Pecham Car Detailing Brush Set,20PCS Drill Brush Set Green


Pecham Car Detailing Brush Set,20PCS Drill Brush Set,Car Interior Detailing Kit & Car Wash Kit with Boar Hair Detail Brush and Cleaning Gel for Wheel,Dashboard,Air Vent,Leather and Exterior

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4*Powerful Drill Brush Attachment?The bristles of drill brushes are durable and will protect your car from scratches. Four different sizes of drill brushes are available for cleaning the tires and wheels. The flat and spherical heads are suitable for your different cleaning needs . You can also use the drill brush to clean bathroom tiles, kitchen floors, etc.With the help of an extension pole, you can clean tight corners. ?5*Premium Pig Bristle Car Detailing Brushes?This set of detailing brushes is made of premium pig bristles. Smaller size detailing brush can help you clean car dashboard and wheels, the bristles are soft enough not to scratch the car interior but enough to clean dust and debris, you can also use them to clean seat crevices, door cracks and other hard-to-reach areas,etc. ?Multi-Functional Auto Detailing Brushes Set?The soft gel can not only clean the dashboard vents,keyholes,but also the home and office. You can use towels, car wash mitt to clean windows and the exterior of your car; air vent duster to clean the interior of your car;wire brushes to clean the metal parts of your auto without scratch it; wheel brushes to clean your wheel details. ?Gift & Service?This car cleaning kit is very suitable as a gift for your loved family or friends. It can be used to clean cars,trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and so on. No matter what questions you have about the product, contact customer service, we will give you a reply within 24 hours.
20PCS Car Cleaning Kit includes: 5*detail brushes 4*powerful drill brushes 3*wire brushes 2*cleaning soft gel 2*vent brushes 1*mitt 1*towel 1*extension rods 1*wheel brush



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