

  673. todd anthony

    Good product , good seller

  674. Plum crazy

    Had to order $70 wiring harness so didn¡¯t have to cut factory plugs off! Doesn¡¯t plug and play ! After wiring kit arrived, figuring it out was a puzzle and trial and error! Then antenna plug is different so off to the store for another adapter plug! But blue tooth works great ! So far so good

  675. Placeholder

    great head unit for my honda fit.

  676. Fred Corlett

    I like it quality bluetooth,touch and sound great

  677. Karren

    My son loves it!

  678. GG

    Pretty straight forward install just wish if had a cd player. Other than that it’s a good head unit.

  679. A Customer

    Not bad

  680. Robert Anderson III

    Great Stereo and Seller…

  681. rondy

    As expected

  682. Robert Henry

    Not bad for quarter the price

  683. Paul McElmurray

    I like the way it sounds, easy to use while riding on my motorcycle.

  684. Joe smith

    Sounds great
    User friendly
    High quality, especially for the money

  685. shermaine reid


  686. Emmy

    The good:
    Powerful amplifier.
    Very good frequency response
    Decent bluetooth performance

    The bad:
    Tone changes with volume.
    Both remotes came with NO BATTERIES!!!
    Didn’t fit perfectly because the mounting holes not to DIN standards by about 2 mm.
    Camera sometimes has a little distortion but generally acceptable.
    Tone control seems software controlled and is difficult to listen to.

  687. Empress Libran

    Everything works great except for the steering remote that component does not connect to the unit at all so it doesn¡¯t work. Besides that¡¯s it works fine

  688. Jordan McQueen

    Worth the money!!

  689. Nunyo Bidness

    It’s a decent radio for the price. I personally would have chosen a more high end radio with more options for sound tuning but this was for a customer and he was very happy.

  690. william vargas

    For the price it¡¯s worth it is unit ,installation was very easy great product

  691. Austin bedner

    Worth the price.

  692. PTTSW

    The remote is useless because of the touchscreen! Overall good stereo

  693. Bless

    I bought it for my husband he installs it his self

  694. Sean O.

    Price is low so don’t expect the most awesome screen or usage but for the money? Totally worth it. Works great.

  695. Bub

    **Update: I bought a 2nd unit for my winter car after liking the first unit i bought. Install went nicely, I’m leaving it a 4 star for not having a knob but i guess that really doesn’t matter. Knob would be nice.** While the buttons are nice. I kinda wish I got one with a knob for volume. I would highly recommend steering wheel control wiring harness as a result. That said, I don’t have that harness and just plan to glue a little something to one of the volume buttons so I can feel it. My other vehicle is a 2003 silverado 2500 LT.

  696. Mr. B.

    Very small unit but it pushes massive power to the speakers, especially aftermarket ones.

  697. James Gobble

    Great product.

  698. ken tramel

    Good job

  699. HAEW

    For the price the best deal

  700. CyberInch

    Works as expected the local radio signals are somewhat sketchy and the mirror link freezes often..Otherwise great…

  701. Oscar


  702. sophia ambario

    My hummer

  703. Cynthia L. Rohner

    good radio for the price.

  704. JSRE

    Touch screen is great, install was tricky, remote came with no battery, instructions are hard to understand/read. But worth the money after the headache of installing goes away. Looks good and sounds better than my factory indash.

  705. Chris Thompson

    Install was a breeze and radio sounds great in our Pontiac Montana.

  706. Quinntron evans

    Garbage DONT BUY !! Touch screen response went out after 5 months…poor customer service I¡¯ve been trying to reach someone since Monday ??????

  707. Tito

    Easy to install

  708. RJ Berger

    The unit overall is great but the tuner section isn’t the strongest….

  709. Bryan Wilson

    Replacement radio was Great. Worked like it should. Everything worked on it. Could come with batteries for the steering wheel attachments and the remote. Other than that. Give this one a 10

  710. Robert Rosario

    No comment

  711. Courtney

    ?Easy to install not cheap but not the best overall I like it thank you even tho batteries would have been a plus

  712. D. Gaines

    This is a great stereo for the price. Running the camera is a bit tricky (not this seller or manufacturers fault just is what it is). Works great and all that good stuff. 1. The remote and SWC doesn’t come with batteries so you have to go buy one at an auto parts store. 2. Doesn’t come with set screws so you have to buy those separately also. Other than those facts it does what it is supposed and very worth the price. I’d suggest paying an a stereo shop the 100 bucks to install it if you aren’t good at running wires, etc.

  713. Todd McKinney

    Very easy to install

  714. Barry K. Monnett

    I did a lot of research before buying this radio. I wanted a radio with The Pioneer Supertuner III. It is very sensitive and selective. I am able to listen to FM stations that my old radio couldn’t even hear!
    Only 2 things I don’t like about it. It doesn’t have a volume knob…just up/down buttons but you get used to it. The other negative is the RDS display. It displays one or 2 words at a time. With a large LCD screen you think it would display the title and artist in one line across the screen.

  715. MIko

    i loved the price and i love the item!!!

  716. Allan B.

    Its good for budgeted people, it does the job. But if you like an A plus type, get something expensive and name brand. For me its fine.

  717. KJAWE

    This stereo can fit 2003 Honda Pilot?

  718. Eshia

    ?Radio hasn¡¯t been installed for a week and it will not turn on. They sent another one to me.

  719. Kion

    Nice radio for your car

  720. Carver D.

    with the help of a friend I got it installed in an hr. should take that long if u know what ur doin. but anyway, it’s great. radio and bluetooth at the touch of your finger. I love it.

  721. Jasinto cacho

    I have it installed it yet but I did open it and looks good and feels good. I¡¯m sure it will sound good and work good

  722. Adamtheonekid

    Would definitely recommend Bluetooth is better then my cousins 200 dollar radio the mirroring works too once you enable debug when connected to USB in developer options you also need to download hi-link. User interface is fire too easy to use. Sound quality is great if you run it through a software on your phone

  723. Tariq S.

    Works well in my mazda 3 along with the additional brackets bought separately

  724. Jonathan Ellis

    I’d say it could be better. It feels kind of cheap. A decent amount of features, takes some work to get EVERYTHING in working order, bluetooth is finicky. I have to rewire the harness to work with my truck to get BT calling to work properly. For the price, there might be better options out there, this one should be at least a hundred less than what it is.

  725. JEREMY M

    Works good

  726. Fernando Castellanos

    Buen radio.

  727. Kevin Davis

    Easy to install! Bluetooth connection is a little sketchy at times. I find it easier to just plug phone in using USB cable. Sound quality is awesome and touch screen is very responsive.

  728. Sid

    It¡¯s amazing you can adjust every thing

  729. Tim ware

    This is awesome great sound love the GPS as well

  730. Jimster480

    I picked this up to put into my wifes car and unfortunately after all this time I still haven’t installed it. I took it out of the box and played with it and it definitely is cool. It is more responsive then I thought it would be and the screen is decent too. My wife will definitely love it once it is installed.
    I will report back after it is installed and if she has any issues with it!

  731. BigVonnsaiditbetter

    ?The only reason not a five star screen cast is glitchy but ok same goes for touch

  732. Centuriansky

    Updated review. Finally got everything working the way it’s supposed to, except for the steering wheel controls, so updated to 4 stars. Customer support was very helpful through email. A lot of the info they provided in email should probably be included in the instructions. Will update again after I’ve had a chance to use the system more.

  733. Armando Gomez

    Very good product I think they could improve the audio quality perhaps with a three band EQ or it could be a digital crossover. On the other hand the camera is intermittent in some occasions I checked if it was my wiring and the error persisted but nothing a very good product at a good price.

  734. Tintola29

    I didn’t like the design, the rest is fine.

  735. Leonard miller

    worked great but not the easiest to install

  736. Miguel B.

    Did little bit of trimming but it work out great!

  737. HJAS

    The radio is a great deal for the price. There was only only one issue. The schematic in the manual was different from the schematic on the radio¡¯s case. The speaker wiring was correct but the battery wire and ignition wire location were reversed. The manual wiring colors location matched the pin connector, but the function of the pin location on the radio was different. With the help of Eric and several emails, we solved the problem. I was impressed with their Customer Service¡¯s willingness to keep working for a solution.

  738. Alexandra Zapata

    The radio is really very good but I bought 3 and one was damaged

  739. Zeibeii

    Great amplifier inside allways get my audio from this company

  740. Andrea

    Arrived very fast, exact capacity in the car, no base required

  741. Jt

    It¡¯s worth it easy install just had to buy a kit that fits had to shave mine down from autozone with a grinder and the remote has a short distance and must be clear view to use but it¡¯s ok worth it

  742. James

    If it would hold the memory of channels and user preferences it would be a decent radio. Update… they are sending a new unit. My next update will have the review of the next one. Customer service stepped up, now hopefully the product will be as good as the service

  743. Dustin & Tiffany

    ?This isn’t a bad radio for the price. Touch screen works good. You can choose your vehicle brand logo at start up. Thats nice little feature. My only complaint is that is was not easy to install. I had to fabricate my mounting brackets a little.
    Touch screen radios are not cheap. You get what you pay for.

  744. greg

    The steering wheel control is a gimmick, does not play in background (they fix this with the updated ones that come with new software) and it hardly picks up radio stations. Otherwise no issues. Work as intended.

  745. Jish

    Not working properly

  746. TC

    Poor instructions for wiring and set up. Unit is wired correctly but presets for stations are not retained after shutdown. No help to correct this as of yet. Not real happy. Unit may be ok if I could get presets to be retained after shutdown

  747. Luis E.

    I would have liked a more detailed manual. Lost the configuration, had to invert yellow and red colors. No vehicle logos. I have not been able to configure the mirrow link yet. It would be nice to include harnesses.

  748. Jeff b

    Hey work great for the price. Happy with it so far

  749. Edd Taylor

    Have to have a old operating system in order to cast phone screen to radio.

  750. Pat W.

    Sometimes it¡¯s not so much about the product as it is the people behind it. I originally ordered this product and took a while to have it installed. There were a few hiccups with the wiring and the radio memory and then not working anymore. I contacted the seller several times and Mia would respond within 24-48 hours. It is difficult to troubleshoot through email and halfway across the world but customer service was way beyond my expectations. After determining that the product was probably faulty they sent me a replacement immediately and I received it in no time. All is good and I am happy with my product. I don¡¯t normally give full stars on reviews and if things were different I would only give this product 4 stars at best. But the customer service was exceptional and if available I would give 10 stars because things happen but they definitely made up the difference.

  751. pepkilz

    Really well made, great sound quality over my factory HU. Used the pre amp outputs into my factory Infinity amp on my 2005 mitsubishi Galant and it sounds amazing. I took off a star as the screen has some visible issues. There’s a pretty big section on the screen where it looks like the display has peeled off from the touch screen panel, not willing to tear it out of the car to send it back but it should have been caught in quality control.

  752. Ale Serrato

    Did not fit my car

  753. LPUIG73

    Installed on 2010 Ford Escape. Fit perfect into Meta kit. Was easy to install and I retained all functions including SWC, when paired with the proper harness (I used
    PAC RP4-FD11 RadioPRO4 Interface for Ford Vehicles with CAN bus.) The Ford I installed this unit into was missing the secondary chassis ground strap. For this particular vehicle, factory radios do use a chassis ground strap, therefore I attached one to this radio. A missing ground strap might cause the radio not to power up at all. Radio will not be defective, just not properly grounded.

  754. patricia meldrum

    The website is an absolute horror ,under tips every file is empty ,help is non existent so if you need help your on your own spend more money and buy radio that has customer support ,the radio works good looks good but beware if you have a problem your on your own ,the manual is so small you need magnifying glass to read and instructions are so poor you have to guess ,love the radio hate support

  755. gary keener

    This is definitely not the soundstream of my youth.but it¡¯s still pretty good. Build quality is not too bad the touchscreen usually works on the second touch even after programming touch sensitivity, the sound quality is pretty good. The screen is a little small for watching DVDs but the kids loved it so that¡¯s all that matters. For under $150 I would definitely recommend this head unit to anyone who wants decent quality for their money.

  756. shad man

    Long term review. this is what you can expectI. bought this product one year four months ago and it is junk. changes time by itself. changes stations by itself. And powers off until I reset it or change the fuse but the fuse does not blow. (Definitely would not recommend)

  757. Yuniesky

    I didn’t like that it has little radio signal resection, otherwise perfect.

  758. Llayron Bonner

    Product arrived as described

  759. Justin wiles

    Dislikes: the remotes do not come with batteries you will have to purchase those separately. The car link/mirror link for iPhone does not work for any iPhone after the first generation iPhone se. I tried 3 different phones and they did not work. Only my old phones worked.
    Likes: so far it sounds good, it installed ok in a 06 Sebring. For the cheap price with Bluetooth working it makes up for the mirror link not working. But still it would be nice for all the futures to work.
    I¡¯ll update after using for a bit.

  760. Jon Hogan

    It looks good, easy to link bluetooth, pretty straight forward wiring. I had trouble finding an adapter for it to fit my Mazda, it may just not be a common car for changing stereo to a 2 din. I am still trying to figure out the cellphone mirroring. Other than those things, it’s a good value for the price.

  761. Fernando Sanabria

    – Ultra smooth touchscreen experience (no delay, feels great and runs great!)
    – No restrictions while driving (allows you to play video without the need of a bypass cable)
    – Large Display (can be a pro or con depending on preference)
    – Android Auto works great on it (have not tested Apple Car Play yet)

    – Complex Audio Quality controls (may be a pro for audio experts, but difficult to adjust sound quality for normal end users)
    – Large edges around screen ( would look much sleeker if this was minimized)
    – Pops out of the dashboard (Kind of looks like you glued a tablet to your dashboard) In hindsight I would have preferred a unit that fits in the regular dashboard space.
    – Video quality is ok, but not great. Blacks are not true blacks, and overall does not look like an HD screen, but it’s not terrible either.
    – Streaming services don’t seem to be compatible with it. Netflix is not available for download and HBO Max doesn’t display an image or audio.

    Conclusion: If I went back to when I purchased this, I would probably go for the Pecham brand again due to its smooth performance, but would choose a 7inch display instead, and a newer model with higher resolution. This was not a bad overall choice, but lacks in the aforementioned areas.

  762. Bird

    Easy to use touchscreen and install it

  763. Rick

    I just installed this unit yesterday and so far I am very pleased. I went into the settings and changed the bass and treble and turned on the loudness button. The sound equals or exceeds the sound that came out of my single din Alpine.

    One thing to note as the manual does not say a thing about this, on the back of the unit there is a 3/8″ mic jack to plug in a separate mic which I did. I have a mic mounted up by my rear view mirror. Phone calls are much better this way.

  764. Misty Tucker

    The car stereo is a really good product. The screen is phenomenal. Very clear and bright. Way better than any others I’ve had. The speed of startup and launching of apps is very fast. Overall it’s a very good unit. Installation was very easy, fit my dash perfectly. I have had a few issues that I’ve had to work with support on, but they were great to work with. I’m still sorting through a few smaller issues: bluetooth tethering isn’t working, usb tethering isn’t working, some settings aren’t saving, the fm radio is way louder than anything else so I can’t hear nav sounds. But I’m going to keep working through them with support.

  765. Randy

    This is a good radio the touchscreen is slow but you get what you pay for but it works just fine easy to install.

  766. richard b

    Bought this to replace a Pecham CMR8629 that start messing up at 3 months and died after 18 months. Wanted something that would plug in and used the same mounting kit and this fit the bill. So far so good, everything works fine. Will update if any issues arise.

  767. FreddieB

    I replaced my OEM radio and choose this radio because of the screen size, safety features when calling using voice assistant. However, after installation I can¡¯t use my phone with the radio even though it was paired and some of the radio functions was not working. I decided after a week of tweaking which I was able to resolve a few issues with my phone and the radio to ask for Pecham Assistance.
    I was contacted by Ms. Lisa L about my problem and help me step by step how to fix it, she was very courteous, patient, helpful and very knowledgeable about the product. She worked with me even though I was frustrated sometimes and encourage me that the issue can be resolve and yes, finally, the radio is working like the way it was advertise thru her help.
    I give Ms. Lisa L five star for the support and encouragement she gave me and I hope Pecham has more employees like Ms. Lisa to help customers like me.
    I¡¯m happy with the Pecham S8 Premium, Gen 2, that I installed on 2007 Toyota Tundra, Double Cab, 4.7L.
    I gave the product 4 star because some of the problem with the unit functionality and 5 star to Ms. Lisa, the Customer Rep who help me hard to resolve my problem with the radio. Pecham Please hire more people like her.

  768. Javier guadarrama

    Mi carro

  769. Sral

    Removed 2 stars because I bought this unit mainly for the wireless carlink, however it works about 85% of the time and the wired carlink works about 98%. Sometime It will just keep saying ¡°verification approved¡± then connecting but doesn¡¯t connect at all. When i was testing the wireless carlink, it kept trying to connect the entire drive from work to home (about 15 mins). I hope Pecham fix this issue with firmware updates.

    The rest of the apps and features are great. I have a wireless OBD2 And it connects with no problem, you just have to connect it everytime you have to use it (it doesn¡¯t connect automatically when you start the car). Bluetooth phone connects as soon as you start the car, booting is very fast, video quality is amazing, and touch screen is very responsive.

  770. Amed Barraza

    Really affordable

  771. DD

    It works like a cellphone. I replaced my vehicle audio player.

  772. L Hucks

    Its ok

  773. Monyca

    ?The best car stereo easy menu the screen you can see perfect all the settings only one word perfect car stereo fit amazing 1000% I’m buying again thank you

  774. Verlin M.

    One of the hardest installs for the 2011 f150 because of the split harness on the truck side its hard to work out the steering wheel controls but once its done its a nice little unit

  775. Avery

    My power plug Melted! The head unit plugin part also burnt out.

    Update 1/22/2022
    Customer Service reached out to rectify my burnt out power plug/radio. They sent me a new one with out needing to send the old one back. Which is fine. I do not need the replacement because I replaced it with another head unit from some where else. I have had no issues with that one. I will keep this a 4 star review only because of the replacement.

  776. Daniel


  777. Daniel Garcia

    Worked great in my Volkswagen Passat 2014. I just had to add a relay to the camera to avoid unstable image due to change in voltage but that same issue might happen with any stereo. The radio worked as expected and it send more power to the speakers than my car¡¯s original radio. If you don¡¯t want to break the bank and don¡¯t care about the apple or android apps in your radio I highly recommend it. The customer service was fast and very helpful.

  778. onadaga

    I installed my S8 10.1 premium in A 07 Honda Ridgeline. My suggestion to Pecham, that they should make the screen detachable as the BOSS BE10 acp. I originally purchased the boss radio but was not pleased with the operational features. It was extremely easy to install in the former radio space,then you replace the dash trim, Then you connect the screen to the head unit. This prevents you from having to modify the dash trim. I do not recommend other companies that have a detachable screen for they have a ribbon cable to attach the display they are much too fragile . Please check out the Boss model I mentioned above. I also had utilized a SWC switch and it would not work for me, so I did have to modify my wiring harness and direct wire to my steering wheel controls. I was able to accomplish this. It is my belief that if Pecham makes the display detachable it’ll be a better sell for the reason stated above, and the display can be taken out for security..nothing there nothing to steal. One other advantage is that is you wish to add different cameras etc it will be extremely easy to upgrade . The way I had to install it would be very difficult. It is realized that this may add expense to the unit but I believe that people will pay the extra cost. I have just begun to work with the unit now that the install process has been completed and so far I am happy with the units operation the unit boots almost immediately,the touch screen reacts fast to the touch. Setting up and programming the Radio, SWC , and connection to Bluetooth, WiFi all is done with ease. Having Google play pre-installed is a plus and is easy to download your favorite apps. This unit has a qled Display and playing videos via Netflix,You Tube is smooth and quite crisp I am still getting acclimated using the unit so I will update as time goes on. I will most definitely recommend this unit to folks.

  779. Jason Rogers

    Stereo sounds great. Install was very easy but came with no screws. Screen mirroring function does not work but I found an easy way around that. All in all, I would recommend this stereo.

  780. Donald Ostrander

    Easy install works great as a replacement wasn¡¯t a plug and play but close enough I like it for the price and it gets the job done

  781. CA

    Nice product can¡¯t complain for what it cost

  782. Kevin R.

    I bought this for my dad and he loves it

  783. Keith. M.

    I was disappointed to receive the stereo without the camera

  784. shane andrew

    Works well but the phone link does not work

  785. hunter

    works with wireless apple car play but it is not called that. user interface is only OK, a bit difficult to navigate. several different bluetooth connection options for android make it difficult to figure out which one works for what. My son uses it mostly with his iphone. I still haven’t figured out how to get my android screen to show up. maps are not up and running, again because car play is used mostly with an iphone and just iphone maps. installed in a 2005 dodge ram 1500 and wiring was fairly easy to understand. didn’t have to buy any extra connectors or anything. Overall happy but not overly impressed, can’t expect much more than that for the cheapest iphone wireless compatible on the market.

  786. Jhoan fondeur

    ?Muy buena para el precio que tiene

  787. David Perez

    I wanted a cheap double din and thats what I got, my speakers werent all that loud running off this thing but once I amped them I realized this double din also doesnt have soft turn on so when I turn my car on and off Im haunted by the loud popping

  788. Mike monroe

    Sticks out about a quarter inch . Wont go into the dash jnstall kit luckily i had a multitool to cut the dash plate

  789. Brad

    Don’t buy this unit if you are a Verizon customer who wants 4G LTE to work on this head unit. After months of trying to get this to work Pecham said I should switch to another data provider if I want the problem fixed.

  790. Mark Gilden

    I bought an Pecham F7 standard last summer, and while I loved the features for the price, there were some shortcomings that made me want to try their higher end S8 editions instead. I got a chance to swap it out for an S8 Ultra, and I’m very impressed so far.
    Let me tell you, I had my reservations about a phone/tablet OS running as a car stereo, but Pecham has done an incredible job making this as smooth and user friendly and FEATURE PACKED as you could ever imagine. Android Auto works of course, if you want to use your phone connected to the display. Even better, WIRELESS Android Auto works as well! They don’t advertise this since it is in beta as of the time I’m writing this, but after asking Pecham customer support about it I was given access to the new test firmware and it works surprisingly well with my Galaxy S10 phone. All I have to do is press the Carlink button on the screen, my phone can stay in my pocket, and within 10-15 seconds the Android Auto connection is displayed on the car screen as if I had plugged it in. It also has an excellent Bluetooth audio input for the microphone, which is something I struggled with on the F7 I purchased previously. My car has a convertible roof that creates extra wind noise on the highway even closed, and callers can hear me just fine! But of course, the biggest pro is the ability to run Android apps directly on the head unit without needing to connect my phone.
    I preloaded offline maps for most of NY/NJ in Google Maps, so wherever I end up I can navigate home (even if I don’t have reception up in the mountains), all without needing my phone connected. I can also stream youtube and other apps (for the passengers, obviously!) as well as install all kinds of cool automation tools and car diagnostics thanks to a bluetooth OBDii plug I already owned.

    It’s not without a few caveats, however. Some things to be aware of:
    1) The unit has a 5 minute delay when shutting off. This is apparently to avoid data corruption in case of a power cycle (key removed and restarted, such as for example if restarting the car). If you plug anything into the USB ports, you’ll see them still on and drawing power for a solid 5 minutes after you’ve left the car. My wireless charger, for example, continues to be lit up and charging if I use the head unit’s QuickCharge port built in. Any other peripherals such as remotes or volume knobs, etc, will remain illuminated for those few minutes. While most apps (built in music player, youtube, etc) are able to receive the signal to stop playing when the power is shut off right away, third party apps (such as some podcast or other streaming music players) actually CONTINUE TO PLAY during this 5 minute delay unless you paused/stopped them before removing the key. It’s only a few minutes, and the truth is I usually play podcasts from my phone streaming, which DOES shut off right away since the Bluetooth connection is severed immediately when the key is removed. However I was surprised to find out it didn’t stop everything immediately and they don’t tell you this in the instructions at all.
    2) If you are using Wireless Android Auto / Carplay, it creates a wifi ad-hoc connection that your phone connects to. With Android Auto, this can take a pretty big hit off your battery, but it is worth it to not pull your phone out on a small drive. However, due to the 5 minute delay I mentioned earlier, you might find that your phone is still connected to the car for a few minutes after you’ve left if you are in proximity of it. My car is parked just outside my office window, so I was surprised my phone wasn’t connecting to my office wifi at first, then a few minutes later the car finally shut off the wifi and my phone was able to connect to the local network as expected. That delay, once again, was a little bit unexpected since at first I did not understand what was wrong.
    3) Bluetooth and Android Auto volume are not consistent. For some reason, when connected with Android Auto, the volume is louder. So if you switch between them you’ll have to adjust. Again, none of these are deal breakers, but things I found odd.
    4) Bluetooth streaming has limited control over track. This is the one that surprised me the most since the less expensive F7 is superior in this regard. For those who know about Bluetooth profiles, there’s the streaming stereo profile which gives you some ID tag metadata, and then there’s AVRCP, which is the part used for remote controlling the playback. It seems that if you’re playing audio from a phone, you are only getting the first profile, and not the AVRCP one. I’ve included a picture to illustrate the difference. With track control like you get on a dedicated bluetooth headunits, it shows the duration of the file being played, and you can even scrub through it by holding the forward and reverse buttons (like you would on an old school CD player). I listen to a lot of audiobooks so I like seeing how far into the file I am. But on the S8, it just shows the name of the file and artist/title, and then dancing lines to the audio levels. To be honest, the dancing lines are kind of distracting as well, but I can just hit home to go back to the main screen and not look at them. There’s not much point in staying on that screen if I don’t get track duration info anyway.

    All in all, I think these setbacks are largely due to the way Android works and was designed as an OS. Pecham has had to customize a lot of things to make it work as a head unit, since things like receiving a Bluetooth stream (remember, phones and tablets running Android transmit to OTHER speaker systems, the system itself wasn’t designed to be a receiver!) and going into a specialized “sleep” that shuts off all critical functions when you leave (all radios and apps running shut off) yet starts back up within 2 seconds when you turn it back on, etc (this is not regular sleep which still runs background operations- you don’t want to come back to a dead battery! but powering off completely means you have to wait longer for bootup)… I think these limitations are reasonable. Pecham support has been amazing and incredibly responsive, whenever I had a question or concern, they got back to me within 24 hours which is more than I can say about radios I’ve owned from Pioneer and Sony in the past.
    I think with time and software updates, they can eventually find clever ways around most of those caveats mentioned above, in which case I’d update this review to 5 stars. For now, I’d say this is a solid buy for what you get, I don’t think a better iteration of this product with these features exists yet today. The sound quality is better than my stock Toyota ever was (even using the JBL amp it came with), and all in all I’m super happy with it so far.

  791. Tanya Craft

    Took a little googling to figure out wiring. Once I got that figured out, installation was a breeze. The 50w this unit provides is enough to make my factory speakers sound good even at high volume. Bluetooth connects automatically once you set up. Touchscreen lags a bit sometimes when changing modes, but not terrible. Overall happy with this purchase, would recommend.

  792. Zenez

    Very easy to install, Good radio for the money

  793. David Sosa

    Para mi todo esta vien con el.articulo

  794. MinMin

    Very satisfied with this! Only problem was installing, it is slightly bigger than stated so it was a little difficult to install. However, once installed it works great. Had slight glitch first time around but that went away right away. Display is user friendly and connects instantly to phone. the sound and display quality is excellent! I would definitely recommend this product to someone! Also it came a day earlier than stated, so extra plus!

  795. Ian S. Morris

    Sound quality is good. Plastic touchscreen is satisfactory. A much better unit than some of the direct competition.

    Android software has pieces missing such as the capacity to enable write access for an application to write to the SD Card file system. This is annoying. It means removing the SD Card to add music to it. The apps from the Play Store all say there is a piece of Android missing. The image shows the “Files by Google” app failing to access the SD card because the OS is missing the component that grants permission. Every app (I have tried) from the play store fails in a similar fashion. I have tried Pecham support with multiple emails but have made no progress in trying to explain the difficulty. If this is an issue for you, beware. (Firmware updated as of 4/17/2022)

  796. Ryan

    I used this little guy to replace the faulty double bay radio in my 2009 Kia Sedona van. The factory radio would’ve been $400 USED! This little device did everything it said it would while looking good in an older car – and was a great deal. I highly recommend it to spruce up an old ride.

  797. Norman Cox

    Worked great in my 09 Impala would buy another on

  798. Nicole Parson

    I was worried about this purchase based on some comments but I was pleasantly surprised. Works good and does what I need it to do.

  799. anthony g.

    The set up was easy in general , I do have the Pecham S8 Standard. The only problem is that when I press the accelerator there is a very high pitch ringing sound. Anyone know a fix ?

  800. Don

    A great little deck no problem with any of the features. The mic has been improved over some older models.

  801. John (no favoritism honest review)

    Meh. Mmmmeh

  802. Mehmet

    Good unit with non-intuitive or non-user friendly setup. If you read the manual or contact support, things will work. External mic does work, but you have to keep it close, like a few inches. This is not iPhone, so it will not enhance your speech when you talk from far away. Wireless CarPlay works, but the user interface is misleading. It says not to use BlueTooth, but in fact you do need to use BlueTooth and not the WiFi. You have to disconnect from any WiFi network. You don’t need to connect the unit’s own network, but it may not hurt if you did.

    Other than that most stuff in there is not mobile friendly or useful. This is supposed to be a car infotainment system not a computer. I.e., YouTube, Chrome, etc.., they are useless for the most part.

    Overall given the useful features, well worth the price. If you take the time to read and learn.

  803. Sentarry

    The brackets that came with the Pecham S8 Ultra car reciever did not reach the screw holes in my 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser. They require an extra slit on top and bottom.

    You might need to purchase a wider bracket or go to a hardware store and fabricate some new brackets, or purchase a dash kit or add metal to the Pecham brackets so that it will reach the screw holes due to the design of the old factory reciever mounting placement being wider than most recievers.

    It would be nice if Pecham shipped different length mounting brackets in mind. Or you know, add an extra slit to the mounting bracket.

    Giving it 4 star because of the issue.

    Overall, I am happy with my purchase despite the nitpick bracket issue.

  804. _Voltron_

    I’d consider the display screen on the S8 standard w/IFS better than the S7 Extreme w/QLED. That S7 QLED has one of the worst screens I have seen on any head unit. The viewing angles on the S8 still are not great. If this is positioned near eye level on your vehicle, the display looks fine. If the display is below eye level it will look pretty washed out, too bright, and covered with a white haze.

    Where this unit really excels is the software. This thing is completely stacked. Wireless CarPlay, connects to Wifi, can be WiFi hotspot, native Google maps, connects to bluetooth accessories, install any Android app, and the list goes on. If you want to completely customize the look and ‘nerd’ this thing out to your hearts content this is a fantastic head unit. If you just want to play the radio and have CarPlay/Android auto I would recommend getting something else. There are similarly priced units with much better displays.

    That said, the software has bugs and some parts of the hardware are pretty bad. Expect it to crash & reboot a lot. It also seems to get confused on what audio to play if you launch Spotify and then launch YouTube or something else. I have to reboot the unit to get the audio back. The RCA output has really bad static/digital noise which will only get increased through your amp. Any CPU intensive tasks will result in a CPU’ish digital noise through your speakers. Not an issue if you use the high level speaker outputs or use an HLA instead of the RCA outputs on the unit.

    Despite these flaws, its still a good buy if you want this level of tech.

  805. ricardo mujica

    Customer service is great. Head unit stopped working and they helped me out and got it straightened out quick.

  806. James Carrington

    Takes some acclimating because of the android system but I am happy with the purchase

  807. Andrew

    The radio has problems but the company seems like they try to make things right.

  808. Eusebio pion santana

    It is an article of excellent quality and easy to install.

  809. George

    ?Bought it on May 16th. Today, June 17th it just won’t turn on. It was professional installed and very good working. But surprisingly return window closed on 15th June, and now the radio just won’t turn on.
    After speaking with their costumer service, I got a new stereo in 2 days. Well done.

  810. David Olson

    I have a Ford F150 2013 with the 4inch screen. Meaning I had to purchase this as well as other items to make things to change over. With that all behind me and the wiring all in place.. This radio is a shocking good design! I did have to purchase the iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR to properly connect an aftermarket climate control as well. Overall, I was able to get many of the features to work. Once installed, wow this deck can do anything when connected to a Hotspot. This will save me and my wife some headaches in a traffic jam! Overall, I’m impressed and cannot wait to see how things continue to move forward with Android Auto. I was able to get Android Auto Wireless working with this unit as well. That was great!

  811. Mayra

    Is a great product no issues my husband love it

  812. DAVE LIM

    Sounds good easy to use. It works for me. Installation was easy. You just need the right tools and supplies. I hope this one lasts a while.

  813. James C. Norman

    Great media player. Good quality. Wish it had a CD player.

  814. Morgan

    ?It’s cheap for a reason u basically get what u pay for it works… Installed it the next day of receiving it.. Started having issues yesterday knob comming of volume works 70% of the time up or down.. Screen is foggy even after the clear film is off.. Won’t buy this again.. I could bought a better one for the same price just didn’t want to wait that long lesson learned.. Wish I could get my refund.. You do get everything pictured.. Everything does work.. 90% besides the volume button and the screen still not bright foggy looking but it works..


  815. Steval

    The brackets came used they were already treaded (as shown) not sure what happened but the stereo works perfectly ????

  816. Anthony

    Messaged customer support for my troubles and they replied in around 3 hours! My helper was Mia and she was fast and polite. They helped me with my concerns. Thanks podofo customer service!

  817. Jorge Cespedes Arias

    Todo parece estar bien , la unica decepcion es que la memoria de las frecuencias del radio NO funcionan

  818. Roger Hurd

    Dvd, CD, USB, AUX, Bluetooth and plays multiple formats for under $150 is a great deal. Easy installation on my 2007 Dodge Ram quad cab. I upgraded the factory speakers with 6×9 and 5.25 Kickers and it gets amazing sound. The USB port will play MP4 and many other formats.

  819. John

    First of all, stop asking if it will fit your vehicle. If you have a standard double-din stereo, it’ll fit. If not, remove the dash (you’re gonna have to anyway) and measure. You may have to make alterations. Otherwise, ask whoever will be installing it if it will fit. These stereos are “universal”. Which means, if you’re like me, some modifications will be needed.
    Even with the “install kit”, I had to make modifications. I installed myself which means I got a wire cutter/crimper, a ratchet screwdriver for angled dash screws, A dremel tool to shave down plastic, a voltage meter, and special pliers to bend metal. If I was willing to forego having a cd/dvd player, I could have gotten a less deep unit). Not to mention the regular tools. And I still had to run to the store mid-install to replace fuses.

    All that done, the receiver immediately sounded much better than the stock stereo. I had no idea the stock speakers could sound so good and clear! adjusting the EQ made it even better! It seems like the bluetooth (I subscribe to spotify) sounds slightly dimmer/muddier, but still totally acceptable. I play music, have a home studio. This is not the clarity of my studio headphones, but much better than a stock unit.
    The bluetooth connected easily and phone calls sounded fine through the speakers. 2 callers said I was hard to hear but I spoke up and wasn’t an issue. There’s an option to download contacts to make calling someone a one-button procedure.
    CDs and DVD’s play fine. Great (but small, think phone size) screen.
    MicroSD I loaded with songs worked flawlessly and sounded great. Same with USB.

    Some notable issues are:
    You’re limited to 4 choices of wallpaper and you can’t upload your own. The backgrounds all look about 20 years old.
    The interface is NOT intuitive and I had figure out how to get from one screen to another.
    The touchscreen is not great and you sometimes have to press multiple times for the input to register. Not something I look forward to while driving.
    The volume knob isn’t sensitive and takes multiple turns to raise or lower volume.
    There is a noticeable whirring sound when playing a CD/DVD.

    Before, I was heavily reliant on my phone for music or to watch a movie to kill time. This involved an auxiliary cord into my stock stereo and propping it up on the dash. Now, with bluetooth, it’s more convenient and cleaner. Considering it took me about 8 hours over 2 days to install it (Plus extra cost of tools and supplies), I’m glad I went with Pecham which has a history of quality audio products. I have more options and makes better use of the dash/receiver space. It took a little work, but it’s worth it! Especially since the sound was soooo much better! The caveats I mentioned, I can live with. A crappy sounding stereo I can’t.

  820. Alexander Frank

    Install wasn’t difficult at all so far all functions work as advertised for Android.

  821. wc

    I purchased this radio with apple car play from all the positive reviews, and the offline GPS. This is where it gets a little dicey. They advertise it, as an offline GPS. That part is true, and you can load the offline gps directly to the radio, it does not have to go through your phone. The offline gps is google, you can download whatever area you want. Here is the HOWEVER, I assumed it came with the gps already loaded. Like my other offline gps units. That is not the case, you have to pick the areas you want to download. You can do that on your phone already. I really wanted a pre loaded GPS unit not one where I have to download areas in kind of a cut and paste type of system. Anyone that has loaded offline maps from google, understands what I am talking about. I am still giving it 4 stars, however I very strongly feel that their description is misleading. I probably would not have purchased it, if I had known about the GPS. Honestly I purchased the monthly subscription from Tom Tom. For my offline gps its much more user friendly. I travel quite a distance, example from Ca. to Denver. Thats a lot of downloading, and not very efficient. Of course 80% of the trip will work just fine with the online gps. The other 20% well you get the picture. The radio is a very nice radio, they do not need to mislead the consumer about the features. I almost returned it for the lack of honesty, about the gps. I am 100 % happy with the radio as a radio, its worth 5 stars. I am honestly angry about the GPS. Even so I am giving the head unit 4 stars, only from the misleading information. If you want a GPS look elsewhere. If you want a really nice radio this one will work. Would I buy it again? NO, I wouldn’t! I needed the GPS function, however I did do the work around. Why didnt I return it? The answer is simple. I had hours into soldering leads, modifying my dash, and more. I installed it in a Jeep TL. Anyone who knows about jeeps knows its a lot of work to place a double din in that dash. The Jeep TJ wants a single din radio. Thats why I kept the radio. Of course the radio works REALLY well. I was just mislead! Through all of this I am still giving the radio 4 stars. Its a good radio, just not what I was lead to believe.

  822. Zeno2019

    I love the radio works perfectly but can’t find the code to change the boot logo I drive a f159 and don’t know what the code it

  823. Daniel Morgan

    The radio had many options

  824. Moorganics

    It’s no Kenwood or alpine but it works and was easy to install and set up. Plays video and picture files as well. Screen isn’t bad and the touch screen is fairly responsive. Does not have Android installed on the unit so the pictures show what the phone mirroring looks like . Overall not bad for 60$ i would recommend if your replacing a stock single din or double din that is 20+ years old

  825. Jeff D.

    My only true complaint about this unit is the need to touch the icon two or three times to wake it up. Had to hard reset it once after 3 months of use.

  826. Marshella

    My radio came in a timely manner…. It was super easy to install…. My husband installed in less than a hour just by following the manual. Love it.

  827. jose MOREIRA

    Practical and easy to install

  828. George A.

    It works well and if you know what your doing it’s not bad to install but the directions are horrible.

  829. Anthony K.

    Cheap product although it provides some essential perks. The “on bottom” popped out within 24 hours of usage.

  830. Robert

    The touch screen is slow to respond looks good and sounds good

  831. J.J.C.A.

    The phone call is useless because the microphone has no noise cancellation and echoes, bad phone communication, so you can not make a good call through this device. Cheap construction, no metal frame for installation and no decorative plastic frame to cover the brakes.
    The wheel control toy has no secure attachment to the steering wheel, useless, the remote control is useless, the music power is ok, the software is huummm…! Incomplete user/installation manual, for the price, you get a Chinese knockoff big screen radio.
    After my first bad review, customer service contacted me and offered to send me another autoradio, I accepted the offer and they sent me a new autoradio, it has some changes like an external microphone, which avoids audio coupling and sounds better , they added an installation frame, the steering wheel control is the same and still difficult to keep it in a stable position, the remote control is not very useful. As far as I can see this new autoradio has some improvements and works normally. I thank the Podofo company for the detail of improving the product and helping me to enjoy it.

  832. Deborah A Bearden

    I had to buy a wire harness adapter for the radio. The radio didn¡¯t have clear installation instructions and it didn¡¯t say anything about needing a wiring harness adapter for your vehicle.

  833. Susan

    Didnt get value for money

  834. Cyril D Elizee

    I love this product however I was disappointed in 2 things,
    1. I am not happy I was not able to put my vehicle logo when the car starts up.
    2. I am still not able to sync the wheel control with the head unit.

  835. Spykes

    Got this a few months ago finally got to installing it no audio coming from radio: Edit customer service got ahold of me with a wiring diagram also issued a refund for defective equipment thank you for standing by your customers.

  836. Tania ferrin

    Para un carro chebrolet aveo del 2007

  837. eudesnajera

    I installed it in a runner 97 which had stolen the radio and as it was double Din I did not want to buy the support and opted for this, the truth fulfills everything it offers, to fill the space after I put some duport and all good.

  838. Nathan Hoover

    works good for factory replacement

  839. T.W.

    The only problem I had was the Ford to pioneer wiring harness I saved from the single din I took out must have one pin wrong. I didn’t get a constant 12v to retain memory. No problem I’ll just pull it out and follow the simple and short instructions from the new stereos box. Mirrors my phone through a USB connection. Not like CarPlay because it shows the exact face of my phone, thus not filling the full 7 inch screen unless I rotate phone to landscape for such programs as maps, weather radar map. Plays music stored on phone, or USB thumbdrive or micro disk. Or play and phone via blue tooth. Does everything I wanted for under $100 and much more than the factory stereo.

  840. Carlos Alvarez


  841. Jayson Bravo

    Very fast to overheat and it will turn off. Team reach us very fast and willing to support just to fix my concern about the unit.

  842. John

    Sounds fantastic

  843. Josh

    Took 15 mins to install, everything works as listed the steering wheel controller required a little tweaking (glued straps and mount bracket to stop movement) to to mount securely. So far no real complaints. I have large hands so using the touch screen near the edge for certain phone menu controls is slight hindered by the slightly recessed screen. But all in all I’m very happy with it so far!