Pecham Car Detailing Brush Set,20PCS Drill Brush Set

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4*Powerful Drill Brush Attachment?The bristles of drill brushes are durable and will protect your car from scratches. Four different sizes of drill brushes are available for cleaning the tires and wheels. The flat and spherical heads are suitable for your different cleaning needs . You can also use the drill brush to clean bathroom tiles, kitchen floors, etc.With the help of an extension pole, you can clean tight corners. ?5*Premium Pig Bristle Car Detailing Brushes?This set of detailing brushes is made of premium pig bristles. Smaller size detailing brush can help you clean car dashboard and wheels, the bristles are soft enough not to scratch the car interior but enough to clean dust and debris, you can also use them to clean seat crevices, door cracks and other hard-to-reach areas,etc. ?Multi-Functional Auto Detailing Brushes Set?The soft gel can not only clean the dashboard vents,keyholes,but also the home and office. You can use towels, car wash mitt to clean windows and the exterior of your car; air vent duster to clean the interior of your car;wire brushes to clean the metal parts of your auto without scratch it; wheel brushes to clean your wheel details. ?Gift & Service?This car cleaning kit is very suitable as a gift for your loved family or friends. It can be used to clean cars,trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and so on. No matter what questions you have about the product, contact customer service, we will give you a reply within 24 hours.

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Product details

  • Professional car cleaning kit: This Pecham car detailing brush set includes 20 pieces of high-quality tools designed to clean every corner of your car.
  • Versatile use: With 5 detail brushes, 4 power drill brushes, 3 wire brushes, 2 cleaning gel, 2 vent brushes, 1 glove, 1 towel, 1 extension pole, and 1 wheel brush, you can easily clean various areas including dashboard, leather, wheels, vents, and more.
  • Durable and gentle: The drill brushes are made with strong bristles that are durable and can protect your car from scratches. The soft bristle detail brushes are perfect for cleaning delicate areas such as the dashboard without causing any damage.
  • Premium materials: Our car detailing brushes are made of high-quality pig hair that is soft enough to clean without scratching the surfaces. The gel and towel are designed for efficient cleaning, and the extension pole allows you to reach narrow corners.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We are confident in the quality of our car cleaning kit. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will provide a refund or replacement. Invest in this professional car cleaning kit and keep your car spotless and well-maintained.
20 Pieces Car Cleaning Kit includes: 
5*Detail Brushes,
4*Drill Brushes,
3*Wire Brushes,
2*Small Sponges,
1*Cleaning Soft Gel,
1*Ventilation Brush,
1*Car Wash Mitt,
1* Glass wiper,
1 * Tool Storage Bag

660 reviews for Pecham Car Detailing Brush Set,20PCS Drill Brush Set

  1. Annie Love’s To Read

    Nice products icluded in this kit

  2. Lisa Fisher

    The brushes are great for any kind of cleaning they are durable and what a great value for your money.

  3. Lisa Norwood

    We gave to both daughters, to keep in their cars. They’ve already provided piece of mind.

  4. Carlos

    I’ve recently undertaken my first DIY restoration project with a family vehicle that was headed for junkyard. Little by little I’ve been cleaning every nook and cranny.

    That said, I didn’t have all the necessary tools to really satisfy my OCD.

    And then…

    I saw this toolset and jumped at the opportunity. Since this is my first restoration project and I’m learning as I go. I’m definitely being cost conscious.

    Which is more of a reason why I jumped at the opportunity to order this kit. I didn’t bother looking at reviews, all I saw is that it checked several boxes for a proper detailing job.

    Packaged arrive during the weekend so I was able to put one of the brushes to the test. First and foremost, opening the box was a pleasant surprise. I immediately noticed materials to be of good quality.

    Unfortunately, I only tested a brush, but that experience alone made this an absolute yes on review and recommending it. Especially for DIYers looking to take it to next level.

    Hope this helps!


    It has everything you need when on the road. Before I was worried about my car fails while driving and now I got them in handy. It¡¯s life saver

  6. Mama to Four

    I got this set to clean my interior, especially my carpet. However, the brushes are incredibly stiff. They would tear up my carpet so I couldn’t use them for that. I ended up using the brushes on my tires to scrub off brake dust. Everything else it comes with is good and useful. Just don’t expect to use the brushes on your carpet or even on cloth seats (seemed risky to me, anyway).

  7. maxwell pinney

    strong products for cleaning rims and tires, in between taught spaces.

  8. Dan

    We haven¡¯t had a chance to use this item as of yet¡­ too hot to go outside, but, this item looks like it will work as described.

  9. m.savransky

    I bought this for my boyfriend¡¯s birthday. He absolutely loves it.

  10. Katie Joest

    We use this to clean my car at home now. I love that it comes with the vent cleaners and fits in my drill at home perfect. The fabric is very soft and doesn¡¯t scratch your vehicle like most car care items. The value for money is amazing.

  11. Tim

    Works great

  12. COI

    Great detail kit to get you through several details. Detail brushes and the high quality microfibers make this kit shine!

  13. Albert Garcia

    I love this car detailing kit. It has everything that you’d need for detailing your car. Quality made, very sturdy. I like the carrying bag that comes with it as well for easy storage. I think I’ll have this for a long time to come.

  14. Squallywally

    I really like the brushes for my cordless drill. These really help scrubbing the carpet and mats in my truck.
    Wheel brush is made with high quality material and the wheel barrel brush is nice and sturdy. One tool I was surprised was the wand tool with the microfiber replaceable pads. This tool has made cleaning the inside windshield glad incredible easy. The other detail brushes are good to have. This kit has one problem, the wash mitt, nearly useless. Other than that, get this kit for everything else.

  15. Matt Jewell

    My son in law loves it

  16. Liam

    I just wish they had a little paper to recommed where to use each brush.

  17. S.

    This is a car detailing service in a box. Comes with everything needed to keep your ride looking nice in and outside.

  18. Mikazuki

    I¡¯ve bought this for my car as a starter to clean my car I love everything about! It has everything I needed and bonus of the kid having little compartments for small items. I didn¡¯t know it came with a drill extender which is perfect for small to reach areas 🙂 I recommend buying this good for the price and money worth

  19. Edwin Daniel Cordova

    I like

  20. xiao yun chi

    Summer is coming! It’s time to wash the car! Husband likes to wash the car at home by himself! So bought him this car wash kit! Lots of kits! The price is also very reasonable! The point is that it is very practical! great!

  21. J. Warren

    This set has a lot of stuff in it. I like the design and think the brush is pretty standard.

    The overall look and feel is nice. Pretty much exactly what I¡¯d expect at this price point. Quality seems to match the price

    It seems a good way to wash your car. I like the design overall

  22. Margaret M.

    Bought these as Christmas gifts and it couldn¡¯t have been better. Everyone thought I was brilliant

  23. Christopher Fulwider

    Works as advertised. We love it cars haven¡¯t been clean.

  24. Breana Eaker-Campos

    ?Purchased this because I always wash my car at home, it’s super easy for me to use without depending on my husband to do any of the hard work! Plus it’s fun and comes in handy when making content, makes it look professional!

  25. Byron

    I got this pack so I would have a bunch of different tools to have when detailing my car. They are really good quality and I¡¯m having fun learning how to use the extra tools that I have never used before.

  26. DM

    Pretty thorough kit. Decent quality. A good buy for sure

  27. Prime shopper

    These are great detailing brushes that range from firm to very soft for different parts of the car. They are gentle on my leather seats while firm enough to clean in the crevices. The bristles did not shed at all. The handles are also long and easy to hold. Would recommend!

  28. Anthony Rogers Jr.

    used for church bus

  29. Laurence M. Davis

    Car really shines

  30. Hernandez

    I bought to clean a pick up truck once used for construction work. Did a nice job cleaning the interior.

  31. steve alvarez

    Amazing product. I like it for detailing inside of our cars. This is a must have if you like cleaning your own ride

  32. Chris Wilson

    Fast shipping and what I expected

  33. Tabitha Staples

    This is a great kit that comes with everything you need to deep clean your vehicle!

  34. Adelaide

    Was SUPER surprised with the quality of these products. Very durable and nice.

  35. Diana L

    So far everything is helpful. And able to clean a lot

  36. BOBO

    This was definitely worth the money. You’d pay way more if you bought everything separately.

  37. Daniela S¨¢nchez

    super completo para la limpieza de los autos

  38. Ryan

    Bought for son and daughter in law. Great gift!

  39. Tyler trail

    So happy that I purchased this roadside bag, it has helped take some anxiety off of me in case of emergency situation, anybody that has anxiety while driving, this is the perfect roadside gift for you, it comes with everything you’ll need to make sure that you are safe and secure!

  40. Jill

    Gave as a Christmas gift, it was a hit.

  41. Maria

    He loved it

  42. Tamerica Sperdakos

    Excellent. Bought this for my daughters first car. Already had to use the air compressor for a leaking tire. Very happy with this item and I expect it will get a lot of use if she drives anything like me.

  43. misty garverick

    Everything came perfectly packaged and works as it should

  44. Mary Black

    Very cheap. VERY cheap products

  45. Yelenys Corcho Rodriguez

    ?Todo muy bueno, pero en el kit me falt¨® el cepillo para lavar las llantas (no vino en el kit) y no tengo como reclamarlo. Por lo dem¨¢s todo bueno

  46. Annaliza Jones

    Very nice!!

  47. lanier


  48. Jim Bell

    The vacuum works bur us more of a child’s toy on quality
    There is no paperwork with the item telling the usage or purpose
    I received 6 packets with a tablet inside bur I have no idea what it is or what it is for

  49. Peter

    Bought this product because i was tired of not being able to get it the tough spots while cleaning my car. I absolutely love it. I¡¯m able to clean everything and everywhere. Now my car looks brand new. The detailing brushes definitely come in handy. I’m very pleased with what I received! Great value and must have for detailing your car.

  50. Kari Marie

    Really like all the cleaning tools included with this kit. The vacuum doesn’t have the best suction, but works good for quick clean up. Its convenience and store container is ideal.

  51. CyrusJJ

    This set of cleaning car washing tools is very complete, there are hand-held vacuum cleaners and rags and other cleaning tools, the quality is much better than I imagine, the price is cheap, it is worth getting!

  52. Gary Milton

    Great set of car detailing and washing items. We used them for our local football car wash fundraiser and they done a good job. Did not leave scratches on vehicles but got the cut off. They outlasted this years fundraiser and will be used next year.

  53. Janet

    There were so many products in here! It¡¯s perfect. It has something for every part of your car. It¡¯s not bulky where I don¡¯t know where to store. The blue brushes were my favorite because it got the job done and they were super bubbly. It was perfect for our at home car wash!

  54. Eric

    Love this product great features easy to use drill head adaptors makes hard to get areas accessible with the wheel brush detail brushes for detailing crevices inside the cloth to clean surfaces is the beat and most of all durable i recommend this product for everyone

  55. Maribel Mommy On The Go ??

    This was the best gift I have given my husband.
    He and his car club love it! Very easy to use and detailing his cars has been so much easier! If you are looking for a gift or have cars that you want to detail I recommend the 18 piece car wheel tire set ??!

  56. Gary Smith

    I used these brushes in the drill and cleaner my patio 2 3 weeks ago. Super easy super fast. I also cleaned the outside of the house and also used it to clean the bathrooms. Literally for the whole tub it took less than 2 minutes. I¡¯m impressed. They work way better than I expected!!! 10000/10 recommended

  57. Hoon

    This combo had just the right things I wanted for car detailing, other than the 3 wire brush.
    I’ve used this kit to wash a full size sedan and a SUV. I started with the microfiber outlet brush cleaning all my vents, used the detailing brush for nooks and crannies inside the car dash area.
    I used the drill brush set to clean the rubber floor mats and now it looks really good.
    The wash mitt is similar to ones I had before, it works well, much better than using a sponge.
    I skipped rubbing the tires with the tire brush because I thought that was overkill 🙂
    I’ll use it maybe next time when my tires get really dirty.
    Overall, nice kit configuration with useful stuff.

  58. Zarif

    Came nicely packed. Has all the items you need to detail the interior of your car and rims.

  59. xiuya huang

    Cars with children often have a variety of snacks, small toys are stuffed into the corners, after using this car cleaning tools kit, all problem is solved, so happy£¡

  60. Sean Hu

    Amazing product as shown in the photo. Easy to assemble and is a perfect size that is easy to carry. Vacuum has enough suction to keep car clean. Packaged all in a nice container that can be stored in your vehicle. Better than prior products I have used. Also, there are cloths/scrubbers which help with keeping one’s car neat/clean. Highly recommend to all.

  61. Yisette Blake

    I liked everything about my item.

  62. Tonya

    My brother is a mechanic and loved the gift

  63. U.C.

    Many pieces which works for all parts of your car. Thought It came will a drill but it didn’t.

  64. Carolyn Hager

    This was a gift for my brother and he loved it

  65. Paula G Johnson

    I gave as a Christmas present, he liked a lot!

  66. Jamie bertelsen

    cheap and easy

  67. Latina Thomas

    The quality of the product was cheap easy to break or bend sheds..

  68. Samantha Ganesh

    This was exactly what I expected…not a bad buy and great price.

  69. James W. Lovato


  70. GE

    It has everything you need to detail and clean your car!

  71. Victor Kosloski

    Bought it so my girlfriend can clean and take care of her new truck

  72. junelly

    Was a gift to my husband and he loved It

  73. Amilcar

    Creo que necesitan arreglar eso vote mi dinero

  74. KK

    This kit include everything you need to deep clean your tires and wheels. Its easy to use and comes with a lot of accessories. It’s made durable and sturdy and seems to be long lasting. This is a great gift idea and a must have for cleaning your car. Great value.

  75. Reina Sotto

    Love it! Easy to use and the supplies are complete! My car looks great!

  76. chris T.

    Like it works very well¡­

  77. Ricky L Goodman

    It¡¯s a nice little kit! The vacuum suction is low for a good dry car I had to use more towels

  78. Melissa H

    I bought this for my boyfriend as he just started up his own detailing business. He already has a ton of stuff but couldn¡¯t pass out these little brushes in the kit. He said they are the best and for this price it was a steal!

  79. Jenn

    This set has great value and had everything I needed. I wanted a second mit and some rim brushes but didn’t want to purchase separately so when I found this set, it was exactly what I needed. The quality is great and it even has a bunch of detail brushes that came in handy when I was washing the car this weekend. Was able to get my wheels and tires cleaned and was able to use the 2 bucket setup with different mits. Came with a nice little microfiber towel that helped cleaning the interior with the detail brushes. Highly recommended and great value.

  80. M.Barrett

    I used this on my 2006 Honda CR-V after a brutal snow season we had i bought this set to do the outside of my car such as my rims and really scrub it down. Unfortunately I never took a photo. But it came out well. The products work as intended and don¡¯t fall apart like a lot of non branded items. Quite satisfied with the results. Would buy again if I lost the set.

  81. Caramel2020

    I like everything about it. Especially because you can carry it around in your trunk or even back seat of your car. I washed my car with this.

  82. Jhonny Rodriguez

    Muy bueno

  83. Nemo

    Works great

  84. Dana Fennewald

    Great addition t for deep cleaning

  85. Jose

    I liked everything about this product

  86. Darlene Olson

    Cant wait to totally clean my car out when its warmer i used a few pieces to clean the cup holder area & the dashboard was so awesome, great product great price thank you might use this to make some money this summer

  87. Gabrielle Egan

    Very sturdy where the drill connects to the brushes and doesn¡¯t break a lot of the other ones when you apply pressure they snapped right where the brush and drill connects so glad I¡¯m able to get good use out of these attachments love it

  88. Gabrielle Egan

    Very sturdy where the drill connects to the brushes and doesn¡¯t break a lot of the other ones when you apply pressure they snapped right where the brush and drill connects so glad I¡¯m able to get good use out of these attachments love it

  89. Kong Rong Wang

    I wanted to buy a car kit for my daughter. This one has everything a beginner car owner wants: simple start-ups, cleaning tools, and emergency tools. When it arrived, the bag was smaller than I thought. The tools were pretty decent, and I was surprised that the tools in mini size were quite durable. The bag smells; you need to air it out before giving it as a gift. She ended up liking the gift, so it was a good choice.

  90. melissa gibson

    It¡¯s great!!

  91. Kanchee Bu

    I really liked the products. They are very resilient and robust. I use them to clean my cars, the seats and floor mats. The brushes are amazing as well. Great product highly recommend.

  92. GKB

    Car detailing cleaning set is great to clean with. It makes my car shine in areas I couldn¡¯t get before. The skinny brushes are good for tires without being to rough.

  93. Enrique Recinos

    Great product and variety for the price! Makes cleaning my car fast and easy.

  94. Luis Baez

    Loved my order. Great for the beginner.

  95. Mike Vandergrift

    There is an attachment or brush for anything and everything you could ever want to clean. I have only used certain brushes once so far, but they held together strong. I highly recommend this kit so far.

  96. Casey

    So far I am really impressed with this set. I liked that it came with almost every item I could ever need to clean my vehicles. I really like the extension for the drill!

    The mats haven’t been cleaned in three years so you could imagine how dirty they were. I started with the largest drill brush but ended up really liking the smallest drill brush to do the mats. It was super easy to scrub away all that debris within the mats and only after maybe 5 minutes of work the two front mats looked almost brand new.

    I haven’t had a warm enough day to really use the other items. I am really interested in the interior detailing items as I’ve never used any tools like those before.

    I forgot to take a pic of the towel and the hand mit but those seem pretty standard and decent quality.

  97. maira

    My husband spends hours cleaning and maintaining his cars and I got this kit for him so he can get the job done efficiently. He loves the tools provides in this kit and the quality is really good too.

  98. David Sanders

    This was a great buy and it’s just as advertised.

  99. justin

    Nice start up kit, but I wish it displayed a more clear label of what¡¯s inside

  100. Mingo

    Wow¡­ there are A LOT of pieces here. The one piece that you need to complete this set is¡­. A bag to hold all of it in. That¡¯s why I deducted 1/2 a star but I didn¡¯t give it 4 because it really doesn¡¯t affect the way the items work. So, if you are obsessed with having an immaculate detailed car, this item is for you! I however am not. Hahahaha.. i got this mostly for the vent cleaning tools. I hate hate hate the way the vents look when they¡¯re dusty. That minor detail drives me crazy but the outside of my car can be full of mud and that¡¯s ok. Lol. The painting brush dusters, the gel gooey slime thing and the fork vent things are the best parts for me. I¡¯m not even sure what you would use those metal toothbrushes for but I think I¡¯ll just use it to clean the grout in my restroom.

  101. Coco Luna

    This drill set is awesome! Works very good on getting the dirt and grime out of my car! Very good product 10/10. Very easy to use and set up as well.

  102. Toya

    Cool kit!!! Love the cleaning putty.

  103. A. Nguyen

    I’m an above average detailer that does all my own detailing and paint correction. This kit worked great for me to give my cars a deep detail. It has all the brushes you need to clean a car.

    Are there higher quality tools and kits out there? Probably. Your Tesla is probably special to you, but let’s face it you’re not going to concours d’elegance with it.

    Enjoy your car and drive it and don’t get wound up on reddit or detailing forums debating the bristle softness on these brushes. These tools will last long enough and keep your car looking great.

  104. Robert Crandall

    I have a couple pieces left over from the years but the sets I have purchased were never complete. I always needed to get the small plastic, soft brushes separate so when I saw these I grabbed it.

    The kit has everything to clean the whole interior of the car.
    The flat brushes fit into the vanes of the vents perfectly and the Gel (I have never used this before) is amazing. I do suggest if you car or truck is really bad like mine that you clean it good first since the dust will limit how many times you get to use the ge.

    The attachment for the drill motor looks flimsy but it is not. It holds up really well. They include 4 detailing brushes which may be slight overkill but great at the same time. especially if you have a helper.

    The wheel brushes really get into the spaces that a lot of other brushes can’t.

    I highly recommend this kit.

  105. Jake Turner

    Update: While the vacuum isn¡¯t the best the rest of the kit is great quality. The company even reached out and made things right from my first review!

  106. Michael A Pruzinsky

    Perfect items

  107. Q. Hunt

    This set contained everything shown. All items were thrown into a single box, and that box was quick to arrive. The towel was placed on top and had some of the cardboard box in it. Not a big deal, but something I have learned the hard way is that your tools need to be clean to prevent scratches.

    And speaking of scratches, I’m now a little bit on the fence with regards to using the drill brushes. They should wear in over time, but they are very stiff nylon brushes. My use case is a fiberglass RV with a gelcoat, so I often look to boat blogs for guidance. You’ll see that nylon bristles come in variety of firmness and tips.

    So – for now – my plan is to use the drill brushes in less conspicuous spots until I can “trust ’em” and if that fails, I plan on using a variety of methods I found on the internet to try to soften these bristles. (e.g. Hot water, vinegar, hammering the ends, lots of use on other things, etc.)

    So – why else do I have some “look before your leap” regrets? I noticed that other sets come with buffing pads that can also be used with drills. I think I should have held out for one of those. I also think the assembler of this kit is missing a huge opportunity to provide variety in these packs with differing firmness of bristles.

    So yeah – I’m not all sunshine and rainbows – but I’ll let you know how the bristles do on my fiberglass RV. Anything is better than last year’s elbow grease. 😉

    Also, the 3 little brushes that this came with (brass, steel, black nylon) are super cheap feeling and I’m certain it could be picked up at a certain discount tool shop for a couple bucks. (In fact, my best estimate is that the parts of this set are marked up at least 20% – especially if you’re near a “single us currency” store and that aforementioned discount tool shop.)

    Not really a 5 star set, IMHO. Hope this helps.

  108. Kathryn and Marlon

    So far they are ok

  109. Daisy

    Great complete kit for your detailing needs! It comes with so many items and accessories to make it easier to clean your vehicle. It has scrubs, vent dusters, a hand duster, several brushes in different sizes and so much more. The putty is also great I have never used it before and I love how it picks up the smallest crumbs.

  110. Eric Apeatu

    Easy to use

  111. Xclusive Prints

    Good product, and fast shipping.

  112. Ruby Ante

    Brushes are cheap, bristles fall off as you brush.

  113. Reviews

    This is a very nice detailing set. I love the extra soft brushes. Perfect for cleaning those hard to reach crevices and vents on the car interior. All the brushes and pieces look and feel very nice! Easy to use and they definitely get the job done. Very happy with these. Highly recommended!

  114. Zoey minton

    As expected

  115. Keniaa

    This kit has a little bit of everything for car detailing. It can also be used to clean certain areas of your home. Everything arrived in good condition

  116. Danielle Wirth

    Let me start by saying this, you get what you pay for. There are pieces in the set that I absolutely love, like the drill brushes and the wire brushes. There are pieces that could use some improvements, but are still decent and those would be the interior brushes. The bristles fall out very easily, so be warned. It’s annoying, but they do a good job. Then there are some prices of the set I could do without, like the vent brush. Overall the kit is pretty good at doing what it needs to, so if your on a budget, this could work for you.

  117. AJC

    Loved all the items….very useful

  118. R.T. Pizeno

    Make sure you buy a bag for all these items. It has everything you need to clean your vehicle. Some items will not feel premiums, but what do you expect at this price point? ??

  119. Andrew Williams

    I liked that it came with pretty much everything I needed.

  120. Cass B.

    The various tools included in this kit are those you¡¯re always searching for when trying to clean your car and get to those nooks and crannies. Super handy and easy to store so you can have them at a moments notice.

  121. Justin M

    This is a great kit for anyone who is interested in cleaning/detailing their own vehicle. Some of the tools can also be used in other areas but it’s a great set overall.

    The horsehair brush does shed a little, which might be annoying, but I am using it to drag out dirt and dust from the seams and tough spots in my seats and carpets and stuff. I’ve already done my car and two of my friends cars. It works great and a quick vacuum at the end picks up any of the shedding bristles.

    The detailing brushes are really good at getting dust out of the smaller nooks and crannies in the dash or console or whatever. I also use it to agitate and foam up my cleaner (chemical guys nonsense) a bit while cleaning up surfaces. This really is a lot easier than the brush I used to use (shaped like the carpet brush that comes with this set) which was harder to get into tight spaces.

    The carpet brush is nice and stiff. Works well for scrubbing the carpet but I wouldn’t put this near the fabric or leather seats. It also works well on the wheels.

    The wire brushes are your run of the mill wire brushes. They do the job. I already have a bunch so this was just an added bonus in the set.

    The vent cleaner was a little too big to really be helpful in my car but it works in the house for my blinds lol. My car vents have flaps running both vertically and horizontally so i can’t really get this in there very far. An air blower and the small detailing brush helped with that.

    Overall it’s a nice set that should get anyone through a good detailing session. The brushes seem like they’ll hold up for a while. Like I said, I did 3 cars so far – very thoroughly. I can definitely see myself using this through countless light sweeps or maybe a good 8-10 more intense cleanings/detailings before some of the brushes might become a little ragged or unusable. And it’s not like I detail my car super frequently, so that could be a while.

    If I had any complaint: I wish it came packed in a little pouch or case for storage convenience. But that’s a minor complaint.

  122. Jeremy Klinebriel

    Comes with everything I need to clean out the inside of our cars. I can literally clean everything from the bedroom ya to the rims. It¡¯s great. I would definitely recommend.

  123. GodsBlessings

    This car cleaning tool kit has everything I need, mini-Vacuum, brushes, dry cloth..etc. I always want a whole set in one container so could be easier for me after done with car wash, now these tool kit helped, the material of the dry cloth is not the best but good enough for what I need.
    , the brush for tire shine also good enough to make it shine.

  124. Jon P

    Great kit for the price.

  125. Leigh Anne

    So in this kit you will find almost everything needed in one place & this should be in every vehicle, & if you can not have to call towing & hear they’ll come in 2+ hours while you melt in the 100 + degree heat. This has jumper cables coiled & much safer than usual ones that are stripped & scary, you have a tire patch, also a first aid kit, tools that are a bit smaller (like the hammer is normal/metal but w/a shorter handle among other tools I would not have thought of to put in the car. Also a car vacuum (husbands fav) & more, Bought 1 for dad, & went back and purchased a 2nd one. Maybe will get a third one if price stable, I would have this kit and bottles of water to have just in case. Feel safer just knowing all these items are in the car. Good buy, better than expected, recommend+++

  126. Mikolas Dartagnan Wilson

    I was able to really clean the interior of my vehicle super clean

  127. Giz

    These items help me out very well in some places my hands can’t fit into and these things will it helps the cleaning go a lot more smoothly

  128. jofe flola

    Baja calidad., Y para. Lavar llantas el cepillos est¨¢n muy peque?os. Para principiantes est¨¢ bien pero uso profesional no sirven…

  129. Adrian C

    My son detailed our vehicle with these easy to use soft tools! He loves them!

  130. Jessica W

    We love this set and it works so well and easy to use. And also affordable. I definitely recommend this one and would buy it again!

  131. Sierra

    Great value for money, easy to use.

  132. Mnelson

    Awesome for cleaning car and detailing!!! Definitely buying again

  133. Scott Dickson

    I bought and use this for cleaning my motorcycle.

  134. DRP

    Like brushes for cleaning wheels, can reach areas easier, good assortment

  135. Jamie

    I bought this for my husband for a Father¡¯s Day gift and he absolutely loved it. There is more in this cat than what is expected! He is picky and he loves it!!!

  136. raymond e. miller

    The kit worked great for using the drill attachment brushes on the seats in my f150

  137. Israel Velasco

    Good quality for the price

  138. T Rose

    I did not use all the brushes but the ones I used made the job so easy. They are sturdy, so I feel they will last a long time. I love the different sizes and shapes that help with the rims and hard smaller places to clean.
    This is an excellent set if you like cleaning your car.

  139. yuai

    Love this car cleaning tools kit , Comes with every type of brush and cloth towels , to clean every nook and cranny of your car’s interior or exterior. Great handheld vacuum, Easy to use .I highly recommend purchasing this kit£¡

  140. dcolli

    It made a fine gift

  141. Ron Wis

    I attached these fittings to my drill to clean my bathtub and they worked great. They’re sturdy and the brush material isn’t too stiff. Lots of different sized attachments to get into small small spaces. Looking forward to using it on my auto wheels. It’s probably too harsh to use on the paint, however.

  142. Emily

    Bristles fell out.

  143. Cristian Soberano

    They should of just added the extended attachment

  144. BRE

    Everything I need is in the kit! Thank You!

  145. Edward H. Bailey III


  146. Adrian Perez

    Todo muy bien embalado

  147. Ramarco Jarrett

    ?It didn¡¯t come with a drill

  148. John Tamez

    This kit has a great variety, but the quality is mixed. The drill brushes broke during the first use. Most of the others are decent. You get what you pay for with these.

  149. G Ramirez

    Works as ir should. Gets the job done. I started cleaning my own car and it works great. Texas summer days wishing it was cool already but works great at washing my car at home. Especially the attachments to clean carpets and upholstery.

  150. Brittany. Lewis

    So the product clean clean detail so wonderful inside and out I literally clean my car every 2 or 3 days since I received the product

  151. Nelly Preston

    Much easier to clean with the right tools! Thank you!

  152. Starlin032

    Productos de muy buena calidad y excelente estado

  153. Angie Stillwell


  154. Renee cotton

    It¡¯s good for you when you¡¯re detailing your car

  155. William Z

    The main highlights of this kit are the wheel rim brush and the 5 fine hair brushes. The sticky putty is also convenient for cleaning out cup holders etc. The microfiber towel is soft and overall its a great kit for beginners.

  156. shelly rossow

    Everything is here and is great for my new car!

  157. Kawai.yi

    I would say majority of the towels, puffs, and smaller pads can be purchased else where and the quality would probably better. The brushes with the attachments so far have been excellent for my use. I’ve only used one so far, but I was actually quite pleased with how it cleaned.

  158. Aracelis Sanchez

    I received what I expected

  159. here2helpguy

    Great vacuum for the car works great!!! Good suction for a little vacuum

  160. Robert Paquette

    Good assortment of brushes and tools.

  161. Old School

    Is this the premium version of these cleaning tools, no. Is there anything wrong with that, no. It is a nice set for someone to start with. I wish I had one of these kits when I started detailing cars for myself…30 years ago.

  162. Cococo

    This kit has everything you need for a professional-like car detail! I love how the brushes have the right amount of stiffness to flick out the crumbs that are in the nooks and crannies of the interior and the dirt in the tires. The fluffy polisher does a good job of not scratching up the car.

    I items were packaged without many bags or wraps, just straight to the point.

  163. Kara Stokes

    You won’t regret it

  164. Meagan

    This kit offers a wide variety of options for your car detailing needs. Attachments are sturdy and durable. Everything has been easy to use and works as advertised. The detailing brushes are great for hard to reach places. This can be a good starter kit for a small detailing business.

  165. jesse james

    It is a nice little kit for the price point can’t complain

  166. Your mom¡¯s here

    Very tool has a purpose, and this set takes care of most of your cleaning needs!

    From soft bristled interior cleaning brushes to drill attachments that will clean the brake dust off your wheels and brakes this set has it all!

    The applicator pads are microfiber and clean up nicely too!

    The interior vent brushes are super nice and get all the crap out of the crevices a vacuum just can¡¯t!
    They work in most hard to get to spots that collect crumbs, the gel takes care of the rest!

    I just need to find a case that this all fits in so I don¡¯t lose anything! It¡¯s just sitting in the cardboard box it came in but that¡¯s not long term.

    Great set of car cleaning tools for all your dirty fantasies of cleaning your nasty cars or trucks.

  167. Jasmine Guttenbeil

    Easy to install I would say very nice brushes

  168. Jeff

    Product as well built in and sturdy. Everything that you need in one package

  169. Jesse M.

    I love this car detailing kit!

    it’s hard to even remember all the stuff it comes with. There are multiple drill-mounted brushes that are great for cleaning wheels (and its of other stuff around the house). There are drill-mounted polishing pads for buffing out scratches. There’s also an extension bit for better reach.

    You also get five detailing brushes, a microfiber vent-cleaning brush, and nylon, brass, and stainless steel cleaning brushes as well.

    You get a microfiber wash mitt, two microfiber wash towels, and two wax applicators. And the most fun thing is the cleaning slime! That stuff is super fun to use for getting dust and debris out of hard-to-reach areas like around power window switches.

    About the only ting that’s missing is a bucket and a drying towel. This kit is fantastic for anyone who wants to keep their car looking nice!

  170. steven heyden

    I absolutely love the kit. Every peace has a tremendous use! The detail brushes are great. All sizes come In handy. I¡¯m a mobile detailer. So this kit is perfect. Will definitely be getting more when the time comes. Very good.

  171. raimundi guevara reyes


  172. Idalia Q.

    Muy utiles

  173. D. Singh

    This set is an excellent value and contains all the tools necessary to really details the inside/ outside of a car. Set comes with a small carrying case to keep everything together.

  174. Jing li

    Excellent car cleaning kit that cleans your car at home, both inside and out. The vacuum cleaner is also very good and the dust is easily absorbed. I plan to get another set for my husband’s car. It is recommended to buy.

  175. Carlos

    Enjoy every single item from this package, makes for a great gift. Get your car back to its glory days.

  176. Sonya

    I wanted a set that I could DIY my own car between professional details which doesn¡¯t happen as often as I would like. This set helped me achieve an excellent level of cleanliness for my vehicle.

  177. WGHS

    I love it

  178. John Barnard

    I frequently clean my car this is great

  179. Jeremiah

    Great price and product!

  180. Amora

    Love it works awesome! Cleaned the car soo well!

  181. tanya cotto

    Worked as needed

  182. Alex

    Its nice that its all included in a bag for storage, works well I am happy.

  183. SaraM

    This is a great set of car detailing brushed that help you clean tight hard to rash areas. This are durable and easy to use

  184. Joan H.

    ?Great for cleaning and detailing. Reaches nooks and crannies of the car. Can be used in the bathroom, shower and kitchen. Good for hard to reach areas. Money well spent. Works well with cordless drill. Good sturdy material easy to clean.

  185. David

    With those tools, I can wash my car so easy, special for the tires, every detail I can reach and those tools did great jobs. somewhere on the internet sell around $45.

  186. David

    With those tools, I can wash my car so easy, special for the tires, every detail I can reach and those tools did great jobs. somewhere on the internet sell around $45.

  187. linebird

    This kit has everything you need for deep cleaning and detailing your vehicle. It’s easy to use, no directions came with it, but there is a utube video.

  188. Trenda Ellsworth

    I¡¯ve used this set for car detailing and for some cleaning around the house. They all work we¡¯ll and seem to be holding up great.

  189. Brandon Brown

    I needed a few brushes to use with a power drill. I have tested brushed with older wheels on a car for detailing and in a tile shower. The brushes performed as expected and made short work of the cleaning jobs.

  190. David L

    Great product. Very easy to use. The only thing I would change is I would make the drill attachments a little longer.


    Needed to detail my car and this came super fast in 1 day. It has everything I need and more. I definitely recommend this especially for the price! What a great deal!!

  192. Andrea

    Everything you need all in one kit.

  193. Javier Gonzalez

    A quien le pueda interesar. ¨¦stos art¨ªculos son buenos. Pero en la promoci¨®n, yo vi qu¨¦ trae un taladro para usar con el equipo y no fue as¨ª. La pr¨®xima vez no utilice la imagen del dalatro c¨®mo qu¨¦ viene junto. Cu¨¢ndo no es as¨ª. Gracias.

  194. Jasmine

    Great value for the money. Hubby loved that he has able to get all his detailing did with these. Will make a great gift for someone who loves to keep their car clean.

  195. Ed Barton

    This is a detailing set that, in conjunction with a battery-powered drill, will help clean the car interior. Various drill-bit brushes, a soft squeegee and mitts, cloth, and other detailing tools. The slime cleaner leaves something to be desired, but the other items are good personal detailing tools. A decent set at a fair price.

  196. Alex

    Everything was accounted and the items are amazing

  197. Dean

    This is the first detailing kit I have used and so far it seems pretty good. There is many crevice brushes, both stiff and soft. The wash mitt, duster and microfiber cloths are very soft. I have yet to use the brushes and polishers for the power drill, but they are what i expected. A nice add to this set would be a soft cone shaped polisher for wheels.

  198. JBrough

    This product contains many pieces that can be used for multiple purposes, not just your car. I am still amazed at how well made each item is. I just keep my battery-operated drill charged up and ready to use. The small brushes are great for removing small particles for the little crannies where crumbs hide. Every car owner who washes and details their own car needs one of these kits. I think I will get one for each of my grandkids who own cars.

  199. KPhil

    There are a great variety of soft to firm brushes for various components for my vehicle which I love. My car has never looked better!

  200. IamSonya

    Handy and sturdy product!

  201. PRR

    I like the amount of products that came in the box. Everything works like its supposed to.

  202. Sergey Horbachuk

    Clean tools works good for me

  203. Alia

    I got this for my man cause he love his car lol. He loves it and uses it a lot . It was pretty cheap too.

  204. Manuel Martinez

    Everything the came with was extremely useful!! Thanks Again..

  205. Amanda C.

    Perfect kit to keep on hand to give your vehicle a good deep clean and some of the tools are multi purpose as well and just handy to have around in general

    I was really impressed with the wire brushes they were great quality and my husband has put them to good use cleaning spark plugs and corrosion around our battery and other things under the hood so that was nice to get some detail work done in there as opposed to just the appearance of the car

    Everything you need to get your car clean and shining like it’s new again

    Great value for the cost this kit with make a good gift to go along with a new car and it’s nice that you can store all in the convenient little bag and carry it with you so you can get a nice detailed cleaning when you’re at the car wash cleaning the rest of your vehicle my husband even likes cleaning the rooms in the center console when we’re at the car wash and he has made great use of this set

  206. John Design

    Some of the brushes I would NEVER use on any car or rim. Way too stiff, course. The other items were good.

  207. Dogmom13

    Everything you need to wash your car in a convenient carry case. Nice selection of detailers.

  208. recasey

    Very pleased

  209. Randy O’dell

    My absolutely loved this kit so much he used it on my car. Thanks for the free detailing.

  210. Roadrat203

    Items arrived quickly and performed as advertised!

  211. Belinda

    Minus the vacuum this is a great detailing set

  212. Dee Dobrin

    I got this as a gift for my husband. He really enjoys this set!

  213. Hannah Soletske

    So I rolled my car. Believe it or not, rolling a car causes a very dirty car. So I bought this product to battle the absolute mess my car had become. I had a can of java monster split up and down the passenger window, Mcdonald’s coffee of sorts spilled across the back, and just the general dirt that was on the floor originally across the top, sides, and anywhere but the floor. Pairing this product with the tuff stuff I had bought from my local dollar store cleaned it all!! Though I made have used some of these brushes and such not for their original intended purpose they still worked amazingly. 10/10 would recommend this.

  214. EW

    Everything and more was included in this bundle. All I had to provide was the drill and soap to get to work. Super sturdy. We cleaned two medium cars; seats, floors, mats, and dash. Nothing looks worn out. Totally worth your buck!

  215. Ashley

    Kit comes with everything needed to clean the inside of a car! The duster sponge was great to help with the love bugs! Great buy!

  216. Meinrotti

    Great deal for the money

  217. Robert

    This set has everything I could think of and a couple extras. I dislike how other packages have some quality, some cheaper tools and mismatched colors. The blue is pleasing to my eyes and is my favorite color and I feel the quality is value and great.

  218. MALCOLM

    Kit makes detailing my car so much easier having the proper tools to get it done!

  219. Iesha

    This is definitely a must have if you like a clean car. I love getting a hand wash it just makes the car look clean and shinny. Definitely buy it even comes with a travel bag so you can leave it in your trunk

  220. Terri

    It is a very complete kit however the quality of the items leave something to be desired. The microfiber is soft but not plush. The mitt is very serviceable albeit a little bit small. The windshield cleaner and the vent cleaners are good quality and would recommend. The detailing brushes are sufficiently soft for most car surfaces though I would be careful around delicate metal and wood services. The drill brushes and wheel Woolley are fairly stiff so those with surfaces that require extra care should take caution.

  221. Nicole B.

    This kit was great and comes with a lot for for the price.

  222. Maria J Ruiz

    This is great set for any beginner it¡¯s a good value for everything necessary to detail

  223. Steve Moran

    Car detailing kit for a good price

  224. Carlos Johnson

    Loved every piece that came in the box, worth every penny! If you need to detail your vehicle, this is a must have.

  225. Honest Consumer

    I was little skeptical about buying my car detailing supplies on Pecham.

    These brushes really did justice.

    I was able to get into the little corners of the car using these brushes.

    The bristles are durable.

  226. Nikki

    Kit has everything needed for detailing your vehicle. Everything fits into the bag so neatly, the quality of the rags and brushes are very satisfying.

  227. Eric

    I have recently gotten into minor detailing since my wife bought our first real nice car. I have been buying tools, but I did not know what I really needed, and so I only do an incomplete job. Then along comes Pecham Detailing Kit. Now I have the opposite problem, figuring out how to use all the tools. I had to go back their pecham page to figure out what everything does … so now I have the tools and a plan.

    I especially like
    (1) The variety of interior brushes so I can get into different size spaces and
    (2) All the rim cleaning tools. I have not been able to easily clean my rims, but now I can.

    Oh, and the storage case is a great plus.

    Overall, I recommend getting this kit, even if you already have some of the tools.

  228. Charles K.

    Price is fairly inexpensive for all the items you get, however some of the items themselves are questionable.

    Items I found useable:
    The 5 detail brushes, nice size assortment, many interior uses
    The 2 vent cleaning brushes, nice for those hard-to-reach spots
    The dash duster brush
    The microfiber wash towel, soft and thick enough for multiple uses
    The spray bottle, when isn’t it handy to have an extra spray bottle!
    The tire brush, aggressive enough to remove the grime, and can’t really scratch the rubber

    Items I wouldn’t use:
    The 4 auto drill brushes, extremely stiff bristles, could easily scratch painted rims
    The windshield cleaning tool, never found these functional, never really work for me
    The wash mitt, much too small and not enough “nubs” for good cleaning

    Gave it 3 stars since I will still be using a fair number of these items, also please remember this is my personal opinion, my car is my baby and I tend to be over-careful, the other items may work for you

  229. David Gilmour

    This is a fantastic kit all around. Everything gets the job done as it should. The only thing a little concerning is some of the tools handles do seem a little weak. It comes with a bag that seemed a little small at first, but the whole kit fits inside it just fine.

    I think some of the other reviews were written by people not entirely sure which each tool is used for. I read one review was talking about using the drill brushes on rims… Not at all what it’s used for. They’re used to get dirty knocked up out of the interior of the car. Specifically in the carpets. If I were to use the drill brushes for the rims, I wouldn’t think it was that great of a tool either but that’s just not where they were for.

    For anyone looking to get into detailing, or even just want a cheap kit to clean your own car on the weekends, this is the kit for you. It’s missing very little and for the price, you really just cannot beat it. Don’t let the negative reviews get you down on this, it’s truly a fantastic deal.

  230. Angel M. Wright

    I am leaving 3 stars for now and may update at a later time. So far, just by looking at the 12inch box it came in, has me very weary of the product. I did order this as a Christmas gift. Just seems like a lot of things for such a small box. HERE”S TO HOPING!!!

  231. Eda

    Take auto cleaning to another level. Who needs to pay an expert to do it when you have all the right tools right in front of you. Excellent cleaning kit . Every piece is very well made and durable . The Bristles are very well made . They get all the dirt out and don¡¯t scratch the surface .
    I love them !!!

  232. Paulie D.

    This brush set includes all the great necessary brushes and tools to use when detailing my car. Great buffer and scrubber brush lets me clean both inside and outside my car including getting into the small parts and crevices

  233. Joseph Nelson

    What a wonderful set. Highly impressed. This is a perfect gift for any car person. Everything you need in a nice carry bag that fits perfectly in your trunk. The brushes are sturdy and it has the vent brushes with the micro fiber cloth that you can remove and wash.

    Nothing bad to say about this. Get it before the Holidays. You will be thanked

  234. Kevin Brotzman

    This one is legit, more brushes than I can use. A nice Zip Up case to store everything in, and possibly my favorite new item the windshield cleaning wand.
    1/4 inch mount on the round brushes locked in to my drill and made cleaning carpet super easy and quick.

  235. Adrian Shultz

    works great so far only used once but so far so good

  236. Gustavo M.

    This kit comes with everything you need to detail your car. Highly recommend it.

  237. SexyReviews

    It seems like it holds well, and sturdy. Only had a few uses, so can’t really talk about longevity, but I think it will work fine. The small brushes, I tried pulling the “hairs” and they didn’t come out, which is great. The microfiber towel feels great and works very well. The duster brush also works very well in picking up, well dust.

    Haven’t been able to use all brushes yet, haven’t had time to breakdown the outside of my car, but it works great for the small vents, and cracks within the car.

    I like the fact that it has a bag, that I can put everything together after drying, but the drill brushes will not fit in the bag, with all the other items, so will have to store separately. I tried adding close ups of pictures so you can take a better look at the brushes, and steel brushes.

  238. Franklin Rosario

    Me gusto mucho

  239. Sebastian Sabogal

    I was initially looking for just tire cleaning stuff but I came across this behemoth of a package and thought it was a great price for value but had low expectations. I tried it the other day after not cleaning my car for months and let me tell you, I just about used everything. Now my car is clean, I¡¯m happy, and I get to keep everything which is great.

  240. Heather

    My husband picked this out to clean our cars with. He’s very particular about what he uses on the vehicles and he really likes this set. It comes with everything needed to clean the inside and outside. Would make a great gift.

  241. imilya

    Iam missing two part

  242. Heather Bohlen

    We purchased this for my brother in law for Christmas. When it arrived my husband opened it and checked it out. It comes with quite a bit and nothing really requires a lot of assembly. My brother in law details our cars and will have his own to do soon. I think he¡¯ll love this.

  243. Timothy Maldonado

    I detail cars professionally and this was a great last minute pick up for an on the fly job. I even kept the supplies because the quality of it was amazing.

  244. ChuckF.157

    The vacuum is serviceable, the detailing supplies a bonus and I like that it comes in it’s own caddie.

  245. Team Jesus Always

    I haven’t used on the Exterior Yet, But All the Interior Detailing Items Worked as Advertised with the Affordable Price Range. This Detail Kit Applied with The other order of Chemical Applications for Interior Detailing worked good.

  246. Stephen Girardi

    This kit is great for details to your vehicles

  247. DREW

    Perfect for detailing.

  248. Desiree

    This is great for at home car detailing, all you need is a drill and cleaning product! It has different size attachments and tools to get into every part of your vehicle.

  249. Liliana Pereira

    Such an awesome product! Only complaint I have is that a 2 of the drill brushes came bent to the point where it hasn¡¯t reformed into the original way. Other than that, awesome!

  250. Wayne

    Very good product

  251. Brooklyn

    Pretty good quality, definitely getting what you pay for.

  252. don f.

    This kit has everything I need to detail my cars. I was originally only looking for a few brushes but with the price of this kit it made sense to get everything.

    The brushes are all the same stiffness, I would call them medium stiffness if I had to guess. They work great and don¡¯t leave behind any scratches (even on piano black interior surfaces). My second favorite item in this kit is the drill attachment brush. Perfect for cleaning carpet. The bristles are strong and I expect them to last a long time. Long story short, everything in this kit works great, I highly recommend for an affordable at home detail kit.

  253. ChrisNat

    This kit contains a lot of brushes for car detailing, probably more than you actually need for that matter. If the apocalypse comes, however, you’ll be set for brushes. There are soft brushes and hard brushes. Short brushes and tall brushes. There’s even a duster brush for dashes, or to remove dust from the body prior to waxing.

    The reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is that the way it was packaged in the box made it very difficult to get all of the brushes out. Some of the microfiber brushes had gotten intertwined with the hard brushes, and everything just came out in a big lump. Only a few of the items were separately packaged; everything else was just thrown in there. I guess if you like puzzles, however, you’d go nuts over this.

  254. Amber Huntington

    This kit literally has everything you need! I actually look forward to washing my car now because I know I have all the tools I need to make it perfect! I can get into all of the right cracks and crevices with the gel. The brushes are soft and durable!

  255. Tim A.

    None of the tools in this set feel super high quality, but they do the job and for the price, you get a wide variety of detailing supplies. If you’re looking to get into car detailing and you’ve never done it before, or you just want a variety of tools for cleaning, this is a very reasonable option for an all-in-one set.

    The drill-attachment brushes are good for carpet/upholstery, the photos show them being used on wheels but the bristles feel a bit rough to me so I couldn’t bring myself to trying them on my rims and risk scratching them.

    The windshield cleaner is a must-have in my opinion for ease of cleaning and the included attachment pads feel soft and don’t seem to cause any scratches. The handle is a little wobbly but it works so not a big issue.

    The detailing brushes are great, the bristles are fine but rigid enough to do the job. I honestly like them a little better than the other cheap-ish set I have, definitely the standout of this kit.

    All in all, are you going to open a car detailing business with this kit? No. But for the occasional use or entry into detailing, this is a good place to start at a reasonable price.

  256. TRSE

    Husband and son in law loved them works great

  257. Mikey garcia

    Works great but only got 3 cleaning but items starting falling apart

  258. Danielle

    Very nice quality

  259. Jey

    Hey I like this car detailing set even the price was nice because buying these individual pieces would have added up depending on where you are purchasing. The bag is so handy and kinda easy to store away. The kit brushes concerns me about leaving scratches if I use the drill head brushes. The microfiber towel is this nice and thick the absorbency is okay.

  260. Jasmine Guirado

    The quality of these products are mediocre at best. Would only recommend for lighter detailing

  261. Natalie Shiflet

    This kit is perfect for detailing my car! The vacuum works great and I love all the tools it comes with! The vacuum is not very powerful.

  262. -Lisa-

    Husband had to have. still sitting there unused. quality is good. will be a great set.

  263. Mark

    I like the speed of the delivery. But I didn¡¯t like that you run out of clvv CB leaning supplies.

  264. Alim Beshatov

    Nothing to dislike about this product

  265. Brooke Chevalier

    Exactly what I was looking for. I use all of these at work detailing and this was the perfect find. Even had one thing we didn’t have.

  266. Eli¡¯s Tech Review

    These tools work very well. I purchased them for car detailing and I¡¯ve got to say, it was definitely worth the money. They are pretty durable. My favorite is probably the wash mitt. The detail brushes work pretty well. Highly recommend!

  267. Joe Guevara

    You have a wand to quickly pick up dust on the dash and vents, brushes to immaculately clean leather seats, and a long-handled windshield cleaner for those hard-to-reach edges. The brushes are fantastic on tires and even spots on your carpets; just put them on your drill, load them up with your choice of soap or cleaner, and dirt, grime, and guck come right off.

  268. Dana Marcel McKee NOLA504NERDS

    I was skeptical at first, but am very happy with this product. It’s easy to use and the results are great.

  269. Annette

    Nice set, excited to gift

  270. Anita Cummins

    I purchased a new car recently and ordered this to do my own detailing on the car and I love it! It comes with everything I need to detail the inside and outside of the car. Definitely glad I ordered this and definitely recommend buying

  271. Julia w

    Item was as described you get a big bang for your buck. We paid $18 at a local shop for just 3 of the detail brushes in this package. It’s a good starter pack for sure

  272. martha Torres

    Everything was great In the packages and works great

  273. Derron Thompson

    I like how it¡¯s easy to use

  274. david atkinson

    Good assortment of brushes and pads

  275. J. Prachyl

    Item was bought as a present and appears to be as described. Hoping for the best!

  276. David

    Pretty much everything you need to help you detail your vehicle except for all the expensive cleaning products you still need to purchase.

  277. skippydoodledandy

    It was just ok. I would not have ordered it if I was in a store and saw it first. Gave as a gift. No impressed.

  278. DW

    Use everything it came with. Killer package deal

  279. Doug Catellier

    Was everything our daughter wanted. Could use item description page.

  280. Hilda Hebberd

    I purchased this set for one of my sons for Christmas for him to start a little ¡°side hustle¡± of detailing vehicles. He was super excited when he opened it. The quality is sturdy and will be easy to use. He can¡¯t wait to start! Hope he does my car first!

  281. NORA18

    I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. He¡¯s a big car guy and very specific about what he uses on his car and he said it was perfect.

  282. bobby

    For the most part it was the detailing brushes that did not work. They frade and were coming apart after the first use. The other brushes were great worked as advertised.

  283. steve m.

    This detailing kit was so helpful. Now i can get every detail when i was my car. I love it!

  284. Brianne

    Got these as a Christmas present for my boyfriend and he loves them!

  285. Darius thompson

    If youre looking to do your own personal detailing to your vehicle this is perfect, it comes with various tools and you can also use the brushes and pads to clean other surfaces and things in your house

  286. ZE

    Por el precio recibes lo justo ni m¨¢s ni menos

  287. Maya Kalmus

    Got this for my mom for XMAS since she recently purchased a new car. Needless to say she lost her natural mind and I ¡°borrow¡± it often. Great products and great quality.

  288. Drew born

    Needed something to get more dirt off leather and this works great

  289. Jason Echevarria

    This kit comes with everything you need to detail your car! This has made it so easy that I have cleaned my cars and Several family members’ cars as well. It has more than enough different pieces to get every crevice of your car fully clean

  290. Amanda McCreery

    There are a lot of nice brushes, however, I thought it was odd that 4 of the brushes were attachments which require a drill to use.

  291. Wolf

    Definitely worth the price for what you get.

  292. Aldo Funari

    For what u pay for this kit it’s pretty good for the money so I bought a second

  293. Blaze

    Great Cleaning Stuff Overall

  294. Warsinger Woman

    This made a great thank you gift for my teenage son’s best friend, for dogsitting. She loves detailing her car, and she thought this set was amazing.

  295. Glinda

    My husband wanted this for car detailing and he was not disappointed.

  296. Teresa McKinney

    Liked everything, bought for 1st time car owner, our teenager. He thought it was super cool ??

  297. Billie Gregory

    I gave this to my son for Christmas. He lives it. He said it is easy to use and seems to be holding up good. He has cleaned 4 cars using this item

  298. Nicholas Stevens

    The brushes are all sturdy and high quality and the microfiber towel is of very high quality too. It makes a great finisher cloth for crystal clear glass. I own a detailing business and am very impressed with the quality of this set. Definitely will order again when the time comes.

  299. Mathew

    Like it. All needed items in 1 bag for the car

  300. Scott Reilly

    I recently got a new car with a somewhat messy interior and this kit came with anything I could possibly need to make it look new again. I’d recommend it

  301. Reedergirl

    this is nice to have around and i have used every item now, i like it a lot and it comes in super handy!

  302. T. Hobbs

    I love the fact that this kit comes with everything you need to give yourself a professional car detail. I actually enjoy detailing my vehicles. I actually refer to it as my car therapy. It is very relaxing to me to be able to simply provide a professional detail to my vehicles. This kit completes my detailing kit. Only thing missing is a detailing case or bag to keep everything together.

    Must have…

  303. MB

    There’s a lot in this pack. The pictures show you everything, but when you open it, it’s overwhelming how much is in there. You’ve got various brushes, pads, and wipes to clean any surface you can imagine. If you’re looking for a good starter kit for detail work, you can’t go wrong here.

  304. Nicole

    This (19) piece car detailing kit is amazing!! There are cleaning tools for every part of your vehicle. This car detailing kit will save you from having to continuously spend LOADS of money at the car wash. AWESOME detailing kit for a steal of a deal!! This car cleaning kit comes very highly recommended for immediate purchase.

  305. Jeremy and Kayleigh Barker

    My husband has a new GT Mustang 5.0 manual that he loves to treat like a baby. Needless to say, he takes washing it very seriously. So, when this kit showed up he was really excited. The brushes are very good quality and the handles are well made, everything seems very durable and well-made. We LOVE the little fine brushes for vents and other small spaces! This is a GREAT detailing kit for those who want a clean car without having to pay high fees to get it done by someone else…or if you’re like my husband, you take pride in cleaning your ‘baby’ and this kit will help with a job well done.

  306. Alpha_whiskey

    This car detailing set includes everything you need to professionally and thoroughly clean the interior and even exterior of your vehicle. I love the variety of different brushes and scrubbers that the set comes with and even the drill attachment which makes the harder, more dirty jobs a breeze. The included glass clear is a plus as well, and so far I can say that this set is the most inclusive I have seen.

  307. Naqash Choudhery

    ?I used this car detailing kit on my Ford F-250 XLT 7.3L V8. I wanted an alternate solution to automatic car wash. I came across this product and was impressed by the number of items included in the kit for the price, and all of them feel value for money and of high quality. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for an affordable yet comprehensive solution for car cleaning.

  308. Jason

    This type of kit is super valuable for amateur/hobby car detailers, as it covers many aspects of car detailing in one kit, for a very reasonable price, using nice quality components. The problem with assembling a collection like this, normally, is that it usually occurs piecemeal, at much higher cost and effort, and you are not aware of what you don’t have/need. Some of the items in the kit I won’t foresee needing, such as the drill-driven brushes/applicators (although they may come in handy for heavy-duty stain removal), but other items I never thought of but believe will be very useful, such as the dust-capturing gel. I wish I had the wisdom to seek out a kit like this years ago!

  309. Webb family

    Works great at achieving the same clean you get from a professional.

  310. Marshall J. Aalto

    This set of car cleaning accessories is a bargain averaging 84 cents per item. It addresses everything you could possibly need inside and out. The quality of the items is very good. Highly recommend.

  311. DLO

    Baller on a budget? this is the kit you’ve been looking for. nothing else.

  312. Leaann

    Love this kit

  313. Elise M.

    ?I am very pleased with this detail kit. The price point is cheaper than what you could find at the store and has way better items. This kit has all of the things needed to detail the inside and outside of your vehicle. The drill attachments, detail brushes and the tire brush have soft bristles. I really like the items included in this kit. I¡¯d say any person who likes to have a clean, sparkly car would love to have this kit.

  314. shannon roberson

    Bought this product for my husband to wash our cars and he loves it. Buying this was cheaper than taking our cars to the car wash every other week. Great product if you like doing it yourself.

  315. HollyDae

    We love it!!

  316. Kevin R

    I was definitely pleased with everything included with this kit. All of the included parts are of good quality and this was even better than I was expecting! Highly recommend!

  317. STEIN

    This kit has everything necessary to do a pro detail except consumables. And I mean that literally. Many cleaning brushes to take care of anything that needs cleaning. Wash mits and micro fiber towels and cloths. Wax application pads. This kit makes it simple to detail most antything.

  318. Denise Perez

    So far so good. Everything is very good quality and does the job.

  319. Vivian

    I like it for my family members


    Way better quality than what I was expecting and fast shipping. I’m going to order more for back up for when the brushes or other tools wear out. Thank you!

  321. Jai Sri Astrology

    I get really frustrated sometimes when it comes to cleaning hard to reach areas. I really didn’t think twice about ordering this when I saw it and frankly didn’t even look closely at all the items included before I ordered it. When it arrived and I opened the box I was like “wow” there is so much stuff in here. I mean, every single thing I needed or wanted in a cleaning kit like this. The microfiber towels, are super awesome. Really, high quality, much better than I normally buy at home depot. I’ve bought 3 different microfiber packs over the last few months and kept feeling like I was getting ripped off. For a while I kept thinking, “well maybe microfiber towels aren’t as good as I remember them being.” Once I got this kit and used these microfibers, I was like “yeah, this is the way I remember them.” All the little brushes, the drill attachments for scrubbing and buffing, and the window blind cleaning tool are just top quality items. I’m really impressed. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a great value.

  322. S

    I don’t know where you can get a better bang for your buck. It’s worth buying this kit if you only need 2-3 of the pieces.
    For example, the wheel brush costs $15 at my local AutoZone. The drill brushes are $10 for 2 at home depot. The plush microfibers will run you a couple bucks each. The brushes typically go for 10-ish dollars. Throw in everything else and that’s probably another 15-30$ worth of supplies. You are getting so much value with this kit it makes you wonder why other companies are charging such high prices for detailing gear that is equal to or lesser quality than the stuff in this kit

    This has a lot of the pieces you’ll need to get really good results. Some of it is a bit gimmicky like the goop, window wipes, and vent brush but maybe you’ll like them.

  323. Jamie Campbell

    It cleans your car close to perfect! It’s not hard to figure out how to use it. This makes it easier to stay home then go to a car wash!

  324. Red

    I wish it came with anything to identify the brushes and uses for those of us who don’t do detailing as a matter of course, but I can’t wait to use this in my vehicle. The brushes are very high quality and the come with all necessary attachments.

  325. Ashh

    I can’t complain about anything with the product. The price was good, the vacuum works really well for the car, and all the gadgets especially the microfiber rags are great! I would definitely buy again and suggest this to friends!

  326. M. Sweat

    This is a nice quality set of car detailing tools. The goop is great at getting those fine particles out that a brush or vacuum may leave behind. The brushes are a soft bristle and feel like the ones at the car wash. You have all the tools you need, minus the drill, which most of us have, to do your own detailing with this kit.

  327. Mark Santora

    All very useful

  328. Jay

    Just before I selected this, I had just bought a fancy car cleaning kit from a chain wholesale store. That was a mistake. When I compared this with that other one, I went back to the wholesale store and returned that, keeping this.

    What I received
    I received a sealed (thank you) rectangular heavy duty brown cardboard packaged, measuring about 16?” x 6?¡± x 6″ and weighing in close to a heavy (3?) pounds of cleaning tools. [A sealed package gives me peace of mind that anything inside was clean and untampered with.]

    Describe the package
    The package was plain brown and ¡°did¡± have the brand name and marketing information on the exterior of the package, that described this as being the ¡°Ultimate Car Detailing Kit.¡± I do not disagree.

    What¡¯s inside the package
    Inside of course were (19) pieces of car cleaning supplies and tools, which can be used on the interior and exterior.

    1 Long-Handle Car Wheel Brush,
    1 Tire Brush,
    5 Car Detailing Brushes,
    2 Car Foam Drill Polishing Pads,
    2 Woolen Polishing Pads,
    1 Sponge Backer,
    1 Microfiber Car Wash Mitt,
    2 Car Washing Towels,
    1 Jar of Car Cleaning Gel
    2 Microfiber Wax Applicators
    1 Vent Brush,
    3 Wire Brushes,
    3 Car Detailing Drill Brushes; and
    6 Glass Washer Cleaning Tablets

    Do I need more?
    I cannot think of more than what was included, for a basic set, other than for a person to do the job for me.

    Accuracy of listing
    Everything was as described and as pictured, including the listing¡¯s video, which is a great example of what and how to use the set, I could not have done better to show.

    Some dimensions
    Nothing is small and cheap; you have oversized pieces. For instance, the long-handled rim brush is 17¡± long and 2? wide. Some of the other brushes are also nicely sized, in the 6¡± to 10¡± sizes and as wide as 1¡± to 4¡±. The two (2) microfiber towels are about 15¡± square, are easily two (2) ply, and are heavy, each towel weighs in at over (4) ounces. The 11¡± x 7?¡± chenille sponge weighs in at over (4) ounces, has what I have never seen or heard (crunchy) before, an inside waterproof insulation lining, and can fit a large hand with no problem

    Even for a drill
    Some of the attachments can even be attached to a drill, immediately.

    Every piece works as intended. The brushes scrub off the ground-in dirt off the tires, the chenille mitt cleans smoothly, and the microfiber towels dry and squeeze out nicely. That super cleaning putty really works, the first time I have used such a product, and I did not see any residues deposited.

    The price is less than a dollar a piece. Incredible value

    Criticisms and/or suggestion(s).
    I wish the wheel brush was chenille, rather than nylon. I wish some of the brushes were hair, rather than nylon. I am concerned with wear and scratching of paint or plastic. (Rubber on the tires or wheel wells, not so much.) I am not keen that a bactericide is in the ingredient of the cleaning goop gel, so I always wear gloves when using. I wish a bucket, with a lid, was included for all this stuff to be stored in. I would pay more for some of my wishes, but not too much more, ha ha. Otherwise, I do use all these pieces on a decades old car that is my beater and some of the children¡¯s bicycles, that I am not that worried about a hairline scratch. Also, a small bottle of fancy car wash would have been nice. If made really good, I would buy it, because I am always looking for a nice car wash. This idea holds true for an interior cleaner or wax. I mean a windshield wash package of tabs was included, so it¡¯s along the same idea.

    Fit & Finish
    Everything is flawlessly made, sturdy, and durable. Not a single nylon bristle removed, I know, I tugged away. Even the towels were perfectly sewn, not a stitch out of place.

    As a gift?
    Would make an okay gift, the plain brown packaging has more of a warehouse than retail look. But once opened, it¡¯s like going through a treasure chest, which everybody loves. The recipient will think you spent twice as much.

    Country of origin?
    I have no idea where this was made, other than the package had a UPC like sticker that referenced made in China.

    The value?
    Considering the totality, the price, as of January 2023, between $20 and $30 is incredible value. As mentioned, I returned a cleaning kit for this, because it offered so much more and was just as high in quality, for comparable pieces. These are less than a dollar an item, wow.

    I do like this kit and yes, I would select this again.

    I hope my thoughts offered useful information.

  329. Ty Edwards

    Everything seems to be pretty decent. Only thing i didn¡¯t like is the wash mitt has a plastic liner in it that is really loud and annoying. All the brushes, rags, and applicators are pretty nice though. They will do the job and cannot complain on the price

  330. Elites

    Very Good Quality Product For The Money.

    This is Cuoreca Car Detailing Kit Interior Cleaner 19 Pcs, Washable Inside Car Cleaning Kit, Premium Quality Professional Car Wash Brush Kit and Set, Auto Detailing Kit, Perfect for Cars, Motor Bikes, and Wheels.

    This is a complete kit for washing an automobile of high quality. The brushes are quite robust but soft enough to not be harsh in order to offer the best cleaning. Every attachment has a specific function. The 19-piece cleaning package has a ton of useful tools to clean or detail your car, and they all function well. The foam applicator pads are excellent for waxing, and the little brushes are fantastic for small crevices. drill brushes to clean the exterior and microfiber sponges for the interior I’m eager to clean my automobile now that I can get to hard-to-reach locations that I previously couldn’t.

  331. Karen

    My husband keeps his car super clean. He was using a rag and squeezing his hands in between the seats to try and clean. This kit is amazing, has all the bells and whistles. He adores this kit. It’s easy to use and does a great job

  332. Kbaker

    I love it!

  333. Tyler morgan

    Everything you need to start detailing, everything holds well

  334. Tony

    Easy to use

  335. Dorian Gonzales

    My husband bought this package and after he was done his truck looked brand new.

  336. Robin Spicer

    He loves it

  337. Christopher Ray

    Great products. Great price

  338. KERW

    Brushes broke in the drill

  339. Brittney Jones

    Husband loved it for Valentine¡¯s day

  340. Michaela

    Awesome kit for the money!

  341. Dasha

    Everything else works fine.

  342. Jean B

    I purchased this for my daughter she absolutely loved it!

  343. Jimmy

    Good for the price great for personal use not commercial use

  344. Peter Evans

    Good value for money.

  345. Aaron Peterson

    I have paid more for a single pack of microfiber cloths than what this entire kit costs – so it is a great value! Most of the accessories are for exterior detailing and this was a great compliment to my power sprayer/washer. There are a few accessories for cleaning the inside as well – but you will still need protectant wipes and/or cleaning supplies for the inside. Since this is my first detailing kit I cannot compare it to any others, but I still think I could not get my car as clean as a professional detailing (I am quite sure that is technique and has nothing to do with the quality of this kit 😉

    Overall does a great job and is a great value with reasonably good quality.

  346. J. Z

    I love cleaning products. It¡¯s sad, but I do! Seeing all of it in the box made me smile.
    There are good quality brushes (my fave in the box), towels, drill brushes, tablets for window cleaning, cleaning slime, and so many other things. You can make your car shiny with it! Not only car actually; you can use it for cleaning other things.
    I am very happy with the things.
    Thank you!!

  347. Keta’s Sweet Treats &Custom Teez

    These products were easy to use as I’m not familiar with detailing vehicles but this kit was easy highly recommended

  348. MooMoo

    Good price and good quality

  349. Kevin Edwards

    Looked better before I brought it

  350. Bryan Subias

    Good starter kit

  351. BB

    The 4.53in drill brush broke on first use very disappointed but everything else works fine

  352. Michelle

    This is the best kit you can find for your buck. This kit contains all the necessary products to clean up your car yourself. If you¡¯re the person who hates straps and scrubbers inside of a car wash which mess up ceramic outing of your car, then this kit is exactly what you need.
    It contains 19 pieces of car cleaning supplies and tools, which can be used on the interior and exterior for all cleaning and detailing purposes.
    I cannot think of what else could be required to have a mint clean vehicle more than what was included, for a basic set, other than for a person to do the job for me for that amount of money.
    Nothing is small and cheap, everything looks perfect and does the job well.
    If you¡¯re that car person who always wants to keep his vehicle clean and shinning, this is exactly what you¡¯re looking for.

  353. Felix Irizarry

    Excellent set

  354. Israel champion

    Fast shipping product was all there and looked in good order so far nothing has messed up.

  355. S. Blake

    Fair quality. I¡¯d rate it 5 of 10


    This product includes a lot of stuff with nice quality and price! You can put in your trunk to clean you me car outside and inside any time you want!

  357. muhammad alzahrani



    I was completely shocked when I opened the box. Everything is good quality. Especially for the price. Thanks for a great product! I’ll tell my friends!

  359. Tonya Freeman

    I have to say I’m not great at detailing my car but I do try to keep it clean. I ordered this kit and it is the best bang for your buck. It comes with all the tools needed to help make detailing my car easier. It also helped make it faster too, because I now have the proper tools for the job. Highly recommend.

  360. Bill

    Everything I need to wash the cars. I just put it all in the wash bucket and everything is right there to get the job done.

  361. johanna h.

    Lavariedad de piezas para los distintos espacios peque?os donde entra la suciedad

  362. Lymarie Melecio

    Love these tools very helpful

  363. koty

    Everything you would need to fully detail your vehicle and more!

  364. Ash

    I am extremely particular about what I let touch my car, so here’s my review of the product. I would say this is a good and maybe great introductory car detailing set.

    Everything arrived as advertised in the description. For me, when I wash my car, I do it in stages and have different microfiber towels for each stage, so I would have liked a few more towels, but that would make the kit more expensive.

    Tires / wheels – everything was good here. I use a combo of a microfiber towel and soft bristle brush. However, either I only use the microfiber towel on the wheels/tires, or I use it on the base (rocker panel) of the car. So I need a few more towels as you will see later on.

    Body of car – Microfiber towels will cling to all of the dirt that they come in contact with, and then that dirt and debris will scratch the car paint. So I always use 3 different types of microfiber tools to clean the body. First the regular microfiber towels (included in this set) to get the bottom part of the car (these towels are easier to clean). These towels were of nice quality. Next, after the heavy lifting, I use the mitts (included in this set). These were also fine. I don’t want much debris getting stuck in these mitts because once in there it’s really difficult to get out. Finally I use my microfiber sponge to clean the debris free car. This kit doesn’t have the cleaning sponge, but I guess that’s ok.

    Drying – I have a set of microfiber drying towels to dry the car after its completely clean (btw I always wash these towels separately so they don’t get any dirt on them). It would be great if this kit had a set of drying towels.

    Waxing – I really don’t trust the pads or accessories here for waxing my car. For some people, there might be a use for them, but for the wax that I use, I spray it and wipe. I prefer a special edgeless microfiber towel for applying wax and I also try to keep it extremely clean and never wash with the dirty cleaning towels.

    Interior – The interior tools are pretty nice, and I have to admit, I never thought of using the detailing brush on exterior grill of the car, so that was pretty useful. Eventually, I’ll probably use the pads on the car interior as well so that they don’t go to waste.

    Overall this is a good set. For the price, I don’t think you can ask for much more. If they sold or mentioned drying towels that would be helpful. If you’re just starting and need a detailing kit, this would work for you and would be a good place to start. Just expect to compliment your kit with a few more accessories over time if/when you have additional needs.

  365. Darvel

    I’ve tried a few of these kits and there’s always been some brush or something that wasn’t included that felt really important as a “detailing kit”. I feel that if something is considered a kit, it should include everything essential to doing the job. Everything necessary. This one does. One of the brushes that is always sorely lacking is the long, deep wheel brush. Those are always excluded from these kits and I think it’s so important to get a good exterior detail done to completion. Overall, I love this kit and highly recommend it!

  366. Carlos martinez

    I ended up not needing it, anyone know how to contact ttdream

  367. Adrian Andrade


  368. jon

    Washing cars

  369. Andrea Castillo

    I would recommend this I tried it on my car. This product did a great job. I would buy more of this product.

  370. tom

    Gets the job done. Wish it came with a carrying bag

  371. John eddison arenas diaz

    Muy completo

  372. Huy Le

    The set comes with such a diverse selection of tools, which really astonished me. This kit provides you with a wide selection of brushes, sponges, and polishing pads that are suited for use on various components of your vehicle, ranging from the wheels to the inside. The wheel drill brush set is especially noteworthy due to the fact that it can be attached to a power drill and makes it very easy to clean rims and tires. In addition, the quality of the brushes and sponges is of the highest possible standard. They are constructed from long-lasting materials that are meant to resist a high volume of usage as well as regular cleaning. I was very delighted by the microfiber towels that were included with the package. These towels are really plush and absorbent, which makes them ideal for use on the outside of your vehicle while you are cleaning and polishing it. It was not difficult or complicated at all to use the tools that were included in the package. Because of the ergonomic form of the brushes and sponges and the comfortable fit they provide in your hand, you will have no trouble maneuvering them wherever they are within your vehicle. It is also simple to connect the wheel drill brush set to your power drill, which speeds up and improves the cleaning of your wheels and tires.

  373. Sharon

    The brushes are all perfect for the different automotive detailing needs. I¡¯m impressed with the microfiber applicators.

  374. Michele Hofer

    Great value for the money, quite sturdy and gets the job done!

  375. Kevin J.

    Demasiado buenos, resistentes y no tan abrasivos, hasta mi esposa los utilizo y le encantaron, obviamente debes saber donde va cada pieza o donde debes usarla, pero muy eficiente el trabajo

  376. Thomas-James Thompson

    Product got here a day early. Neatly organized package. Everything needed to do a thorough cleaning if my interior. I won’t likely use many pieces because of the variety of items!

  377. Michael McCart

    I’m grateful ! Thanks!

  378. Courtney

    It didn¡¯t clean nothing properly.. wasn¡¯t nun of the proper things were in there.. a waste of money

  379. Tyler Glover

    This kit includes pretty well made stuff. I¡¯ve used it a handful of times for my business but so far it is holding up well. The red towel does wonders for leather seats.

  380. Esteban Morante

    Excelente calidad

  381. Sandra P.

    This kit has everything I need to keep my new car looking great!

  382. Tony Serrano

    I used this item to detail my new Chevy Truck.
    Every tool you need. 1Kit

  383. Kichy


  384. Monique

    I haven’t used everything yet but so far everything looks good and functions as desired. Very pleased with the product.

  385. TK

    If you detail cars as well worth it

  386. Sairaag

    Great beginner detailing kit, it comes with interior, exterior cleaning brushes, wax application and different types wheel brushes. If you are just starting out and in a budget this is the perfect kit for you. The drill attachment brush is great for cleaning my rubber matts on my truck and the vent brushes make it a breeze to clean the AC vent that always gets dusty!

  387. Juan Orrego

    More attachments than expected and nicer quality too. Also, when there were issues activating the warranty I did receive a prompt response.

  388. Delonte

    I love this product

  389. Robert C.

    Contains everything one would need to detail a car!!!

  390. Crystal

    This is so perfect to detail a car. I love everything that comes with it

  391. Trampas Nolan

    This is what you can achieve!

  392. Enid Medina

    Everything I could possibly need to detail my car inside and out!

  393. BO

    It comes in a kit, very portable. Vaccum is very powerful, and all the attacments are handy. Love everything about this order, you need to get it.

  394. Chris crimes

    I used almost everything in the box today and my car looks amazing!

  395. Pamela Harrison

    Husband very happy with them

  396. Brittany

    Works great.

  397. Lorraine

    Definitely not the best set but not the worse. You do get a lot of pieces for your money but some are cheaply made.

  398. Hayden

    It worked great for cleaning out my door jambs and fender wells

  399. Rohitraj Singh

    The quality of the tools in the kit is impressive. The brushes are made of sturdy and durable materials that won’t scratch or damage your vehicle’s surfaces. The microfiber towels are soft and absorbent, making them ideal for wiping down surfaces and removing dirt and grime.
    One standout feature of this kit is the versatility of the tools. There are brushes of different sizes and shapes, making it easy to clean all the nooks and crannies of your car. The kit also includes a spray bottle, allowing you to mix your own cleaning solution or use your preferred brand.

  400. Herlove Pierre

    Good products for personal car cleaning or even for car washing businesses. Brushes are really strong. I¡¯ll definitely recommend it

  401. Sho

    For the price you pay, all 19 pieces included in this box is really worth it. I was expecting a bunch of cheap stuff but i decided to give it a try. Everything included was high quality, even the micro fiber towels are really soft and absorbent.

  402. 5CM

    This kit has things you don¡¯t even know you need to clean your car! The slime goo stuff is my favorite. My kids love to make a mess in my car and this kit has everything I could think of needing to tackle their messes! From the snacks to dirt from baseball, there¡¯s something to clean up everything in this kit!!

  403. baconfeet

    This cleaning kit is great for the weekend washing. It has high quality microfiber towels and gloves. The detailing brushes and cleaning attachments hnents get the tough dirt off. And clean easily. So happy I purchased this!

  404. Lissa

    These are great cleaning helpers! I used them to clean my car – the vents and all the areas that are hard to reach. Also good for cleaning keyboards or dusting the crevices of wood cabinets, coffee/end tables, or tv stands. They’re good for all kinds of cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the brushes, no doubt these will be around awhile!

  405. Missy

    I appreciated the items inside, but the quality of them was not worth it

  406. Puko Fox

    I ordered these brushes to clean my cars. They came in a good package and were in great condition. These are made out of high quality materials and assembled well. Each brush performed great when cleaning my cars.

  407. LeslieD

    My husband has a classic muscle car that he shows and these brushes are great to tuck away in the glove box and use as needed for touch ups at shows. The bristles are soft and work great to remove little crumbs and dust that accumulate in cracks & crevices, keeping the car in show-quality condition. There are 5 brushes that will reach any area that needs a quick cleanup. Great item!

  408. Happy Gal. Mostly.

    My husband is obsessive about clean cars, and he really likes these brushes. Each one offers something a little different in terms of flexibility and sturdiness. We used these on our cars with leather interior and they were gentle enough on the leather, but strong enough to reach into crevices.

    The brushes can be used wet or dry, and the heads twist off for easy cleaning – plus the handles have a hole so we can hang them on hooks for easy storage. As far as I can tell, they’ll hold up for a while. They didn’t fray or lose any bristles after use.

    I’m also thinking these would work great for cleaning around the window casings of our boat, around the edges of mirror frames or even cleaning heating vents and cold hair returns in our house as those are hard to clean with just a rag. For the price – this is a great value and are useful for so much more than just cars. Happy buyer over here!

  409. Aaron D Jump

    Pack of 5 brushes that are great for detailing inside and outside your car, easy to clean and use and are big so they are easy to hold

  410. Ron Wis

    These are nice detailing brushes with a variety of stiffness levels that vary from firm to very soft for different parts of the car. The bristles do not shed. The handles are long and easy to hold. Recommended.

  411. Steve

    Good set of detail brushes with 5 brushes of 4 different types. From soft interior brushes to medium and stiff brushes for wheels and under the hood. No initial shedding from the bristles and the quality feels very good. We’ll see how they do over time, but if cared for properly I think they will last a long time. Enjoy the instructions from the back that I included as my last pic. Not the most comical I’ve seen but they were certainly not written in America 🙂 Definitely recommend.

  412. granolachic

    We love extra clean cars so having quality brushes is a must. The large one stands up to rigorous scrubbing of rims and other outside crevices and the smaller ones are great for detailing the inside. Highly recommended.

  413. Samantha

    Amazing product! For just starting in detailing this product is perfect for beginners!

  414. r Willis

    This kit is relatively inexpensive for what you get . After a couple of uses, the drill adapted brushes work fine for alloy wheels. The foam pads seem like they may not last. I¡¯ve found that interior gel works better for cleaning tight spots better than the provided interior brushes. The wash mit is average. And the wire brushes work well. But for folks on a budget, this is a decent kit and will make a nice Father¡¯s Day surprise.

  415. CrysHaz8

    I’m so happy I came across this car brush set!! I just got started detailing and have limited funds and this set fit the budget. It works great and is monumental in getting us started. Thank you so much!

  416. WRH

    Need a collection of VERY soft brushes to get into all those nooks, crannies and crevices to remove dust, dirt and debris that even a vacuum doesn’t seem to do well with. These are for you.

    Great for car interiors, electronics and anything else you need to clean without scratching. Yes, they can be washed out for cleaning.

    I’ve needed something like this for quite some time and I’m glad I got them. Very good bargain.

  417. Cairn T

    Good package with tons of accessories

  418. WAEW

    Overall great car detail kit for the price. Comes with a wide variety of detail brushes and cleaning tools!

  419. Andrew

    Idk how, but the person I was gifting was very happy with it

  420. Robert L. Enoch

    To help clean and detail cars

  421. I love how everything works and how sturdy all the product is.

    product was sturdy and works amazing

  422. Sameh Abdullatif

    Thank you for the gift

  423. Josue Madrigal

    I got this box for my son because he is always cleaning his car and he loves it??

  424. Nathalie

    This has every tool to clean ur car perfect and have it looking new

  425. carrie

    I¡¯ve used every piece of this kit and have been pretty happy. I have OCD and always have to have a very clean interior. This kit was very convenient with products and they all actually had a function, unlike other kits. All pieces were good and felt like quality products.

  426. ATD

    This brush set is well made and comes with a variety of brushes for various uses. They work well and are a good value.

  427. karlpan

    Amazing car wash kit, I do car wash by myself all the time and this is exactly what I need and I bought it, paid same price and got everything I need for car wash, the different sizes brush, foam sprayer, rugs, even comes with bucket, really amazing!

  428. Jon C

    Good for getting dust out of cracks

  429. Bookworm

    There are 5 brushes with hair ranging from slightly soft to very soft and fine. They are great for detailing inside the car in all the hard to reach small places, nooks and crannies. They are easy to use and do not require a manual. Good set.

  430. Ivan

    The wheel brush worked very well for me, things work properly if you are careful. I give them the stars because the rags don’t dry at all, they don’t absorb the slightest drop of water. You just move the water from the car from one place to another and it takes three times as long as using a yellow microfiber cloth that is supposed to be more basic.

  431. chole

    this package come everything inside the package ,and compact size,
    i wash it using my garden hose, and works fine,

  432. Cwbrackett

    There are plenty of different brushes for all kinds of jobs when detailing your vehicle

  433. Great product definitely recommend

    Definitely recommend decent price for the things that come with it

  434. Sochea Chin

    Easy clean

  435. Ashley

    This car cleaning kit is complete with clean your car inside and out. I found the drill attachment really good for cleaning the wheels and rims. I would definitely recommend the kit.

  436. daju

    I needed these badly for cleaning and detailing my vehicles. These brushes have a good handle grip, long and easy to maneuver. The bristles are perfect in length with various style for a specific purpose. Made with quality and great workmanship on every single detailing brush. It can clean the corners, inside hard to reach areas and every knook and cranny. These came with five brushes from ultra soft brush, boar hair bristles brush, bristle brush and pp microfiber brush. This is a great gift idea for Father¡¯s Day or Mother¡¯s Day.

  437. Marcos Montes

    Like. Deatiling my cars

  438. Tammy

    Fast delivery, good price

  439. Rebecca

    These brushes are a great size to use on many things but to have them to detail your vehicle is a great addition to your cleaning brushes for your vehicle. I know I have the basics of the tire brush and cleaning brush and the rim brush but I have never had the interior brushes like these to use and these work like a charm. There is a brush in this kit for any crack or crevice you may have in your vehicle that you need to clean. I have also used them in my home for cleaning those hard to get to spots that my vacuum cannot clean out and they work great on wicker baskets. This biggest problem I have is where to keep them, in the house or the garage!

  440. beachbella

    I like that it contained everything I need to get dirt off if my car…all in one kit!

  441. Bassin85

    Havent used it yet. Recieved it fast brushes are nice.

  442. Fernando

    Muy buena calidad, satisface la expectativa en la compra

  443. MG Driver

    Very happy with the quality and variety of tools in this kit.

    My only, minor, concern is that the tools do not fit in the supplied carrying case. Even the box they came in fell apart. I just bought an inexpensive gym bag to keep them in.

    I just received this kit and will repost after I have used the brushes for a couple of months

  444. Allison

    You absolutely need to wash the rags before use. Left little yellow pieces everywhere. Slime is ok. Doesn¡¯t work super good. Brushes were nice however!

  445. carp

    These brushes are affordable and nice. There is some shedding in the beginning, but that¡¯s expected and it¡¯s not egregious. It holds up well over all.

    I love the selection you get, especially for the price. You have a lot of widths and lengths and material, so any detailing needs you have for the car will be met. Some are stiffer, some are softer.

    They work well and lather just like my expensive brushes on emblems and grilles on my Civic. I don¡¯t use all of them for detailing, I keep one at the desk to clean up dust around my electronics. Highly recommend.

  446. David Moll


  447. Joseph botello


  448. T-Rex Wes

    Work great

  449. Crystal

    ?Please watch video for lots of details on the brushes.
    These brushes have many uses from automobile detailing to electronic cleaning. Hard plastic handles with epoxyed down bristles on all the brush heads. From ultra buttery soft to light medium stiffness.. and assortment to have for cleaning….

  450. Kay Imary

    Bought for my husband as a Valentine¡¯s Day gift , he¡¯s starting his detailing company & it was perfect! He loved it!

  451. Liberty

    I bought this kit for replacement items for my serial business and really wanted the bag that other people said it came with. Unfortunately mine did not come with the bag therefore I am giving it the 4 stars as everything else seems of great quality.

  452. thu dinh

    Great products for the value. Beginning of a love for detailing.

  453. Shae

    I love this brush set, the different densities of the different brushes makes cleaning small and tight areas inside my car super easy, I also recommend a car vacuum paired with the brushes for a deeper clean!

  454. Justina J.

    Very good quality product. All works great.

  455. wabbitt

    Only used it once before my HOA & city banned car washed because of the drought. Hopefully the van is over and I can car wash again when it warms up.

  456. Car man

    Good product

  457. Ashley

    These brushes are great for detailing a car but beware that some bristles will come out of the brushes and that is to be expected to an extent. These brushes are made with different jobs in mind. There is a soft one for gentle detailing and there are a couple for rougher detailing meant for a scrubbing type job such as crevices on tires. That is where I saw bristles come out of my brushes. That is still what makes these brushes worth it because the job these guys can do made me feel like a new person even though it was my car that was so fresh and clean.

  458. Alexander villega

    No trae taladro como se ve en la imagen y tampoco trae el palo largo para los cepillos despu¨¦s est¨¢ todo bien

  459. Jason Wilcox

    These detail brushes seem good quality and have thus far not been dropping bristles. I’ve used them wet and dry depending on my needs at the time. They are easy to hold onto when wet and with gloves on. Would recommend.

  460. Brittany Everett

    It¡¯s got everything in it and it¡¯s a good size that can fit under my boyfriends truck seat in the back

  461. Anthony Ruiz

    Great, haven’t had the time to use everything, but if I ever need to deep cleaning my car I have everything I need.

  462. Bonnie Rabinowitz

    This was a gift for someone but it looked pretty good.

  463. James L

    MateAuto 5 PCS Car Detailing Brush Set
    I find this set of 5 auto detail brushes to be quality and convenient to use. The handles are long, balanced and easy to work with. The package has 5 brushes: fiber brushes (3), soft and bushy and boar bristle. Each serves a purpose according to need from soft, rigid, wide and fluffy. Can be used for interior or exterior detail, as well. any desired project. The bristle boar fibers are secured well into the handle. Easy to clean and store. It comes with holes in the handles for hanging. Manufactured well with no detectable flaws. It is rewarding to clean areas where the vacuum or a rag won’t suffice. Good value.

  464. Daniel

    Comes with many useful things for automotive cleaning use. Not bad for the price. There might be better quality stuff compared to this but it¡¯ll definitely get the job done!

  465. John Stumbo

    Overall awesome car cleaning kit meets all my expectations.
    Comes in with 19 pieces for deep cleaning, durable, easy to use and complete value for money.

    I’m happy with the purchase and will recommend it to my friends and family members 🙂

  466. Nicole

    This compact detailer set comes with everything you need to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Everything you need to do clean every surface of your vehicle. These combined with my favorite auto cleaning products make light work of detailing my vehicle. I really like that everything fits into a small bag that I can keep in my cargo area. My favorite to is the window cleaner because it can get every corner of my front and rear windshield without much work at all. The wheel brush works great too. It is dome shaped so it really gets every nook and cranny. I think the wax buffer pads are cool too beefsteak instead of having to buy a buffer machine, I can just insert the included attachment to my screw gun and it works great. This would also make a great gift as well.

  467. MochaDiva

    So sorry, I didn¡¯t consider taking a photo first. Nevertheless, this auto car kit delivered all the items described & was exactly what I wanted. I very satisfied with my purchase??

  468. JP

    The MateAuto 5PCS Car Detailing Brush Set is a good value. I use it mainly on my motorcycle.

  469. Zakhar Likhina

    Vacuum cleaner is great. Thank you

  470. Anton

    All you need is a power drill to work with all the useful attachments. Got my wheels so unbelievably clean. Brushes to get into the tight spots of your air vents. Used flat brush attachment to do a rug scrub on my floors. Came out so good. Love this kit

  471. Heather Whitcraft

    This is a nice bundle. Everything has worked perfectly so far

  472. cody

    This is def a good set and the prices are not cheap feeling either.

  473. Tony

    I liked it

  474. Orlando Garcia

    Have not tried it as yet but looks great. Got it as promised. Will review it once I use it.

  475. josh mcgowan

    The quality of these products r amazing will definitely buy it again once these ones wear out 10/10 recommend

  476. Jennifer Adams-Jones

    This is a great detail set. I have used it in my Jeep, RV, and in my bathrooms. I only wish the microfiber cloths were bigger- but they still work fine.

  477. Oscar Cardona

    Good product

  478. p

    Great price for the number of detail items you get! I have very short arms so cleaning the inside of my windshield is a pain in the ass. I thought since the texture of the window cleaning pad is soft that it would be streak free but hot damn was I wrong… everything else is great but the window cleaning arm is bad bad bad…

  479. Conner H.

    felt a little bit cheap/plasticky but it got the job done. Not bad for small business

  480. Allen Spurr

    This is a nice selection of detailing brushes and tools for beginner detailers or someone who takes their car cleaning a little more serious than their neighbor..
    Everything you need to get into the nooks and crannies to get the hard to reach stuff. The brushes come in both stiffer and softer options which is great for interior and exterior surfaces. The towels are soft and scratch free.
    Overall a great buy!

  481. John R

    The product is very useful for the price

  482. Gabe

    Price and easy to use

  483. isabel

    Easy to use and does what it’s suppose to. Great buy for the price.

  484. Dayna

    So i got this kit because it bring a variety of items! All good quality nothing broke on the first day

  485. Eni

    I didn¡¯t know how deep you can clean with just a brush
    I used them to clean my suv before I trade it
    Definitely gives that cleanse a vip touch

  486. Juan alejandro

    Excellent product I liked it very much

  487. KERE

    Love this kit! Helps my 2014 car look brand new! very easy to use as well.

  488. Roman Okilko

    Very good for using

  489. Billy

    Shipping was fast and packaged well. It’s ok for the money..

  490. Legacy Eutopia

    Used this to clean many items. Works great. Attaches easily to my personal drill. The small brushes are not very sturdy, flimsy, and do not clean well. Everything else is good quality.

  491. kia

    Really just need one brush that does the job. Is great for the nooks and crannies

  492. Julio Castro III

    Great items for the price

  493. Tammy Caperton

    I think it is a great deal, the quality is good. Wish they included a guide or instructions on the items as there are so many.

  494. Cristian Mena Lozada

    Recib¨ª todo c¨®mo est¨¢ en la foto, s¨²per buena calidad

  495. CARGOD

    nice kit with a number of items to use

  496. Jennifer Barahona

    Love love Thais rt
    Greta for self detail
    Soft on your car interior

  497. D

    Have not used it yet

  498. Ash

    Every thing included in this purchase has helped tremendously while cleaning and detailing cars. Nothing has broke and I¡¯ve cleaned 10 cars!

  499. NaJay McNeill

    I was considering starting a car detail business, so I bought this kit. I cleaned my sister’s car.
    The brushes came in handy and got the job done. I was able to get in all the small spaces. I especially like the long brush for the tires. This was a smart buy.

  500. Ogbadu O.

    It contains a lot of different things to use

  501. Un muy buen producto cumple con lo que promete

    I got it very well and I tried it and the car was very well the truth is a product that you will not regret.

  502. Nicole Smith

    I can finally get every nook and cranny with all these tools. The cloth is soft and I can just throw in the wash and reuse. The little detailing brushes are amazing. The slime stuff I could¡¯ve gone without but is cool if you want the kids to help

  503. Matt Likwarz

    I love these brushes for cleaning out my engine bay. I recently bought a 99 Ranger and the engine bay way very dirty. I think the previous owner ripped up a few farm fields with it. I used these brushes to knock off a bunch of the dried on mud before I hit it with water and it worked great.
    With this set you get a few different brushes that range in stiffness. The really stiff brushes worked great for the really hard mud and some of the small nooks and crannies. The softer brushes are good for light dust and pollen.
    If you’re sick of a dirty engine bay I would give these brushes a look. The brush end also unscrews for easy cleaning, not that you need to do that to clean it off.

  504. evoryware

    My wheel is ceramic coated so I think the wheel brush may be a little to rough, but the kit on a whole is very nice!

  505. Dannie

    i love this product i needed to detail my car and it worked great!!!

  506. Albert Pecan

    Very good detailing set especially with this price. It has everything you need to clean your car or your house. Brushes for metal surfaces microfiber fabrics. Handwashing glove everything is considered elaborately.

  507. Luis Beristain

    Pretty decent

  508. Michael Zandrowicz

    Good product works well

  509. Jenny H

    Great products for detailing cars , it makes the process faster

  510. Toli McKenzie

    Works on tite spot and carpet

  511. Brendan Sheehan

    The amount of products in this package is really incredible. The glove to wash and the microfiber were the most useful for me but it’s fun to have so many other options. Half of the things i’ve never used before! (that’s a good thing). I look forward to using this more this summer.

  512. CAT

    Everything you need is in the kit just get a drill

  513. Soonerfan

    The most items for a cheap price.

  514. Ashley dixon

    Great value and car cleaning kit. I just wish it came with a bag to keep this stored neatly in your vehicle.

  515. Ashley D

    I love this set it works really well the bits fit my drill great ?? and I’ve had no problems

  516. Angel Douglas

    Seem like almost a complete kit to do all of your detailing needs for your car. Include pictures so you can see what comes in the box.

    I was able to detail a Honda Civic and a Nissan Altima and they both came out good.

    Nice kit

  517. David Fetter

    Lots of cheap stuff crammed into a box labeled ¡°Tools box.¡± Need I say more? Definitely Made in China!! Better to go to your local auto store and assemble your own kit.

  518. Ryan

    great value for my basic purposes

  519. Vanessa Long

    Very useful and effective when cleaning car and come with the the pieces to get every place in my car

  520. Shane Behounek

    Works great

  521. Melissa

    My daughter is learning how to detail cars, this was a great buy with decent stuff in it! The case is handy as well, keeps everything organized!

  522. Darkenedcrow

    I’ve been looking for an interior cleaning kit for awhile. Finally broke down and got one and it’s amazing. Used the slime to clean out my cup holders. The vent duster is amazing. Took all that dust off that your fingers can’t reach. Comes with a buffer and polisher. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Very satisfied

  523. Kc

    Everything was included as advertised. Good product.

  524. Darren Sibley

    Mostly a good product, but you get what you pay for. Cheaply made but gets the job done and very sturdy.

  525. Laith Dawoud

    The drill attachment brushes they provide aren¡¯t really durable. And the brushes for the wheels are harder than I thought they¡¯d be

  526. VDRW

    This kit was great! I had everything I needed to detail my car on my own! I would mention that a softer brush is absolutely needed for interior. I wish you could pick and choose different brushes for a kit. That would be cool

  527. Anthony Thomas

    I recently purchased the Cuoreca Car Detailing Kit Interior Cleaner, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. This comprehensive 19-piece set has everything you need to achieve a spotless interior for your car, making it a must-have for any car enthusiast or professional detailer.

    In terms of value for money, this kit is hard to beat. Considering the number of high-quality tools included, the price is reasonable and offers excellent bang for your buck. It saves you the hassle and expense of purchasing individual cleaning items separately.

  528. sarfaraz ahmed

    As you can see in picture there are a lot of things that come within one package which is very amazing there are a lot of things to clean inside and outside of the vehicle and there are 5 detailing different size brushes which is help you to clean your car’s interior, especially small places. And there are two kinds of brush one is for tire cleaning and the second for rim cleaning. There are a lot of things that you can buy in this package and use very easily without any extra effort.

  529. PA

    This set has everything you can dream off to clean your car. Really like that it comes with things to clean as well as detail in and outside your car. The brushes are good quality and perfect for cleaning just about anything, not just your car. The towel is of good quality and doesn¡¯t leave lint behind. The drill brushes surely make the job easy; slime is perfect for cleaning the cups and around area.

  530. Mark

    The brushes didn’t hold up and broke when i was using them on the drill like they explained . I did put alittle pressure on the drill to dig the brushes in and that when the bit holding the brush just twisted out of the plastic.

  531. s wit da dot


  532. Ilma Salman

    I recently purchased the 19 PCS Car Cleaning Kit, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. This comprehensive kit has everything you need to achieve a thorough and professional cleaning of your car. Here’s my detailed review of the product.

    First and foremost, the kit comes with an impressive array of cleaning tools. It includes a long-handle car wheel brush, a tire brush, five car detailing brushes, two car foam drill polishing pads, two woolen polishing pads, a sponge backer, a microfiber car wash mitt, two car washing towels, a car cleaning gel, two microfiber wax applicators, a vent brush, three wire brushes, three car detailing drill brushes, and six glass washer cleaning tablets. This extensive selection ensures that you have the right tool for every cleaning task.

    One of the standout features of this kit is the inclusion of three drill brushes and four polish pads attachments. With these attachments, you can easily attach them to any drill machine and transform it into a powerful car cleaning tool. This makes the cleaning process significantly easier and faster. I was able to wash my car seats and tires within minutes, thanks to the efficiency of these attachments.

    The kit also covers every nook and cranny of your car’s interior. It includes an air vent brush, washing microfiber towels, dust gel, and a wax applicator. These tools allow you to clean the inner structure of your car thoroughly. The air vent brush is especially useful for removing dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas. The microfiber towels are excellent for wiping and drying surfaces, and the wax applicator ensures a smooth and even application of wax for a glossy finish. With these tools, both the interior and exterior of your car will be shining like new.

    What sets this car cleaning kit apart is its versatility. It’s not just limited to cleaning cars. The kit includes a 5-piece detailing brush set that allows you to clean all types of surfaces, from motorbikes to RVs, grills to kitchen cabinets, vents, and more. The possibilities are truly endless, making this kit a great investment for any cleaning enthusiast.

    Another advantage of this kit is its cost-effectiveness. No longer do you need to spend a fortune on professional car detailing services. With this kit, you can achieve professional-level results at a fraction of the cost. The long-handle rim brush and short-handle tire brush, with their perfect bristles, make it easy to clean even the most difficult-to-reach places on your wheels.

    In conclusion, the 19 PCS Car Cleaning Kit is a must-have for any car owner who wants to achieve a thorough and professional cleaning. With its comprehensive set of tools, including drill attachments, polishing pads, brushes, towels, and more, this kit provides everything you need for a top-notch cleaning experience. It’s versatile, cost-effective, and delivers excellent results. I highly recommend this car cleaning kit to anyone looking to keep their vehicle in pristine condition.

  533. CeciliaLiu

    This package is really good, first of all it comes with the bag that you can put everything it, easy to put and save some room. Second, it has everything that I need to help to clean my car, especially the bucket.

  534. Keotto


  535. Andrew

    The products are many and widely used. There are many products in it. Suitable for various purposes. very convenient. Usually in the trunk of the car. It is easy to clean all parts of the vehicle. It is very convenient to buy a set for use in the car at ordinary times.

  536. Beaverdam Sandy

    Just received them. Have not yet had an opportunity to use them.

  537. Abel lina

    Quality was acceptable for something you pay for. Couldn¡¯t ask for more. But this set basically has everything that I need for clean my car. No complain. Love it so much thank you

  538. sl

    I used them for cleaning my car at home. They work well, the package has what I need to clean the window, tires and interior. Great price for the value as well.

  539. Phuong Tran

    This pack came with a lot of stuff. Great value!

  540. Brian Briggs

    The picture shows a cordless drill comes with the kit but it does not otherwise it¡¯s a good little kit

  541. Greg B

    easy to use, shine lasts long

  542. Jaimes Metts

    The attachments that hook up to the drill are awesome

  543. Eric

    My kids see me washing the car and want to help with these gadgets every time it’s not just water spray now

  544. Z heiden

    This basically had everything you need to get started detailing a car. Wish it came with some type of wipes for the interior but the micro fiber rags are great. Happy with this purchase

  545. Leonardo

    Excelente ¡­

  546. Leonardo

    Excelente ¡­

  547. Leah Mcgill

    This is a must have for anyone!!! We use it to clean inside and out side of RV, boat, vehicals, side by side, even in the house. I’ve paired the attachments with a lite weight small hand drill and I love it!!!

  548. Jaime Coffman

    Did what it was bought for not high end but gets the job done.

  549. User63

    Makes the job easier

  550. Fraicoll Ducasse

    Everything good

  551. Chris Farnell

    Highly recommend

  552. Roberto

    Great everything in the package is great and made to last. No issues with anything.

  553. Jonathan

    I gave this to my dad as a gift and loved it!

  554. Kerry Fitzgerald

    Great product

  555. Alex

    The tools are all good quality and work well, but everything seems great. All I had to do to change it was cut a few bristles from the grey hand brush and drill brushes because they stuck out but all was good.

  556. Jaynise Lopes

    this product was amazing and did everything i needed to be done my car looks squeaky clean

  557. Armando

    I liked the design of the product.

  558. Shranda Milam

    I really liked the product for the cost. Ive only used these a few times but im in love so far. They get the job completely done with ease! Will definitely buy again

  559. Pamela Wood

    Multiple tools great for cleaning car

  560. Gerui

    The quality is really good at the price. The best thing is that it has a lot of convenience tools. There is a small hook to hang the water tank. Many different size of brush for cleaning. The towel is also very soft.

  561. samantha hicks

    Exactly as pictured. Great color and quality. Would recommend and repurchase.

  562. Caitlin Conrad

    Great brush set! I’ve detailed three vehicles with them and it has made the process a lot easier! Durable set at a great price!

  563. Bobby Mitchell

    Great product. Easy to work with, very durable .

  564. Qp l

    This car cleaning kit is very good, it includes almost everything, I use it to clean my car a lot more conveniently, and it also includes a bag that can be put away in the trunk after use, which is convenient and space-saving too alright

  565. Mark

    As a car enthusiast who takes pride in maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of my vehicle, I recently acquired the 19Pcs Car Detailing Kit, and I am pleased to share my experience. This comprehensive car detailing brush set and cleaning tools kit has proven to be a valuable addition to my car cleaning routine, earning a solid 4/5 rating. Let me delve into the reasons why this kit deserves recognition.

    First and foremost, the 19Pcs Car Detailing Kit offers a wide range of brushes and tools to address various cleaning tasks. From interior to exterior surfaces, as well as wheels, this kit provides a selection of brushes of different sizes and shapes to meet different detailing needs. The brushes are designed with durable materials, and the bristles are firm yet gentle, effectively lifting dirt and debris without causing any harm to the surfaces being cleaned.

    The versatility of this kit is noteworthy. The brushes and tools can be used manually or attached to a drill for enhanced cleaning power. While the drill compatibility is a useful feature, I found that some tasks required manual effort for more precise control. However, when combined with a drill, the cleaning process becomes more efficient and time-saving, particularly for larger areas or heavily soiled surfaces.

    The detailing kit also includes additional items such as a microfiber towel and wash mitt, which are handy for wiping and drying surfaces after cleaning. These extras contribute to the overall convenience and completeness of the kit, providing a well-rounded set of tools for a thorough detailing experience.

    The effectiveness of the brushes and tools in achieving a deep clean is commendable. They are capable of removing dirt, dust, and stains from various surfaces, including upholstery, dashboard, door panels, and tires. While the brushes do a decent job, there were a few instances where I had to put in extra effort to remove stubborn stains or reach tight crevices. However, overall, the kit offers satisfactory cleaning results and helps restore the overall appearance of my car.

    The value provided by the 19Pcs Car Detailing Kit is another positive aspect. It eliminates the need to purchase individual items separately, saving both time and money. The durability of the brushes ensures that they can be reused for multiple cleaning sessions, making this kit a cost-effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness of my vehicle.

    In summary, the 19Pcs Car Detailing Kit is a valuable asset for car owners seeking to maintain their vehicle’s cleanliness and appearance. With its range of brushes and tools, versatility, and decent cleaning performance, this kit offers a comprehensive solution for car detailing. While there were minor limitations in certain areas, the overall value, convenience, and effectiveness of the kit warrant a solid 4/5 rating. Incorporating this detailing kit into your car cleaning routine will undoubtedly help you achieve impressive results and keep your vehicle looking its best.

  566. Timmo B

    Works fine but box is too small.

  567. jdotray

    I didn¡¯t know there was a product to help you clean cars or floors well pretty much cleaning everything. This is a life saving for my back. Thanks

  568. Jojo

    This kid was a great buy. My truck has never liked so good. I’ve used it on 3 vehicles so far and everything is great.

  569. Ellen S

    It was a gift and the recipient loved it.

  570. Mariel

    Everything perfect

  571. Hannah finch

    Has everything you need to detail your vehicle. Helps to keep it all organized in the pouch. All good quality products and a good assortment of products that comes with this pack.

  572. Jen R

    Amazing quality for a cheap price

  573. Julie

    This set has basically everything you can need to detail your car!

  574. Riffy

    cleaned cleaner than most others!

  575. Maryam

    As someone who is learning to clean the car on her own this kit is such an asset. It includes lots of high quality products which if bought individually would become really expensive really quickly. So this is a great kit at a very reasonable price. The items are all high quality, durable, easy to use and Sturdy. This is a great kit and keeps the car ultra clean.

  576. Raphael

    Great value pack and works great for detailing my car

  577. Alaattin

    There are a lot stuff for detail cleaning easy to use

  578. Abby

    Got this for my husbands birthday, he was really excited to use all of the tools

  579. Emily

    This set is very good for just learning how to properly detail a car i¡¯ve done a few cars now and each one i¡¯ve learned how to use the items better. The drill attachments are very good heavy duty and really help getting the dirt out of the carpets. Definitely would recommend to help you get started. The only down side to this kit is the brushes are very tough and seem like they would scratch things up not very flexible when it comes to scrubbing things.

  580. Makayla

    I got these for my brother for Christmas and he loved them! He uses them all the time. The packaging could’ve been more neat, I opened it and some of them were smudged, but overall it’s great!

  581. Christopher D Majchrzak

    Large brush is perfect for wheel wells, drill set got all the grime off tires

  582. David

    I love the attachment for the drill they help clean the floormats and seats very good ??
    Some of the things they give you don’t really work well but all the brunches and drill attachments work great over all I would buy again

  583. Santos Eduardo Murillo

    Very useful starter kit and perfect to maintain your car clean

  584. Joseph Furman

    Nothing to dislike, everything is well quality and makes for a way easy deep clean. The drill brushes especially make getting dirt and grime up out of carpet and floor mats and the detail brushes make it easy getting into the hard to reach areas.

  585. Hannah P.

    My father loved it as a Father¡¯s Day gift, and he said it cleans very well.

  586. Jose Mercado

    It¡¯s a bit misleading because all the pictures shows a power tool as part of the set yet it doesn¡¯t come with one, but aside from that it was a great must have !

    I really like this kit because it has a fitting that you can use for almost any occasion. I¡¯ve used it on my nun buck boots , the interior of my really old car , bathroom tiles and other places and so far it has worked great.

  587. Pitkinchick

    The 20Pcs Car Detailing Brush Set, Car Wheel Tire Brush Set, Car Detailing Kit with 17″ Rim Wheel Brush, Tire Brush, Car Cleaning Kit was not quite what I expected. I was looking for something soft to was wheels with that would not scratch chrome. These brushes, although they look soft, are not what I want. This is a great kit for washing your car and dusting the interior. I really don’t know why they would send wire brushes for washing your car. The other brushes and washing mitt are great for cleaning your car. There is even 2 towels to dry it with so you will not have water spots. I like this kit and for the price it is a good buy. I would recommend it if you are looking for a cleaning kit.

  588. John

    Great to use and easy to use

  589. Eduardo

    Great quality and very useful products

  590. Taylor

    This car wash set is pretty awesome£¬for the price. I can honestly say the drill brushes are excellent and have been doing a great job by cleaning£¡All the tools will be very helpful and save time to clean. Also the quality was pretty good£¡You don¡®t need to go the the car wash store any more.

  591. Easily Distracted Nerd

    Decent starter kit for those interested in learning how to detail and deep clean.

  592. J

    It¡¯s exactly what you order. Everything seems to be nice and sturdy and does a good job cleaning. The variety of hand brushes allow for multiple applications everywhere in and outside of the car. 9/10 would recommend.

  593. Ecaterina

    Very good quality I recommended to everyone who is trying to make his car looking brand new

  594. Adrianne Atkinson

    Not quite sure how they pack all of these items in such a small box but they definitely make it work! This kit has something to clean just about everything in your vehicle and some outside of it. I¡¯d definitely recommend.


    Nice assortment of car cleaning materials

  596. Huangwu Chen

    Great car wash kit. I think I don¡¯t have to go car wash stores anymore. It save a lot of money. I never think I can wash my car at my backyard and it¡¯s so easy.

  597. Miguel Valdez

    I thought this product was gona be cheaply made but it¡¯s good i use this products to wash my car and make it look clean

  598. Jeffrey

    I will say there is a lot of value in this detailing kit. It has a little bit of everything and is perfect for a car care enthusiast or maybe a clean freak. It¡¯s a good beginner¡¯s level kit that introduces you to a lot of the standard auto detailing tools at a decent quality. I was surprised by the micro fiber cloth, it was more plush than anticipated and stands to be one of my best quality finishing cloths. Granted, there are some items in the kit that are of lower quality, but that comes with the territory. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking to develop their auto detailing skills. Keeping in mind that you might need to upgrade some tools to a higher quality as you progress your skills.

  599. Jacqueline Viloria

    Product is on the cheaper side. Some of the brushes where bent due to small box it was shipped in

  600. Laura Hern¨¢ndez

    The kit comes very complete, it helped me a lot to detail the cleaning of my car.

  601. Caleb

    I think the value here is crazy good! Just be prepared that everything kind of looks and feels the same. All the drill brushes are the same stiffness just in different footprint sizes and forms. The tire and rim brush are phenomenal! The wheel and tire brush, window cleaner, and wash mitt honestly make it worth it already. I Have been using it since I bought it and to this day everything works well. From detailing hondas to mercedes it works. (just in case caliber of car matters) If or when these eventually bite the dust I would purchase again. The pack of detail brushes are good for dusting, interior detailing but I would avoid paint. Unless they can be softened, they are too stiff.

  602. Jeff Winney

    Lots for the money.

  603. Andrew

    Comes with a good amount of car cleaning tools and cloths for the price. Easy to store most of the items in the bag that comes with the kit. Good to put in the trunk of your car in case you need to clean the interior of your car on the go.

  604. Kristin

    Well made, very useful items

  605. j.jaramillo

    Every component of this set was of great help for me. Love it and highly recommended ??

  606. Zaria Alexsia

    My younger brother told me he wanted to start a car detailing business coming out of highschool. I bought him this as a gift in his favorite color ¡°red¡± and he loved it.

  607. Tyler

    When I first bought this I was looking for something on the cheaper side so I bought this. This is probably one of the best things I have bought for cleaning out my car. It gets everything out of the carpet and all the little brushes make it easier to get the smaller pars in the car. Amazing product.


    I recently purchased the LIANXIN Car Wash Kit, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. This all-inclusive kit comes with everything needed for a thorough car wash and more.

    The foam gun sprayer is a game-changer – it effortlessly creates a thick, luxurious foam that clings to the car’s surface, making it easier to remove dirt and grime. The adjustable nozzle allows me to control the foam intensity according to the cleaning task at hand.

    The microfiber sponge and towels included in the kit are of excellent quality. They are soft and gentle on the car’s paint, ensuring a scratch-free cleaning experience.

  609. Lucero Gonzalez Valdez

    I used almost every single item in this bundle and it did a great job cleaning every area in my vehicle so no complaints here.

  610. Drew Bey

    Set arrived as advertised.

  611. patty alfonse

    Well made for the beginner

  612. Roxanna U.

    You get a lot of little handy things to clean your car. I was surprised that it had brushes and the different types of heads to clean your car. It helped so much. The durability is alright. I Can tell the sponges to clean the car are starting to come apart. Overall I like it.

  613. Autograph Collector

    Has everything you need for car detailing. Fast shipping and great price.

  614. Rita

    The clean package includes everything you need to clean my car. I used drill brushes to wash my car and microfiber towel to wipe it. The bucket is so good to be included in this kit and I have to say all of them are so easy to use.

  615. Link

    The LIANXIN auto Wash Kit is a game-changer for auto washing and more, in my opinion. I recently bought one. The outcomes this kit produces are well above my expectations, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The FoamGun Sprayer is just incredible. It creates a luxuriant, dense foam that adheres to the surface of the automobile, greatly enhancing cleaning effectiveness. I can simply cover every square inch of my car with soapy foam with the foam gun, providing a thorough cleaning that won’t scratch or harm the paint. The Microfiber Towels and Sponge are of the highest caliber. Despite being quite successful in lifting and trapping dirt and grime, they are incredibly mild and sensitive on the car’s surface. My automobile is always pristine and shiny after each wash thanks to this microfiber equipment, which make the procedure of washing a car a breeze. This kit’s Tire Brush is a wonderful addition. It is strong and efficiently cleans the tires of dirt and debris, restoring their brand-new appearance. It is a useful and priceless piece of equipment because it is adaptable enough to be used for cleaning various automobile components. But what really blows me away is how adaptable this vehicle wash kit is. I’ve used it to clean my pets as well as my outdoor furniture and it works well for washing my car! The foam cannon and microfiber tools in this package make a great cleaning option for a variety of surfaces. The components are expertly constructed. They have a solid, long-lasting feel that promises prolonged performance and value for my money. I admire the meticulous planning and design that went into making this kit. All in all, the LIANXIN Car Wash Kit has grown to be a crucial component of my cleaning regimen. Its practical Tire Brush, premium Microfiber Sponge and Towels, efficient FoamGun Sprayer, and adaptability for a range of cleaning chores

  616. Tae


  617. Nicholas Jordan

    I had to change my review from 1 star to 5 star as I feel like such a dummy for not realizing my fault sooner. ATTENTION TO THE PEOPLE THAT CANT CONNECT IT TO THEIR GARDEN HOSE!!! REMOVE THE BOTTOM DEFAULT CONNECTOR WITH A WRENCH AND YOUR GOOD TO ATTACH TO A GARDEN HOSE!! Awesome product and cute car wash time in almost half.

  618. Agx12

    Good kit, used them with a power drill and with purple power to power clean my rims, they took offf all the brake dust that accumulated over the years.

  619. Sucre

    Everything you need for a detail is im this kit, the brushes are excellent for the wheels and perfect for the lesther seat the smaller brushes, bristles are soft on material. Only thing that would.make it 5 star is if a bag were inlcuded.

  620. Keanu

    This is good if you detail your car every once in awhile. Happy with wide product offering

  621. PinkPuppy

    Ordered this kit for my car and it came with way more than I thought. Good for those that prefer to do ¡°professional¡± detailing at home.. it definitely saved me a pretty penny. My Hummer is looking spotless now.

  622. Leila

    Todo llego en buen estado

  623. Christianne Criscolo

    Worth it!


    My only issue Is that you can’t use the water hose for the spray gun. That was probably the most important piece for me. The other supplies in the kit are workable. So I didn’t give it one star. But it’s important that most people can connect to a water hose. Garden, excuse me. My only suggestion is to create an adapter that you can use directly to a water hose and your problem is solved.

    The bottom piece of the sprayer unscrews. Grab a wrench and your good to go. I will a do a video soon.

  625. McGee

    Wow I was amazed at how much is included in this package. Some of the brushes feel a little cheap but overall the sheer variety of tools, brushes, and towels you get for the price is awesome. I personally have been using the drill brush attachments, wire brushes, and microfiber scrubbier quite a bit to clean my car. Great value!

  626. Andrew

    Comes with everything you need for personal car detailing or just a starter kit

  627. dave d

    Brushes work great , the drill attachments are very useful

  628. McOffice

    I like this car wash kit. It comes with so many brushes. I can separate the car body wash, and wheel wash. The sprayer is powerful, very easy to add liquid soap and liquid wax into the sprayer.

  629. WYQEW

    This car cleaner did the job, I was able to clean my cars having to improvise with dirty rags old toothbrushes to get in those narrow spaces¡­. Great pick!!!!

  630. Taylor N.

    over all great

  631. Bryan

    The set arrived complete, 4 days before the date with its packaging in perfect condition.
    The materials are of good quality, just like any other brushes from a parts store.
    I’ve had them for 1 month, I’ve used them quite a bit & with due care, they are still just as they arrived to me, no deformations or anything.

  632. Jen

    Nice set, everything works as should

  633. LMG

    I find everything in the kit very useful.

  634. Tiffany Gibbs-Koller

    My husband bought this and is yet to actually use them. This gets me thinking it’s time to bust those suckers out.

  635. JohnMcKnight

    Liked the fact it had everything you need

  636. Angel De La Rosa

    Great product

  637. Shiner

    It came and I was excited it had everything as advertised.

  638. Jason Willis

    do not waste your money

  639. Larry Weber

    This is a diverse kit with a wide variety of useful tools

  640. Juan Castrejon

    God price and quality

  641. Erlinda Beatriz Gonz¨¢lez

    Me encanto

  642. D

    Simple and easy to use with any drill to give cleaning details a quick and breeze task.

  643. Fernando

    Nice assortment of brushes and cleaning tools!

  644. Frank

    Great kit for the weekend warriors. Everything you need to detail your vehicle inside and out can be found in this kit. Worth the money.

  645. UU

    Lots of items you probably won¡¯t use but the ones you do use are fabulous! Absolutely loved having this kit!

  646. HW

    I like the products. The handheld drill attachment built into some of the products works great. Would purchase again.

  647. Patrondon

    As shown definitely worth the price amazing value

  648. Lauren Johnson

    does the job amazingly! everything is strong and durable. we love to clean our cars and this just makes it so much easier and more fun!

  649. RMWWEB

    Overall, this is a pretty good detailing kit. Particularly like the wheel and tire brushes. The wash mitt is also better than most other ones, the part you slide your hand into is pretty much waterproof as long as you don¡¯t put your hand too deep into the bucket. Detailing brushes are a bit to stiff IMO.

  650. Leah

    Great product. I didn¡¯t expect it come with this much accessories. it come with everything for car wash, very useful ,great price to buy.

  651. J. Minuto

    Nice packaging if you wanted it for a gift.
    Looks like it will work.

  652. jason g.

    Thank you! Cause it had what I was looking for

  653. ilanahasan

    Great one !

  654. Hector Rayado

    Todo estuvo muy bien

  655. Matt

    Definitely cheap stuff but useful. Mitt ripped after the first use. Sprayer has some cool features. Useful brushes and smaller detailing stuff. Works for a quick cheap wash but would not recommend for long term use.

  656. Mad Max

    do waste your money.

  657. Robert Sr.

    For $25 this is a great set. It will get the job done.

  658. Ricardo Souza

    Value for money

  659. Dashawn

    If you are a car detailing you definitely need these items in you armory than lmk me later

  660. Tiffany Marie

    They are perfect for detailing my vehicle

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