Pecham Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Upgraded UV Protection Sedan Cover Universal Outdoor

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The Pecham Car Cover comes with a driver’s side zipper for easy on and off. The car cover is designed to be waterproof to keep your car dry and protected from the elements. Premium sunshade material ensures that your car’s interior stays cool even on hot summer days and protects it from harmful UV rays.The Pecham car cover is made of a smooth material specifically designed to prevent scratches and scuffs on your car’s paintwork. The breathable material also helps prevent mold and mildew.

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Pecham Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Upgraded UV Protection Sedan Cover Universal Outdoor
More information about the waterproof car cover:
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The car protection cover is made of UV resistant material. The car cover has good sun and water protection, and is excellent for rain and snow protection. The non-abrasive material will not scratch your car.
  • Size fits: The waterproof car cover comes in different sizes for different vehicle types. Adjustable elastic hem at the bottom of the cover for a snug fit.
  • WIND RESISTANT DESIGN: The elastic hem and three fixed buckles help the cover resist strong winds and protect your waterproof car cover sedan from being blown away by high winds. The front, middle and back straps have snap fasteners to protect against strong winds
  • Water and heat resistant: Silver coating better reflects harmful UV rays Full car cover keeps car hood, motor, doors, windows and trunk safe from, wind, rain, snow and other damage
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Reflective strip provides night visibility, specially designed mirror pocket fits any mirror without looking bulky.
  • Condition: 100% brand new
  • Product name: Pecham full car cover
  • Material: 190T polyester taff
  • Color: outer layer silver, inner layer random color
  • Reflective strips: 6 strips
  • Tire fixing belt: 4 strips
  • Number of layers: 1
  • Size: 193 x 71 x 59″;  208 x 79 x 59″;  Suv:183 x 71 x 66″;  Suv:191 x 75 x 73″;  Suv:201 x 79 x 73″;  Suv:213 x 79 x 73″;(L x W x H)
  • Vehicle service type: Sedan,Suv
  • Fit type: Universal fit
  • Waterproof rating: waterproof
  • Note: Please take measurements before purchasing the cover.
Package Contents:
1 x Waterproof Car Cover
1 x Car cover storage bag

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192 x 71 x 59", 208 x 79 x 59", 183 x 71 x 66", 191 x 75 x 73", 201 x 79 x 73", 213 x 79 x 73"

806 reviews for Pecham Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Upgraded UV Protection Sedan Cover Universal Outdoor

  1. Brett T

    More like essential, not basic!

  2. Joe

    The car cover I received was for cars up to 190″, my car is 178″. It fit nose to tail perfectly, although the mirror pop outs were a little further rearward than would be perfect to fit my particular car. I wasn’t put off by that, since obviously they had to be in the average place mirrors would be on most cars this length, it just made the cover look a little stretched along the front of my mirrors and baggy behind them. The front and rear cross straps for holding the cover down are buckled, which makes installing once and then just unbuckling/rebuckling to reinstall that much easier. There’s a supplied extra strap, but since there were no loops to connect it to in the center I assumed it was just a spare.

    The cover is really nice, and seems quite durable. I’m confident it will hold up through the winter, and I’m looking forward to using it to make snow clearing that much faster. My hope is that it will keep dew from sticking to my windows and freezing, as well. We’ll see if I bother to install and remove it ever day and night, though.

    I called it a little too short in my title because I drive a 2006 sedan that’s smaller than today’s cars in the same size class, yet this cover only comes down about half way to the center of my rear rims, exposing some of the rocker panel. It comes all the way down in the front, covering everything it should, but just not quite in the back. This adds another spot for flapping/rubbing to be an issue. But again, I don’t plan to use this long term, but that should be a consideration if you do.

  3. Gunnar Vogtmann

    Silver is a great color for a car cover. Very heat reflecting. Made with quality materials and the stitching was straight and consistent. The container bag is permanently attached to the cover. The reflective yellow markers let any cars know there¡¯s something there. It fit really well. My SUV is exactly one hundred and ninety inches and it¡¯s a great fit. Love it. Four Stars ????????!!!

  4. district12girl

    Has a zipper in the driver door so if you need to get into your car with the cover on you still can. I got this for my 2019 mustang just to try and naturally my hood is extremely long but the mirrors still fit in the mirror holes and everything. Comes with three clip straps that you can unclip and strap under your car so it won¡¯t blow off.
    Like that it has reflectors on it so if you want to park it on the street someone won¡¯t hit your car. Very curious how it will do with freezing weather.

  5. eric

    Somewhat thin but really high quality car cover. I wasn’t sure if I would like the silver but for winter storage it’s great because it blends in with the snow if you live in a snowy area. There are reflective strips all around the cover so oncoming vehicles, snowplows, etc will see it, but it doesn’t stand out like a black or blue cover would.

    This fits my midsize SUV very well, and goes all the way down to the bottom of the tire. It may not on a raised vehicle, but stock height is no problem. There are little pockets for the mirrors which help align it on the car, and a couple features I really like are the 3 straps you can tighten. They all go under the car and secure the cover so it won’t blow off and no water can get in under the cover. There is a zipper on the driver’s side so you can get into the car without removing the entire cover. It’s a pretty well thought out in general and it comes in a storage bag that is impossibly small and attached to the cover so you won’t lose it. I haven’t tried cramming it back into the bag yet but I’m hoping it will fit when I remove it in the spring. So far, I’m really liking this cover. I’ve tried a few on my cars over the years and this is probably my favorite, at least for a snowy climate.

  6. Jonathan C

    This is a well designed car cover that remains steadfast in hurricane force winds. It comes with three 6 ft long clip ribbons that secure the cover under the front bumper, the rear bumper, and the center of your sedan. I removed the center ribbon as it was not needed. It is also a hassle to throw it across the bottom so it can clip on the the other side. The two bumper ribbons do the job fine by themselves.

    It has reflective ribbons on the side mirror pockets, and the rear bumper, in case you park on the street. The center of the car cover unzips for easier assembly.

    This is everything you can want in a car cover. Recommended.

    (My accord is 192 inches so it looks a little small in the photos. Rest assured, it will protect up to 190 inches without any problems)

  7. MWCraft

    My son from the Army left his car at our house so, I ordered this car cover to keep it clean and covered until he gets back. The 150D material feels strong and capable of withstanding storms, small branches, hail, etc. that might fall on the car while sitting there. Best of all, it is keeping the car clean from all the leaves and pine needles that keep covering my cars.

    The car is a 2015 Honda Accord and this cover fits it well even though the side mirror ¡°pockets¡± are a little off (so, I just folded them in). I like having the buckled straps on front/back since they make it easier to remove or replace the cover when needed. My goal is to drive the car a few miles every two weeks so, this feature is a plus that makes my life easier.

    For our purposes, this cover works well and adds protection from the elements for my son¡¯s ¡°baby¡±. Since we only have a single car garage, this was the next. best thing to putting his car there.

  8. ARIA

    I got this to use occasionally when my husband needs more room to work in the garage and he needs to move my car to the driveway. It covers well, protects and is easy to put on. I have a sports car so this is a little big for it but it still works great and is much better than a tarp. It’s made well and seems really durable. I’m happy with it.

  9. Tracybeth

    This Cover is great to use for a quick dust preventative measure. Bag is attached to the cover, so you don¡¯t have to keep up with it. The included straps make sure the cover stays in place, and the elastic in the bottom helps with that as well. Reflective strips make it easy to see. Also mirror pockets, and a zipper on the driver side to make accessing simple. The length of 210¡± means you can use it on longer sedans. Recommended

  10. Jed Shlackman

    This is a weather resistant vehicle cover designed to protect your car or SUV while it is not in use. The cover is silver colored and includes reflector strips for night time safety. There is a zip up section on the driver side so you can get something out of the vehicle without removing the whole cover. This straps down to stay secure in windy weather and it fits over my small SUV quite well. The fabric isn’t that thick but it is pretty strong. If you need a vehicle cover this one is a good value.

  11. Wrightway

    I have a 1999 Cadillac Deville and this cover fit over it with a small amount to spare! Great cover for storage!

  12. Ann Neris

    Very well made car cover, the cover is thicker than I expect it to be, protect my car from all the harsh weather we get up hear noth East, larger enough to cover a full size sedan fit well, elastic at the bottom ensure it stays in place.

  13. Verite

    Works great to keep the car from icing up, keeps off the bird droppings. The pockets for the windows help keep it on. I just have to remember to put it on at night. Fits my Forester like a charm.

  14. Antigone Walsh

    We have more vehicles than garage space. This weather proof car cover provides good protection for the sedan we don’t use during the winter. It installs easily and remains secure even during harsh, windy, wet weather. There are reflective bands that are helpful if you have a plow service or park on a street. The fabric is fairly thin but durable. Quite pleased.

  15. Loto

    “This is Pecham – Weatherproof Vehicle Cover, 150D Oxford Polyester, for SUVs up to 490 cm, Silver.
    It is a cover for the car of the sub type, it is resistant and seems to last over time.
    It looks great to protect the car from bad weather or dirt, especially when you don’t use it every day.
    It is easy to put on and take off, it is also easy to collect in the bag in which it comes.
    The finishes seem to be of quality, we’ll see how long it lasts.
    If you want to protect your car, this cover can be a very good purchase option. I don’t know the price at this time,”

  16. Antonio

    “An absolutely must-have cover, whether you keep the car in a garage or need, as in my case, to keep the car away from the scorching sun in the summer and to protect it from the saltiness (given the sea area ).

    It is currently in use on a BMW 2 Series active tourer which is 435 cm long, so it is perfectly covered (the cover measures 530 cm, but the height of the vehicle must also be considered).

    The fabric is oxford, thick, very heat resistant and waterproof.
    It is equipped on the sides, front and rear with locking straps, very useful in case of wind and which almost completely limit the “kite effect”.

    Very comfortable and undoubtedly useful are the side zip openings (see photo), which allow you to enter the car without necessarily having to remove the cover.

    On the mirrors and just below the rear and front lights, there are small fluorescent yellow bands, a detail not to be overlooked, especially if you keep the car in unlit areas at night, but also if the car is partially covered by the snow, there would in any case be luminous points which would attest to the presence of a vehicle.

    Ultimately it is a product that I recommend, especially to those like me who want to preserve the car paint from the sun, but also from dust and bad weather.

    I don’t know the price, but I think the ideal price range could be around sixty euros.

    I hope I have been exhaustive and I wish you happy shopping.”

  17. Artyss

    Product that FULLY PROTECTS CAR from heavy snow or freezing cold to preserve battery and its does it well.
    Assembly is facilitated by the protrusions with phosphorescent yellow sections which, as can be immediately understood, are the ones to be positioned on the rear-view mirrors.
    When the product has been positioned correctly, I have also found the ZIPPER NEAR THE FRONT DOORS very useful, which has been intelligently positioned so as to be able to access the car comfortably even after a few hours of snowfall without having to remove the cover.
    Unfortunately however, despite being well studied, I find this PRODUCT REALLY HUGE AND TOO DEMANDING TO MANAGE compared to the simple mini windshield covers of small dimensions which can be stored in the trunk in an instant without great inconvenience.
    This one, on the other hand, has such a footprint that IT IS NOT LITTLE TIRED TO FOLD IT UP (especially if you don’t do it regularly) with the inevitable dripping that a mass like this takes in the car especially if you are away from home.

  18. ZoneHighTech

    I’ve had to use vehicle covers before, and far too often they aren’t very thick and are just shreds after a few months in the rain and wind.
    This AmazonBasics item doesn’t look the same at all. The canvas is already more solid to the touch, that’s obvious. Then the elastic band is low and strong. Fastening straps with quick release allow the tarpaulin to be secured in strong winds, and it holds up well.
    A very practical little extra: a zipper at the level of the driver’s door to access the interior of the vehicle without having to remove the entire tarpaulin. Just the right idea.
    The tarpaulin can be stored in a bag that stays attached so you don’t lose it.

  19. Ellebasi

    very good car cover which helps protect it.

  20. Jvan

    A functional and resistant car cover, this one from Pecham, made of an excellent 150D tear-proof oxfrod fabric, is suitable for sedans up to 5.3m. Easy to position, it offers good coverage from atmospheric agents. It has elastic strips and particularly adjustable fastening straps. useful in case of strong winds, it is also equipped with reflective bands for greater visibility. A bag is supplied for storing it when not in use.
    A well made and discreetly cared for product that I would recommend. Not knowing the current selling price I cannot comment on the quality/price ratio.

  21. Leo

    + car cover really resistant to bad weather but not only that, that is to say that it protects very well from rain, wind, snow, small hailstorms, pine needles, but also from the beating sun and dust;

    + I tried it on two different cars, a Mercedes GLA and a Fiat 500x, perfect compatibility. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t reach the ground to cover the wheels completely but only partially. The bodywork, however, is completely covered, so from this point of view I can confirm universal compatibility even with different models and vehicles;

    + it is a car cover from the AmazonBasics product line owned by Amazon itself and officially the manufacturer declares that the cover should cover any SUV up to 490 centimeters in length, but in this regard I must point out that I have not yet been able to try it with any car 490 centimeters long, as both the GLA and the 500x are less than 450 centimeters long;

    + the cover is made of 150D Oxford polyester which is actually very robust and resistant to salt water. The synthetic fabric in this particular polyester allows it to reflect UV rays, protecting the color of the bodywork. The fastening straps have easily adjustable buckles for both the front and rear parts of the tarpaulin and truly guarantee safe positioning even in windproof mode. The presence of two side pockets designed specifically for the car mirrors is excellent, furthermore the zip placed at the door allows entry and exit from the driver’s side. Finally, the 6 reflective strips guarantee adequate visibility of the vehicle parked for example outdoors, in the evening or at night, in a condominium car park where it is essential to be able to recognize the presence of the vehicle to neighbors so as not to find any unpleasant surprises in the morning.

    – I can assure you that it is a quality product that really offers excellent protection for the bodywork, but the tires are not covered completely, so for total protection if for example you often keep the car stationary it is better to take them separately tire covers can also be found of good quality and waterproof here on Amazon at affordable prices. I recommend the polyester ones to the canvas ones as the polyester ones definitely last much longer and resist wind, rain and other factors much better. bad weather;

    – another not exactly positive aspect is the weight of the cover, not easy to manage when not in use, not easy to fold and store, rather bulky to hold when not in use.

    It is an excellent product but with some negative aspects that we found and which I have reported above. This cover covers the car well and complies with the measurements indicated, however it is not easy to manage when not in use. Therefore the use of this cover is convenient depending on the use you make of it, in fact it takes up a lot of space in the trunk if you decide to store it inside the car, while if you have a large garage it would certainly be better to store it there. I hope I have been helpful and thank you in any case for reading my review.

  22. Monti

    It is a durable fabric cover, quite malleable for being as strong as it is.

    Being from Amazon Basics, you can expect good quality and resistance to the elements. You have Amazon’s guarantee…

    It is for SUV type vehicles.
    In my case, I have a family Passat, it doesn’t fit me well, it doesn’t reach the rear, so I’m going to give it to a family member who has a short Focus and who doesn’t use the car excessively, and even when it’s in the garage , take a lot of crap.

    It can be a good option if you do not have a garage in the summer resort, or even when you do have a garage, but it is in a community one where there is a lot of dust and dirt, as is the case with this relative.

    It is easy to remove, as it has firm seams, and it is also quickly put on.
    The thing about putting it in the bag later is for note, that is…because you no longer fold it as it came…

    The price is not known, but for 25 euros, I would say it is an adequate price. It’s a lot of fabric, quality and well made.”

  23. Nikki

    It doesnt fit my car but thats my fault. As far as rainproof i can vouch for it. It is silver so it kinda looks like a ufo sitting in the driveway but it does what it states.

  24. Angela Houck

    Good light weight material. Mirrors do not match up on my Fiat 124 spider. It would be a good idea to list cars it will fit.

  25. NTDC

    Make sure you measure your car. This cover didn¡¯t fit but I was able to cover my car during the snow and it made cleaning the car significantly easier

  26. Limoncello

    I think it is early to comment on this product: my intention is to protect a vehicle that is not used daily and that obviously sleeps outdoors. In my city the thermal differences between day and night are great even in summer. So if it protects the paint from the sun and does not generate condensation in the cold in winter, it will be highly recommended for me. What I can say so far is that it is very successful, with fluorescent strips, easy to put on and with a bag to store it.

  27. W. Rice

    I bought this cover for my Honda Accord coupe that sits under a couple of trees. I waxed my car and put the cover on. It fit quite well considering it was 10 cm too long. I was really impressed a couple of days later when we experienced a day of 35+ mile per hour winds and the supplied straps kept the cover on with no problem. ( I wish my grill cover had faired as well )
    I have removed and reinstalled multiple times since my first purchase and it shows no signs of scratching or leaking.
    One thing of note… I love the driver door zipper. Comes in real handy when you finish covering the car only to realize that you left you cell phone in the car.

  28. Arabicus C.

    “The weatherproof car cover from AMAZON Basics makes a good first impression. The material feels pleasant and is odorless. Since I am not an expert in plastic tarpaulins, I can say that “150-D polyester Oxford has a better one Load-bearing and tear-resistant than conventional 190-T polyester doesn’t mean much. You have to believe it or leave it alone. In any case, the tarpaulin appears tear-resistant and the silver reflective surface can protect the film from too much UV radiation, which is good for durability should. The tarpaulin is very large, my BMW 525 Touring (estate) fits under it easily, it will be far too big for a small car. It can be lashed down, but it doesn’t look good if the fit isn’t right at all. The sewn-in storage bag is practical. If you want to leave the car under the tarpaulin for a longer period of time, the zipper opening on the driver’s side is very practical if you need something from the car in the meantime.

    All in all, a rating without a price indication is currently only possible provisionally. I will rate the tarpaulin with 5 stars up to a price of €30, but will deduct points above that. Because from this price range onwards you will find the first brand suppliers with probably higher quality material.”

  29. Antonio

    This is a cover that, notice, is of very high quality, resistant above all, which is what it is about. The manufacturing material is polyester, reinforced because when placing it you can see its resistance to inclement weather ( especially the wind) is superior to others of inferior quality that I have been able to try.

    Since I live in an area where the sun hits the vehicles a lot, damaging the paint a lot, and since my finances do not allow me to have it parked in a dark garage, since I have it in a private open-air collective garage, I like to put the protective cover especially in summer to avoid the sun.

    Additionally, in my area it is windy some days, which causes the cover to fly away. Well, to avoid this I place some strips that are sold in car stores, the typical ones that you find in supermarkets that have an anchoring system to the wheels (a kind of hook) and a ratchet incorporated into the tape itself that allows you to tighten it. . Well, with this system I have solved the issue: one of these tapes that goes from one wheel to the other in both the front and rear wheels (front to front and rear to rear) so that even if there is a gale there is no problem or risk for the sheath.

    This cover withstands wind very well (some of them have broken because of it), and bird droppings too.

    It is true that in winter I do not usually put it on because with the rain, etc. It’s a mess after storing it wet, so I only put it on when the weather is nice. UVA rays are not as strong in this season either.

    The bag it comes with, made of the same material as the cover, could be a little larger, since once it is taken out and placed, it is not as tight to close it again, and it will cost you the same life to put it back.

    Be careful with the model you choose, there are several (for sedans, SUVs,…), I have a long Mercedes (about 5 meters) and this cover reaches up to 530 cm, so it is perfect, it fits very well on the front and rear bumper. It also comes with protection for the mirrors (specifically, a kind of ¡°bag¡±) so that they are protected and the wind does not tear the fabric when it blows.

    Very good cover, at a very good price.

    If you found my opinion useful, don’t forget to click the ¡°useful¡± button below please…thank you! 😉

  30. Greg

    This car cover is perfect! Fits my car perfect. I use it in my garage as a dust c ok her got my classic car. I really do know know who it will hold up outdoors, but thise reviews seemed good. Best of all is the zipper so I can access the driver’s seat without uncovering the car.

  31. D. White

    This cover nicely fits our 2001 Honda Accord and keeps it far cooler inside during the day in Hawaii.

    Our burdgeoning need for indoor space for nonprofit group activities led to our garages being used for projects and our cars living out in the weather. Which they have done pretty well at, being hondas. However, they can heat up a lot during the summer days in the sun, and can get a lot of leaves and other plant materials on them so that they need to be hosed off and otherwise cleaned before driving them anywhere.

    This car cover is just the thing. It fits the Accord quite well, had a nice silver sheen which seems to reflect most of the heating rays of the sun and make it reasonable to climb inside the car without it feeling like an oven inside. It also ably intercepts leaves, bird poop, and other windward oahu debris. It doesn¡¯t prevent rain getting through¡­ the car is wet under the cover after it rains¡­ but it also quickly dries when the sun comes back out.

    A net plus, then, and it looks fairly cool too. We¡¯ll probably decide to hang something heavy off it just to make sure it stays in this county if the straps ever give way. But so far so good, an initial review score of 4 on initial quality, and we¡¯ll revisit this review after using it more if our views on it have evolved.


  32. Quit S¨¦b

    ¡°The material used for the tarpaulin is of good quality.
    My Dacia Stepway is warm, this one conforms to this description
    To see the lifespan over time with bad weather.
    I recommend.”

  33. Caroll Mortensen

    Fits great Easy to find the front and back so it¡¯s a snap to put on.

  34. HolyCheesus

    It did the job that I needed it to do – covered my restoration project car while it’s had to sit on the drive for a few months. It’s rain and sun proof, but the sizing was a little off. I purposely got the bigger one so it would fit, but the extra details it has, like where the door zips match up to be able to access the car interior, don’t match. For me though this was fine as I only wanted it solely as a car cover to protect from the elements, which it has done.

  35. S.E. ENT.

    bought this cover for a 2003 Mustang GT with rear spoiler and it fit perfectly. (185L¡Á73W¡Á53H) There is elastic on both bumpers and the car is completely covered including the wheels, but the cover does not touch the ground. The locking cable goes underneath the car and locks on the other side. There is also two additional adjustable straps built into the car cover, one between the front bumper and front wheel, and the other strap is between the back bumper and back wheel. These straps connect both sides of the car cover ad they are very easy to get to. So with the elastic bumpers and the two adjustable straps, the car cover is very secure and the cable and lock provide extra security from theft. It only took a few minutes to unlock the cover and remove it and put it back into the storage bag that came with it. I folded the car cover as I removed it and then used the extra straps that came to keep it bundled and it easily slid into the storage bag

  36. Cj

    Looks good and quality is great for the price.

  37. Marie

    Protective cover for sedan cars up to 460 cm.

    Good quality silver tarpaulin delivered in a small pouch which remains attached to the tarpaulin, which prevents it from being lost.
    2 locations are provided to put the mirrors, which is practical for quickly positioning the cover on the car.
    Adjustable straps hold the tarpaulin in place.
    6 small reflective strips make it easier to distinguish the covered car at night.

    Robust tarpaulin that is easily put on the car, quickly removed and folded and stored in its pouch.
    Living in the countryside, this tarpaulin effectively protects my car from pigeons.

  38. Randall Kroeker

    We got this for airport parking sun protection for Honda HRV. Pleasantly surprised by quality and size. No lock or grommets, but it is big enough to slip some of it under a wheel to prevent theft.

    The only negative is that the container bag is too tight for mindlessly stuffing it back in. It requires careful folding and rolling. Not a serious problem.

  39. ruel a. reigle

    Material is top notch, and with 2 people it takes about 1 minute to put on??

  40. Ri

    Fits a 2008 Buick Lacrosse perfectly. It’s better done w/ two people as it’s a bit of a hassle to do alone but the cover loops around the mirrors to help keep it in place. I’m satisfied with the product overall.

  41. AWS

    It handles all the whether even the cold. I saw ice build ups on my parents car and with this car cover on mines it keeps the ice off! It was raining pretty badly one night and the next day it was completely dry under. I gave it a 4 star because i had to return it twice, my car is 177″ Coupe.

    For the 180″ it was too tight on the mirrors and the bottom half of my car’s nose was exposed. Then for the 190″ the side bottom was also exposed, mirror wasn’t too tight. I got fed up and just got the biggest size (Which was 225″) because I forgot I was installing a spoiler the week after.

    However if you have a 177″ Coupe, I recommend size 200″ as it would enough to cover the whole car (If you don’t have a spoiler of course).
    I apologize for not having photos because I was very busy and could not take it at the time.

  42. Claudiu

    At the price point I didn’t have big expectations but how wrong I was! Light, waterproof and fits great on our car, a plus are the straps so no matter the wind the cover stays on. I guess the reflective tape helps if you park on the street but our house has its own parking lot. Truly a great buy!

  43. Rebecca Gonzalez

    It fit a type R Honda Civic perfectly. We haven¡¯t had any issues thus far with it.

  44. Wyatt Burr

    As expected

  45. Silver Moon Sailor

    A bit cumbersome to take off and put on with the straps especially if you are operating in a restricted space. Packs down quite small when not in use. As it is so thin it may tear or wear holes before long but at the moment it is doing a good job keeping my motor free from bird droppings.

  46. Han Yin

    It works well even when windy .

  47. IP

    Cover large enough for my Dacia Sandero step way (2016 model).
    Good coverage, it has a place for retros.
    Delivered with its pouch integrated into the cover.
    Silver gray color.
    Protects the car well from the cold and frost…. we will test it in the mountains shortly.
    We recommend!
    Yours sincerely

  48. Jon

    This is a nice cover with straps to keep it fastened under the vehicle. I like the extra reflective stripes at the front and on the Wong mirror covers for extra reflection at night. It appears well made and I cannot see it easily tearing. The main point is to make sure it is not too big – or small – for your car. I have had previous covers and there is a bit of stretch to keep it on the car so you can be a bit more on the smaller size for the cover. This sits over thecae and has no such apparent stretch. The cover also seems be based on long cars – i.e. the wing mirrors and front fits fine but the back is long. Overall, nice cover, does the job of stopping squirrels and cats damaging the paintwork, like the reflections. Only loses a star for the long back end length but that may just be because of my car.

  49. Richard N. Bradshaw

    Love this cover. Better than advertised!

  50. Sabine DB

    All lamp parkers know it, in winter it’s time to scratch windows.
    The cover is very stable. They can be installed easily and the car is protected.
    I doubt that the size is enough for an SUV, although if you look at the dimensions given, it is more of a small SUV anyway.
    The workmanship of the tarpaulin is good.

  51. LTD

    This was easy to put on by myself. It fits perfectly over my 1990 Toyota 4Runner. My sunroof is leaking and this has helped with water not pouring in.

  52. Fiona

    I got this for my husband’s old car which he rarely uses now but stubbornly refuses to get rid of. It takes up too much space in the garage but left out, it quickly gets messy, covered in bird poo and just generally looking down at heel.
    The cover is quite lightweight (I thought it would be heavier) and initially, a right faff to fit on. Definitely a two person job, fiddling around with the elastic and the bits over the mirrors (good idea though to have those) and then the clips. All told, it fits reasonably well if a trifle long, and it’s great to have the car protected.
    We have a rare sunny January day today and this thing is shining like a beacon on the drive, acting like a giant mirror to the sun. Not that that matters but it’s quite dazzling!
    One of the very good ideas is to have a zip opening over the driver door. Inevitably, even with a car that isn’t often used, you’ll need something or want to just run it, so at least you don’t have the faff of taking the cover all off then heaving it back on again.
    A solid 4 stars for this – well, it really is quite pricey even if it’s good!

  53. Katarina

    We do have garages for our vehicles, but it’s not worth it (and it’s also not that easy) to always drive in… A carport would only help to a limited extent… That’s why such a cover is just great. Protects against dust or rain, but it is mainly intended for us at least during the winter months, so that later you don’t have to scrape the ice off the cars or wipe off the snow… It’s also very easy to use – you just have to put the part over the car pull… You can tell that someone has thought about safety, because there are several reflective strips attached (on the outside mirrors and in front) so that you can recognize the vehicle right away… Even the extra protective parts for the outside mirrors are a clever solution. The material seems to be very robust, yet light and flexible – hopefully it will last a long time… It made a very good impression on us.

  54. Callum

    This is a good cover, durable and has reflective markers so that it can be seen at night.
    The straps allow it to be secured to the car so even if you get a size to big (Like what I did) it’s not a total loss.
    The only downside I would give is that you need to make the time to put it on and take it off, if you’re in a rush to leave and have to deal with undoing the straps, taking off the cover and putting it away then you’re probably going to be late.
    So this might not be a daily use thing. More of a “I have to store my car for a while and want it protected” or “Looks like snow and it will be faster taking off the cover than scraping off the snow”

  55. duelalias

    This works well to protect against sun, snow and rain. It fits my Jeep Cherokee perfectly. It has helped cut down on damage from the harsh New England weather when I don’t drive for a while. It’s easy to put on and take off.

  56. Ella Belle

    Nice Quality And Great Features!

  57. Belinda Burriss

    Purchased for an 18ft, 54 yr old car. Length was good, do wish it would have come down further on the sides. So far handling our winds. Really like the three straps, but the ability to adjust them necessitated knotting the ends. Overall happy with the value for the price.

  58. luis

    I was asked by my county to cover my vehicles … and this car cover fit perfect ….

  59. Chris

    Great car cover for the price . Needed something fast and affordable and this was it.

  60. Ammuttly

    Seems good for the price, a little big for my car but for the job

  61. Gavin G.

    Could use a pre-made hole for antennas. Or include a grommet. Had to cut a hole and that starts a tear.
    Other than that for the money, it is a fairly nice cover

  62. Shermae Santelices

    Good for suv

  63. Haku_Laya

    Intended for our T4, which is only moved from month 4-10 and is otherwise in the garage at home, it now has to cover our winter golf plus over the summer, the tarpaulin is a bit too big for the T4 unfortunately not enough.

    The material appears relatively thin but robust.
    The flared wing mirror covers are a nice gimmick, and the reflectors, for roadside vehicles, are also an advantage.

    Elastic rubber edges and adjustable closing aids ensure that the tarpaulin remains stable, even in strong winds. The best gimmick at the end, the zipper on the side, to be able to get into the vehicle, for example to be able to change a dehumidifier after a longer standstill, without having to completely remove the tarpaulin.

    In my opinion, the price of around €38 for our size of tarpaulin is okay, but it could also be a bit lower, because the really good ¡°luxury tarpaulins¡± from well-known manufacturers start at €50.

    4 out of 5 possible stars for a decent car tarpaulin and a purchase recommendation from me.

  64. LifePathin4D

    This cover is as good as any other similar item but it has a pretty silver color to it that makes your ride look like it’s covered in style. It does fit and it does protect and it is much less expensive than a similar item and it has a good quality to it so that is where I see the difference. I have an old cover (at least 2 years old) here that I paid much more for that is pretty much the same thing except the color. I just can’t see paying more after being able to check this one out and see what it is all about. Very impressed. 4 stars.

    *Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if it helped you make an informed decision either way about this product please let me know by taking a quick moment of your time to vote it Helpful so I can keep track of my most helpful reviews. I hope you have a wonderful shopping experience!*

  65. Rdlisle2010

    Fits well on our 1967 Mustang coupe and tightens easily.

  66. Tasha Wittman

    Good product. As expected and protected the car very well.

    Would recommend it

  67. James Huff

    Fits a Mercedes 230 well. The zipper is a good feature, convenient for accessing the vehicle interior without having to take the cover off. Unfortunately mine arrived with only one strap for fastening. There are female buckling points front, rear, and center, so it seems there should have been three straps supplied. On a windy day, the straps are a must. I attached the single strap I received to the center buckles, but the wind blew the cover off the rear of the vehicle, turning it into a sail that billowed over the top of the car. Yeah, not great.

    Would rate this higher if it came with all the straps needed.

  68. Kim Warner

    Love this product. Does exactly what it says. Works great. Would deff buy again.

  69. Guy Toussaint

    I don¡¯t like it¡¯s connected to the bag so I had to cut the bag to separate it from the car cover …

  70. Michael J. Martin

    This cover is exactly what I needed. I use it as a cover in a garage so I can¡¯t comment on how it stands up to the weather. It seams to be well made and fits well. The mirror pockets don¡¯t line up with my car but that¡¯s to be expected as it is not a custom cover.

  71. B.Parks

    It works great Good quality for the price!!!

  72. David CC

    For those of us who like to always have our car ready and are concerned about its conservation, we have this protection cover, made with an Oxford-type polyester fabric. The same one used for boat covers. With this cover We will protect our vehicle whether we park on the street or in a garage, avoiding direct contact with rain, snow, ice, dust and debris from trees and birds.

    Easy to put on thanks to its elastic straps and adjustable straps on the front and rear of the vehicle, with ear flap pockets for the mirrors and a comfortable zipper on the driver’s door to access the interior without having to remove the cover in case of accident. have to go inside.

    Thanks to its silver reflective color and finish, it protects both the exterior and interior of the vehicle from the radiation of the sun’s ultra violet rays, which deteriorate the paint, upholstery, and dashboard.
    It is conveniently collected in its bag that is sewn to the same cover to prevent it from being lost and you can store it easily.

    Ideal for any Sedane of no more than 530 cm. or SUVs. At a great price.

  73. Lisa Hines

    Fits our Subaru Forester great. One improvement I’d suggest is make the storage bag bigger. Nobody wants to take the time to roll the cover perfectly to get it back to original size.

  74. jlsucua

    I’m very happy that I got something cheap that is helping me protect my car I park under a tree and I was tired of cleaning, these cover helps me to save time and my car to last longer.

  75. fab

    The materials seemed good to me, like other, let’s say, high-end, expensive products. It is certainly a sheet created specifically to resist falling twigs, etc., it cannot save you on all occasions, but compared to products little people, we are much calmer here.

    It takes up little space in the car, assuming and granted you can fold it like the original.
    There is a large choice of sizes, so try to find exactly the one that’s right for you, possibly abounding in a few cm.

  76. Jodeen

    I used this on a Cadillac Escalade. It was durable in the sun, rain, snow and wind. It was weatherproof only to a certain degree because underneath it was still icy and the cover froze to the vehicle. It was really hard to take off. I do like the value and that the bag for the cover is attached

  77. Manu Dhawan

    The material quality is good and fits my car well. Thought has been put into designing the cover including the zip for entering the car without removing the cover. Havent used the cover for a long period of time which I will soon. Overall a good product.

  78. giulio g

    I bought 2 car covers (500 and 500L) they are really well made, excellent product, I highly recommend it

  79. Victor Hugo

    Its ok

  80. joseph montoya

    Fits well, a little difficult to put on and take off.

  81. Anthony DAversa

    Material felt good .. it rained for a whole day and kept inside car dry .. I would recommend

  82. Ed Metz

    So far it seems well made and repelled the light rain we just had. It is a little smaller than expected though. I would order a larger size next time.

  83. scoon2

    Covers the car well.
    You have to spend time putting it on correctly otherwise it could blow off in high winds.
    It certainly saves time scraping the car from ice in the morning. Best to leave at home because it takes up much space in a small boot.
    I would only use overnight at home.

  84. Anthony

    Fits nicely and the straps are a great addition to this cover to keep it tight. One of the best values for car cover I have found.

  85. Frank Hammond

    So far so good at protecting my 96 Impala Ss from the elements.

  86. Jose

    So far so good! Seems sturdy and well built. Granted this is the first car cover I have bought in years, I can tell by the material used and the stitching / workmanship that it is well worth the price.

  87. Leo K.

    Fits nice a snug around our X5, getting it back in the attached pouch is a challenge. Overall good cover.

  88. Dmv

    Used this for my dads 2019 Highlander. Works great.

  89. Terry’s Husband

    Got one for my wife¡¯s 2018 Subaru Forester. It fits very well but blew off the first night because she didn¡¯t use the tie downs. Great value for the price.

  90. Lorie L Mann

    We¡¯ve been through several car covers, and this one has been the most promising. For some reason, our past three car covers have been like food to the neighborhood squirrels and/or crows so after a few months, there will be these strange large holes in our car covers. This one has been fantastic. Not only the fit, but we love the straps that keep it in place and prevent it from being blown off. And best of all, the woodland creatures do not seem interested in it!

  91. Al L.

    This is my 2nd one. They do great in Sun. Our car was in outside storage in Boise for the summer and did breath. I like the fact that the material is reflective.

  92. Zen M

    So far so good

  93. Irvinmack

    As good as advertised!!

  94. christine

    Over all worth the money. Did its job.

  95. SYd S.

    This cover fits my Lexus RX450h very well. I love the zipper on the driver side, makes it easy to enter the car. However, you have to unclasp the front undercarriage cover to open the zipper flap. I haven’t had it long enough to know how well it performs in the Arizona weather or its durability.

  96. Johnnycat

    Very pleased -fits like a glove. Side mirrors fit in the little pockets! Cover has 3 clips on each side strategically placed to clip-in the 3 (included) adjustable thick nylon straps under bumpers & middle. So easy, no hassle of bungee cords or eyelets that tear. Pattern of this cover seems custom tailored for a TC. Exactly 14 inches up from ground uniformly around entire car. Looks great! -Just need to keep dust off car parked in reasonably sheltered carport. Silvery material exact same as my boat cover, still holding up well out in the elements (Oregon coast) after a couple years.

  97. art 87

    this is a good size and good quality cover for my Jeep. keeps the sun off it.

  98. Pocket Water

    …we get what we pay for, right?

    The mirror pockets don’t line up.

    The quick-release buckle straps would be better replaced with lightweight bungees to keep the tarp from loosely blowing in spring breezes, grinding road grit into a new paint job.

    The silver color is really really really an eye-sore. White would reflect light also, and it would be much easier on the eyes.

    But it’s a great price, and it works. It won’t keep out rain if it’s prolonged.

    The zipper conveniently allows you to get into the driver side if necessary.

  99. Andrea

    Excellent product, qualitatively well superior to the price paid, nice to look at, easy to install. Well designed for small cars.

  100. Antonio Greco

    Really a nice product, the opening for the driver’s side door is very practical and useful.
    Well made, the reflectors in the corners are also useful.
    The price is really honest..
    Let’s see how long it resists the sun.

  101. Joshua Preziuso

    The product seems well made, the interior seems well made even if it is not as soft to the touch as one might think from the information. There are more “straps” that help adjust the length based on the car and there is also a zip opening on the driver’s side so you can access the inside of the machine without having to remove the cover entirely.

    Unfortunately, the supplied bag was undersized to store the towel comfortably inside. If it is not folded in an almost perfect, meticulous and I dare say almost maniacal manner (which is quite difficult if you don’t have a place to place it without risking ruining it), reinserting it inside the aforementioned bag will be very very difficult and uncomfortable. Furthermore, this bag, made of the same material as the cover, is sewn into the rear part of the cover, thus forcing it to be placed underneath so that it rests on the bodywork. It is therefore better to arm yourself with a larger and more capacious bag.

    Although my car, Ford Fiesta 2018, measures 404 cm, the 430 cm long cover was too short and too narrow.
    It covered just under half of the rear bumper, the sides were therefore also partially uncovered and the mirrors were unable to enter (except with a little force) inside their housings, not due to their own internal space but due to of the “horizontal” distance from each other is not sufficient.
    Despite these size inconveniences, I liked the product and ordered the larger model as a replacement.
    N.B. I didn’t measure the cloth itself. Since there is also a smaller size sheet (400cm) in the price list, I do not exclude the fact that I may have received this model by mistake instead of the one requested, even if I consider it a fairly remote possibility.

  102. lmbrry1218

    It went on easily, and after seeing it and asking how much I paid my stepfather got one for his vehicle too! For the price even if it only lasts a few months it¡¯s worth the price.

  103. Jose Alfredo Martinez Gonzalez

    Very good for the price, it was a little big on my truck but with the tie-downs it doesn’t come off.

  104. Antonino


  105. Clau

    Priced at 4.60 for a Giulietta measuring 4.30, in the end it is a good product, an excellent compromise between quality and price.

  106. CR

    This 203¡± overall length cover fit my 2018 Nissan Pathfinder very well. It covered my std. roof rack to within about 4 or 5¡± of the ground. It keeps the vehicle much cooler than without it. The zipper on the drivers door allows easy entry. This cover is fairly light weight, has a very smooth non-scratching inner surface, and was easy to pull it on starting at the front of the SUV. I will be very happy if I get will get more than 2years of use in the intense NorCal sun. At the onset of use this cover seems like a very good value at under $35.

  107. Massimo

    Really basic towel
    I purchased it for the Peugeot 2008, but it cannot completely cover the car in the lower part… a little short for this car model.
    Length of 4.3 MT ok

  108. Antonquez

    The cover is for larger vans than indicated, it is quite loose.

  109. Trust Me

    I’ve tried the “multi layer” grey covers and they just disintegrate after a few months. This cover is polyester which is inherently resistant to sun damage. It’s thin and light with firm elastic and straps to keep it covered in the wind. Time will tell how long it will last, but the last two covers I bought just fell apart.

  110. AMM

    Wide, resistant, thick, it has laces so that it does not blow away with the air and a bag to store it. 100% recommendable.

  111. edson rika

    Good quality. It is made of good material and waterproof. I bought it for a swift and it fit perfectly

  112. AEM

    Everything ok recommended seller

  113. Phil P

    Good cover. Nicely designed with zipper on drivers door to get those items you left in the car before covering. 3 straps on underside to hold it on.

  114. Sergio M

    Even if the cover has a good overall quality, I had to send it back because the dimensions weren’t right and although I had bought a cover for 430 cm cars, it didn’t fit on my car of just 395 cm. So be careful, because the towel “does not fit” and therefore you have to purchase a large size, over 40 cm.

  115. hiram

    It is reflective and fits very well with the figure of my car, it is resistant and has anti-reflective ghosts so that it can be seen at night, very good quality

  116. JHAES

    Good quality. It’s just difficult to order the correct size.

  117. Josara

    Product that exceeds my expectations

  118. Jorge V.

    Looks, feels and fits better than expected

  119. Alessio

    Bought for a Micra, works great.

  120. Jose R

    Leyendo los comentarios vi que pon¨ªan que venia un poco justa, as¨ª que midiendo mi coche 4,68 pedi la de 4,80. El problema no es el largo, es mas bien el ancho ya que queda holgada por delante y sin embargo no llega correctamente al sitio de los retrovisores.

    Al menos no es muy cara, ya que la he comprado para dejar el coche en la calle y no estoy muy seguro de que no me la vayan a robar.

  121. Ana

    The cover is a good size, but it doesn’t have cotton inside to protect.

  122. Blacksmoker

    Just a tad on the large size for this car but not by much, would have liked more fixing points instead of just the three down each side, can’t speak about durability at present as not had it long enough, if it falls to bits in anything of a hurry I’ll be back.

  123. Mtb




  124. Daniel Butler

    Love it. Bought for mt 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG while I’m away at school and it has made it through 2 windstorms with a bunch of little and medium sized tree debris with 0 scratches or dents. I bought the 209″ one I believe for sedans.

  125. Benedetto Laterza

    Thin but well made, 4 stars only because the indicated measurements do not match. I have an Opel Astra Sport Wagan and since it is a station, I purchased a cover one size larger, as indicated in other reviews and not in the product description, which is why the zip useful for accessing the driver’s seat falls on the passenger door immediately seated behind the driver, not bad in the end, it’s just a little more cumbersome to get into the car once it’s covered, but considering the price it’s a forgivable shortcoming and one that, personally, doesn’t particularly bother me.

  126. yulio

    Excelente cubre bien hace buen trabajo

  127. edna

    It’s amazing just what I needed

  128. WMK1941

    Fits and well made

  129. I lov

    Fits my Benz truck completely. Easy to put on

  130. Maura

    I bought 2, one for a punto evo and one for a suzuki swift…excellent cover, adheres perfectly to the car and practical to use…perfect for bird droppings to avoid washing the car every day.. .fast and precise shipping…

  131. Candice

    Easy to set up. I used it cause water kept getting in from the windshield it works perfect

  132. claudio

    product as described by the seller, good value for money. The various sizes do not include a size suitable for a minivan and I had to adapt to choosing the minimum SUV size but which, although small, is still plenty. Accurate and fast shipping.

  133. Michelle An

    It is not waterproof. It rained last night and took it off the morning after. It left brown water spots all over my white car. I just got the car 4 days ago. Did not protect my car.

  134. Marco

    I got one for my car and then one for the van but the latter doesn’t have a cotton lining unlike the other. Let’s just say it’s lighter. The cotton lining adds an extra layer and I think protects better in case of hail however it is also true that, if placed on the ground, it attracts earth and grass as if it were Velcro … which is why I keep it anyway and do not return it.

    PROS: easy to put on the car thanks to the elastic bands that hold it while you roll it out

    CONS: in the version with cotton inside, it gets dirty easily because grass and earth stick to the cotton like Velcro

  135. Victor

    Size fit our SUV perfectly and the quality is great.

  136. HWSS

    Chosen with care and finally arrived! The product is just as I expected: well made, solid, with three straps that pass under the car to anchor it better, with the zip for the door and entering the car without removing it all and with the bag to store it. We’ll see its construction quality over time. Maybe I got it a little too big for my car.
    My advice? Why not equip it with pliers or other systems to prevent it from reaching the ground if the size is a little too large?

  137. JORDAN

    Pretty cover. 27inch didn’t quite fit on my Nissan Versa. Get a larger size than 27 if you don’t drive a Smart Car!

  138. Love

    This is much better than the previous one I purchased that did not withstand a hail storm. This is a much heavier fabric, an easier system to tighten it up, an excellent design (always hated to get something out of my ‘summer’ vehicle and have to redo the whole tarp), and the price is much better than my first one. It’s now withstood one winter at 8,000 feet in the Rockies without even a scratch on it.

  139. Cristobal

    Great quality for price

  140. Alma

    It is as described and works perfect

  141. Y.B

    Well build easy access to driver side. In the morning i feel like condensate water under cover though

  142. Lorenzo

    Practical, comfortable and right

  143. Nicola

    It is a good product except for one major flaw. There are some elements placed inside the canvas that can scratch it when touching the machine. Great flaw. Both these hooks of the tie rods and the zipper of the bag that cannot be taken off

  144. Eduardo L

    I bought this cover for a 2020 Mazda 6 that measures about 5m long and 2m wide. I chose the 210″ (533cm) size on the recommendation of comments I read about this product, that I opt for a size above vehicle.
    The cover fit the vehicle very well.

  145. NLS

    For the price, I suspect this will hold up well enough. I’ve had a couple of similar covers, and one “better” cover, and this material lasts much longer for the price. This stays on my Jeep Wrangler in all kinds of weather for at least two weeks at a time. Then I wad it up, stuff it in a duffle bag, and take the Jeep for a short drive. A day or so later, it’s back on the Jeep. If you have a perfectly smooth, clean, dry, still surface to fold this back up, you might actually get it back in the bag it came in. Trying to do that outside in the wind and rain on gravel pavement makes it impossible. Get a duffle bag, roll the cover up and stuff it in there. For the price, if it lasts more than 6 months, it’s worth it to me. I haven’t had a cover yet that lasted a full year of being outside. I have another one similar to this that’s coming close to a year outside on another vehicle. It’s under trees. It’s ugly, but it hasn’t torn, and the pickup it’s covering is staying dry. It looks like the same material as this one, but it seems thinner, if that’s possible. I like the straps on this better than others I’ve had. I like that it seems thicker. I’m hoping it holds up through summer. This one might actually make a full year.

  146. PPC

    Overall very good, bigger than I expected, fits a Tahoo without problems

  147. bartifran

    Really very comfortable and practical. The material is of good quality (it’s not too thin like other covers) and its shape makes it very comfortable to “wear” from the car.
    The buckles are very useful for hooking it under the car to prevent the wind from carrying it away (only the central one is a bit more uncomfortable, in fact I don’t use it), but even more convenient are the two side zips that allow you to open the doors without take off the tarp!
    Great product!

  148. Freddy

    Very “plasticized” towel. The size is right for a 4.60 m car (Tesla Model 3), but I don’t think I’ll keep it. The interior is “plasticized” like the exterior with the risk of scratching the bodywork during installation (it’s quite laborious on its own), the mirror holes don’t match.

  149. Lorena

    Bought for a 3-door Pegout 208, and it is too small, the mirror covers are not very comfortable, especially when the cover is already short. The strap to pass under the car is not very comfortable.
    The cover itself is good, it covers, it is waterproof and, thanks to the straps, it does not move in the wind.

  150. Sam

    Did not fit well my Mazda rx-8

  151. Andrea

    Well made cover, full coverage of the car. Adjustable straps & wind resistant.

  152. German

    Excellent product, perfectly waterproof and easy to remove and put on.

  153. German

    They are very easy to place and remove, not a drop of water passes through and the reflectors are a great help.

  154. Michela

    The product is very good, a nice sturdy and resistant fabric.
    Very satisfied, I recommend.
    For the measure to be respected the measures of the machine, one must not abound.

  155. Miriam

    Is very nice cover .

  156. Giuliano

    Very big.

  157. Dani P

    comes reduced

  158. Carlos

    Super. Perfect fit for a large SUV

  159. MENDELE

    perfectly covers my Toyota rav 4. good quality material seems solid;
    I gave it 4 stars because it would be perfect if it had a cotton lining.

  160. Viktor Von Richthofen

    It is definitely a good product, if it is Chinese and there is one without a brand at half the price, it is not really very waterproof, what can we say, but it has the advantage of being reflective and light, relatively easy to store and wash, another advantage is that it arrives super fast if you order the Chinese one you already know 3 months minimum if it ever arrives no matter where here or on Aliexpress, so that’s why I recommend this one more, if you are looking for a raincoat THIS IS NOT THE Option.

  161. Alberto Ferrarese

    Perfect cover, a little big for my car but well covering. The storage bag is a little small once opened.

  162. Helena

    I bought the largest case for a C4 Picasso, and it doesn’t fit in width, otherwise everything is perfect.

  163. Tierney

    Great product for the money

  164. Brian G Jones

    I have bought 4 different covers and they all lasted almost a year. The UV rays from the sun destroyed all of them. So I came to the conclusion that paying for a cheap cover and replacing it every year is better than buying an expensive cover and replacing it. This is a great choice for that. It is waterproof, reflects the sun and keeps the dirt off.

  165. Alfredo Daniel Mendez Moreno

    I bought a slightly larger size and it turned out well since the cover is a little tight.
    It was an excellent purchase, it can be cleaned easily and protects my car very well from the sun, dust and rain. It turned out to be an excellent purchase.”

  166. Mr. H

    Bought for a new 3 series. If your car has say wing mirrors, this will NOT work. The cut out for the mirrors are in the wrong area so it stretches the cover as you see in the picture. It doesn¡¯t cover the front of the car yet it¡¯s too loose at the back.

  167. Domehch

    Very good quality of material

  168. lfoschi

    for my Rav4 2016 the xxl version is perhaps too big but it covers it to the ground and in case of wind it’s better that way, the cover seems sturdy I’ll tear the bottoms off they seem sturdy and well sewn to the cover, pay attention to the measurements because the cover won’t It has small sizes and therefore the size indication is accurate

  169. Maria

    Magnificent! Not a drop of water or dust passes through even between the seams, light material that is easy to put on and store, great design with closure to open the driver’s door without removing the cover, matte silver color, does not dazzle in the sun.
    I recommend it 100%

  170. SEWS

    I’ve been with her for 1 month, everything is fine.

  171. Alessandro Scaramuzza

    Very nice, maybe I got it too big, but it’s fine

  172. Serhiy

    It works for SsangYong RODIUS, it covers well, it is a large minivan.

  173. Gema

    For our use, which is a garage and keeping the car clean of the feces of nesting swallows, it is perfect. For the Peugeot 5008 the size is perfect. The material seems thick and works perfectly outdoors. It has an opening in the driver’s door so you can access it without removing the cover, which is very practical, and a bag to store it.

  174. Simone Turini

    Optimal. At this price really good

  175. RC

    I bought this car cover for my SUV and found it to be very durable, weatherproof and lightweight. The driver side zipper is very handy when you need to get something inside your car. Just make sure you get the right size for your car for the perfect fit. Recommend!

  176. B Walsh

    Best I have had over a number of years would highly recommend

  177. Richard M.

    Seemed to be good quality and value, but had to return as it does not fit my Dodge Charger (although specs seemed to suggest it would). Probably should buy larger than the specs suggest to get it to fit.

  178. sravankumar

    I like its quality

  179. mohammed

    Really good cover for the LEXUS GX 460. Fits like a glove and stays put in tough weather conditions. 10/10 recommend

  180. D. Jackson

    Surprisingly well made and sturdy. Fit my 67 chevelle perfectly. Been through several good storms and not a single issue.

  181. scar

    After seeing a lot of covers and comparing, I have decided on this one because of the quality/price ratio that they say. I confirm the same, the quality of the material is good, perhaps more than for the price.

  182. E. Manning

    It has a nice look to it

  183. YR

    Good product. Size is slightly bigger fit on my G37

  184. FMo32

    So far so good. Seems to be holding up well after a couple months. Waterproof and reflects a good amount of heat.

  185. paul j. guten

    Great product, keeps the rain off my vehicle completely, fits well.

  186. Jimmy Liang

    Since my car is parked on the driveway most days now I figure a car cover is in order. There were no instructions on how to use it, but it’s a car cover. The size fits pretty well, and the straps seems to be working as intended. It’s kind of annoying that the storage bag is attached via a ribbon to the back of the cover… so it ends up just flopping on the ground and flapping in the wind.

  187. Michael Sanchez

    Isnt ¡°weatherproof¡±. Needed this to cover my car when it rains while I fix a leak of water getting inside. Still got water in it¡¯s not water proof like it says it is.

  188. Carlos santana

    Love it

  189. Erick

    Being a generic cover, it may be more or less adjusted to your vehicle. In any case, the water accumulates in some areas and leaks or remains attached to the bodywork. What when heating up again with the sun, causes a small layer of lime to remain on the body. So it is not 100% waterproof. But to keep the car free of dust, if it works properly.

  190. SZ

    I was surprised by the excellent quality and how well made it is.
    It fit perfectly in the car, it’s really waterproof, easy to put on and take off and the belts secure it to the car so it doesn’t get up.
    Highly recommended!!!

  191. Nick Nicholls

    Perfect size for the vehicle with enough slack to allow airflow to circulate. 3 x fitted straps ensure it remains in place even in high windy conditions. It said “Zipper opening for access to driver’s door” but they have been made for vehicles with a LHD so, if it is an issue for you, be warned.

  192. Rodrigo Malacara Luna

    It is definitely NOT waterproof, I can’t even stand a light rain, the car is totally wet.

  193. Tania

    Easy to install and remove, it protects large trucks such as Explorer, Cherokee, Hilander very well.

  194. JT

    Excellent cover for a Genesis G80. Ideally it could be a few inches longer but other than that it¡¯s perfect. It also has a full length zipper to access the driver¡¯s door while the cover is on! Perfect for the relentless t-storms and beating sun in Florida¡¯s summer months.

  195. Renee King

    The best car cover I ever bought. True to size, covers front under carriage perfectly. Tie down straps for windy weather. I love this car cover. Will buy again if needed.

  196. JeannetteC

    Very good resistant, great size. Bring moorings so it doesn’t fly away. Excellent product

  197. Kathy

    I think the material is good, and it certainly fulfills its function. I find it somewhat complicated to place and remove, due to the size. If it is to keep the car protected for a season it is quite good, for daily use it ends up being tiring.

  198. Leah Ellis

    Ordered 1 size up and still barely fit, partially because of spoiler although its a lower factory spoiler. Would recommend ordering larger than needed. Otherwise a very nice cover, have only had it on for a week but seems like nice quality. I wish the straps had padding on them to keep from scratching paint during wind etc.

  199. lolo

    Ok, waterproof, left side zip, storage bag too small, straps require to be more secure.

  200. MC

    Overall I can only say I am satisfied with the purchase, the cloth is of good quality and proved to be the right size. Unfortunately, some nice individual who passed by it at night must also have thought of it and thought it best to appropriate it.

  201. Enrique Orihuela

    I really liked the design, only that in heavy rain, or due to changes from sun to rain, it tends to sweat and if moisture gets through, especially to the awning, but in sunny conditions, excellent, in rain too, I think Except for what I mentioned about the greenhouse effect, which I also read in another comment, very good purchase. The truth is, it is the first one I have bought, so I don’t know if all the covers have this greenhouse effect with sun and rain.

  202. Elisabetta

    Excellent car cover equipped with straps that prevent the wind from moving it

  203. Candice Hamilla

    excellent cover for money very happy fits great.

  204. Robert S. Keowen

    Works just fine on a 1950 packard

  205. Robert from Texas

    It worked great

  206. Sbushlnzl

    This is a decent car cover for $40. The material is pretty thin and not something I would want for maximum protection or long term outdoor storage. This cover is perfect for covering the car while parked in the garage to keep dust and debris off the finish. I think it would work fine for short term out door storage, the reflective silver material would do a good job for reflecting the sun, not sure how good it would do in heavy rain or snow. One nice feature of this cover is due to the thin fabric it folds up into a nice compact size, even has a built in pouch to stuff it into. I bought this for my 2010 Lexus HS250H hybrid and it fits perfectly.

  207. Albanese Angelo

    Durable and easy to put on.

  208. juan perez

    Very good and inexpensive.

  209. Oscar

    All perfect

  210. Gail Larvenz

    Material is strong and resilient

  211. Alessandra

    Great product

  212. Veronica V.

    Excellent quality, great tie down system! I wish they have truck covers of the same brand!

  213. CMurph

    It¡¯s a quality car cover for the price. I do recommend going up 1-2 sizes from what you think your car length is. That way you get more car coverage. If you get a true to size fit it will leave some of your car exposed on the sides.

  214. Ms. W in NV

    Fits my BMW X5 PERFECT.
    And rarely do ai find covers that actually fit correctly. Has a convenient driver door zipper, for the price, No other better deal out there. So unbelievably easy for me, a short woman to throw on the car in less then 1 minute. The trick is put it on your side mirrors then just pull it over. We have strong winds and with the well placed straps, no worries. You will not be disappointed.

  215. John R. Anderson

    The Seq is too wide for the cover to fit over both mirrors. Have to fold one.
    Otherwise, good fit. Bought it as a sun shield only. Let’s see how long it lasts.

  216. Victor L

    It works very well. For the cost it represents, it is a good purchase. The only problem is that my truck is a little big and before buying I asked about the measurements and they did not clarify that point for me.

  217. len

    As advertised so far see how it does over the fall and winter.

  218. G Miles

    For the price it¡¯s a lot of value. In this range, covers are pretty flimsy and disposable. This on is made well, fairly durable and fits well. The side zipper is a nice touch and very convenient. Stays on in gusty winds without an issue if using the supplied straps. If it lasts a year I¡¯ll consider it money we¡¯ll spent. Had it a month trough torrential storms and baking heat and it shows zero signs of wear. I¡¯ve tried numerous other in this price and most were relative junk.

  219. Pete

    This car cover worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this product.

  220. uwwq


  221. Davide

    I would have given 5 stars if the measurement you indicated had been correct, my car is 3999 cm long, so the 4 m one would have fitted perfectly, but it did not, from the 4 m you still have to calculate an extra 60 cm otherwise it’s all tight, as in the figure, otherwise it’s an excellent cloth

  222. Chiara N

    Good car cover, suitable for all seasons.. it has a convenient side opening at the driver’s door..

  223. Miguel

    Very good cover and with moorings below

  224. cardiganbay

    A good quality cover which is relatively easy to fit in place. A very good fit for a honda CR-V. Stayed on despite some very breezy conditions’

  225. MaryChayo

    Good material and it is resistant despite how thin it is, consider ordering the cover in the following size, this is how I did it and it fits like a glove

  226. Marti

    Used for cars that remain parked for a long time, it protects well from dust. Practical driver side opening zip.

  227. Stargate

    Lightweight, practical, very large. At that price I’d say I’m super satisfied.

  228. Sara Gomez

    Easy to place, to store, good material, I am happy with the purchase

  229. toddh

    I have this covering a Chevelle project car that is outside. Its definitely not as nice as the Wolf cover that I use for my show cars, but it didn’t cost $250 either. I don’t know about the long term durability, but so far it is pretty good for the price

  230. vicente

    Resistant and well finished cover, with adjustment straps and door access zipper.

  231. Manolo Meneses Pulido

    I fit the Xtrail 2019 as a wedding dress. The material is super soft to the touch. I consider it a great advantage that it DOES NOT HAVE PLUSH on the inside of the cover, since in others (that I have had) the vehicle sweats and When putting it on you must be very careful that it does not have adhesions to avoid damaging the car’s paint.

    The closure on the driver’s side to access the vehicle, without having to remove the cover, is a super added value.


  232. Sergio R

    Looks solid and is handy with the straps

  233. Kindle Customer

    So far so good. Ask me again in 3-6 months for a proper review.

  234. Dabarmo

    It is correct in terms of quality-price, the only thing that should be improved is the attachment system to the car because you have to pass the entire rope through the bottom of the car to anchor it and adjust it and that is not very effective, the truth is, at the same time that when You’ve done it 20 times, you get bored and you let the cover adjust.

  235. massimo

    The fabric itself is of excellent quality and its silver finish prevents the passenger compartment from overheating, I experienced it first hand this summer on a beach where the car had been in the sun all day. The important thing to know is that the cover has three attachment points and the straps can be hung under the car, however, it’s important to choose the correct size as in my case it’s too long and sometimes comes unhooked with the wind but it’s certainly of excellent quality in the complex!

  236. Brett

    Be careful on your sizing. My car is 170″ but this car cover did not fit. I ordered a larger size, 184 so that the outside mirrors will fit. I guess it is backordered.

  237. Rodri

    Very resistant fabric. Fits very well.

  238. luisa Rodriguez

    I love everything about the cover, the only downside is that the one I bought was a bit bigger, but it works the same for me

  239. JASG

    Very good cover, the fastenings are great. There is a good quality price relation. I recommend it without a doubt.

  240. EJ

    Looks a bit like aluminum foil. Fabric seems durable. Cover fit as described. Seems well-made.

    Long term durability is not yet known.

    Cover is being used on a 99 Mazda Miata. There are mirror slots but the are nowhere near where they need to be. Having a generic cover with mirror slots is kind of silly and useless. Husband was pleased with the thickness and feel of the cover.

    Will update as time passes to reflect on the claims of durability and weather it is waterproof.

  241. Pedro Santiago

    Perfect for Mazda6

  242. Mari Carmen

    This product, I have requested to return it since it is too big for my car and I have exchanged it for another model that fits the measurements of my car.

  243. Patrick W.

    This really is a fantastic cover for the money. I recently had to throw away my old Budge cover after a few years that was severely mildewed and got incredibly heavy every time it rained (which is quite often in a temperate rain forest). In comparison, this cover absolutely sheds the rain and it was less than half the cost of the Budge! It may not be 100% percent waterproof, but it is close. I washed my car and after two heavy rains, the car still looked almost like I had just washed it. As to its bonus features, it has 3 buckle straps (front, middle and back) which are fully adjustable and a side zipper so you can get in and out of the car without removing the entire cover. It has an attached storage bag and the cover itself is very lightweight. For $40, this thing is incredibly impressive. I’ll have to see how it holds up after a few years and light winters, but I already know I’ll never buy another Budge. Unless you constantly deal with severe weather or heavy snows, I think this would be a perfectly fine choice and would recommend it.

    For anyone with a Nissan 350z, the 170″ seems to fit really well. The only caveat is that the pockets for the side mirrors are not in the correct spot and will cause the cover to ride up in the front if you use them. You can try a step up to 180 or just sacrifice not using the side mirror pockets. For the price and performance, this is not a huge deal for me at all considering it is a generic sedan cover.

  244. Carlitos Gerardo

    It protects the car very well, I just recommend paying special attention to the measurements of the car to make sure it fits your car

  245. Antonio

    It heals well, but once used it is difficult to put it back. Resists wind

  246. Mauri

    excellent, works as described, good value for money

  247. Bradley Davis

    I like it and it has a great price

  248. HAW

    I took a chance, but great fit for my GLS450.

  249. tommaso antonio

    Everything OK. good tarp.

  250. Kalman K.

    its fine

  251. Dani

    It is waterproof to some extent. Prolonged rain can’t stand it. The inside of the cover is not cotton, just fabric. Although at the moment it has not scratched the car but the product description is a deception. It’s not bad, but it’s not as good as it appears in the description.

  252. Todo

    That we have got it right – important! – with the Measure. It’s too early to judge her, we’ll see this winter…

  253. teodolinda camera

    Very thin fabric and size a little too small

  254. larry joseph uzcategui


  255. Massimo Colli

    The only problem, in my opinion, is the difficulty of folding it up and putting it back in its bag when it is removed from the car.

  256. Mika

    The truth is wonderful. It is perfect for large cars. And resistant to cold and frost.

  257. Iton

    Good product. Fits well on a CLS W219. Only the ears for the mirrors are not well located for this car. I use it in a private garage but it can also be put outside, because they have ropes to tie it. The zipper on the side is appreciated to access the car without removing the cover.

  258. Riccardo

    Good, for what you pay!
    The only flaw is that after a while water starts to pass through!
    But as far as comfort and robustness are concerned, nothing to say

  259. Homesteader

    Hello fellow truck owners–I searched, read reviews, and could not find any truck cover specific for a truck with a CAP. And while I love a good coating of mud on my hard working little truck–I also want to slow down the rust and I am tired of scraping off ice all winter long. It gets frying hot in summer here and right now there is 2 feet of snow outside…I have no garage.

    Definitely MEASURE your truck. I have a 2008 toyota tacoma with a cap. I ordered the largest “SUV” car cover–size said “up to 218 inches”. This just arrived yesterday, I put it on and it fits good enough for my needs with plenty of room to spare. Love the zippered door feature and the very sturdy straps with adjustable clips. We have a blizzard going on as I write this–winds are whipping but that cover is on tight and doing the job. The snow is just blowing off this cover (granted, the winds are gusting at 45mph)–my truck is clear of snow–less work for me. My son’s car sitting next to my truck is buried.
    If this product lasts at least one winter, I’ll be satisfied–but I’m hoping the reflective sliver material will also be useful in summer to reflect UV light and heat. I will update if it craps out.
    I hope this helps other truck owners with a cap on their truck…

  260. IVANO

    Excellent cover, good product and the driver’s side zip is very convenient so you can get into the car without removing the cover
    I recommend taking a size up to be sure that it covers your car well also because there are straps to tighten it, I’ll start by saying that my car is indoors, I put it on for dust. However, I recommend it..

  261. Ana

    “It’s easy to put on and take off, I keep it in the trunk, in its impossible bag.
    My car is a Captur and it hangs to the ground.
    I’m happy, it’s on the street and it takes care of it from frost.
    The zipper is very useful, so you open the car without removing the cover.”

  262. Numira

    Excellent car cover. Purchased to cover a car that is in the yard, over time we will see how well it resists the elements. Convenient zip that allows direct access to the car.

  263. Marco Antonio Murillo Marco

    I highly recommend the product I have a BMW e46 and there is plenty to cover it, it fits very well and covers almost the wheels if you want, in addition to having three adjustable park straps that are completely attached

  264. Salvatore

    very happy

  265. Stefano Z

    Keeping the car in the garden, this cover is practical because it allows access to the vehicle, shelters well and is easy to use

  266. EUGENIA

    Seems like a quality product. And it’s beautiful too.

  267. Milky

    1, The cover fits my SLK
    2 not easy getting the straps under the car and to fasten them
    3 quite a bit of overlapping material at the rear of car
    4 Simple instructions would help with a diagram

  268. Gustavo Ortiz


  269. Manuel Rodr¨ªguez Gonzlez

    Totally satisfied with the product. !!

  270. okw

    Good cloth, easy to put on, perhaps a little thin in thickness, but overall a good product

  271. Brian D Buell

    So far so good! I have this on a 1990 daodge Ram Club Cab with topper and it literally fits like it was designed for it. The straps that go under the vehicle are great and key in keeping this thing in place. We had a wind storm and you could tell it wanted to take flight, but alas, she handled that thing like Lt. Dan!

  272. Gary Williams

    seems to be of good quality and fits great so 10/10

  273. Laura

    Lightweight cover that is easy to put on and fits perfectly on my car

  274. Sergio Escamilla

    Very good case

  275. newyork1997

    For a struggle-free install, position the built in carry bag towards the rear, then slip on the cover for the side mirrors. Everything else is straightforward from that point. Excellent fit on a 192¡± sedan, even with attached roof racks. Thanks to another owner who answered this question around fit for 192¡±and confirmed that this would be fine before I purchased mine.

  276. Antonio

    Product received on time, excellent waterproof cover, used every day for a good month and I must say that it does its job, the machine is well protected, the morning after a night at -25 I couldn’t find it, not at all frosted and I had no problems defrosting the windows as they were clean.

  277. Jarrold Sumibcay

    I like how you could zip up to get into the car without having to remove the entire cover. Other than that the shipment, products from price is great.

  278. Everardo Martinez

    It fit my 2020 SEDONA truck exactly. It’s compact to store. It looks of good quality compared to others of my neighbors.

  279. JJ

    If you have a Elantra 2013, I recommend you the 190 option. I had to return a 170 one, it was too short.

    For a Sorento 2017, the 184 for SUVs is excellent. Perfect fit.

    This is awesome! Good material and easy to put on.

  280. RaC

    This cover is excellent. The price is great for the quality. It fit my Ignis well. Of course, this is saying something because the Ignis has a very particular size and height. The cover has three belts to prevent it from blowing away in the wind. These consist of a front belt, one that goes in the middle and a last one that goes in the back and crosses under the vehicle from one side to the other. The cover is truly waterproof, so I had to place a cardboard box over the luggage basket that I have installed. Otherwise, when it rains, a pool of water forms. Of course, it also protects from the sun’s rays and dust that do not reach your vehicle. It has exceeded my expectations because there are many other covers for the same price but not with the same quality.

  281. Arturo


  282. Valentina

    it is spectacular x estate and practicality

  283. Quirchez

    I find it very practical, resistant and suitable for both a Mazda CX-5 and a rav 4

  284. Marina

    I bought it for a 2017 XTRAIL and it was perfect, even a little baggy. The material is light but protects. I loved it, I recommend it 100%

  285. Fernando Luna Arocas


  286. Jose Contreras

    It fit perfectly on a 5.1 meter Voyager

  287. adele Underwood

    Really good

  288. Giuseppe

    Good product, covers well, if it rains a little water passes through but not dirt. For me who am forced to leave the car outside (not in a garage) it was very useful

  289. Mr Tee

    Works fine, used during lockdown to protect the car from dust.

  290. Ricardo Ferreira

    this product was used to cover the car

  291. Reviewer

    Well made, quality construction with good quality materials.

    We¡¯ve had other items from this brand and have been happy with performance/value.

    Adjustable to accommodate a fairly wide variety of cars in this size range.

  292. bob rightmire

    I got one for my 2017 Fiesta a 150d
    I can not believe it does not fit. I can not get the mirrors in there pocket. The car is 150 long and the mirrors do not fit.

  293. JB

    Good quality, I think the size is a bit fair, although it covers almost its entirety, the black straps for adjustment are easy to use to hold it well (although it has springs) but they give it more security against the wind. Putting it on and taking it off is easy, although little by little you take practice and it gets faster, it also has a cover to store it, although I couldn’t fold it in such a way that it fits in its cover.

  294. Elizabeth

    It fits very well, it is a good material, it protects from water and dust, it arrived on time.

  295. Andrea

    Perfect shipping, the size purchased a little larger than the vehicle was perfect, almost tailor-made. The material is reflective and therefore ideal in summer. Tested in torrential rain, the water resistance is not exceptional but sufficient. Absolutely useless as protection for hail, pine cones or other small objects, the fabric is very thin. The straps that secure the cover to the car are very useful, tested in very strong winds.

  296. Jlcf

    Good material, it has 3 adjustable straps to hold the cover to the car, they go from side to side, it does not fit a hatchback, I tried it on a swift sport and due to the shape of the cover it does not cover it all the way down, I had to return it

  297. Mara

    It meets the requirements I need to protect my car. Although I ordered the wrong size, due to ignorance, it is a fairly complete case for its price. But I did not test its result with atmospheric phenomena, which is what matters most to me, especially against frost, to see if it protected the engine so that it starts well at dawn, since I get up at 5:30 in the morning. To the touch it seems to be of good quality.

  298. Antonio Nuti

    Good cover, covers well and is of good material

  299. Pedropez

    Fair quality for outdoors, it can get you by for a while but it is not one that you can leave permanently. There are three straps behind to adjust it.

    As a fact, I can say that the small one has not been useful for a Volkswagen Polo 9n3, it lacks one and a half meters to cover the entire car.

  300. James

    I bought the one up to 400 cm for a small Mini Cooper, and it doesn’t cover it completely, the pockets for the mirrors don’t fit either… For the rest of the moment it resists the wind well. We will have to see if it continues like this after a storm!

  301. Jason Thorn

    In Mn, weather is 4 seasons…when I put on the sedona, I put the mirrors on first and the front and back have flexi bands, yet after putting the front on the rear would not pull down all the way, so it was just above the bumper, I tried to adjust and try different ways, but i noticed that the stitching was just short. Oh well, but at least it does it’s job of covering. yet then after about 5 to 6 uses, I notice a tear or a small hole that is now bigger, so defeats the purpose, Hence, durability rating low.

  302. Special T

    fits nicely so it “clam shells” the car. Most other covers I had, were too short in front or back. The only mention I have is, the cover is very slick on the car, so if you pull on one side when putting on, it easily slides on the car, so you have to circle the car to straighten it out.

  303. EVA

    Very good thermal performance and absolutely waterproof

  304. claudia simon

    This was a great buy

  305. NikitaMj

    I am happy but notice that it is very small. I have a tiger and she is very fair. With the material at the moment happy, let’s see how long it lasts.

  306. Glena Bates

    It was everything I expected it to be. Very well made, I got it to keep the cats off my car. So far it has worked!

  307. Pennie Vakkas

    Fantastic car cover! Thick material repels the rain and snow and fits snug. The straps are ideal so the wind doesnt blow it off. I use it on my 91 bmw 325 and i highly reccomend it.

  308. cristian mendoza perez

    The cover is perfect in a Ford escort, good material and comes with some belts to fit it well to the car and a practical cover.

  309. Plus

    The thickness is perfect, it does not damage the car’s paint

  310. Leticia viver

    I bought it to cover a Kia Sportage Drive 2021 model and I took the size up to 470 and it covers it perfectly, there is even plenty of space.
    Easy to put on and take off by one person, it has straps to grab the cover under the car once it is on and a zipper on the driver’s door, reflective strips and space for the mirrors.
    Value for money, it seemed to me one of the best options, I just bought it 1 month ago, we will see how it lasts over time and its resistance to winter

  311. Fabiana vacca

    Perfect for a Peugeot 206. I chose the 400cm one and it fits perfectly, it covers it completely. Easy to place, in the corners it has elasticity which allows it to be adapted to the corners. The fabric from which it is made is thick and warm with a good finish on the seams.

  312. Manuel M

    My car is 3m tall and I ordered the se 3 with something to make it fit but it is small.
    It’s pretty good, for now, but take it two sizes larger than your size.”

  313. Jose L

    It is very well finished, it seems resistant, it fits very well, it has its zipper on the driver’s door, it has the fitting for the mirrors and straps to hold, in my case it fits a little just the size I bought was 3.40, it is an Audi A3 from 2003.

  314. maurizio

    It is very handy, easy to close and reposition without many problems. Good purchase to avoid dirtying the car from dust and bird droppings, and protect from the sun’s rays. I recommend a size up.

  315. Greg

    It’s got stretch pleats along the front and back that hug up under like a showercap. Then there are 3 ties in front of, in between and behind the wheels which you can easily cinch or loosen to control the billow. I live in a windy canyon that peeled the porch roof off awhile back, so we’ll see what it can withstand in my carport. But I like the fit as it’s snug with nothing including the wheels uncovered. It’s slightly breathable: I wanted to make sure the carpets were dry after shampooing so I left the windows and sunroof open with the cover on and it prevented dirt from getting inside yet the carpets dried fine. But I wouldn’t leave it that way!

  316. Carlos Marval

    Excelente art¨ªculo y material, cumple su funci¨®n es excelente

  317. Manel Garcia

    Simple cover but it does its job

  318. Anais R

    The presentation is very good, it comes stored in a case of the same color. Reflective details space for the mirrors and zipper to open the door without having to lift it. The material seems resistant and quality. It also has multiple hooks to be able to attach it to the car.

  319. Katyana

    Fits like a glove, and is everything it stated it would be!

  320. Scott Szalkowski

    Very deluxe car cover for the price! It has reflector cloth tape sewed to all 4 corners. Front and back buckles strap the cover to the car. Waterproof silvery reflective material.

  321. Clinic Shop

    Made to protect the machine during work.. looks very good.. satisfied!

  322. Christian Manzo

    Good material, very resistant and waterproof

  323. peppe

    Great product

  324. 4Real

    It WILL.NOT fit my Ex Wife. She is well over 200 inches in the waistline by now. Plus, it may be a small snack for her if she starts sucking down her McDonald’s extra large shakes before summer time roles around. I was going to buy this for her and store it in her freezer since it’s all weather but I’m afraid she might use it as a bath towel.

  325. Pockets

    Good cover for my 2007 Miata MX-5, but didn’t cover the tip of the nose of my car (covering of side mirrors could have been more rear facing). I am using it anyway. Great price!

  326. ALI A.

    I use it for my car and overall I like it

  327. Jacqueline

    Great quality. Thank you

  328. A

    I love this car cover; it keeps the vehicle really cool during extreme heat. The paint job stays clean. The best I’ve owned thus far. The price is great.

  329. Luciano

    I used the cover to cover a 2000 MERCEDES SLK and even though it is a generic product, it turned out perfect.

  330. jeep

    Small size SUV works well on my Jeep TJ with the hardcover. Maybe a bit loose but no big deal. Recommend this over the $100 plus covers.

  331. mtzennmaster

    We purchased one of the Silver Weatherproof car cover and found it ideal. We immediately ordered a second one for our larger Prius.

  332. Albert

    Truly, valid, solid and aesthetically beautiful sheet.. With the straps on the front, back and in the middle it doesn’t move…

  333. Juan

    Regular quality, it’s just plastic.

  334. Jiang-n Zhu

    Good product and will recommend to friends

  335. Alba SK

    It’s perfect for a 3-door peugeot 207. It still has a bit left over along the car, so it will probably work for the 5-door.

    I haven’t put the leashes on her and she has held up well all day with plenty of wind. As for quality, I’ll edit when it breaks.

  336. Joanna Trejo

    They were perfect for all my cars and for the price it was perfect deal

  337. Josh G.

    I previously spent something like $180 on a “real” car cover for my Mercedes C300 and it started shredding after being cleaned once per the wash instructions. Being based in California I have no expectation of this lasting some snow storm but it should protect from sun damage and pollen just fine. It is nice and light weight and mirror pockets make it really easy to put on the car by yourself.

  338. Adrin Rf

    There is no cotton inside to protect the paint.

    At the moment it seems to be waterproof and it seems to insulate quite a bit of heat.”

  339. corey simmons

    I have a Chevy traxs got the small sedan one and doesn¡¯t even fully cover my car very disappointed

  340. Adolf Lackner

    The product is as expected.
    Everything okay.

  341. angelo


  342. ARIANNA

    Excellent car cover. We got it for the Seat Tarraco and it’s nice and spacious. It has straps to secure the cover to the car and a bag to store it in.

  343. Alastair C.

    I needed to protect the front window seals against damage by crows. This works a lot better than plastic bags tied around the wing mirrors (so that they don’t see their reflection). It’s a bit more of a faff to put on and take off but manageable.

  344. DD

    Does the job without a problem on a 2011 Bmw 316d.
    Protects from bad weather and UV rays.
    Be careful to put the straps on in case of wind, otherwise the risk of flying away is major…
    One star less for the storage cover which remains attached to the tarpaulin, you have to cut the tie to separate them (otherwise the cover hangs miserably on the ground behind the car).”

  345. Marco


  346. Iaki

    High quality, I was very pleasantly surprised, since I bought another more expensive one before and this one is better for less money. It covers the entire car, the fabric is good, waterproof, with a zipper on the door and reflective mirrors, front and rear. It has three straps to hold it to the car. awesome . totally recommended.

  347. Lee Huff

    Mirrors do not fit on a 2007 Escalade

  348. Patsim74

    Seems to be of good quality. I love the mirror pockets. Also great during heavy rain. I would buy it again.

  349. Giovanni

    Let me start by saying that it has only been in use for a few days. Well made, corresponding to the description. The material with which it is made seems robust and meets my needs. The presence of straps to stop it in case of wind is excellent.

  350. Jesus

    Waterproof quality price

  351. Ruby Jimenez

    Did not fit

  352. Brayan Raul Abreu Gil

    Excelente inversi¨®n

  353. Erich

    Even though it says it fits my Subaru, is very large an baggy for my small car .
    It¡¯s fits better on my full size vehicle.
    Need to do a better job on proper sizing.

  354. Rosco

    Fits my 2018 MDX almost perfectly. Nice quality. Waterproof so far. Easy on/off. Priced right. The one improvement would be make a larger storage bag.

  355. Minh T.

    Love that it has click straps to hold the cover down.

  356. Paul

    Good quality for the price and fits my car very well!

  357. crazymomvivi

    Update 7/10/2021: Well, after about a week of use, the left back corner has ripped already! It wasn’t even windy! Unfortunately, I have to return it.

    Update 7/3/2021: The cover did keep my car interior much cooler after using it for 2 days with other car shades inside.

    Original: This fits over my 2016 Kia Sorento perfectly plus extra room to spare. The material is on the thin side, plastic feel. I’m not sure how durable this cover will be though. It’s is sliver, so hopefully will help deflect most of the S. CA hot sunlight! There is a hidden zipper on the driver side door, which really helps to identify the left and right of the cover. There are elastics on 4 corners which helps to hold the cover in place. There are 3 more long straps which goes under the car, so the cover will stay on during more windy times. I don’t need to use them just yet. The storage bag is attached to the cover by a string and that’s the indicator for the back side of the car.

  358. adriana

    I purchased the sedan 190″ for a 2007 BMW 328i 2 door coupe. Fits perfectly.
    I’ve only had it for a month and am using it to protect my daughter’s car from bird poop, dirt and the sun while she uses my car to commute to work.
    So far, we’re very pleased with how well it fits and stays on. Straps in front, middle and rear helps keep it in place on windy days. We haven’t experience it with rain yet. I’m sure if we’re still using it during that season, it’ll be fine.

  359. VJ

    When the cover is put on, the location of the mirrors is not in the correct place for a Porsche Panamera

  360. Carolina Hernandez

    The size is ideal for an Ecosport. Very practical and light to place

  361. MIcky

    Bought this for a 2006 mini cooper s, pleased with snug fit,

  362. CW

    Just arrived today. I bought the 190 inch and it’s fits my 1964 Dodge Dart very snug. Hopefully it lasts.

  363. Zupe Zarva

    Very comfortable to put on and adjust. Perfect for a Ford ka

  364. Cat

    A perfect fit for our 2020 Forester. Also, very lightweight and flexible. Zippered drivers side doorway very helpful.

  365. Courtney S.

    Have chickens that sleep on your car? Walk out in the morning and cry because your car has all the fertilizer meant for your garden? Fear no more! This shiny beauty will keep your car safe from the poop demons!

  366. Victor Z

    it fits my subaru legacy 2020 perfectly, the mirror pockets fit perfectly, the straps under front and back prevent light winds from blowing the cover, the cover is much lighter than the $200 one i bought a while ago so easier to put on and take off. Only concern: I accidentally stepped on one of the plastic strap anchors and it crushed, so not very strong (my shows have rubber foamy soles, not hard, should have withstood the pressure). Moral: I dont know how long it will last, but so far so good (3 weeks)

  367. Monica Zamorano Grence

    Perfect for the moment, let’s see how long it lasts
    The fabric looks quality and fits the Clio 16v perfectly.
    With 6 reflectors and 3 hooks so that it does not fly away, in addition to the bag to store it, the truth is very complete, time will tell the real quality of the fabric and if it is waterproof 100×100

  368. stefano

    Good fabric but doesn’t fit my car a slk. But for what it costs it somehow protects the car

  369. Eric G.

    I love everything about it

  370. Davide.V

    Taken from 4.30m for a 3.99 car, and is slightly small, doesn’t take both mirrors. Get it bigger.

  371. Tatiana

    It¡¯s easy to use, I dislike the color.

  372. Tomargas

    I bought it as a size for my Toyota Tacoma and it fits correctly, the detail of the mirror covers is very good, the closure on the driver’s side makes it very practical, and the material feels very resistant. Very good product.

  373. Dd

    Very good product.
    Fits my vehicle perfectly

  374. Mel

    I’m tall and good,high quality

  375. Marco S.

    Good waterproof cover that more than fulfills its function for the price it has. I have a new BMW X6 and it covers it more than enough. It has some straps in the front, rear and in the center of the car that serve to better fit the cover to the car. Very happy with the purchase. I don’t give waterproof 5 stars because it’s summer and I haven’t tried it in the rain.

  376. Carlo

    For the price it costs we can say that it does its job… it’s waterproof and the side zips are very comfortable… Let’s see the duration ¡­..!!!

  377. marco damiani

    there is no sort of closure/padlock against easy theft of the cloth

  378. Malie Mokupuni

    184¡± SUV COVER. Fits my 2002 Jeep Liberty nicely with a little room to spare. Fabric lined, 3 straps, side mirror pockets, and door zipper. Hasn¡¯t rained yet so water resistance is unknown. Great value I believe.

  379. Antonio

    Easy to install and has 3 straps to hold the cover well and prevent the wind from lifting it. It also helps that it has a zipper in case it is necessary to access the car.

  380. Katie Did

    This is so baggy on my car that it¡¯s not usable and evidently can¡¯t be returned. What a waste of money.

  381. Curtis

    Fits good now lets see if it lasts!

  382. santiago valenzuela

    Acceptable quality at a good price. does not disappoint

  383. Diane M Kusick

    Went on easily and fit great on my Toyota Avalon.

  384. Stefan

    The car cover is made of a fairly thin material without its own inner coating and is therefore correspondingly light. I use it in a garage as a dust cover and can therefore not comment on the weather resistance. I am absolutely satisfied with the cover as it fits perfectly on my 2007 Mercedes CL 500 (5.06 m). With a sedan with a length of 5.3 m, however, it should be a bit cramped. In my opinion, a top price-performance ratio and therefore a clear purchase recommendation.

  385. Passenger Q

    Better than I hoped. It fits my vehicle perfectly, even the mirror lines up. The driver door zipper (port side) is a big bonus. Also, helpful is the bag and the tie-under straps. The material seems solid, but it¡¯s in a garage¡ªso not particularly concerned about anything here (other than dust).

    Thumbs up!

  386. Pre

    Product of good quality and resistance.
    Perfect fit for vw tiguan

  387. Walter

    This is a good temporary car cover for an inexpensive price. It does keep off the rain and sun, but has no lining so that I would be concerned about damage from removal and replacement if done over time.

  388. Rufino

    As always, great item with door zipper and rear-view mirrors.

  389. Gis

    I bought it for a 2007 Mustang, the little ears for the sides didn’t fit, but overall the cover is fine covers it.
    It’s ok as for dust and sun.

  390. Horace

    It looks of good quality. It remains to be seen with the days its durability and resistance. In my case, I let rainwater through in certain areas, mainly seams in the rear-view mirror area and a little on the awning. When it comes to dust, it covers very well. The only detail is that if it rains a lot where you live it will not cover you 100%.

  391. Yk

    Good item, it is durable, effective, in general it is almost waterproof, on occasions a minimum of water can enter through the seams of the ears that go on the rearview mirrors, but this can be acceptable. Fits well to the vehicle

  392. Massimo Nesti

    Definitely light, fits perfectly, I don’t know if it will last long

  393. Vanessa G.

    Super qualit¨¦ prix compar¨¦ ¨¤ d’autres marques au double du prix.

  394. LESCALE michel

    Lightweight and easy to install

  395. TheBehavior

    A thick and durable tarpaulin with a practical attachment system all within a tight budget? I recommend !!!

  396. Garfielito

    The cover in general is good, although the position of the mirrors is advanced for 5m sedans, in fact, my car measures 4.94 and the mirror holes are in the hood, they do not reach in any way the position of the mirrors. The opening for the driver’s door is useful and does not require you to remove the entire cover. In terms of protection, it is not that I have forced much, but it is noticeable that the interior temperature is lower than with parasols and it protects from bugs, bird droppings and tree leaves.

  397. nick

    One clip came off cover in center so now i have no way to strap center clip in.

  398. carlos

    Very practical, I have a relative and it opened very easily from behind. Better than the opening of the door, it’s a Renault Espace and the door is bigger and it’s a bit difficult to open it.

  399. Valentina B.

    Excellent workmanship, but pay attention to the dimensions, it covered my Smart and did not overfill anything.

  400. Alan

    Great cover but impossible to store in the original bag without expert assistance. It¡¯s absolutely the perfect size.

  401. Mga

    I bought it for a Mazda CX-5 to cover it up inside the garage. The size is perfect and it is enough for what I need it for. The material is of good quality and it comes with a bag to store it. It has a zipper to access the vehicle and reflective strips.

  402. Miki

    “It’s reasonable for the price, not bad or bad.
    However, the storage bag and cover are connected with a piece of cloth on a string.
    However, there is no place to store this bag, so it is left on the ground while in use.
    Maybe they are trying to keep the bag from getting lost,
    Difficult to handle when using

  403. BDT

    Water will soak through after 30 mins. Does not fit a BMW 6.

  404. rocio rando comitre

    The product does not correspond to the measures indicated.

  405. Jose Maria

    Good value for money

  406. Kyle

    Very impressed. This fit my 1969 Datsun 510 very nicely. Even the rear view mirrors!

    I especially like the three straps going under the car to keep it snug and from flapping around.

    I¡¯ll be buying another for my 280Z

  407. David Archer

    This cover is a big improvement over the previous cover. The tie down straps and the side zipper to open the driver’s door are a great improvement. All in all a durable and well designed cover which easily lasts me through two Canadian winters. I highly recommend it.

  408. alsaot

    I am happy with the two that I have bought, one is for a Citroen Xant¨ªa and the other for a long Mercedes and both are good for my needs, the cars are inside the plot and with tall trees that throw a lot of leaves, dust and others, I don’t care that they hang more or less or that they hug well, just that they cover the two cars well from above, I don’t have a garage or a roof for them.

  409. daniel carriere

    qualite prix

  410. Yanounou

    L¨¦ger et recouvre bien

  411. Alferez

    It is waterproof as the advertiser says, reflectors to be able to see it and adjustable, it is perfect so that the wind or dust does not fall on the car.

  412. luiscrespo

    Good Material and dimensions

  413. Beach n Jeep

    I have three cars. A minivan for my wife, a Jeep for my weekend adventures and an electric car for my daily commute. My brother-in-law came by one day and said my cloth top and plastic windows on my Jeep would get beat up sitting out in the elements if I didn’t cover it up. So I searched on line and found this relatively inexpensive cover.

    It was a generic, “one size fits most” cover that wasn’t exactly made for a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sport S with a 3.5″ lift, 35″ tires, a steel bumper and winch. But it fit for the most part. The important thing was that it cleared my big spare tire and stubby front bumper.

    However, with my wanting my step daughter to participate more in our family adventures, I had to sell the Jeep for a 6 passenger 4 wheel drive off road vehicle. I settled on a 2021 RAM 1500 crew cab with the 5′ 7″ bed. To my amazement, the cover that was meant for an SUV fit almost perfectly on the truck! Sure, it’s too short to cover the bumpers, but the main body of the truck is covered just fine. The zippered access is great for me to get into the back or front seats in case I forgot something.

    The only downside is the attached pouch/cover holder. I have absolutely no idea how anyone can put the cover back in that pouch by simply folding it while it is on a vehicle. You’d have to take it off, place it on a clean floor somewhere and methodically fold and press out air to get it to fit.

    I’m probably going to buy small duffle back to put it it and call it a day. But for a cover that was meant for an SUV and also fits a truck, this was a win-win.

  414. Daniel Bornt

    Even though a previously returned product, the car cover was in perfect shape. It it my vehicle exactly and includes three straps for tie-down. The front driver’s door zipper makes it very convenient and accessible.

  415. Crista

    It looks like it was custom made.
    I bought it for an old beetle and it fits perfectly
    It’s good quality
    I like it a lot
    Be careful not to put it on when the car is hot because I think you might be surprised, I don’t think it’s fireproof.
    I love it

  416. drdipstick

    Excellent light weight car cover. The elastic ends are helpful on installation and hold the cover in place . The rear view mirror pockets are positioned for a 4 door car and do not line up on our two door convertible. I cannot speak to water resistance or whether or not it is waterproof as it is only used as a dust cover in our garage.

  417. Andrea Piccinato

    The product looks very well made; unfortunately the problem in my case was the size. I have a Yaris which is 3.95m long, 1.70m wide and 1.51m high. I tried to get the “Sedans up to 406 cm” size but I had to return the product because I couldn’t fit the cover in the mirrors. Then I tried to order the size “Sedans up to 430 cm” but even in this case there was no way to insert the mirrors into the appropriate slots, so I had to make a new return. For this I have to change brand because I’m afraid that a cover measuring “SUV up to 470 cm” will be too long and will touch the ground.

  418. Tejedor

    Resistant and waterproof fabric, perfect for protecting the car from dirt from leaves, birds, etc.
    The bottom part is elastic, which allows it to fit perfectly to the underside of the car and not fly away. I haven’t had to put the restraint ropes that it comes with.

  419. Bigbaby

    I was very disappointed that the item didn’t fit my convertible. I even went up on the size to make sure my cars were protected from this Texas crazy ass weather

  420. Califcat

    I love this car cover. Has straps that are easy to buckle in front, back and middle. There is a zipper by the front door Incase you forgot something inside, you don¡¯t have to take the whole cover off. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

  421. Mauro

    Molto soddisfatto, ho preso il 490 per suv e calza perfettamente su Discovery 1 ma credo che vada bene anche su Discovery Td5

  422. wes

    Bought for my 89 Camaro(the 190′ barely fits and the window pockets are off)about a year and a half ago. It’s done it’s job up til then, but now it’s tore all over the place, the material just does not hold up. I would buy again(for short term), however if you can afford a better quality I would skip this.

  423. Lola Casco Santillana

    It is very short, it is not suitable for sedans

  424. M. Kinzlmaier

    I wanted a inexpensive light weight car cover and am very please with this one.
    I really like that it has the zippered side so I can get into the car without needing to take the cover off.

  425. Annette

    Supposedly it fits my kia stinger but it’s not true

  426. QU

    It looks good, feels good, and fits my 2012 Chrysler 200 convertible perfectly. Other than that I haven’t had time to make a proper assesment. I will have to let you know if I decide to use it over the winter. I put 3 stars for water resistant not really knowing how good it is at that.

  427. Rodrigo

    Light, easy to clean, waterproof, 3 fasteners. Well well.

  428. Matthias Heymann

    Delivery was fast, quite a large package. Although I had paid attention to the size when ordering (we have an Opel Zafira A) the tarp is actually much too large. You definitely need 2 people to pull over and take off. With roof rack or railing and roof antenna wirds difficult, because the tarpaulin on each part hangs.
    If the car is damp in the evening and the night is frosty, the tarpaulin freezes to the car.
    The biggest problem, however, is the placement after removal. You can never get it folded back to original size to fit in the transport bag. That means you have to stuff the huge tarpaulin into the car and then you have the wet tarpaulin inside.
    Somehow all not satisfactory …

  429. Laura

    Returned product was not what I wanted

  430. German Martinez

    I open the package. The handle breaks when taking it out of the box. The zipper breaks when opening it. We started badly. But when putting the cover on a Seat Ateca it looks perfect (although it says it is for a sedan). So the balance: good, but room for improvement.

  431. Emmanuel Dal Cortivo

    Fits well on my Kia proceed 2020 which is 2.64m. Since yesterday, after 2 months, the tarp has already broken through and is completely wet inside, leaving the car full of traces. Disappointment !

  432. Cristina p.

    Me agrado todo , el ciper para poder abrir la puerta sin quitar toda la cubierta y aparte al quitarla para guardarla no es nada bromosa.

  433. AM

    Unfortunately the product was not as I thought.

  434. J. Mann

    I am very pleased with this cover. It fits my car(Toyota MR2 mk1) like a glove, Good value to.

  435. YY

    very useful, a little complicated to position it for the size of the product

  436. Jaume Prat

    Easy placement.

  437. Alberto

    “If the small doesn’t adequately cover a Mazda MX5 I don’t know what does. It barely manages to cover it and the edges remain outside. Also (although I expected it) being with a central engine it has a long nose and consequently it is not possible to insert the mirrors.
    Other than that, it looks like a good product. If it were black it would be his death because it looks like you have a spaceship parked.”

  438. Jordan

    True to its description

  439. giampaolo santilli

    even if mine is a microcar thanks to the fastening straps the result is the same as a perfect car

  440. SuperPeppino

    Facile ¨¤ installer

  441. Michele

    Buon prodotto

  442. Joaaan

    Well for a dacia duster, it fits quite tight and correct. She would buy it again.

  443. riccardo sar

    “The bag that encloses it is not strong enough to put it back comfortably and the seams are damaged very easily.

    Check the dimensions very carefully because it is really easy to make a mistake.

    Having said that, the item does its job, a little expensive for what it does but depending on your needs it may be worth it.”

  444. Vespa

    Just the right size

  445. Jimena

    If I liked the product, it is very good in terms of price-quality, and aesthetics.

  446. Angel B.M

    It has material that is highly resistant to water and the wind, being waterproof.
    Reflective to be able to be easily identified at night, its price is incredible… a JOY OF A COVER!!

  447. Lina CC

    Cover another small car

  448. Sylvain Racine

    Sa longueur qui est un peu trop grande pour mon v¨¦hicule

  449. PeteK

    Nice straps, buckles and elastics front & rear. Like that the bag is sewn in, can’t lose it. Light weight and pretty easy to install by one person… Mirror pockets are no where near my mirrors, but my RX8 is closer to a coupe than a sedan. Maybe a little too light and thin, I’ll see in the spring. Don’t know if it’s water proof/resistant, but I have a heavier tarp over it.

  450. stiv

    It does its job. Lightweight but sturdy enough. Time will determine its durability.

  451. natalia s


  452. Miro

    ¡°Size-wise, for my Citro?n C4 cactus, it¡¯s exactly what was needed
    Super easy to install and the fasteners that pass under the vehicle are super effective
    My car remains intact from one use to the next…
    What remains is solidity: to be seen over time
    I highly recommend”

  453. Masa

    As the title suggests, it fits perfectly on a Mazda Premacy with a roof carrier.
    The carrier has a base carrier and three cycle attachments, so I made the right choice by buying a larger size.
    It’s about 15cm off the ground, but I guess that’s it.
    There are three buckles, and I feel like the fabric will last for several years.
    Non-woven fabric types disintegrate all at once, so this old-fashioned fabric is a little safer.
    I don’t expect water resistance, but I would be satisfied if it protects me from UV rays and bird droppings.

  454. Eva Thompson

    Have it covering a volvo C30 and works fine. Not sure about water resistance. Will check after the snow melts.

  455. NicNar

    Good quality/price products, external use for the car, a little awkward to put on and connect.

  456. Kathryn S

    The cover itself fits my 2016 BMW 228 pretty well. It doesn’t quite reach below the bumpers on both ends, but it’s like 2 inches away.

    My gripe is the tiny attached bag. It’s incredibly difficult to put in the bag. It’s like the person that designed the product never used it before approval.

  457. TomP

    It adapts very well to large and wide cars, mine is approximately 467×185 and covers it perfectly, with good material, rubber to adjust, good quality for the price.

  458. Franck

    Bought to replace my old cover from another brand which after a year and a half had baked in the sun (although in the Paris region).
    This one is thicker and more waterproof. A little more practical closing to be able to open the driver’s door without removing the cover.
    The 3 straps that pass under the car to hold the cover are effective, unclipable and adjustable at both ends.
    Good wind resistance, I no longer need to put the clamps that I added with the old cover.
    It remains to be seen over time if it resists the sun’s rays well (basically it is outside 11 months a year)
    So far I am satisfied with my purchase.

  459. Pepe

    It seems very fine, we’ll see how long it lasts… Although in my case it’s to protect a car indoors, without sun, without ice, etc.
    I have bought the one that says up to a 4.30 m sedan. The car I put it on measures 4,015 m. and it looks great on him, it fits perfectly!!!

  460. Salvador

    It looked incredible on a Mazda 2 sedan, larger cars are going to suffer a little
    good product and great price

  461. GO

    good product

  462. Mario

    He does his duty

  463. lesebdu34

    Very good cover

  464. K. Genov

    Excellent car cover

  465. Lina

    covers protects and does not condense ……….. even if the car is in the garage !!!!

  466. Eric Lamazares

    I read the reviews and based my purchase on that. I was impressed with the quality. It fits perfect and the straps that come already attached to cover makes it even better. I always got tired of getting separate straps for a cover. I recommend getting this cover for outdoors.

  467. Jlou 1

    I was expecting the zipper on the right. I have a right hand driver side.

  468. DarkMax

    Easy to install despite the size of the car. Practical quick closing.
    I recommend

  469. delgis rojas

    Doesnt fit a 100% but works.

  470. Dennis Golonka

    180″ fit good. Mirror pockets do not line up ,up but not important. Second purchase of same. First cover lasted one year in extremely high wind conditions. Very satisfied.

  471. biancoverdy

    basic equipment a tarpaulin!! to avoid frost and heat this summer. On the other hand, the parcel was placed in the mailbox, well done!! because to open this letter box with the cardboard which blocked very intelligent… and yet I was present all day to receive the package

  472. Dezpool

    I was using this product to cover a vintage vehicle, unfortunately it didn’t measure the length of the car and ordered the wrong size when it came in. However, the product was just as expected and I’m very happy with it, need to order this again but it just in the right size. Hahaha!

  473. Kiko


  474. Ofelia Sanz Guerrero

    No problems when starting. No ice.

  475. Jason G

    This was great, worked very well. Fits well. Keeps the rain/snow elements off of the car. Loved it

  476. Olalla

    It fits my car very big and it is an SUV, even though it has straps to tie the cover under the car, I manage quite well. I am very happy and it does not release residue… I had another one that when I removed it left a very strange residue all over the car, as if it fell apart, not this one!

  477. Greg Tolman

    Good cover for the price , best one in this price range.

  478. patin francoise

    Good size to protect a toyota land cruiser

  479. Family Ricca

    The size up to 480 cm is perfect for the Duster 2021 … Comfortable and easy to use … Sturdy seams … The only flaw is given by the impossibility of reinserting it in the supplied bag (too small)

  480. bill robinson

    Only used it for a few weeks, but like the was it goes on and off. Light weight but seems to be strong, survived a Texas wind, rain, and snow storm. Straps that go under the car really help.

  481. Letsgobucks32

    The cover was easy enough for me to out on the SUV without any help. The elastic around front and back bumper was strong enough to not move during the wind. I bought this in anticipation of an ice storm in Ohio and I¡¯m so thankful I did!

  482. Mary

    I love it, it protects my car from all sorts of dirt and rain also

  483. ROX

    It fits well and is relatively easy to put on and take off. Good quality for the price. The straps to secure the cover when there is wind are very uncomfortable to put on, otherwise, approved.

  484. Vctor

    I really like this car cover, it fits perfectly and is of good quality. However, it’s not waterproof, but it will fully protect the car in case it’s under a tree like mine did. I highly recommend this car cover

  485. Christopher J Stavely

    It doesn¡¯t fit my 3000GT as tight as I¡¯d like (contour), but it does fit fairly well. Being silver in color, it reflects sunlight well. Time will tell how well it holds up. It is water proof (replant) all
    In all, a good product for the cost. The underside is also soft to help avoid scratching the paint surface.

  486. Francois Trahan

    Just wrapped my fourth generation Sienna. It’s a very tight fit. Still easy to put on, but resist the temptation to operate the zippers once installed. I tried and had a very hard time closing then back; some parts got overstretched in the process. Oh… And it’s easy to trigger door and hatch opening from the kick sensors as you install it. You might want to leave your keys a few feet away… Trust me, it’s a bit surprising when the hatch decided to open in your face from inside the cover!

  487. rox

    love this cover…high winds…no problem stayed in place…

  488. LBperson

    It fits my Corolla perfectly.

  489. Ntis

    The size I purchased was “L”, and it fits the Giulietta just right.

  490. Peggy

    I bought this for a 1995 Mustang. It seemed to be a little short on the sides if your expecting it to cover the tires completely.

  491. edgex

    I have this over my tractor, amazing fit considering it was meant for an automobile. This covers every part of my tractor. Its tight,waterproof and seems to be fairly well made. Time will tell how durable it will be, but so far its holding up.

  492. Tanya B

    Great cover

  493. Robert C.

    light weight and easy on/off.

  494. Drycreekgene

    Great value. Impressed by the quality. Perfect fit and surprised to find a zippered entrance to drivers door. Will buy again!

  495. fannie avery

    Love it

  496. Carmen P

    It’s good but it’s too thin and it leaks

  497. Jesse Ruiz

    Keeps my Car clean and cool

  498. Questioning lady

    It looks like a good cover. Once it was out of the box I realized it was impractical for me – far too much material for me to handle and put it over the car. Also, the bag is attached – ? how to handle that? When I attempted to pack it in the bag (to send it back) it was impossible to stuff the entire cover into the bag. It was also impossible to repack it in original box. Just impractical for an older (small) person.

  499. Pablo Laguna

    Good value for money

  500. Cliente

    The measurements are unclear, so it is difficult to hit the right model for your car. In my case, with a Peugeot 2008, I have tried two models and none of them fit well. In addition, once removed from the case it is practically impossible to put it back

  501. PAUL W.

    Everything works fine except for some bird droppings often. I just want to know if I can throw it in the laundry tub because it’s too big.

  502. kahones

    This is a great cover for the price, and based on other reviews I don’t expect it to last longer than a couple of years. The reflective trim on the corners are a nice tough, as is the zippered door opening. The attached bag is nice as well, but good luck trying to get the cover back inside. It’ll fit, but it takes time/effort to fold the cover back inside. It stays on nicely with the help of the straps, and it’s held up against the wind. I can’t speak to the weatherproofing as I live in Southern California and it never rains out here

  503. Amelia Oltra plaza

    Fits perfectly

  504. Richon Nathalie

    Good quality tarpaulin and practical to put on, it fulfills its role of protection mainly against the cold. With the location of the mirrors you don’t have to search for hours for the right direction to put it on. If you forget an object in the car, the zip on the door is very practical and of good quality. The clips are practical and adjustable under the car. So yes the bag hangs behind but at least we are sure not to lose it for storage!

  505. NiSan

    This cover does everything it says. I like the bright neon colors on the rear view mirror and the easy access zipper by the door. I have a Infinite QX80 and it’s a little snug but overall great cover.

  506. Ruslan Shchegolikhin

    Perfect for my Grande Punto

  507. Brian McNutt

    Fit is okay, but is is absolutely not weatherproof!

  508. ngoc

    too small

  509. Andres Belmontes

    Has been good at keeping the car dry, although part of the wheels are exposed. The straps are easy to buckle and unbuckle and have kept the cover on the vehicle during the windy days. So far the cover has been durable, albeit it¡¯s only been on the vehicle and exposed to the elements for 4 months. The door flap is great for quick access in and out of the vehicle.

  510. der Majorero

    I would like to strongly advise anyone who is planning to buy a car cover like this one to get one. Initially skeptical, I am now absolutely convinced of this cover, so I can give an ABSOLUTE BUY RECOMMENDATION, a top product. I unpacked the cover and pulled it over my SUV, tightened the three fasteners, great, even in strong winds it held up really well, just perfect.

  511. Sumeet

    It is a bit bigger for my car, but snugs well using the added chords. Been out there in rainvover and has kept my car dry. No complaints

  512. hews

    To small to fit car

  513. laura

    Very good case with quality details and good resistance at a low price.

  514. Esme

    The price quality

  515. Sn

    Had this on our car for few months through rain and strong southern California wind. It held up with no rips or tears. Putting it back in it’s bag was an ordeal tho.

  516. Crazyfurious

    The tarp itself is good, both made of material suitable for bad weather, the straps to stop it and not let it be carried away by the wind are also comfortable, the only flaw are the measurements despite my sedan and 406 I bought the 430 one and luckily today before the expiry I tried it for 30 days because obviously it’s small I have to send it back and buy the 460 one,

  517. Suchi

    X is now ok. I advise you not to take it to measure but to be generous

  518. Manuel

    You have to take into account the size of the vehicle,

  519. Steven F.

    I’ve only had this cover a few days, but I’m extremely impressed with how well it fits. It comes with three adjustable straps to hold down the front, middle and rear. That right there makes it better than most covers. Plus the bottom has elastic, so even without the straps it would have fit a bit more snug. The top is lightweight, so beyond rain I don’t know how well it will protect the vehicle.

    One feature which is mentioned, but should be highlighted more, is the built in bag. The bag is attached to the cover, so you’ll always know where it is.

    I bought this car primarily to protect my vehicle from hail. I have the thicker covers, but they don’t fit well and usually end up blowing off the car enough to expose either the front or the back (I have it bungie corded in the middle). So this picture looks a bit thicker only because there is another car cover under this one. If it lasts just a year I’ll be happy at $40

  520. Josito

    For BMW X3 choose size 4.80.

  521. Eleven Seven

    This stays on well, even in high winds, especially when you use the girdle strap under the center of the car. Cinch all the corner straps tight and this car cover will stay on in a tornado.

  522. Hindrek Juhanson

    Good: left side zip, storage bag, price.

  523. Consuelo Guill¨¦n S¨¢nchez

    Good product, waterproof, easy to put on. Perfect size for BMW E90 (sedan 180)

  524. ionut

    Very good

  525. Trevor Johnson

    This is the best car cover we have bought. Even has little reflectors to help avoid bumps from other cars.
    Others we bought ripped to shreds after the littlest wind storm.
    Also, this cover has a zipper so you can climb in without having to take off the whole cover.
    The material feels very durable.

  526. Adrian

    Good value for money cover, fits perfectly on a 2008 Ford Mondeo

  527. Omar

    Did not fit my Honda like it said it would.

  528. Shakira

    Very easy to put on!!

  529. Albi Koteles

    Easy to store

  530. Max K.

    Fits the car well and it looks really nice.

  531. Maik

    Towel bought for my Seat ateca, got a slightly larger size today just put on. Having taken a larger size, it fits quite well. It’s all covered, I hope it does its job, that is, protecting it from the sun, dirt and rain, I’ll let you know later.

  532. Kson

    Buy the second one now! Well, quite good for the car, the first one I bought perfect, now an Audi and a Prius and the other one I bought longer for a Fusion

  533. N. Miguel Parrilla

    I have a Subaru ascent and fits good I like it.

  534. Priscilla Smith

    We covered our 68 Mustang with it, seems really nice.

  535. Abi

    Bought this for my Jeep Cherokee because birds suddenly decided to start perching on it. They were leaving copious amounts of poop down the sides of my car. Did the trick and fits well!

  536. michael

    The product has been on my foxbody outdoors through all weather including blizzards and high winds. Its been durable.

  537. Candy

    Did not fit

  538. Thomas France

    Durable, but does not fit on a car that’s within the advertised length.

  539. liot

    Good protection of the vehicle especially for dust, too bad the dimensions are a little long

  540. Frank T?ubner

    No problems

  541. LuBa3D

    Returned because too small for the peugeot 308.
    The cloth seems to be of good quality

  542. Javier

    Very large for a Renault Kadjar, the above size would be adequate

  543. Austin H.

    I’ve had this cover on one of my cars for over a year now and through the harsh winter it has really held up well and protected my car from everything.

  544. Rarca Samper

    I had a custom one for many years and it had been very damaged with so much use. I thought about buying one again but I saw the good reviews on this one.

    After days tested, I will say that I would buy it again. I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it fits very well for not being custom. It repels dirt very well and does not cove. I am very happy with it and it is a very strong point that you can open the driver’s door.”

  545. PENARD Baptiste

    As described

  546. Carlos

    It is supposed to fit a mini f56 and it is very tight, part of the car is left outside. Perfect fabric.

  547. Terry D

    Great product

  548. sgon

    Fit my 2011 Ford Crown Victoria snugly, even though the car comes in at 212¡±. Would suggest this to anyone with a Panther chassis car (Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Marauder, Town Car).

  549. LindaLou

    I bought this to cover my kayaks on a trailer. A similar one lasted for a year, and this is a replacement. I like the lightweight but strong material, that protects my kayaks from the sun, rain and dirt. It has straps underneath and elastic at the ends to keep the cover in place. I am very happy with it.

  550. Mark

    mitsubishi colt 390 cm long taken size 430. pile length while the width is missing 30 cm to fit both mirrors in the invitations. the materials look good. I don’t give it because I urgently need it and have to use it. but I advise against it as the measurements seem random to me.

  551. Marco79

    Practical and comfortable, very resistant even with gusts of Bora winds of one hundred and twenty

  552. ernesto d

    The measurements do not match

  553. Ming

    Water resistance

  554. Jeff

    This tarpaulin was quickly delivered, it conforms to the description, seems robust, and perfectly covers my vehicle (Renault Laguna III station wagon). The straps allow good fixation, the devices for covering the mirrors are appropriate.

  555. Raul

    It fit the SUVs perfectly

  556. Andres moriano

    Good quality, fits the car well and meets the conditions

  557. JTB

    Fits a bit small, go size up

  558. JAG

    Within what was expected.

  559. Gabriel Espinosa Navarro

    The case comes inside this small case, which I thought was going to be of worse quality, but no (although I never folded it again or anything like that), but the product does what it promises, it is easy to put on and take off and it adjusts very easily with a couple of straps, my car is a sub (ix 35) and you can see how big it is.

    My grade: 10/10

  560. mikyrsm

    I got the car cover for my Audi A4 SW as I don’t have a garage to put it in. The towel is fine in size.

  561. Javier

    Impermeability to sun and rain with the best price quality. The finishes are very simple but it serves to protect the vehicle from heat and dirt, which was the function I was looking for.

  562. Mamie

    Pour prot¨¦ger l¡¯auto du soleil et des fientes d¡¯oiseau sur le toit de toile du vehicule

  563. Rafa

    The size of 510 is perfect for my 490 sedan, and the grip tapes hold up to everything, and the wind blows hard here
    The rain does not penetrate, the only bad thing some individual has for a car but not for the €30 cover. I who have lived in Switzerland, I am amazed.”

  564. PIERO

    Pretty sturdy.

  565. manuel m.

    I’m in for a shock because of the comments but nothing to do with it, it’s best not to trust anyone, wonderful and perfect size, it seems super successful and looks very durable, I see it as quality, listen to how it sounds when I pull on it, quality

  566. Ariadna Sanz

    The material is good, a little tight based on the measurements they tell you.

  567. Riccardo mastro

    excellent product, does its job, super for the price

  568. Sardo Valerio

    Good. Excellent quality-price

  569. ANTONIO

    It looks very good at the moment, it does its job and protects a lot.

  570. Pete Taylor

    Fits 2022 Subaru Outback perfectly, straps hold security

  571. Nataliya

    Too tight at the mirrors, narrower than the smallest size in length!

  572. GRST

    Practical towel to use in the summer, in my case I would have had to buy the smaller size for an SUV of m. 4.34 in length.

  573. ANDREA

    Well made and excellent for protecting the car from sand and rain, a pity it is practically impossible to fold it into the micro bag when it is shipped !!!

  574. manny

    super shipping as always, thanks to Pecham, the cloth has exceeded my expectations it is robust practical to install comfortable openings and above all one thing I noticed is that it keeps the car cool even with the Sicilian heat, excellent

  575. BOBO

    For the car

  576. Nicola

    Practical and efficient

  577. Dada

    Easy to place but it is essential to order at least 50 cm. More than the measurements of your car. I advise

  578. Eragon

    been a few months and this cover has lasted awhile. i love the zipper feather as well

  579. Ingo,Steffen Vogel

    Reliably protects against dirt, resin and dust.
    Can be secured against storms with straps and buckles.
    Hasn’t faded in 14 days.
    I think the reflectors are very important, especially on the exterior mirrors, as they quickly disappear into the entire picture and are overlooked by others.
    Clear purchase recommendation

  580. Douglas S. Benson

    Worked very well for a year, until heavy wind tore off one of the under-car straps

  581. Lori V

    I have purchased a quantity of car covers recently and this one is terrific. Fits well, priced right and has the extra grommet in the middle which really helps keep it on in the wind! Will definitely buy again!

  582. Marn

    Durable fabric, suitable size. Good price/quality ratio.

  583. Fernando

    5.15 awning covers and fits Discovery 5 perfectly.

  584. arroyo

    Very fine. We’ll see what it’s worth

  585. andrew

    I used only when was out of city for 10 days. No dirt was attached to it-it was raining,dust construction near by..looked clean..tight clip straps..but I feel it needs improvement as Tag number whole with transparent pattern.mine “amazing” parking security and complex management never did a thing to help.they said-we need to see the tag to identify a car or we boot the only one who told them where,for how long and what car will be covered..and had to use paper clips to pull up the skirt of my car..this is the only thing k I consider as disadvantage. But I didn’t know it would be a problem.may be there ones with clear patterns on the market.i was need one in a day..I took it..but screw my office

  586. Reflexe

    For a Ford Kuga, I took the SUV model, based on the length of the car, and it’s flawless.
    The seams held up well, there was a fairly strong wind and the tarpaulin did not tear

  587. Gaboretto

    Good but a little big for my Duster

  588. CC


  589. Andrews

    Very light without soft inner that touches the car. But worth the money.

  590. Alex

    Good cover for €30, it’s a luxury, but if you watch out for the car’s exhaust, it can catch fire. It hasn’t happened to me, but I’m saying that it’s a very good purchase, the cover is very fine and with the references for the night for parking
    It’s too big but I thought it would be difficult to maneuver but it’s super comfortable, that is if my car is a sedan and I got the bigger cover.

  591. Llus B

    Very good quality of material and finishes for this price. It has rubber on the ends, tapes to fix it under the car, zipper for the driver’s door, etc. And it is easy to put on.
    But it is small for the measures that are announced. Lucky I read similar comments before choosing mine! I have a 2011 Polo that measures 4m (in fact it doesn’t even reach it), and the cover for a 430 sedan fits it just right! In the photos you can see it clearly, I also put one of the car without a cover as a reference.
    But if you get the size right, it’s perfect!

  592. The shack in the back

    Very nice and heavy.

  593. bee

    I live where the sun is shining hot most the year and we are in a drought. This simple lightweight cover has paid for itself in eliminating car washes..waxes,,,ruined windshield wipers and my cars have not been chosen to swipe my catalytic converters.
    Lightweight, easy to roll up and collapses pretty small. I think this will block ash from forest fires when it gets wind blown it¡¯s surface is not porous. I wish I had this 2 yrs ago when there was a big fire near me. Ash destroys a cars surface if you don¡¯t remove it quickly with water.
    My one tip in choosing the size to buy is to possibly order a size up. The covers side front mirror placements determines how it fits each car. Though I followed the measurements I wish I hard gotten a size up due to my longer front hood. It doesn¡¯t cover the full front grill but pretty close¡­.yet is a bit too long in the back.

  594. roberto zacchetti

    Check the measurements well

  595. Sean Corcoran

    This cover is of good quality and perfectly fit my 1969 BMW. Very happy with this cover will buy another.

  596. Domenico

    Purchased for a Fiat 500 and I took the slightly larger size and it fits like a glove! Waterproof, the zip is very convenient for opening the door without necessarily completely removing the cover.
    Good purchase to protect the car from all atmospheric and non-weather factors!

  597. gianluca parlato


  598. Giorgio Guareschi

    Repairs the car perfectly. I ordered it as recommended by other reviews, slightly larger (45 cm). Great tip.

  599. Paul do wela

    So far quite durable

  600. Vincenzo

    Excellent product quality/price

  601. Timoti

    Great product and easy to wrap the car..

  602. Ja

    “It covers a Peugeot 307cc perfectly. I don’t know if it is waterproof since it hasn’t rained and I haven’t checked it. I can open the driver’s door without removing the cover.
    So far delighted with the purchase.”

  603. francisco javier rodriguez herranz

    It is very resistant to weather phenomena and meets expectations

  604. ballis sabbe

    Everything is OK

  605. Joaqu¨ªn Santiago

    Quality item and easy to install

  606. country boy

    Highly recommended great price

  607. AW

    The cover fits my BMW F31 perfectly. The fact that the pocket in which the cover is stored is sewn on is a nice idea so that it doesn’t get lost, but it’s a bit annoying. Attach it and it looks strange when it dangles under the car.

  608. Riccardo

    Perfect car cover, resistant and very easy to assemble, definitely recommended!! Better to take the larger size when checking the length of your car.

  609. Giovanna

    Done quite well

  610. Jean C. Dot C

    all ok

  611. Am

    It is very well waterproof and adapts very well.

  612. Rosa

    I bought two and so far they seem to fulfill their objective

  613. silvia rufolo

    Excellent towel and the right size!!

  614. mari angeles

    Happy, it does its job, it is of good quality, I would recommend it 100%


    Very easy to install and no matter how windy it is, it doesn’t break down.

  616. Montse

    Brilliant! Value for money, good coverage, covers the entire car, a Mazda

  617. Raffaele

    Perfect for a Nissan Qashqai comfortable and sturdy with comfortable buckles on the front and rear

  618. Lory

    The cover seems well made for the price, I bought it to cover the car when I go on holiday….so for now I haven’t tested it in the rain yet…I’ll update the review later.

  619. Salvo

    Bought to keep my car (Audi a5 sportback) away from the sun and dust, I must say that it fits well and the three straps with clips are very comfortable for keeping everything firmly on the car. The driver’s side opening is convenient, allowing you to access the vehicle without having to remove the entire cover.
    Having purchased the 4.70 meter version, the length is a bit large, while the width is perfect.
    I reserve the right to update to give further evaluation.

  620. Francesca Centenari

    Good price and great product. Good protection for the car left on the street

  621. Sabina

    Covers the car perfectly. You can open the door if necessary. Good cost

  622. dratti

    “I’ve used various covers, but this one is the most durable. I’ve had it for over a year.

    It may be reaching its limit soon.I’m using it on two machines, but it’s about time to replace the first generation. Lasted 1 year and 2 months.
    After using it, he said that the one-touch buckle was a little unreliable, and for some reason, the two models were made of different materials…
    One was a thicker material, and the other was a thinner material.The thicker material seemed to be stronger, but in reality, the thicker material hardened quickly and cracked. Still, it lasted a lot better than the one supervised by a certain person…”

  623. Julian Cardete Olmo

    It fits perfectly to the vehicle and fulfills its mission of protecting the vehicle from the sun

  624. Romain

    “I read comments explaining that it would have been useful to put marks on it (“left front”, “right rear”, etc.). After 1 installation, I can only agree with this! It took me almost 10 minutes to put it on my car, turning it in every direction, each side looking the same and being elastic…
    As soon as you succeed in putting it on, I advise everyone to make their own marks with a black marker on the inside, as I did on the corners to find their way around.
    It’s pretty crazy not to offer it from the manufacturer… Otherwise, everything is fine, elastic, waterproof and reflective.”

  625. Rodney

    My wife was complaining of bugs all over her car so I got her this and she absolutely loves it

  626. Miguel

    Perfect for my VWT4!

  627. Cl

    Covers well a mehari left out in the garden

  628. Rossi M.

    Well made product, arrived quickly, quite light, I would say excellent especially for the summer.

  629. Jb

    I gave 4 stars because you have to buy it one size bigger than your car, still a great product

  630. David M. Ocame

    Item was as described.

  631. Hans

    Probably would have given 5 stars if it would not be for the very snug fit on the mirrowsof a 2009 VW Jetta MK5 which does not fold mirrows back. Looks like it will rip there. Especially when weather is colder.

  632. Axel

    In a lot of rain it is not very waterproof, it only lasts about 5 months in the sun. Then it cracks and fades.

  633. thomas

    very well made and durable

  634. Gianni Calimera

    Good very functional. Make sure it’s the correct size

  635. Mirko

    Really very big

  636. lkjhgfds

    so far behaves perfectly
    It must have been 4 months since I had it
    don’t move don’t fly away
    material that seems solid
    numerous attachments
    no tear

  637. Dan

    You’ll need the second one eventually. Works well enough, but you get what you pay for.

  638. Bill

    Great value for the money

  639. Vicente

    The last tarp I had had a padded interior and zipper access to the driver’s door, it lasted 1 year outdoors. This new cover is thinner, without extra access, cost the same and I don’t think it will last the same. The positive, it is easier to fold and store, lighter. Only use and time will tell if it can be recommended.

  640. NV

    All ok, used for cars

  641. JMI

    For a 484cm Renault Talisman we took the 510cm cover and it is practically fair because the design of the cover is longer and the car is taller (especially the nose).
    We have not tested the waterproofness because we bought it because of the treacherous Murcian sun in summer. Although it looks good in this aspect.
    We have been able to verify that, although some heat takes over the car (in a 50¡ã heat wave), there is no point in comparison with leaving it alone with the typical sun visor on the front window. In addition, we were very interested in taking care of the effect of the sun on the silicone that fixes the window to the car and it complies with this.
    It is easy to put on and take off between two people, we roll it up on itself but the downside of this is that the dust from the outside stains the inside and the front window ends up dirty after several uses. Even so, it was worth it to clean it with product from time to time.
    As for the hitches, we removed the one in the middle, unless there was a lot of wind there would be no need for any.
    The zipper to enter the driver’s door is a hoot, yes, removing the middle hook because the door reaches further back.
    We haven’t been able to put it back in his bag, which he keeps hooked so he doesn’t lose it, but that’s okay.

    I would buy it again.

  642. Federico

    For my BMW x1 it’s a lot of thread¡­. But I would take it again as it is convenient to put on and take off.

  643. Dario

    Well made and durable.

  644. jim

    Fyi. 225 in fit a 67 Chevelle well

  645. Vito

    for a new car such protection is absolutely essential. Parking your car under trees that leave resin and fruit is absolutely harmful. I recommend this type of protection to all those who have a similar situation in their home.

  646. Mario

    the driver’s side zip opening and the anti-event hooks are excellent

  647. Emanuele

    Made with care, very functional thanks to the three buckles (front, rear and central) much better than those absurd laces to tie on the rims. Plus a sturdy zip to access the passenger compartment from the driver’s side door. Highly recommended

  648. jose carlos doblas

    I bought it for a Peugeot 106 and it really fits like a glove. It is outside and by wearing the 3 straps that hold it under the car and the powerful elastic adjustment straps, the wind doesn’t even move it. No water leaks in and the zipper opening for the door is a plus. 300% recommended.

  649. Eduardo Garcia Alonzo

    The cover fit very well, it is not very heavy, in terms of durability I still cannot evaluate it because I have little time on it

  650. EW

    Like: it doesn¡¯t have the fuzzy liner that always gets full of dust and then smears the dirt onto your freshly washed car.

    Dislike: very minor. The fit between the front of car to the mirror pockets was a bit tight but got better with use. The side door zipper tends to get stuck on the cover material designed to protect the car surface from zipper abrasion

  651. Orazio Lustrini

    Easy to use, protects from the sun and rain, a little cumbersome to store unless you have the patience to fold it completely.

  652. lyn

    It fits great and is good quality. Been using it for two months on a car that’s not often used and there are no rips. Easy to install. The three buckles make sure it doesn’t blow off and ensure a snug fit. The zipper on the driver side door makes it easy to get in and out to start it up without having to remove the whole cover. The reflective patches on the front, back and mirrors make it visible in my dark community driveway. Excellent value for the price!

  653. Craig Northcutt

    Although this product was listed as fitting our small truck it is not tall enough. The length and width was just enough but the lower two feet are exposed. Using this on our car, it¡¯s a decent value, thus four stars

  654. jordanManfrey

    I see people complaining that it doesn’t fit the miata – don’t use the mirror pouches that are sewn into the cover, just ignore them and fold the mirrors in. Easily fits over my 2017 miata’s front/hood and back, no problems whatsoever. Wax your car before you put it on to prevent damage.

  655. Veye

    It adapts very well to an S90 (5m). Of course, I don’t know how far it will reach a 5.3m car, I see it as improbable, at most one of 5.1.

    I have already had to return a cover that said it was for 5m cars. I would recommend taking a size up because it seems like all the sellers say it fits bigger cars than it really is.

  656. Cdalesr

    This cover is just as describe it has protected my vehicle in the strongest of weather. It will not blow off in strong winds.

  657. leonardo m.


  658. Tyler

    It’s tight for a 2020 Honda Accord 4-door sedan.

  659. BROOKE

    Fits and works well on my husband Acura RSX. He did have to put a tarp under it because the main reason we needed it is the car leaks inside and just the cover did not prevent that. If you are not using for a leak it’s great! The tail light reflectors are great. Our car is parked on a one way street and it’s easily seen at night by passer bys.

  660. Sabine Niederberghaus

    Love this cover – good design & great quality

  661. S


  662. Marco

    I used it to cover a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ) to keep it tight to the bodywork.
    It installs easily, I use the mirrors as a reference. It is waterproof but humidity still occurs

  663. James Harrawood

    I am using this cover in the garage, so weather proof and durability aren’t really a problem. The description said this would fit my car, and it fits pretty well, except the mirrors. The slots made for the side mirrors are about a foot off, so I have 2 lumps sticking out on the side. Like I said it works for what I am using it for, but if it was outside, they would invert and fill with water.

  664. Alexis

    I recommend it without a doubt, the best thing is how it adapts perfectly to the car and does not fly away in the air thanks to the straps it comes with. It looks good quality.

  665. Nando Cabral

    The product is very good, and yes, its waterproofness is not perfect since there are certain spaces where water leaks, but it performs the rest of its functions very well. Covered a 2017 Kia Rio very well

  666. JHSEW

    The car body cover I bought over a year ago was supervised by a mechanic and claimed to have a 4- or 5-layer structure, but I was very careful with the zipper area based on other reviews. It broke in less than 3 months, and the nap on the inside was so thick that it was terrible to put it on a wet car body on a rainy day.It started coming out at the seams in less than 6 months, and the outside was falling apart. It’s been half a year since I switched to this product, but the exterior is almost the same as when I bought it, and the zipper is still in good condition.

  667. Miami Juan

    I utilize this cover on my 2013 Volvo XC60 and it fits very well. I¡¯ll have to wait and see how it holds up in the Central Florida salt and sun! Good quality for the money.

  668. Carlo

    The car is always protected, tarpaulin with adequate straps, very light and comfortable

  669. Yann GIRARD

    Very pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the canvas which inspires confidence. Excrescences are even planned for the mirrors, great.

  670. F

    Great cover for my bmw. Good quality and it fits perfectly. Very happy with it. Great price as well.

  671. Warren Johnson

    Love the zipper at driver’s door

  672. A Simple Eye

    I purchased this to cover my older suv and it¡¯s nice. The reflectors show very well at night. Can¡¯t miss it if you tried. I can easily unzip it if I need to open the door and I like that I don¡¯t have to take the whole cover off to do so. I¡¯m thinking about ordering another one for my other car.

  673. Mike

    We will just have to wait to see how this cover pans out after some use.



  675. Esteban Garcia

    Bought for Audi A6 Avant. Does the job but it is not 100% waterproof.

  676. Nathan F.

    I really enjoy using this to protect my vehicle when I am not using it for an extended period of time. It works perfectly against all types of weather. My only problem that I have encountered is that it is not convenient to keep on you. It is difficult to fold up, if it is even possible. I wish it was easier to handle; but it works as intended.

  677. Jason Smith

    Great product, exactly as described

  678. MG

    1967 Chevelle 4door. Got this to fit car. Just barely fits length wise. Width and height have plenty of room. Around middle. Snug at front and back because of the length. Mirror pockets are 12 ahead of stock. Wasn¡¯t going to need them anyway. Just put in today 9/27/22. Will update how long it last outside everyday.

  679. KRS

    ease of assembly

  680. Katherine M. Valdez

    Perfect for my 1968 Mustang!

  681. Arg.03

    I bought it a little bigger and it fits perfectly. When it rains it rains a little as normal.

  682. Oscar

    Fulfill your mission

  683. Bruce

    I liked the price.

  684. Ron Kojzar

    You pay for what you get

  685. Hust13r

    A fairly good cover, of a certain thickness and quality in the fabric (compared to others that I have used before, 4 different ones) at an interesting price. My partner bought another one for another car and is also very happy.

  686. berlot alexis

    ¡°A bit too short for an A5, but almost perfect.
    The next size up must definitely be too big¡­.¡±

  687. God is love

    I¡¯ve had this cover for a little over a month; I live in the prairies of Saskatchewan (very windy place) just the other day I received a wind warning on my ¡°SaskAlert App¡± (notifies users of dangerous weather in your area; well the wind warning said to expect 90km gusts of wind, and I am happy to say the cover is staying put on car! I like the little pockets for the rear view mirrors, that helps keep it in place, and 3 buckles to strap it on (front, middle and rear of car). After a week of extremely windy days, all day every day, there is not a single sign of tearing. I am very impressed with this cover; I kept expecting it to blow away! I¡¯m blown away by the quality for this price

  688. Terrance Sibley

    It keeps my car clean and debris and dust off of it so i don¡¯t have to wash it as much as i used to

  689. MR C

    I had decided to hold back on writing a review for a few months so I could evaluate their performance. The conclusion is that these covers are very good value for money. Not totally waterproof but good enough to provide a decent amount of protection. In fact, I now own three of them.

  690. Maribel

    I bought it for my 2019 Opel Corsa. It fits perfectly, is comfortable to put on and doesn’t move in strong winds.
    Very happy with the purchase.
    Hope that helps.

  691. Douglas Dickey

    High quality

  692. Miky

    Excellent quality car cover, with hooks to tie it firmly to the body of the car, there are also inserts for the 2 side mirrors. Delivery in just one day!

  693. Tracker TK905

    Quality product. Thick enough to fulfill its role without being too heavy to handle. Effective reflective strips front/behind and on the mirrors. I bought a second one for another vehicle.

  694. Raquel

    It fulfills its function perfectly

  695. bliyat69420

    over time the reflective coating gets damaged by UV radiation and it starts flaking off the cotton under layer, and it gets silver flakes all over the place and then it starts to tear and rip. Lasts maybe 18-24 months of daily outdoor use maybe. Don’t recommend

  696. Cecil Moore

    Nice fit

  697. Jose Manuel

    Small for the Citroen C3, but it worked for what I wanted. It is of very good quality, I have washed it in the washing machine

  698. Robert G. Cleghorn II

    Fits great on my sedan.

  699. Trevor P.

    I should have measured before buying. Never the less. It¡¯s indoor. So 95% of the car is protected. My car is longer than most sedans. I¡¯m still happy with the product. Plus! There¡¯s a zip on the driver side if you need to start the engine up or want to hang out in your stored vehicle¡­ easy access!

  700. Stocky Plocky

    Fit my 2006 mercedes e320 cdi perfectly!

  701. Kaylady

    It does cover 2002 odyssey but up to 2/3 of the tires .


    Material seems durable, just too bad that it will not fit.

  703. Arturo Fernandez Revilla

    Big for a Seat Arona

  704. Clie

    It has been in place for 4 months in a vehicle that is under a roof (but outdoors). It holds very well and at the moment it resists cat scratches.

  705. BURZI F.

    Excellent product for the price paid.
    Perfect size for a VW Golf. Convenient to put (also has the shapes for the mirrors).
    For now it seems resistant.

  706. leon


  707. Vmadruga

    Good quality, excellent size. As advertised

  708. salvio

    Good quality, good weather resistance

  709. Alias

    Useful when travelling, for camping, wild parking in the pine forest or in the village. In practice, if used occasionally, it does its job.
    Definitely not suitable for everyday use.

  710. Redwoods Reader

    Fit great

  711. Conchi

    You have good finishes, but it’s not worth it to me, it’s a very thin material to be on the street at very low temperatures and very heavy rains, I thought it was more resistant, the positive thing is that for the Nissan Trail II sub it’s great in its measure.

  712. roulleau sandy

    Really practical to protect the car at all times.
    On the other hand it is necessary to be 2 to put it, or to measure 1m80 minimum, otherwise it is 1h to install it.
    It is not waterproof, but for the rest the car is sheltered.
    Hailstorm and violent thunderstorms, nothing changed while my neighbors saw their car damaged.

  713. Massimo

    It protects little and from hail not at all

  714. Ashley B

    While it fits I wish it was a little longer to cover top to bottom. I got the measurements right and the type of car but it still wasn¡¯t right apparently. Get what you pay for I guess. Will buy a more expensive one eventually.

  715. RLG

    Affordable car cover that fits our 2010 Honda Accord very well.

  716. Ronald Williams

    Very fast service. I had this same cover last year and loved it. Nothing last forever so this year I replaced it with the same model cover. The price is great also.

  717. Roadsurfer

    but not in constant rain and frosty temperatures, as moisture collects under the peaane and stays or freezes. The fit and overall quality is prime.

  718. Tapia Fraga

    It is ideal, it does what it says, after other experiences this is undoubtedly yours MB cls

  719. PIT

    Bought against the cold and humidity.
    To see in use.
    Easy installation.
    Seems durable.
    Interior of the car accessible without removing the tarpaulin.

  720. Sonia

    We don¡¯t have a garage or carport so needed to cover our Tesla to protect it from rain, frost, & leave.

    There were many choices of covers to choose from but this cover sounded like it would meet our needs.

    It is lightweight, easy to secure, & fits our Tesla 3 perfectly.

    It amazingly fits back in the small zippered bag that is attached to the cover!

    We are very pleased so far with this cover. Time will tell more on durability & how well it holds up to winter weather.

  721. T

    I have used it on and off for two weeks and it has saved me 15-20mins every morning from scrapping and thawing my car windows. The three straps to secure on the car from underneath is an added plus cause I know it won’t be going anywhere. We will see how long it will last, only time will tell. If anything changes, I will update my review.

  722. anonymous D

    Bought for a car that is outside more than in and it fits well. Won’t know about durability until it has been on a while. Seems strong enough.

  723. alex zhao

  724. girardeau regis

    basic car cover, don’t expect good quality, I’ll buy it to get through the winter

  725. B. Fuerbach

    Cannot comment on long term outdoor use as I only use it occasionally for a day. Super good deal for the price.

  726. Yskal

    Well that, for its price (less than €50) it is incredible for a Caravelle!

  727. sAverys

    Nice cover at a reasonable cost

  728. Luis Ortega

    Very good product and I bought it on sale

  729. Juan Carlos Martinez Chequer


  730. Giacomo

    Really excellent price-quality ratio!!!
    Highly recommend if you are looking for decent coverage for your car.

  731. Kyle M.

    Bought this for a 1965 Chevelle 300 Deluxe – fits perfect. Installed in the rain (Seattle, WA), so we¡¯ll see how well it works to keep weather out. Installation was super simple. Product is labeled ¡°front¡± with a tag on the seam inside, easy to find orientation. Has one zipper on drivers side to allow access to interior if desired.

    Waterproof? Seems like it.
    Durable? We shall see, only have had it installed for an hour or so.

  732. Hvh

    This fits good and doesn’t blow away. Water resistant

  733. Claudio Brunelli

    The cover adapts perfectly to the size of my car, it remains anchored thanks to the elastic bands under the bumpers and the shape of the mirrors, the material lets the rain slide off, difficult to close it again.

  734. Alejandro Bentez Guerrero

    For a Hyundai ioniq, the 480 sedan suits me, it looks good quality, to protect the vehicle from morning dew and the famous haze, I think it’s perfect, it’s NOT completely waterproof, it will end up soaking but good, but in summary good product

  735. Giovanni

    Really excellent

  736. Mustapha

    The texture of the fabric and the visual appearance

  737. Anne

    ideally, it is easier to cover the car with two people given the size of the tarpaulin which is quite large. It rained and it froze, the car remained perfect. Great deal!

  738. Carlos Sala Zamarbide

    It’s cheap but you get what you pay for, every two years, at the basira

  739. Angel Velez

    Excellent Cover strong greathickness and perfectly fitting in the car ver precisely

  740. Sergio Carnaccini

    I needed it to cover a boat

  741. Matteo

    Excellent value for money, good resistance cloth, large size (SUV variant), there are also hooks with the band to tie it transversely, it has a reflective band on the mirrors and on the wall and back, delivered ahead of days expected. Advised

  742. Me

    Thank you all

  743. Tom Jalbert

    Mirror pop outs do not line up so the entire cover barely fits. Even though the car is less than the length listed. Would be nice if there was a pre-cut hole for a trickle charger wire too. Too much of a hassle to take it off and return but would not buy again.

  744. mary momon

    I love it it fits perfectly


    Even though I got it bigger it is very comfortable

  746. mieuxetre

    Larger than expected and single ply


    (had ordered the “”430 cm””)”

  748. Presh

    The only drawback is the dimensions of the car cover… very narrow cut… it’s better to order one size larger!!!

  749. Gagnon

    Can be easily attached with straps and the fit for the exterior mirrors.

  750. Cherina Dominguez

    Cover fits nicely, the reflectors on the corners and mirrors are a nice addition for extra visibility to anyone.

  751. Gipsycat

    I use it to protect a minimum of my vehicles stored outside.

  752. FunRai

    A tarpaulin” made of high-quality materials and is easy to use. (even in strong winds)


    Since mid-December, when it arrived, I have been using it every day.

  754. JOSE

    Very good

  755. Bryan W. Bacher

    Works as it should and affordable!

  756. Evan Sidle

    The 203 inch fit my 2011 Chevrolet Colorado with a cap on it. Great for pickup trucks with caps

  757. Ahmed Alqazzaz

    Fit as expected

  758. Happi

    Haven¡¯t had the wind or a storm kick up yet but it comes with adjustable & removable nylon cords at both the front & rear to secure under the bumpers. Depending on how much wiggle room you have left you could potentially loop the cord through a spoke/loop in your rims if design allows like mine does. I got this not only to keep my car clean because I¡¯m disabled & don¡¯t drive much, but because apparently certain PNW evergreens can cause moonroofs/sunroofs to leak by leaving a residue that eats away at the seals. (Most of my cars have had them, this is my second Clubman but my first time having one leak) Anyway it¡¯s not in my budget to fix right now, this has been a good solution in the interim.
    To order the right one I just looked up my car¡¯s factory specs for its size online instead of guessing then ordered the appropriate size. I¡¯ll edit if my review changes should we get snow/a nasty storm, etc. It¡¯s end of January ¡®23 now, we¡¯ll see how long it lasts. Also pro tip if you have any kind of mobility issues like I do, start with the front & the side mirror pockets, then go from front to back. It takes no time with two people, my housemate who also has EDS like I do usually helps me but I can do it myself; it¡¯s just slightly more awkward getting it started.

  759. Kevin Rey

    It is a case that fulfills its objective but is a little expensive for what it really is, even so I am happy with it.

  760. KM

    All good except size misrepresented as it does not fit a ford focus

  761. yzan

    Very very simple to put, well packed
    I bought the 510cm one for an OPEL ASTRA GSI, it is big in the back area but if you hold it with its clips it is perfect.

  762. Hans-Peter Herz

    Good so far, after the short period of use no final evaluation is possible

  763. Jake

    The cover quality was high.

  764. Tony L.

    Better buy one size up. I have a Honda Civic LX 4-door and the spec shows 177″. (No other extra equipment installed like spoiler and etc.) I bought the 190″ one and it fits nicely. 2 mirror pockets and door zipper are aligned well. It may damage the car paint as I don’t see any protection layer inside. We’ll see.

  765. Maria Elena

    I recommend taking one size larger than the one indicated for your machine. It’s not heavy fabric but still protects. On the other hand, I find the zipped bag where it should be stored very uncomfortable, it is practically impossible to fold it all up and let it in. I only used it for the summer period, I can’t evaluate the resistance in case of heavy hail/rain and wind.

  766. charlene gausset

    Do his job. Protected my car even during a hailstorm which caused damage. And of course bird droppings

  767. UU

    Very comfortable and perfect car cover

  768. Ringmaster

    I was pleasantly surprised by its durability. I bought from another brand and it didn’t last even two years, falling apart as soon as it was seven years old. This one, on the other hand, is thin but resistant, it hardly passes water and reflects sunlight well.
    Perfect price-quality ratio.
    It’s a little big for an Xsara Picasso, but it does the trick.

  769. maurizio sgueglia

    The side opening with zip is very convenient.

  770. James Christensen

    This car cover is 10X better than covers that costs 10X more. Layers don’t separate, like the others. Truly waterproof, has mirror pockets, wind tie down straps. Does not have grommets for lock cable, but easy to punch holes, like I did. My car has been in outside storage for over 2 years and this the is best cover, Other more expensive ones don’t last 3 mos. in the summer heat, or only one big storm, before falling apart.

  771. Le scornec

    Perfect for my vehicle good quality price I recommend it

  772. Margaret Whittaker

    Perfect fit

  773. JohnDeere

    Wrong part for me however if you don’t own a Spyder this is possibly the cover for your smaller car.

  774. captn darb

    alright for the price I paid seems to keep the bulk of the water out. I do like the way it gets strapped on so it can’t blow away

  775. Nicole

    Fit 2016 Chrysler 200 pretty well for a last minute buy to help protect from the ice storm we are getting right now ! A little short but most of it is covered !

  776. Aresio P.

    love it

  777. Kindle Customer

    I bought this to cover my Dacia Duster as it had been stolen and wrecked. There was a lot of broken glass and I needed to keep the inside of the car dry while trying to work out what to do with the car. The cover was nice and heavy duty. 3 straps to fix under/around the car stopped it from blowing away and very definitely waterproof. It was a bit large for my car but it was the smallest I could buy. All in all very satisfied with the cover and I would recommend buying this one if you need a car cover.

  778. Venkata Polavarapu

    Works great for my sedan vehicle.

  779. Dale Henry

    It came up on the list for my car.
    Doesn’t fit. Too small

  780. Ivan

    The 510 cm one is perfect for a Renault Laguna 3. There is even some left over, but I chose it that way because when the weather “threatens” hail I put blankets between the cover and the vehicle to prevent damage to the sheet metal, and if the cover is too I just couldn’t do it. Although it comes with fastening straps, I also secure it with ropes as you can see in the photo, because from experience I know that if you don’t do it this way, on very windy days you will end up breaking the cover. Of course this solution is not valid for those who use the car daily. As for their quality, others that I have had similar ones last one to two years if they are outdoors withstanding sun, rain, frost… I suppose they will last much longer inside garages or in milder climates.

  781. Robert

    matches the photo, large enough for a sedan

  782. Massimiliano G

    Everything ok including delivery times

  783. CFI William

    Just a little of the car sides are exposed. Access to the driver door is good via the zipper. Be careful as the zipper snags on the fabric easily. The straps on the front and back hook under the bumpers should stop the wind blowing it away. It is very thin fabric so will not protect against hail. However, it will prevent stray leaves and bird deposits, and facilitate removal of snow.
    Over all, i am satisfied with the price-performance balance.

  784. AKW

    Hi item really did the job I was looking for.

  785. Alex

    I bought it for a 2003 Volkswagen Passat, a car about 4.7 m long, I bought the size for 480cm sedans, and it fit perfectly. Very happy with the purchase, let’s see how long it lasts, that’s another thing

  786. M.Weiss

    Was too big for our car.

  787. Phillip R.

    Fits well

  788. Frenk

    Taken in a slightly larger size, it fits very well on my Focus SW. It took less than five minutes to cover the car and the cover is equipped with practical straps to be anchored to the car.
    Fully satisfied.

  789. Diego Grande Briones

    Good value for money, we’ll see how long it lasts

  790. ISIS

    It is small for the car they say, it does not cover the vehicle well for the dimensions it claims to be worth. Neither are the mirrors, it is better to have them
    left smooth

  791. Irena

    It fits perfectly my Hundai Santa Fe. Covers my car completely. We got a lot of snow and cars parked beside me were all covered. My car was completely clean. High winds no problem. The ice slides right off. It saved me a lot of time. Highly recommend this product.

  792. FAFA

    Best quality

  793. Benz

    I use it in the past weeks during winter storms and found it very sturdy and strong enough to withstand even heavy wet snow and strong wind. Simply to use. No complaints. Good price and quality.

  794. Krones Michael

    Price-performance ok

  795. David S.

    Holding together well

  796. Adri

    I arrive quickly and it works well in my car, although it has a lot left over, it fits well, I’m happy with the purchase

  797. Emily

    Not heavy duty, but if your looking for a lightweight cover to repel water this works pretty good. And it has elastic on both ends which helps keep the cover secure

  798. Jill A.

    I had two different car covers before this one (different brands). Both had to be replaced because they eventually tore. I only received this today, but I¡¯m already impressed. I can tell it¡¯s higher quality and shouldn¡¯t tear as easily. I also like the adjustable straps for securing it under the car. Much easier than the tire ties on the other models I tried. Only four stars for now because I¡¯m not sure how it will hold up. I have a Corolla and it fits perfectly.

  799. Michele

    The impermeability is good, the bag where it is to be placed does not detach from the towel unfortunately, it is light, it seems quite robust

  800. renato valente

    Perfect as described

  801. ALESSIO


  802. FengShui

    The material and quality are top notch.

    The only complain I have is, the middle latch is located on the wrong side of the zip open. The latch is attached to the front portion of the zip. Hence the front door cannot be opened until the latch is undone. It defeats the purpose of the zip as a convenient measure.

  803. luix

    The product seems excellent value for money, but you have to be careful with the size chosen. It should be about 30 cm longer than the size of the car; Otherwise, it will stay very small, as it happened to me with the first one I bought. It was so short and narrow that I had to return it and order the next size.

  804. Pearlene HUdson

    This product is very strong and durable

  805. Franco

    The declared dimensions are vastly underestimated. Two larger sizes should be provided

  806. pietro

    It’s good for dust and dirt.

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