Pecham Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

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The Pecham Portable Air Compressor is a must-have for every car owner. This compact and portable tire inflator is designed to make your life easier and more convenient. With its wide range of applications, you can effortlessly inflate not only your tires but also sports equipment and air mattresses. Not only is it convenient, but the Pecham Portable Air Compressor is also highly efficient. With its rapid inflation technology, it can quickly and efficiently inflate your tires, saving you time and effort. Its maximum pressure of 150PSI ensures that your tires are properly inflated for a safe and smooth drive. Safety is a top priority with the Pecham Portable Air Compressor. It comes with built-in safety features to prevent over-inflation and protect your tires from damage. By maintaining the proper inflation level, you not only ensure your safety but also extend the lifespan of your tires, resulting in cost savings in the long run. Featuring a 16V power supply, the Pecham Portable Air Compressor is designed for maximum efficiency. Its compact size allows for easy storage in your car, ensuring that it is always within reach whenever you need to inflate your tires. The Pecham Portable Tire Inflator – the ultimate solution for quick and convenient tire inflation. Invest in this reliable and efficient device and experience the ease and peace of mind that comes with a perfectly inflated tire. Don’t let flat tires ruin your day – be prepared with the Pecham Portable Air Compressor.

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Product details

  • 2X Faster 16V Cordless Tire Inflator: The powerful Pecham tire inflator has a built-in high-performance chip that can quickly inflate tires and provide 35L/Min of airflow. Top off 26.3″ EV & Passenger Tires in Under 1 Minute (36PSI-42PSI). Take only 90s to pump up one Tesla tire (235/40 R19) from 29PSI to 36PSI; less than 6 minutes for one 205/55 R16 car tire(0-36PSI).
  • Powerful Battery Life: Come with the rechargeable 8000mAh battery, Pecham does not require an external power supply while working and can provide a wireless continuous runtime up to 30 mins. Perfect for inflating cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, and other inflatables, including new-energy vehicles like Tesla.
  • 4+N Smart Modes: 4 types of preset inflation modes (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and balls) are convenient for beginners to choose. The manual mode allows you to set pressure value (1-150psi) according to the inflation object. The operation is simple, easy to use and meet your various inflation needs.
  • Accurate LCD Digital Pressure: The large LCD dual display shows both real-time pressure value and preset value, convenient to read and observe the tire pressure status. With maximum pressure 150 PSI and auto-stop give you smart inflation. No need to worry about over-inflating your tire.
  • More Than A Tire Inflator: On the top of this air pump is a 2-mode LED light providing convenience for you to inflate and change tires in the dark. On the bottom there is a 5V/3A USB-C input port and a 5V/2A USB-A output port, making it an emergency power supply for your phone. Besides, its compact size can be easily fit in your car, bicycle rack or backpack.
How to preset the pressure value?
Switch Modes: Click the Mode button to switch between the five inflation modes. Long press the Mode button to cycle through psi/bar. The number on top of the screen indicates the real-time pressure in the inflated device, and the number on the bottom indicates the preset pressure.
  1. Manual mode: When in manual mode, no mode icon is selected on the screen. The preset pressure value is adjustable, and the value and unit will be saved. Adjustable Range: 3-150psi / 0.2 – 10.3bar
  2. Car Mode: Default 2.5bar / Adjustable Range: 1.8-3.5bar
  3. Motorcycle Mode: Default 2.4bar / Adjustable Range: 1.8-3.0bar
  4. Bicycle Mode: Default 45psi / Adjustable Range: 30-145psi
  5. Ball Mode: Default 8psi / Adjustable Range: 4-16psi
  1. The inflator should be turned on when used as a power bank.
  2. When being used as a power bank, the inflator will enter “Energy Saving” mode if inactive for 3 minutes, and the screen will only display the battery level icon.
  3. In energy-saving mode, when disconnecting the charged device from the inflator, it will automatically turn off.
What’s in the box?
1 * Portable Air Inflator
1 * USB-C Charging Cable
1 * High-pressuere air inflation tube+Anti-scalding silicone
1 * Air nozzle
1 * Air needle
2 * Nozzle
1 * User Manual

602 reviews for Pecham Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

  1. Mayte

    Absolutely love it! The quality is great and it brings so many things! Absolutely recommend this budget binder.

  2. Javier t.


  3. Leroy R.

    My only complaint is that it doesn’t stand upright when plugged in.

  4. ali m. alkabasi

    I had to use it first time today. It did the job very well. I was lucky because my front tire needs air, but what about the rear tires !? The cord comes with it doesn¡¯t reach the rear tires !? Is there any extension cord sold separate?

  5. Izamar

    This comes in handy for me, during the winter times my tires always need air and i have to be asking my husband to take it to a gas station to do it. This one is easy to use, so now i can do it myself.

  6. Keshia Carter

    So little and cute and really works no more flat tires

  7. Steve

    Does the job

  8. BBMoreB

    This is a extra to keep in my vehicle!! Tested it today and it works well good Strong pressure!! It looks just like its advertised and is made durable!! Easy to operate!! Tire Inflator came with multiple nozzles Which will come in handy!! It is portable and lightweight!! This a great gift idea and something everyone needs to keep in there car!!

  9. Don Mattingly

    Every car should keep one of these in the trunk

  10. Great Cook, Great Cook

    It has a digital readout for the tire pressure, and a easy
    to operation.
    It does what it¡¯s advertised to do. However it has limitation as with all small similar compressors.
    It will fill a slow leaking tire.
    If the damage to the tire is severe , it will Not correct the situation , is the beed on the rim has
    Separated or the tire punctured , this is of no value
    It will only correct a slow leak.
    If you have a flat tire on the road, and you have a good spare tire that needs air , this will work
    Well on your spare tire, and your on your way.
    It will correct a slow leak.
    This is not a fix all.

  11. TripleX2000

    This product is good but it’s most serious flaw and I do mean seriously flawed is the cord is short to reach the rear or passenger side of my truck and barely reaches my rear driver’s side tire. It’s a 5 if they correct this problem.

  12. Udo Scheele

    It’s going ok

  13. Max Bush

    Good value for what it is. Inflated my low car tire right out of the box. It is nothing fancy but works and does everything it is advertised to do. I would recommend for a car tool kit for emergencies.

  14. Santoro Giusi

    I don’t like

  15. lina

    Good product, corresponds to the description

  16. BASW

    As the description indicates

  17. Eva duran silva

    Very good and very comfortable

  18. jeremy sturdevant


  19. Kenneth B

    So far used on 2 cars and works better than I expected like some reviews leading to my purchase. Easy enough and compact, had to read manual to figure out how to start it but that¡¯s all. Only complaint is that I believe, being on sale, I purchased a return unit. My box was opened and crumpled but everything inside intact.

  20. S. C. Demjen

    Although this item does what it is supposed to do I have issues with the design. Power cord plugs into the bottom of the unit so it will not stand up and falls over. The power cord and inflator hose are impossible to store in the unit. Poorly designed.

  21. Felix73

    My item was defective

  22. Tosh

    Used this on car to see how well it performs. In a pinch this will work great to air that tire up. I¡¯d say it¡¯s much better used for bicycle tires, balls, and other smaller items.
    It works for car tire but takes some time. I¡¯m also not sure how well the battery would hold up if it was truly flat.
    Overall I¡¯m happy with the item. I think the air pumps with direct link to cigarette lighter or power supply is more effective. Although this one has the adapters, it specifically says to not plug in while using.
    On the other hand, this one is portable and doesn¡¯t need that wire attached, which could be a plus under some circumstances.
    Nice cloth case to hold everything. Easily stores in vehicle.

  23. YWW

    Recommended purchase

  24. Flast926

    Only worked for about 4 uses now won’t work at all

  25. Robert Barone

    I got this thing in just the right time since I was ordering alot of Xmas decor that needed blowing up and if I didn’t have this I don’t think I would of successfully blown anything up. This thing works great in terms of mobility and transpiration. I am able to blow up anything anywhere with confidence. The only thing is it does go slower than I would prefer but that’s just me being picky. All in all it’s a good product.

  26. RKM and AAM

    Way better than waiting on the ¡°free¡± air at the gas station. Once it gets going it¡¯s pretty fast. Easy to use and doesn¡¯t simultaneously drain your air while you¡¯re trying to fill your tire.

  27. thomas chang

    This is a very good Air Inflator with solid built quality. It is very useful to inflator my car tires so I don¡¯t need to go to gas station or repair shop. It also has a flash light so I can inspect my car at night. It comes with a bag and I can put the whole unit in that bag. I enjoy using this product and would recommend this air inflator.

  28. Sam

    Have been considering buying an electric inflator, every time the weather temperature drops tires will be out of air, after a comparison selected this, it is very small, pumping quickly, can also be used as a backup power bank.

  29. Qiang LIn

    Very easy to use and powerful! It has multiple modes. I really like to use it to inflate my child’s ball and the tire of the electric bicycle can also be very fast. You don’t need to hold it down with your hands all the time, just one button to start! Even my car can be inflated and I don’t have to worry about inflation anymore! a household essential£¡

  30. TTerry

    Great product to fill the air to the flat tire. Small and powerful and the quality is pretty good.

  31. Wantinnng

    Not loud is the most important reason I keep this. I returned another cheaper one from other seller because of the noise. This product is Very useful for our kids¡¯ ball and bicycles. Highly recommended for everyone

  32. Steve In Dallas

    5 types of attachments, inflates up to 160 psi, convenient auto set – it automatically stops when it reaches the desired pressure. Seems to hold its charge well (haven¡¯t had it long enough to really assess), serves as a back up power bank and has a flashlight included. This is the perfect device to throw in the trunk for peace of mind. Dry happy and would purchase again.

  33. steve f.

    Easy to use. Very accurate. I double checked with a tire pressure guage. Its small size makes it easy to store away. Would make a perfect gift for someone who travels. Two thumbs up. Quick shipping.

  34. Sandy


  35. Qc s.

    I use it to inflate my kids balls. Does the job and no complaint. I like it can be charged by usb and comes with multiple adapter.

  36. tony

    So glad I purchased this tire inflator. Money well spent. I¡¯ve used it numerous times and it¡¯s so easy to use. I like that it¡¯s easy to set the desired tire pressure and the inflator automatically stops when the correct pressure is reached, It is very useful. Quickly and efficiently inflated my automobile tires.Very highly recommend.

  37. HiTemp

    The best thing about this compressor is its size and it gives you the tire pressure in which it will stop at. A couple of things engineering could have dine better on: 1. Make the air hose longer in case the valve stem is at the top position and you can’t reposition it in certain circumstances. 2. The cord comes out of the bottom of the unit vice side or back. Why? This does not allow the compressor to sit level on the ground. In reviewing the pictures, the company crops all of these angles out. Also it would be nice to have larger PSI display and with an alarm / alert when the desired PSI has been met. Overall, the unit seems well constructed, is compact, has smaller tips for other uses, and allows a person to inflate a tire correctly with a separate tire pressure gauge.

  38. Guanqiu zheng

    It’s very easy to use, since I have it, I don’t have to worry about flat tires.

  39. Jamie

    I am always scared of getting a flat tire on the road and not being able to getting stuck on the side of the road so I love having this. Being a woman can not say I am the greatest at knowing exactly what to do but this made it very easy to read the tire pressure and add air to my tire. This goes right in my trunk and never without it when driving!

  40. fabio mobini


  41. J. LOVE

    It took me far to long to get one of these. No more gas station visits for me!
    This is sooo convenient.

  42. Bernard Hudson MD

    Able to pick a variety of tires/tubes/etc to inflate at a normal pressure.

  43. Eduardo

    R¨¦ellement ergonomique m¨ºme pour un d¨¦butant

  44. Elizabeth F.

    Nada mal para el resuelve

  45. Sean

    It’s does fine for a bike but it’s way over priced when u can get a good bike pump for one third cost.i got this for emergency use and filled charges by the directions I battery was dead after filling one tire with 28 psi as the tire had 12 psi and required 42 psi .battery is not strong enough to run to air up . Will not do two small tire. Like Toyota stock canary 15 in..battery will die before u get right pressure in both but ad day will easy do two tire..its just fine for my ebike.ok but I would be unhappy if I was stuck in car on a low tire and flat and it failed. At this price its a feel. Sheer rip off and will not ever pay that kinda money out again if I knew it was this was I could got just a nice bike pump for less than a third of this cost. Be forewarned . I thought would be great. It’s easy to use and seems accurate and such but extremely under powered for any kinda vehicle..thanks Sean

  46. Mcgyver210

    I was a Boy Scout so I believe in being prepared. I have had many inflators but this one has been the best compact one usable for my truck & even RV.

    My family was on our winter vacation & I usually use my large Viair RV pump but decided to take this one along to try out. It performed like a champ.

    The RV has ST205/75/15s & my F150 Platinum has 305/50/20s

    I had issues with the RVs tire sensors & eventually found they needed batteries replaced no thanks to Lippert battery status though. While diagnosing we lost about 5 psi on 4 tires. While stopped at Buc- ees we charged batteries & topped off all 4 tires. This pump worked Great & didn’t heat up. It also pressures up very fast & accurately.

    Our next use was the night before leaving & it was much colder than the original cold pressure on the way so all 8 tires needed around 3 psi or more. I expected to need the Viair but this pump inflated all 8 tires to recommend pressures & had a battery to spare for more. I was amazed since another one I keep in my wife & sons Cadillacs runs down much faster & I doubt it could come close to topping 4 tires much Less 8 tires.

    I believe if they come back in stock I will purchase more for my other vehicles.

    It also charges very fast. I haven’t used it as a power bank though since I have plenty of dedicated power banks.

    I also haven’t used it with the power cord because I haven’t depleted the batteries even topping off 8 tires.

    I don’t think the bag is adequate protection so I started looking for a hardshell case. I didn’t find one easily but due to a severe Smoke/ Vape allergy I have a personal airtamer & a tabletop air filter I have to carry at all times. The air filter has a very nice hardshell case for it that was a perfect size for this inflator & it’s accessories plus my Jaco extension quick connect hose.

    One possible negative is the proprietary air hose connection which could become a problem if it becomes worn, damaged etc. A more universal air hose would have been better for longevity IMO.

  47. wingclip

    A Superior Tire Inflator

  48. TOFU_91

    This is a very nice and compact air compressor. It’s small enough to fit in the glove box so it’s perfect for road trip. So far I test this on basketball, bike, onewheel and my car. I even use this to pump balloon for my kids party. Is very easy to use, you can set it to your desire psi and will stop once it reaches the set psi. It’s definitely one of favorite purchases lately.

  49. Tracy

    This has already come in handy. It is very easy to use and comes with a storage back and different nozzles. I had to already use if for my car tire a few times. It keeps a charge for a long time. I’ve only charged it once and have used it multiple times. I just wish that it inflated the tire quicker and it is a bit pricey.

  50. Nic Pressley

    So glad that I bought this

  51. Ocassional_Shopper

    This thing is fantastic to have such a small foot print!

  52. coli

    Very useful tool, very convenient to inflate my car tires at any time. It is compact and easy to carry. However, if it takes about 3 minutes to go from 0psi-44psi, I am very satisfied

  53. Sophie

    I bought the item for my motorcycle; most effective were given to attempt it nowadays. Pumped up my vehicle, bike or even bicycle tires. cherished the ability to degree and alter the tire pressure as wanted without having to go to the petrol station.

  54. Kevin

    Usually I use the cigarette lighter to pump my car tire. But sometimes the wire is messed up, this portable air pump is so convenient. You can take to any tire position.

  55. Richard

    It looks like a portable speaker, good size, not too big, light weight, and easy to use. Pumps air very fast, but it’s a bit loud, and the air tube is short, but the machine works fine. If they could make the tube longer that would be even better. Icons on the device are easy to understand, so it is easy to switch functions and add or change the PSI. It’s one of the most valuable purchases I’ve ever made. This portable air compressor is really impressive.


    I did receive the air pump I ordered. It is a very compact little device. I have used it and it works great. Being compact, i can carry it in my bike bag when I go riding.

  57. kitman

    The pump is very fast and I like it. The charging is pretty good and very useful. It doesn’t have to connect the car¡¯s power.

  58. Christopher M Bloomer

    Love it, love it, love it!
    ¡­ And I mean that, I¡¯ve left this review really late because I wanted a good time to check out this device since a previous device I had from elsewhere failed after about 3 uses. This one I¡¯ve used about a half dozen times since I got it. I¡¯ve used it on car tires, and bike tires, it¡¯s worked great each time, but I want to focus on car tires¡­. A full charge of this device enabled me to top up all four car tires from about 5lbs below normal so ~20lbs. It worked great and still had power after filling all four, my guess is you could fill one tire before you run out of power, but this has a charge charger too so you can always hook it up to the car cigarette port if you need more.

    It comes with a charging cable, and valves for numerous items and the flash light in it is very bright if you happen to need this in the dark.

    All the items shown in the pictures fit nicely in the pouch for easy storage and can be kept neatly in your car or elsewhere as needed.

    Btw that 100% battery level has been that way since I last charged in about a month back.


  59. D. Redwood

    Quick and Easy to Use

  60. Stephen Alexander North

    This thing works. Works just like it should and in my opinion is fairly quick. Love it.

  61. Gregory K. Stuckert

    My car has slow leak that I need add air once a while. This portable tire inflator is very convenient to carry in the car. The tire inflator comes with USB charger and car power plug both. The power plug is a big plus if your USB charger is not functioning.

  62. Lexee

    It’s the first time I held one of these in my hands and I must say I was really impressed with how amazingly well it works. Topped off each tire in my car by about 3 PSI in a heartbeat, didn’t even begin to lose charge. Feels nice and sturdy, good quality – option to run from either DC jack in the car or via rechargeable battery is great. Connectors and hose are all great, no complaints. However, prior to buying it I spent a painstaking amount of time researching and watching countless reviews on youtube and here, hoping to find THE ONE inflator that is the “quietest” of them all. Finally settled on this one not least because this listing claims 70 db of noise, as of this writing anyway, as opposed to many over 80. But that turned out to be a shameless lie 🙂 Which is all the more unforgivable because literally on the outside of the box itself it clearly says 85 db. See the attached video as well. Oh well. I am not going to return it just because of that. But posting this here just so you guys trying to make a decision are well informed.

    In all honesty noise is not that bad. It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Quite alright I’d say to inflate a bicycle tire inside an apartment. And also, if absolutely need be, wrapping it in a beach towel does wonders to dampen the noise and does not impede the operation.

  63. Zhenyu (Aaron) Chen

    Like it portable, easy to use. No more gas station stop for air. Handy and easy to carry

  64. Felix Vecchiarelli

    At first, I was skeptical, but once it started working, it only took a couple minutes to fill up a tire of 18 pounds of pressure. I highly recommend everybody having one of these.

  65. SDHAUS

    I was skeptical about buying this type of pump ¡­ not trusting it would actually do what was said. In the past they would take sooo long to use and often disappointed. But it does. Don¡¯t expect miracles but it will do everything they say. I am glad I decided to buy it.

  66. Bobby

    The pump was much smaller than I expected, the hose had a quick connect, and the control panel was pretty easy to operate. I topped off my tires twice with no problem. The third time I used it with power from my vehicle power port and the included cable and the motor stopped for a bit seemed to struggle and then started to smoke. I am returning the pump, don’t want a compromised electrical component that could potentially start a fire.

  67. Anh

    Verry good

  68. Ned

    Great product, great value. It works as intended, it¡¯s easy to store (comes with a pouch), and it seems durable.

  69. Jelly

    Makes inflation easy
    Easy to use
    Used it to inflate sports ball with no issues
    So far happy with purchase

  70. William C. Rogers

    Nice, small unit. And it shuts off the compressor when tire gets to pressure, so very useful.

  71. NICO

    well done, very useful and easy to use..

  72. DAE51D

    I have a slow leak in a passenger rear tire for years (it’s the aluminum rim, not the tire, can’t easily be “fixed”). So I’m constantly checking the tire for air every few days. I used to have various DC plug styles, then got a Ryobi “gun” style with power tool battery. Then discovered this one and it’s a game changer. I love the way it connects to the valve (not using that flippy latch type, but a screw on type). I love the one-button push to auto inflate and auto stop. I love LOVE not having to plug this into the DC socket (and remove my aftermarket 4-tire display). It holds a charge forever it seems. Plus bonus for the light and the ability to charge other USB things from the same batter/device and vice versa. I just let it charge from my USB plug (normally for my phone) when not in use! Excellent unit.

  73. B-Ran

    Pumped my lawnmower tires really quickly. A lot quicker than I was expecting out of this small device! The battery is great so far. Buying my wife one now.

  74. K.W.

    Had the chance to test this out immediately after receiving and am very happy with the results. Just set the target pressure and let it run.

  75. HappyJAX

    I received my mini-compressor and put it to the test within hours of opening. It works as advertised & I am very pleased! It fits nicely into my hand & doesn¡¯t require a college degree to operate.

  76. Serafin m

    Just as advertised. Inflated my tire from 22psi to 35 within a couple of minutes

  77. megsdad57

    I don¡¯t have anything really bad to say only that it wasn¡¯t anywhere near strong enough to be practical for my needs. Arrived quickly and return was smooth and hassle-free.

  78. Yara

    I loved it I used it for my car, bicycle, and phone changes.

  79. James A

    Great item. Worked like a champ on my SUV. Easy to adjust settings and very simply to use. It does heat up a bit. Only wish it came with a 5V 2A wall plug for the usb charging. Otherwise its a champ of a product.

  80. Eric P Gwatney

    Have topped off two cars and still have over 80% battery life (most filled just 2-3lbs). But this is where it¡¯ll be used most for me so it¡¯s perfect!

  81. JWL747

    Great high Pressure pump

  82. Kevin

    This device is awesome. It’s fast and easy to use. I used it to pump up our riding lawnmower and wheelbarrow tires earlier today. Now I’m using it to charge my phone since our power went out. So handy!!!

    My only wish is that they’d add car jumpstarting capabilities to it so I could have one less device. But hey, guess having two let’s me charge two things. 🙂

  83. BSquared

    This inflator works like a charm. The instructions are not the best, but the device is pretty simple to figure out. Very handy to have in your road trip tool kit.

  84. Vern

    Nifty tool!
    Could use a longer cord.
    Great when you’re in a pinch on the side of the road!

  85. Natalie C

    Does the job but could be better

  86. anita Turcotte

    I used it to inflate a low tire on my Honda CRV. I had an awful time trying to figure out how to make it work, but when I finally figured it out it worked great . Better instructions would of been helpful.

  87. POGI

    Easy to use

  88. Terry M.

    I used this to inflate my children’s basketballs, I selected Ball and the preset of 8.0 LBS worked fast and auto shutoff feature is a nice addition

  89. howie

    ease of use and compact size

  90. agustin

    It’s pretty powerful but I find it difficult to operate

  91. Tre

    Surprised me. Really good product

  92. ucinn

    This thing pumps up tires way faster than my other one did. Car tire that was 2 pounds low is back to snuff in less than a minute. Battery was still in the orange (30-70%) after 10 tires filling them all between 1.5 to 3 pounds each. Couldn’t be happier with this unit. We will see how long it lasts.

  93. carl

    This is small compact and convenient. Easily inflates tires and the small size is easy to store in your vehicle.

  94. Jose

    Used one time to check all my tires, works fine, good quality item.

  95. Doden Family

    It works as advertised and the battery seems to last a long time. I haven¡¯t compared the pressure regulator to other pumps, so not sure how accurate it is. Seems like it could be over-inflating. At this price point, I wish it came with a protective case, rather than the cheap bag it comes with. Overall, I like it.

  96. Stewart Richardson

    This meets all the previous reviews and comes with a quality bag and the components are quality as is the unit the only slight negative is I thought it would be a little quicker although I am impatient. However compared to the rubbish’s units at the gas station its a must have.

  97. pF

    I had another pump very similar to this but it was much less powerful and slow. The quick connection of the hose and USB charging are 2 other features I like on this unit. For the price point, a case would have been nice but not really a complaint against the unit itself.

  98. CW

    We use this at our agricultural operations area for quickly bringing up leaky tractor tires to the right pressure and are very happy with it.

  99. JEWW

    This pump does it’s job. The cord is long enough to reach all four tires on my Tacoma pick up. Took about three minutes to bring the pressure from 25 psi to 30 psi.

  100. Amber Brown

    Product is great, but needed to order a longer tube for ease of use. I would purchase again, portable and does the job.

  101. LERS

    The product works well

  102. stone

    Very cool. The charging so fast…

  103. Charles Gunn

    Bought this to air up my tires after off roading and for emergencies. Used it once so far to air up my tires from 20psi to 38psi and it took about 4-5 mins for each tire, but otherwise worked as advertised. I think it works fine for the price.

  104. Juan Fontanez

    works great

  105. chris

    Good but has to cool down can’t use continuously

  106. Josh Jackson

    Great product.

  107. Gz

    I think the accuracy is my biggest issue. Inflated a Basketball to high of suggested range and it was still underinflated. Same with Bicycle tire. You just have to figure out the percentage of underinflation and adjust accordingly. It is better than over inflating. The instruction manual was a 1.5×2.5 ” piece of paper and was in multiple languages. Hardly any information. Fortunately, it is fairly intuitive, so I am able to use quite easily and effectively. It also comes with a nice velvet bag with drawstring to store and transport.

  108. Wes brown

    I like that I can use it anywhere. It seems to be accurate and easy to use.

  109. Me.b

    It takes a little while longer than I would like but it has good features and I think the customer service is good

  110. Francis

    Good product thus far.

  111. D. Jones

    Love how compact and portable it is! I keep it in my center console. I really like how the hose end has threads to screw onto my car tire’s air nozzle. Everyone should have one of these!

  112. J9Z

    I was skeptical when i got it (never had a pump like this) and didn’t know what t o expect. I have used it on my car twice and at work to fill 3 hand truck tires and its a dream to have – super easy to operate and easy to store. Good buy and deff recommend.

  113. Carlos Pacheco

    Excelente producto

  114. Tyrone Henriquez

    I like the way this tire inflator works. It¡¯s compact, easy to use and it even stops at the exact psi specified.

  115. Frank R. Salatino

    Bought this to be able to fill my car tires without having to go to the gas station.

    I also wanted this to fill my bike tires, but my bike tires use a Presta valve attachment and there isn’t one included in the kit.

    The instructions are very poor and hard to read.

  116. Cali From New York

    The Pecham Tire Inflator is a portable air compressor and air pump designed to quickly and easily inflate car tires. It is a convenient car accessory that operates using a 12V DC power source, typically from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

    This tire inflator offers efficient and reliable inflation with its powerful motor and easy-to-use features. It has a clear and accurate digital display that allows you to set the desired tire pressure in PSI, BAR, KPA, or KG/CM2. Once set, the inflator will automatically shut off when the desired pressure is reached, preventing over-inflation and ensuring safety.

    The Pecham Tire Inflator comes with multiple nozzle attachments, making it compatible with various inflatable items such as car tires, bicycles, sports equipment, and more. The long power cord and air hose provide ample reach, allowing you to easily access all tires on your vehicle.

    Designed for portability, the Pecham Tire Inflator is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store in your vehicle’s trunk or carry with you on road trips. It also features built-in LED lights, allowing for convenient inflation even in low-light conditions or during emergencies.

    Overall, the Pecham Tire Inflator is a reliable and versatile tool that ensures your car tires are properly inflated for optimal performance and safety. Its user-friendly design, accuracy, and portability make it a valuable addition to your car accessories.

  117. Michael Jones

    This is a nifty little air compressor that does the job. I have used it on bicycles and I am pleased with the results. My only issue (and the reason for only 4 stars) are the instructions. They were clearly written by someone with limited knowledge of English. Thus, to figure out how to use it you must rely on trial and error and have some patience. Eventually you can figure it out. The instructions are sometimes hilarious. Examples: “Please do not throw high to the ground during use.” “Never insert the trachea into the mouth, ears, nose and eyes of humans or animals to inflate.” “Connect the charging wire in the state of power-on, plug in the cell phone power indicating a grid cycle down, long press the power off can be closed.”

  118. Val 318

    I put air in my electric wheelchair.

  119. gofurbroke

    I had a small roofing nail in one tire, and couldn’t get to repair shop till a couple days , it wasn’t flat all the way but did need air ,worked really well, and lawn mower tire needed air too ,this is really so handy .

  120. Jay

    I enjoy motor sports and racing. When racing my car I always need to have a pump just-in-case I get a tire leak. This pump fits the bill.

  121. Guillermo Gaviria

    I used it to level the tire pressure of my vehicle, very useful it initially shows the actual pressure before starting to work.

  122. MauiDan

    These days where gas stations pretty much charge for air, this little device comes in handy. I just filled up my motorcycle and car tires for the first time. It did a good job, its not too noisy and fast enough for my liking. Its a bonus that it charge devices and the bright flashlight will come in handy at some point. The top of the unit did get a little hot. I was done with all six tires in about 10 to 15 minutes. The only thing I didn’t like was I couldn’t turn it off by depressing the power button per the instructions. It would cut the air back on with or without the hose connected. But it’s not a big deal cuz after a couple of minutes it auto turns off. I would recommend

  123. Sandman

    Product works as intended, but it isn’t particularly fast, and it is quite loud. Perhaps, this is just how all these smaller inflators function. It would be fine to have as backup, but I don’t plan to use it as my primary inflation tool.

  124. David M. Blackshear

    Works as advertised. Impressed with packaging. Could be faster to reach presets but that would necessitate larger case which would be undesirable.

  125. Carmelo rodriguez marin


  126. Tera @ USC

    -small, fits in glove box

    -hose from device to tire is too short, you have to hold it or it dangles from the top of the tire which makes it leak/ not have a tight fill seal

  127. B

    Product is Good, just need to wait for larger tires to fill up!

  128. Parbandit

    Didn’t work for me

  129. David Bradford Amos

    Nice product with all the attachments you could need from automotive to recreational inflation situations. The only thing I would say that would make it better would be having a carry case instead of a felt bag.

  130. 1 Ca. truck driver

    Just what I needed to get my fat tire e-bike ready for riding. The pump has some weight to it, but it sure is more convenient than searching for AIR at a gas station. No issues so far. Happy I made this purchase.

  131. Don Pedro 1492

    At first I thought about returning this item…because I did not realize that you had to either use the extension part to clamp the inflator to the tire valve OR, without the extension part, twist it on to the valve. Once you do either of these, this little engine works as advertised. Would it be nice for it to be battery operated, like some bigger brethren of this little tire inflator are? Sure – but then you’d be storing a much larger inflator in your car or at home. Is this little engine sufficient for me? Sure, because I don’t plan to use it that often, but it comes in very handy when you need it. And size matters (to me): I like the fact that it’s small & it works 🙂

  132. Joseph L.

    Great little air compressor and battery jumper boxes

  133. Gianni

    Good product

  134. G seelenbrandt

    I wanted to top off my tires from 36psi to 42 psi. 42. I was able to get 2.5 tires completed and then the pump stopped at half battery. I’m guessing this is a safety built into the product so you do not over discharge the battery. A second full charge and I was able to complete my top off on all four tires. Keep in mind, these are stock size tires and wheels on a 2012 Nissan Xterra.
    Update: I tried to inflate my spare tire. The tire has never been used or checked in 11 years.. Anyway, the tire had just 5Psi in it. I attached the fully charger pump and started it. The pump ran about 10 to 15 min, I would guess, and the pump shut off. There are still 3 bars of power showing for the battery. It’s now my guess is the system must have a shut off system if the motor reaches a certain temp due to longer run times.

  135. Craig Robison

    Have to recharge before each use, and it takes longer than advertised.

  136. Enduro Rider

    Ok for only topping off Tires
    I used it to top of 6 tires car tires and it wasn¡¯t pumping at the same volume on the last tire.

    Returned it not sure if it was a freak defective or poor manufacturing.

  137. AF

    I bought this with high hopes but was quickly let down.

  138. Aden Guthrie

    I liked that this product was easy to use. The screen was clear and there were only four buttons, so it was easy to navigate. I like that it can charged using the car’s battery. It is a great insurance policy, especially if the roads are bad or the air machines are broken (which I’ve seen). Great product

  139. Tomi

    This guy is really a great ¡°air compressor¡±. Compact, lightweight, powerful & long lasting charge. Wish I¡¯d had this before.

  140. VAYW

    The hose could be longer. I used this only twice. The auto psi setting worked well with a setting of 40.

  141. Rick

    Sorry not that clever, tried on car seats and tried on mattress not very good, very disappointed.
    Decent price though.

  142. Greg M.

    Easy to use

  143. kirstin

    I live in a new construction neighoborhood, which means flat tires often. This compressor has gotten air back in my tires to allow me to go get them repaired.

  144. Hog Driver

    Bought this to pack on a motorcycle for emergency use. Built in pressure reading is accurate; easy to program in a target pressure – pump does its thing and then shuts off. I would go maybe 1 PSI above desired to allow for disconnecting the hose from the valve. Comes with valve accessories, 10′ power cord and cordless operation, and soft case for the pump but I keep everything in the original box for protection. Built in LED light and USB power out for charging devices are a plus. Good value…

  145. Dee

    Used it twice and it has stopped working.

    Updated review as of June 2023. Company reached out to me after original post
    and asked several questions about the product. They sent me a replacement which worked as expected. Overall, customer service was fantastic and it seems like my original purchase was defective. Satisfied with quick response from the company.

  146. Brandi Lara

    Easy to use and works well. Started to get a little hot when I did all 4 of my tires. Overall worth the price and like that it auto stops when it meets the psi

  147. T Ellis

    This appears to be a great product to have for our E-Bikes or any Bike/Motorcycle/etc. You can set your designated pressure to achieve, attach to valve stem, get the current pressure and then turn on to achieve the ideal preset pressure.
    I did notice that the pump does get hot, especially the hose. But outside of that, it appears ok, even having an USB outlet to charge something like a phone, etc.

  148. Jan Beck

    Very easy to use and compact to have in the vehicle at all times

  149. Miles C.

    Easy to use. Takes a little time but inflates to exact pressure and shuts off. Great to have in the trunk in case of a leak.

  150. Katrina

    I gave this 4 stars because I¡¯ve only used it about 9 times in one day.. I used for my car tires.( 2 were low and so grateful it was easy to use. The neighbor kids saw what I was doing and asked to air up their balls to play..
    Everyone was happy!!

  151. KF

    Does what it’s supposed to do

  152. Luv4Dizny

    I ride a Vespa and have struggled to get accurate air fills in the tires. This pump is fantastic and has likely saves me from a slide-out due to low air pressure. Super easy to use. Highly recommend.

  153. Selena

    i didn¡¯t realize that you can¡¯t plug it in to an outlet. so i guess it was my fault for not reading the full description

  154. Susie

    I bought this for my son to have in his car for emergency and he tried it and he informed me that it does not correctly measure the pressure.

  155. Danette Childs

    We’ve used this to pump up balls and flat tires. My husband is impressed. We had a really low tire – he set the pressure and let it fill. Then evened out the other 3 tires. You need one of these in your car. Will buy more for gifts.

  156. Brenda

    I like this and it was ready to go right out now the box. The cord was long enough to reach all the tires on my sedan. For new users, I do recommend that they make sure the ¡°cigarette lighter in the car is working¡±. Many people don¡¯t smoke and use their USB attachments ignoring the cigarette lighters in cars these days. The AC outlet in the car (I think that is what it is called) has many uses it was never just for cigarettes. I hope this helps. The pump is noisy but for being in my own garage that¡¯s is ok with me.

  157. Nuria

    Good quality price

  158. Pat

    Very pleased with the performance and ease of use.

  159. Brian P McKenna

    You can¡¯t beat it for the money. Plus you don¡¯t have to deal with pressure sensor alerts during temperature shifts.

  160. Veronica Barruzza

    Works very well. Pumped up my truck tire in no time considering it¡¯s compact size! Buttons are a little touchy but that could be because I had (mechanics) gloves on. Very pleased!

  161. Baker

    Ive only used this once so far. But seems to work ok. It did take a little more time than expected- to air up about 10 pounds into a car tire. I think that is normal for most of these small tire inflators. It is a little noisier than expected too. Sounds like a real air compressor. The cord is long enough. And if I recall correctly, the manufacturer gives a 2 year warranty which seems like the same amount of warranty as others…but some others only have a 1 year warranty.

  162. Sean

    Great pump. I was surprised. 40 psi truck tire top off, bike tires filled. Easy peezy and u can store in the glove box. Good unit.

  163. Gabriel Cuevas

    It¡¯s fast & does not over heat. The size is everything & portable

  164. indywong

    Nicely packaged and appears to be well built. I had problems with understanding the provided direction manual. Fortunately with a little experimenting i had it working. I like that it first tells you the tire pressure so a separate tire gauge is not needed. I really like the that the tire hose has a quick connect/disconnect instead of having to screw on the inflation tube. I would have given it 5 stars but for the unclear operation manual.

  165. Nick

    Nice as I expect

  166. SILVAN


  167. Tavarelli P

    Like that it works good with relative decent noise levels. Comes with handy adapters. Like the preset air levels.

  168. Gary

    The directions with this are not complete and not written in American English i.e. “Please be careful to burn your hands when removing the air pipe”. Everything else seems to be fine.

  169. Durgesh Sakhare

    space for improvement Cord quality
    after 2.3 PSI it get’s difficult Pecham Tire Inflator to push the air into tire.
    but when i tested i tested from 1.1 PSI to 3PSI
    to avoid any issues i did given a 5 minutes break to Compressor.

  170. Darrin Caddes

    Had a bit of a challenge at first because the buttons and controls weren’t clear to me, but once it took a full charge it kicked in and worked easily. Haven’t used it extensively, but it functions as promised. gets pretty hot at the intersection of the body and the air hose exit which is something worth paying attention to.

  171. Paul DeMuro

    This compressor is very easy to use lightweight. Easy to store a very convenient and gets the job done.

  172. p shelley

    This is a great little unit. I use it for bike tires, as an emergency compressor for the car, and for roller ski tires. My only complaint is that for very small tires like on roller skis it is actually too fast. It doesn’t sample the air pressure often enough so it overinflates them unless you set it much lower than the desired pressure. For 99% of people this is not an issue. The other reason to get this is you can plug it in if desired. We all know batteries don’t last forever which is why having the ability to run it off DC means you will be able to use it 10 years from now even if the batteries fail.

  173. Belt is stiff

    What a marvel of modern technology. This compressor has several features and setting even works as a battery pack to charge your phone . East to use comes with accessories. Mine didn¡¯t come with the little black bag otherwise it would have 5 stars

  174. Rich Harrison

    This was more than we expected. For the price, you get a lot. Love it!!

  175. San

    Good product. Tried for my bicycle and works well. Not sure how useful it will be on the car tires and it does not auto turn off. May need more testing b4 I use it on my car tires. It is loud though not too silent.

  176. Rob White

    So far this little unit works great for my Polaris RZR tires.

  177. Daniel

    Good quality, flexible and easy to use on car, basketball or bikes.

  178. B. R.

    I’ve had this for a year and a half now. I really like the programmable inflation feature. I haven’t had any issues with the connector locking on but the pump always seems to want to tip over. Also, the power cord is starting to break off at the strain relief so don’t expect a long lifespan unless you really take good care of it.

  179. Dave Lovelock

    Bought this to use to inflate tunes and air mattresses while away camping, tubing etc. The quality is decent, and I’m sure it works good for TIRES, but to inflate a tube, this does not do volume well. It seems to be able to handle pressure, but in the manual it says “do not run for more than 15 min” well…that only did half of the air mattress. For a backup tire inflator, this is prolly fine. For inflatables you’ll need something with more volume air movement.

  180. S

    Good, takes a little longer to fill up tire then I thought though it seems to be good quality

  181. Glenn H

    Went for a 1200 mile 4 day ride with 7 other buddies, leader punctured rear tire 1st day out. Thanks to my thinking ahead (and my brothers recommending) this saved the day! As an aside, my brother actually said this inflated a low truck tire… impressive product

  182. Bally

    compact and reliable

  183. Kirsten H.

    This works well but I will say it does take a while to pump in air in the tire. Just charge the battery and hook it up on the tire. Press the button and it will start inflating.

  184. don’ w Jones..

    It is well built, easy-to-use..

  185. This product seems to over heat.

    This product works well but seems to over heat

  186. K. POIRIER

    The unit is portable and does inflate. When used to inflate a fairly large inflatable pool float, it would shut off every few minutes. I assume it was overheating. Had to restart it many times before it was filled. Description from company says it is quiet at 40 db. It is, in fact, quite loud, measuring over 90 db. It does work though and we will bring it with us on vacation. Hopefully, we will get some use from it.

  187. ShaineG

    I first got this air pump and tested it out on a completely deflated yoga/exercise ball. It was filling the ball up so slowly and even auto shut off after a few minutes. It never read back to me what the PSI was. I think this device can be a game changer for cord free pumping. I¡¯ll be sure to update when I try my tires next. Again could be user error but I did give up on airing up the yoga ball.

  188. The Honorable Ajamu Nosakhere

    Charge the unit…Insert the air tube…and let the magic take place.

  189. Daffyduck

    Air when I need it. I don¡¯t go anywhere without it. My shadow

  190. whynotwritesomething

    Well it works, I love that it has a quick release valve, it does feel kind cheap, but it is a cheap pump. My last one died after a year, let’s see if this one can last longer

  191. TDL373

    Haven’t had need to use, but very attractive unit and quite portable.

  192. John Park

    The reason i returned it is because it doesn¡¯t remain on while charging other devices. It times out after a few minutes and must be continuously turned on again to obtain a full charge to other devices.

  193. DB

    Was very inexpensive and does the job

  194. RandallSimmons

    Not very fast or powerful. But convenient to use in an emergency.

  195. Jeffrey W

    Like the portability of the product and that it shut off when air level was compete. I dislike that it took so long to inflate a car tire

  196. Roy Cates

    Used to reinflate wheelbarrow tire

  197. Debbie M.

    I bought this for a Father’s Day gift for my husband. He has only used it a couple times so far, but he love it so far.
    It will certainly get a work out when we have our family beach week.

  198. Stephen

    Air pump works great. Controls are intuitive but could use more contrast to be more visible. The string closed bag is as small as possible. Would be better and would actually close if a little bigger. Having a separate pouch for accessories so they digest easily list would be a huge benefit

  199. BB Amby

    I have a tire that is perfectly fine but keeps losing pressure randomly.
    Bought this because going to the gas station late at night to put air in my tire is scary and annoying.
    This charges quickly, hooks up easily, detects the recommended PSI for the tire, and off you go.
    Quick, easy, simple¡­ SAFE!
    I keep it in my trunk with other vehicle safety items. And it has come in handy several times.
    An absolute yes from this girl!

  200. Howling Wolf

    This is a nice compact unit and very easy to use, however, the pressure reading is inaccurate as compared to three other digital and analog pressure guages. Tends to be off by as little as .4 psi to 1.3 psi, which is significant for motorcycle tires.

  201. Scott

    It works well in a pinch and especially for being so portable. Only issue I have with it is that it has difficulty filling up the tires on my truck at 44psi. It got my flat from 9psi to 30psi in about 20min and I had to reactivate it 3 times. Still I¡¯m not disappointed as I find those results very acceptable for being such a small portable device. It¡¯s ability to fill up floats and sport balls is also a huge plus

  202. Janna Noonan

    Portable, quick and easy, stash anywhere, fill up dem tires on the road or in the garage or shop. Boom!

  203. Ty

    It just decent. for emergency situations it’ll get air in your tire and the light is useful at night.

  204. Sainte Anne


  205. Tai T

    I bought this for my new car in case of emergencies but I ended up using it recently because my coworker had a flat tire and this came in clutch!

    It inflated her tire in about 5 minutes which was great but I did have to fumble with the buttons. The buttons are dark and can¡¯t really tell what button does what. It was intuitive enough that I eventually got it.

    The bag that it comes with is slightly on the small side. It barely holds everything but good enough.

    Overall, it¡¯s a good product that has minor downsides. I was able to get this at 35 dollar discount which made it worth it for me.

  206. SM

    I don’t know because it was a gift

  207. Mr Turbo

    Super product with great customer support. Customer support is over the top. Anyone can sell you a product but the after sale support is where this company really shines. This product is so good that I have purchased more of these for family and friends.

  208. Hardenth50

    its a good small pact tires pressure good to have on the car



  210. Tim Elkins

    Works well

  211. rolando b

    Very Handy to have in the car trunk. I friend had one and let me use it – I was sold after that! Small, light weight, and quick to fill a tire and stop at the set point you put in.

  212. AmaCust

    The PSI is precise, the inflator is easy to use, battery lasts long enough that it can inflate my car tires multiple times. I don’t need to to to costco to get my tire inflated anymore. Recommend this inflator.

  213. Colleen

    Not recommended for flats on vehicles works, takes to long to fill up a tire. It is excellent for basketball, bike tire flats, etc.

  214. Disappointed

    The product works however if it¡¯s used for several tires, the inflating attachment end where it screws into the power unit gets very very very very scalding hot. I¡¯d recommend touching the area after inflating each tire and let it rest to cool off before using it again.

  215. WWE

    Bought this as a gift for my traveling parents as an emergency tire inflator. Was used once so far and seems solid and well built . Time will tell how well it holds up!

  216. iKun

    Did not work well

  217. Nana

    This little pump will fit under the rear deck of my highlander (very small space) or is perfect for my motorcycle side cases. Space is very limited when motocamping. Perfect for that!

  218. Webby

    Do not use this on a mattress it¡¯s absolutely terrible

  219. Chris

    Works well. The digital panel can be slightly difficult to decipher when read on an angle.

  220. HH

    Works as advertised!

  221. T I Eyre

    Removed food stain from sofas and carpets

  222. Scott wren

    The only problem arises is that the thickness of the closing piece is not written, which is quite large, so double check that the brake discs have large enough holes.

  223. Ralph E Whitford

    Maybe it’s a safety feature, but I had to make sure the input lined up perfectly to blow up an inner tube.

  224. naa

    nice piece of equipment

  225. AnonyMouse

    I¡¯m on my third one(caring gift) It¡¯s always great to be prepared! You never know when you will need it but it feels great to be prepared ¡­ specially if you are a busy person who has no time to drive to a gas station or a tire shop. Save the time and invest in one of these! Easy to use. Make sure all pieces are nice and twisted in.

  226. D Smith

    Just purchased one of these for every member of my immediate family that has a car. So far my grandson used it, said it took about 10 minutes to add 10 pounds into his car tire. Only thing he had negative to say was if it runs ten minutes or more do not touch the metal end that attaches to the tire stem as it is very hot for a minute or two. Other than that he said it was convenient and very easy to use.

  227. edgar magarin

    there is nothing not to like – shows you how much air is being put in – easy to use easy to read

  228. Thomas 1904

    Delivered as offered.

  229. Phuong

    Working fine with my kia

  230. Scott

    Purchased to inflate floating beach toys on the boat. It won’t inflate an inner tube without shutting off every 60 seconds. Obviously defective. I could hand pump much quicker than standing by and restarting it every minute. This is going back.
    EDITED: The seller contacted me. It is not mentioned in the manual, but until the compressor registers a pressure it will turn off every 60 seconds to protect it from accidently running. I tried sitting on my tube while inflating and with just 0.1 psi registering on the compressor, it continued to pump until it was full. I then took it out to an old VW Jetta and inflated the almost flat tire from 18 psi to 44 psi. The next tire inflated from 20 psi to 30 psi before cutting off. I still had some battery left, but I think it timed out on the 10 minute safety stop. These were very flat tires. This is a very capable compact little compressor. I will keep it after all. I hope they make a note in the manual reflecting the 60 second safety shut off.

  231. AC

    I take it everywhere I drive. Never know when you need one. Gas station systems cost and don’t work sometimes. It’s also got when you can help someone also.

  232. BJC

    I bought this for just motorcycle tires and convenience. Just to top off before rides once in awhile. It slowed a bit once it got into the 40 lbs of pressure range and it’s fairly noisy, but it did work quickly and would be a good, easy to store option.

  233. Ali

    Bought two of them for the family. Easy to set up and use. The only down side is it can only work with cigarette lighter and there is no adaptor for power outlets. Only for that reason, I would rate somewhere between 4 and 5

  234. Jazmin Sanchez

    It’s good but it heats up quick so have to do it in segments

  235. lavonda

    The product seems appropriate for the job,I have only used it on my back and it did grea

  236. cat nash

    This little powerhouse will air up your tire, floats or basketballs with ease. Nice compact size but plenty of power to get the job done!

  237. Happy bunny

    Difficult to program data otherwise happy with product

  238. Terry S.

    It has a good size s0 it can be easily stored in the vehicle so it ia available when needed

  239. David E. Meacham

    This portable air compressor is excellent. I am very impressed with the power and longevity of charge with this little powerhouse of a compressor. It is by far the best portable compressor that I have ever used. I am very happy that I tried it . Warm regards

  240. Marisol Ramsey

    The portable tire inflator is amazing.I just need to put it in the car, saving the distance from the gas station. The battery is very durable, and after I charged the two cars at home, there was still a lot of electricity left. Strongly recommended, especially the price, and very easy to use!!


    I like it

  242. C. Ward

    Works fine, but has flaws. Bought this to inflate our flotilla of inner tubes. We have (16) 44¡± tubes, with this low powered compressor each tube takes 15 minutes to inflate. We were able to inflate our tubes faster with a hand operated bicycle pump (albeit with considerable fatigue). The other flaw is that it only works with DC power from our car. I¡¯m returning this to get an upgrade. B-

  243. SouthCentralAK

    This little pump works very well. I would rate it with five stars if the power cord was longer.

  244. Natalie B Walker

    Multi-purpose: I like that I can use this for water floaties, bikes, balls, or tires.
    Portability: I love that this will easily fit into my glove compartment or in a travel bag for other uses.
    Easy to use: It was so nice that I didn’t have to plug into a cigarette lighter to get it to work. The display is very clear to understand/read.
    Overall: I’ve only used it once, and so far, I’m super satisfied

    Speed: It was slow to inflate my tire that had gotten down to 14 psi
    Awkward: The hookup is not super flexible, so I had to hold it in an awkward way to connect it to my tire.
    Accuracy: I tried it on one tire and it read “64 psi” which is obviously incorrect. I couldn’t get it to read it correctly.

  245. LisaP

    This really does work great. My boys had to use theirs one week after received and it got the job done quick.

  246. Jim

    Overall I like the product as I have four of them and the price is right. It has a strong motor and inflates quickly. What I do NOT like is the lack of storage for the device and accessories. That’s the biggest drawbacks nd reason I did not give 5 stars.

  247. jimmy barreto

    Producto compacto, de excelente construcci¨®n, lo he probado con mi moto electrica y bal¨®n de baloncesto todo ok.

  248. Sammy

    This is a good little pump. The only problem is that with my 16 inch tire, the battery ran out before it fully reinflated the tire. Luckily, I had enough air in it to get me to a tire repair shop. It needs a bigger battery that will last longer.

  249. G. Omer

    Good compressor, handled 3 bicycles and had 2 bars left. It can shut off itself for no reason before target pressure. Just restart. Handy to keep around.

  250. Jason Stringfield

    It does pretty good. The line to the car tire you screw in gets pretty hot though. Haven’t used any other attachments yet.

  251. Sara Batchelder

    The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is that it hasn’t been used as a pump yet. All other features work great. Bought it for my college-aged child to keep in their vehicle. If the tire pressure light comes on, or a tire seems low, they will now have an easy-to-use tool to make sure they are safe away from home. Will probably purchase a couple more of them as gifts for nieces/nephews in college.

  252. PQ

    Bad product. don’t buy it!!

  253. Romas

    Good, I like

  254. Eddie Mac

    This compressor is a handy little piece equipment

  255. toy

    I keep this with my motorcycle. I tested it and it seems to work fine, but it I have not had to use it in the real world yet.

  256. Larry Biggert

    Like the long air hose and ease of setting the right pressure with auto shutoff when the pressure is reached. Would prefer a longer DC cord to better reach the tires.

  257. Mike

    This pump should be labeled a bicycle pump because that is the only thing it¡¯s good for. Has no power and overheats if you try to pump up a car tire. Wouldn¡¯t want to have a flat tire with this thing. Garbage.

    Update to my review. The seller saw the review and contacted me to make it right. Was very happy with their customer service.

  258. Victoria Hahn

    Nothing in the booklet to show how to charge it or how to tell when it¡¯s fully charged ¡­.??

  259. Addante Giuseppe

    in the description it says that it weighs 400 grams, but in reality it weighs 270… light weight. But I must also say that it is well made and therefore it is fine anyway.

  260. Tom B

    This product was used on the upholstery of a car from 2002. It worked wonderfully, removing light stains and improving some of the scent in the interior car. The product is very easy to use, just remember to not press too hard as it can saturate the fabric and store it safely (I stored mine horizontally and it leaked)! The scent has a strong chemical odour and would recommend using it in a well ventilated area. I would recommend this product.

  261. AP

    Will not allow you to fill all four tires, it overheats.

    Update: Great customer service. I’ve updated this from 3 to 4 stars. Company reached out to rectify the situation.

  262. Marco Siragusa

    Good product

  263. L. Schoch

    Seems to work alright. Gets very hot. Need gloves to operate.

  264. Giuseppe

    I give 4 stars because the first time I ordered it it arrived without keys and batteries. The sound is loud, I haven’t tested it in the rain yet.

  265. Jane Jones

    Quick delivery, easy to use and a good sized cuff. I’d recommend this.

  266. thuan

    just got it today. love it!!!!

  267. Bleuday

    Bought this to inflate my bike tires, balloons, fitness equipment.

    You gotta have a &*#^$ car for this thing to work, it seems.

    Cannot tell you if it works, I don’t have a car.

    Back it goes. HUGE disappointment.


  268. Luca

    For what it costs you couldn’t expect more

  269. Simone

    Excellent value for money, easy to use, good tone sound and integrated spare batteries. The sensitivity for triggering the alarm should be improved.

  270. Giovanni

    Well made, easy to install and functional.

  271. Ms Music 60

    this tire inflator is every women’s dream very small easy to store easy to operate. And you can charge it using usb cord.

  272. HRE

    Just used for the first time and it took less then 5 min to do all 4 tire. From 30 psi to 35 psi.
    I do recommend it.

  273. Honest Consumer

    I got tired of the following: 1) Drive up to gas station and air hose out of order. 2) Flat bike tires and having to pump them up manually. 3) Flat basketball. This handy air compressor is great! Charges up in no time. Automatic shut off when done inflating your item makes it so easy and effortless. The only two things I wish it included is a carrying case and longer hose with a locking tire chuck instead of the hose with a screw on head.

  274. Saima

    I bought it in April. Discovered in few months that it didn¡¯t work so I requested manufacturer who immediately sent me a replacement. Great customer service! New one works great!

  275. Jun

    I brought the pump for my Motorcycle roadtrip. Very portable and easy to handle. Never need to worry about flare tire.

  276. MJT

    Not as effective as I expected, judging by other reviews. It did the job to a satisfactory standard but after following the instructions, I got most of the dirt out with a damp cloth and hot, soapy water. It doesn’t foam up like I was expecting and the brush is very soft, too soft to be effective. The detergent is ok, smells ok but overall…. meh! Not complaining because it was cheap & cheerful but I wouldn’t re-purchase. I’ve used far more effecive upholstery cleaners before (granted, also a lot more expensive) but would rather spend a bit more and get better, drier results.

  277. HFreeling

    Haven¡¯t needed to use it yet (emergency use) but it looks good.

    I will addend the review after use

  278. Fire

    It helped inflating a flat tire after a nail incident. Took about 10 minutes. Worked fine but one thing that I noticed is that the reading is about 2 -3 psi off so I usually set my PSI on the device to 2+ recommended PSI and it works out perfectly.

  279. Gerardo

    I wanted something to relieve some stress from having low tire pressure and having to go somewhere to get some air in them. With this portable tire inflater I can just do it anywhere I am with the DC power from the car. It is quite convenient! The cord length could be a little longer but overall I am able to reach all four tires. I could imagine it being barely enough length for some other longer cars/ cars with weird dc power outlets. I have been using it for a while now and I have noticed some degradation with the accuracy of the tire pressure but its not a big issue as its not insanely inaccurate and my car can give me more accurate readings if I need them its just a little inconvenient.

  280. cindy

    It does inflate well, but just be sure you don¡¯t run it for too long because I burnt up another one like this by letting it go too long. Take a break and let it cool off.

  281. Rob

    There ok for price.

  282. Emidio 48

    Punctual delivery of product as described

  283. Sharon W.

    Easy to use, shipped fast and great product as advertised.

  284. ClareW

    Went through batteries rapidly until I removed/replacled a battery after/before each use. Now seems fine.

  285. Josue Reyes

    well it does the job done however it gets really hot.

  286. Kevin Pham

    Used once on all 4 to bring me to pressure. Works as expected. Leaving it in my trunk for emergency use. Not super accurate. Was a few psi under but just bump up what a few and you’ll be alright.

  287. Daily Hernandez Lopez

    Hace su trabajo muy bien, siento que la manquera para inflar la goma se calienta mucho pero supongo es normal

  288. Kelly Roseman

    Works great! Perfect for travel

  289. Bruce Sorensentrick

    Works great

  290. Jorge B.

    It is versatile, you don’t need to recharge it and despite the fact that my tire had a small hole and it completely loosened. this device was able to inflate it , so it has power . You should only let it cool after 15 minutes as the instructions say, but it is more than enough to fill your tire with air.

  291. Gongtae Gil

    air goes in quickly. It works well too.

  292. Charles L.

    I bought it and looks like a good quality item but haven’t gotten a chance to try it and will post a review at another time.

  293. Kevin Copelin


  294. Will

    This is a nice tire inflator with a built-in 20000mA rechargeable battery for power supply, so it makes it easy to eliminate the need to connect to an external power source during use., especially for outdoor uses. More importantly, the inflation speed is three times faster than other ordinary cordless inflators on the market.

  295. D S.

    Really good.

  296. herman garabito perez

    Funciona perfectamente

  297. Always bored

    I can’t speak to the durability of it or anything, but I have used it on a couple of tires so far. It worked great. Yes, the unit gets very hot so you really do need to let it cool off after filling a tire before doing anything else with it. Being able to set the PSI digitally and just let it fill is really nice & simple. Hopefully it keeps working in the future, but for now I am happy with it.


    Compact and effective. Storage could have been a bit more robust. The hose got hot, but I’m sure that’s to be expected. Nice rubber grip around it. Does what it says. Nice battery, display, and size.

  299. Lee F. Whatley

    Product was easy to use, and good size for bike travel.

  300. Jack


  301. Karla Chambers

    Works for tires, floating toys, air mattress

  302. Peter Z

    This review is about Pecham Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor – 180PSI & 20000mAh Powerful Tire Inflator. I just received this item today. It is as described and works well so far.
    However, I doubt its quality! At least, the new air pump that I have received is a low quality item. Upon I opened the packing box and picked the air compressor up in hand, I heard some rattling noise inside the air pump housing, it sounds like a loose screw or a loose part. Please keep in mind that it is Made in China.

  303. Cozymoses

    Even though it s bit noisy and slow, this little device is a miracle. As someone cursed with the ability to get a flat tire in remote areas quite frequently, I feel far more safe and secure than I used to.

  304. Customer

    Small powerful and simple to use.

  305. WE

    Very good product…easy to use…comes the attachments to inflate…will recommend to friends…

  306. jope

    works fine.

  307. Gerald

    It’s attractive, compact, and nicely featured, and I really like the digital display and the ability to set the target pressure and let it work. So far, in my limited use since its purchase, I have mostly inflated 4″ tires to 30 psi, and 6″ tires to 20 psi. In these cases, because pressure builds so quickly, it tends to over-run the target pressure, by a few psi, but it’s cool to watch it happen and only need to disconnect. I did fill 1 mini-van tire (16″) from 12 to 35 psi, and it did hit the target, and of course, running much longer. It clamps onto the tire valve securely. To test it, I left it connected to the 16″ tire for ~5 minutes, and the pressure drop was only 0.5 psi.

    I would definitely buy another of these units.

  308. lionsjk

    If the 12 volt outlet (cigarette lighter) type outlet must be 20 amps or more. My car has 3 such outlets but only 1 is 20 amps, the other 2 are less than 20amps, therefore the inflator will not work from those outlets.

  309. Danny morales

    Works great on my mustang and c1500 Chevy truck would recommend to a friend I go on a cruise or long drives definitely packing this

  310. Jaye

    Very convenient! everyone should have one in their car

  311. Sherry

    Small size, charge fast, very nice!
    I don¡¯t have to worry about the low pressure for tires in winter anymore. It can also be charged by car directly. So convenient!

  312. susan coutu

    I purchased this rechargeable tire inflator because I work at a place that has no cell phone service or electricity. I have used it a couple of times to inflated low pressure tires and it works great. The only problem is that it inflates slowly and does get warm to the touch. Definitely works when you need it.

  313. MPH=CA

    Bought just to toss in the back inside the truck. “Just in case”. It works as expected. So far so good

  314. Americas Heritage

    Stopped working after a few uses. Does not charge.

  315. Paul

    works well

  316. Jersh

    I haven’t used it yet, but I bring it around with me and look for reasons to use it! I will update this review after some time passes and I’m able to use it more. Otherwise, it comes in a nice bag that keeps the hose, compressor & attachments together.

  317. longleydpt

    Bought in Nov. Kept it in my car for emergency. Stopped working by August with minimal use. Quite disappointed.

    Update; after seeing my 1 star review the vendor sent me a new one for free and it works great! Great customer service!

  318. Ron C.

    ?So I got this pump because the attachment clips on the valve stim rather than screw on, first issue is when I turn it on I hear a buzz sound. Turn off and back on then it starts pumping, sometimes I have to turn on and off two three times. Other than that it seems Ok.

  319. MaxND

    bought for inflating pool floats, etc. takes a very long time. Im sure it works fine for tires

  320. Melt

    It does work really well for its price it¡¯s perfect

  321. Ken

    Product works great but I am concerned as there is something that is rattling inside. Also, the output hose gets extremely hot at the brass screw input. It will burn you if you touch it.

  322. Miguel

    It works but it takes a long time better if you just go to a pump at a gas station

  323. joe ross

    easy to use

  324. Newarker

    Bought for my bike and only used for that so far

  325. david kim

    Works great so far but I wish the power cable was a bit more sturdy. Feels cheap and flimsy. But I can¡¯t complain too much for the price. I¡¯ve had to use it twice a day for about two or three weeks now to inflate my car tire and it hasn¡¯t failed yet.

  326. Glacier Stone

    Had it for a little over a month. So far it stays charged and keeps our bicycle tires inflated.

  327. N.Segal

    I think it’s more for inflating balls than for tires, but it ends up doing its job.

  328. Brian

    It¡¯s a pretty cool device all around if your pumping basket balls or miscellaneous medium sized items. But to pump a car tire it just takes a good amount of time. Great product though

  329. JAWA

    it,s good and you can use it every day , help me for camping too

  330. cheslan

    Very compact and works well

  331. Eileen

    Only used once so far on my bike tire and it worked well. Just happy to have this in my car glove compartment now so when i get that partial flat¡­It¡¯s a nice size, fits well in your hand. Charges quickly. Just happy I don¡¯t have to haul things up to the gas station and deal with the out-of-order air or the awkward portable air inflators. Best one so far. I¡¯d recommend to friend.

  332. Ed Bradley

    Was very easy to use and work very well with my bike

  333. Thomas R. Shoopman

    After a brief struggle with figuring out buttons, I was able to plug in and bring my tires back to factory settings in a matter of seconds. The compressor gets a little hot, but nothing too extreme.

  334. Luis F

    Set up is so easy any one can use it, so many features, quick charging for your necessities and portability. Highly recommend for any household.

  335. Timo Weis

    Bought some other ones before with cables as I was concerned with the strength and battery life. Should have bought this much earlier. Easy to use, very strong, puts air into the tires quickly and is easy to transport. Battery lasts long enough as well that you don’t have to charge it after every single use. Great product!

  336. Marissa

    Easy to use, works fast, different setting for different tires. Better than another inflator we purchased that broke after 6 months.

  337. Jason Carter

    Great product – easy to charge and use.

  338. Ruth Hernandez

    I love this product so much that I am buying a couple of more to leave one on each of my cars. I have a total of 3 cars, so I need two more. It’s easy to use and works like a charm. No need to have a big air compressor at home no more.

  339. Faron Britton

    Amazed at how compact it is! Takes up little room in my saddlebags!

  340. Vinny

    I purchased this item for a simple use case. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the product for a great price! Thank you!

  341. Daniel

    Works Great and Easy to use ! Tire pressure light turned on , saved me a trip to the gas station .Fix the tire in a couple of seconds . Will recommend

  342. Ryan

    It’s worked amazing I have only used it 3 times but has worked eveytime

  343. Dian

    I like the function of it stopping in its own and can set up at what PSI to stop worth it!

  344. CSTEGER

    Ordered this to be able to check and inflate my own tires. Nothing more frustrating than when the tire pressure lite comes on and I have to go into a tire store. Now, I can do it myself. Super simple; accurate on inflating the tire – LOVE THIS THING! Should have gotten one years ago!

  345. Robert D Jordan

    It is very easy to use with the clip on valve stem instead of it being a screw on type.
    It is fairly compact for storage, also using usb charging, so it can be charged in your car.

  346. LBravo

    This small air compressor looked impressive. The reviews were very good, and I was hopeful. What I liked was the cordless features and high battery capacity.
    However, it stopped pumping air at 41.5 psi and my EV tires required 44 psi. I kept a second unit that was rated less, coated more, but delivered as specified. If your needs are below 40 psi, this wonderful little pump will do the work for you.
    One more thing. The provided hose was shorter, and depending on where the tire spigot was at the time of inflation, didn’t reach the floor, as the other did.

  347. Gee BeeM

    I love the portable Prilotte air compressor. Works great and inflates my ebike tires quickly. Also works great on inflating a soccer ball and a basketball. Really very easy to use, I like that it’s portable and easy to handle, and not too big. I highly recommend this product.

  348. Marshall

    Small enough to fit in the saddle bag on the bike. used it with ease on my Honda Valkyrie, honda Goldwing and of course the harley roadglide. Seems to be accurate and easy to use. No need to plug in my huge air compressor at home. Friend at work used it on his car tire and thought the same. It is just a good device to carry for a road trip. Always on the bike now.

  349. mike rzepecki

    Works well, with a lot of battery power. I did 6 car tires on one charge.

  350. M. Burns

    Works great, without any issues.

  351. Roadking

    ironically I got back from Texas and 1 of my tires dropped to 32 psi should be 39 the inflator topped me off i about 1 minute.

  352. JJL

    I recently purchased the Prilotte air compressor because my other battery operated air compressor’s battery doesn’t last very long (barely one tire’s worth). In fact, on my last bike ride, a nail made it through my tire 10 miles into my ride. Luckily I had a spare tube so I was able to fix it in place. However, when I got to inflate the tire I found that my ‘old’ air compressor didn’t have the juice make it past half the pressure I needed so I had to painfully resort to a manual pump! When I saw that the Prilotte had a 20,000 mA/hr battery I knew that this was the air compressor I needed. When I received, I was also surprised that it was very slightly larger than my old one and just slightly heavier, a small price to pay for the added confidence that I’d be able to inflate one or more tires. I love this product and I certainly would recommend it to anyone. I will never leave on a bike ride without it, along with a spare tube.

  353. Adam

    I haven’t had the pump for long but with my luck i have used it 4 times now. I have 2
    motorcycles and both have picked up debris that have punctured my rear tires. With a plug kit and this pump I was able to get back on the road and make it to work. From a flat the pump is a little slow but it’s super small and light weight so i just throw it in my back and go. The battery has lasted the 4 pumps without the need of a recharge. All in all I would say it’s well worth the money.

  354. Kmith

    This device is a life saver. very easy to use with light weight I would highly recommend this product.

  355. kelly madeo

    I bought this to use for easy/quick applications because it is such a hassle to fire up the air compressor. I like the size and functionality¡­¡­really like how I can set the desired PSI, hook up to tire, and it will run until it hits the programmed pressure. Only complaint I have is I wish the devise had a compartment for the hose¡­..I¡¯m concerned if I leave hose attached, it will break so that means I have to carry the bag around with the unit. I have seen similar units with compartment for hose. It¡¯s built very well and believe it will do everything I need it to do.

  356. Heather Holden

    Works well. Holds charge even while airing up large tires.

  357. Michael G.

    Auto shutoff, all my cars! Thanks!

  358. MRR

    I like the speed for reaching full tires, but have not used it for adding air to a tire that’s more than 10psi low. Air hose gets quite hot. Love the auto shut-off, the ease of programming. And the price and fast delivery were a huge plus.

  359. Item broken not happy

    I didn¡¯t use no product because was broken very inconvenience dissatisfied

  360. MillerGal

    We had a few collectible footballs and soccer balls which we wanted to put on display after having been signed by pro players. This inflator was super easy to use since you choose, via a button, what you’re inflating, set your psi, and push the center/on button. Easy as pie. Very fast to inflate, and love all the pump needles you would possibly use were included in a storage bag. Cannot beat the price, the ease of use, and no need to purchase separate pump needles because they’re included. A fantastic product and deal no matter how you look at it! Would absolutely buy this again and am giving a few to my children for all the sports equipment and vehicles they have.

    In cold weather, my car send me low tire pressure warnings; and instead of having to find a gas station with an air pump, this will now be in my car for easy use. Too often, I’d find a gas station but the air pump wasn’t working, or I didn’t have the right change, in addition to it being very cold and dark out by the time I got out of work. This can charge off my car since it comes with a USB charger and also charges quickly! Every vehicle should have one of these for quick and easy tire inflation. A life saver out on the road! Thank you for putting this on the market and creating a product that comes with everything one would need for both sports and auto use. Love it!

  361. Aleksander

    Perfect, i like this product. I will recomend it to my friends.

  362. al rundle

    I bought this to help my granddaughter at college maintain tire pressure in her car. I like that it is USB-C chargeable with included cable, while it’s USB-A output port can be used to charge phones with its 20,000mah capacity lithium battery. Seems well built. Took me a few minutes to determine the functions provided by the buttons, though the functions are shown on the included instruction sheet.
    Good emergency device for the car!

  363. John

    Fast shipping excellent !! Product great

  364. dean

    My cars tire had lost some from a road trip and had to be somewhere in the morining and this perfectly filled the tire and was very easyto use and store for later use.

  365. Ting-Horng Chung

    An excellent product that is easy to use,

  366. JoEtta Johnson

    Recently, I drove to 3 different gas stations to clear a low tire pressure light on my dash. But, all 3 shop pums were out of order! So, I started looking for a tire pressure compressor on Amazon. I thought I was going to another large, heavy, clunky compressor that plugs in your 12v cigarette lighter. But, I remember how they worked Ok on a bike tire, but not really on a car. Then I saw this hand-held, rechargeable, tiny compressor from Prilotte! For the low price, I figured I’d give it a try. I filled 4 tires on a mid-sized SUV from 25psig to 32psig in a matter of 2 minutes each. This thing really works!

  367. Christine

    This little air compressor is so awesome! It¡¯s a lifesaver if stranded with a low tire. I no longer have access to an air compressor, so I needed something for my car and bike tires. This was worth every cent. I should¡¯ve gotten one a long time ago to keep in the car for emergencies. It¡¯s so simple to use! I recommend anyone buying one for emergencies.

  368. jmerk

    This one is better than the Airmoto, as it is also a battery charger for phones and other devices. Very portable and easy to use. Works as advertised.

  369. JF

    This product is amazing. You preset the desired air pressure and tire type and press start. Quick and accurate.
    Next day i bought a second one of the same, to take to my vacation home.

  370. david

    Ive already use the product a few times and it work perfectly. Ive use it with my car tire and bike, both have work fine.

  371. TP

    This device makes pumping tires a lot easier.

  372. Ronald K. Setliff

    Works as described very well. I have used it for a bicycle tire as well as topping off my car tires. I keep this in my wife¡¯s car and will buy another for my car.

  373. Sean

    I am impressed with the power of this small, portable unit. Makes filling up bike tires easy!

  374. Lilac23

    I like this product because it is small and functional.. it fits anywhere and when you fully charged it, it lasts for long time..

  375. Kyle Smith

    We used this 4 days after receiving product. Worked great. Love that I don¡¯t have to stay bent over and hold it while filling up.
    It is loud but I don¡¯t have to go to a gas station to get air and that¡¯s a total win! Will buy more for Christmas presents.

  376. Carlos U.

    I am very impressed what this small item can do. I used it today for the 1st time due to a nail in my tire. I actually didn’t read the instructions purposely to see how easy it would be to figure out. Very simple and worked as expected. I thought the charge would not hold falling up the tire pressure to spec, but it did, amazing. Very happy thus far hands down..

  377. Marcus Nelson

    The inflator comes very professionally packaged, looks sleek, and gets your tires what they need to be. The inflator tool blows up tires quickly, and accurately, and is a great tool to have at home.

  378. Michael R. Walker

    I ordered this portable charger based on price and reviews, and I was very surprised how well it worked. I let all of the air out of my front tire and it took about 3 minutes and 30 seconds to go from zero to 36 psi. The back tire I only let out 5 pounds, so from 36 to 41psi it took about 15 seconds. The digital accuracy is exactly on with my tpms sensors so either both are dead on or both off. No more having to get my big air compressor and letting it fill up and then wind the air hoses and put it all away. Plus bending down to open the release valve so that water doesn’t build up. It was a lot of work to just fill my two motorcycle tires up. Not anymore though. I would totally recommend this to all my motorcycle brothers. Small and compact, and super easy to use.

  379. Ed Ochoa

    It works good, is fairly quiet and inflates at a fair pace. The automatic shut-off does not work but that is not an issue for me.

  380. Christopher coney

    This sucker is amazing I have to charge it very little the light is super bright and it air up a flat tire in 60 seconds

  381. Island Girl

    This is so much more convenient and quicker than my old plug-in air compressor. I have a slow leak in two of my car’s tires which have many miles of tread left and have used it every day since I got it. I just set the psi that my tires need, turn it on and go get something else done. It recharges in my car so it is always ready to use and is small enough to fit in my bike carrier in case I need to increase my tire pressure during a ride. Love this air compressor!

  382. Omar Mena

    Fast delivery and definitely worth the value.

  383. Vimari

    Purchased for my daughter to use at college on her car & bike tires.

  384. Gary Z

    Easily inflates four tires from 20s – 33 psi on single charge. Charges quickly and appears to hold charge once fully charged. It would be nice if there was a “battery fully charged” light or some indicator rather than bar codes. Flashing Bar codes are a bit ambiguous in terms of reading charge status.

    Also the inflation hose would be better if it was about 4 in longer – depending on where value positions on the tire when charging the device does not quite rest on ground while charging. Looks like none of the inflators have long hoses so I suppose this is the best you can get.

    Overall a good product after one month ownership.

  385. SHY

    This is a nice portable compact pump that you can use on Cars, bikes and balls. Great for emergencies and general needs for garage and battery is strong, fill up 5 fires to 36 PSI and still full bars on the battery and you can use to charge your cell phone too. Great product highly recommend. The nozzle does get hot after prolonged use but normal and is not a problem. Great product.

  386. Paula Johnson

    I love that it¡¯s small and portable. Does a great job when I¡¯m biking and need to add air. Love it !!

  387. Daniel H.

    This portable air compressor works great! It was very easy to charge and use. I inflated all four of my car tires to their proper PSI and reset my “low tire” indicator with speed and accuracy. It comes with a soft carrier and several attachments for inflating other items, like sports equipment, balls, etc. I definitely recommend this Prilotte air compressor!

  388. Mark Cushman

    Didn’t fill tires as fast as I hoped it would but it does the job. Very convenient without having to mess with a wire.

  389. Valk785

    This portable air compressor is powerful, fast, and seems well built.
    I first filled the nearly flat tires on my small trailer dolly. Next, the slightly larger, nearly flat tires on my hand truck were quickly filled. I then checked, and topped off the air pressure on my minivan. I’m impressed.

    So far, so good.

  390. Rich

    I haven¡¯t been able to use the tire inflator yet because I bought it for emergency situations. But after receiving it and playing around with it, I can tell this is a quality product. It feels sturdy in the hand and it¡¯s not made up of cheap material. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

  391. Juan

    At the beginning it was a little difficult to use, it is not as common intuitive as I thought it was going to be, however once I get the hang of it I learned that it does a very good job at inflating very different types of products, from a small soccer ball to a car tire.

  392. Un

    Easy to use and pump the tires. My target tire PSI is 46. So it gets a bit slower when reaching the limit I set. I guess it’s normal behavior. Overall, nice product. I will definitely buy again if I need to put in another car for a road trip.

  393. riti

    I was looking for a compact air compressor, and this has everything I wanted. Quick and easy to use, pretty accurate operations, and it¡¯s compact so can be stored under the luggage space or even on a motorcycle. Reccomend.

  394. oa

    This thing really works at first I was worried pumping my tires to full pressure set this device 3 pounds short without issues, set it to desired pressure it shut itself off perfectly every time. I did my 4 car tires,fat tire ebike 50 pounds each,then 3 on another car tires totally flat before juice ran out. I highly recommend this device, don’t wait it’s way better then waiting for free air at your neighborhood Wawa.

  395. Jacklyn Romero

    It¡¯s a nice handheld air pumper. Used to have to use an air compressor to fill up my tires and this device makes it soooo much easier. I highly recommend this product.

  396. Dave and Michele

    Powerful Compressor and very compact! Great addition to our motorcycle saddle bag!

  397. Lane W. Hiland

    Great product. Just as fast and powerful as a plugin air compressor. Small enough to carry on my bike. I never have to worry about losing too much tire air pressure.

  398. Mad

    This air compressor really handy and portable. It’s easy to use and I recommend everybody that needs it, to get this specific one.

  399. Cynthia Garman

    We took our air compressor to the campground this weekend and pumped up all the bike tires and balls with little to no effort. I am going to keep it in my truck for emergencies and easy access. I would HIGHLY suggest this for anyone that doesn¡¯t have space for large compressors or folks that travel with bikes. This might end up in everyone¡¯s stocking, this year.

  400. KJEW

    Great product, the battery lasts a while. Helpful with inflating our car and bicycle tires, along with sports equipment, soccer balls.

  401. Rob

    Excellent little tire inflator at a good price. Easy setup, fast, and accurate measurement. Used for my car and for sports equipment (football, basketball) Would buy again!

  402. Richard J Dann

    The instruction pamphlet was laughable and poorly edited. The product itself however is straight forward.
    Accuracy may be a bit off. When I set the device to the desired psi, my Tesla Model Y indicated the tire was slightly over inflated.

  403. oz

    Used on 3 vehicles..we’ll purchase another this powerful little item

  404. R.A. May

    After having to use a manual air pump when returning to my car with a flat tire at 1:00 AM, the next day i searched for a portable pump. The Prilotte fits the bill & now i always carry it in my glove box.

  405. Abe

    This compressor for being the small convenient size I am able to inflate the tires of my 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss. It works really great!! I receommended

  406. someguy

    I drive for a living. The vehicles I drive are part of a small fleet. Unfortunately they aren¡¯t taken care of very well. I have several things to work on the vehicles myself and one of them is this pump. The rear tires are 42psi. I hooked up the pump and the air went in quickly at first. Of course it slowed down as the pressure got higher but not nearly as much as I thought it would. I filled 4 tires from 30-35psi to 42psi in only a few minutes and it hardly took any of the charge. It almost took the same amount of time to mess with the caps off and on the valve.

  407. Jen

    Quality product, easy to use and is fast to add air to car tire. I bought two for each car.

  408. Edward Titus

    The more you use it the better it works switch isn’t responsive at first but works well now. Dislike the tire filler hose should be about 6 inches longer.

  409. Brian M Jonas

    I bought this initially for our RV so we could have air for our tires…especially in an emergency if we were not near a gas station.

    It worked great straight out of the box (even had a charge). After testing it, I charged it fully and afterwards I ended up inflating all three of my vehicle’s tires. It was so easy. Just verify the proper PSI in the vehicle manual, and then set that number on the inflator and then it automatically inflates to that number, then stops. Couldn’t be easier!

    The nice thing about this product…especially in our RV is that we love that it’s not only rechargeable via USB, but that the inflator itself can charge other devices like tablets, phones, etc.

    We haven’t used it to inflate inflatable mattresses or sport balls, etc but it does come with the accessories to do so.

  410. Ben

    This is great. They are a good thing to have in case of emergency or just in general. I had to return mine bc it didn’t work for what I needed it to. It didn’t air up my truck tire fully. I’m sure it works well for other tires.

  411. John Abraham

    Strong pump. Filled up 12 bike tires with no issues. I would recommend this pump. Fit in vehicle arm rest with ease.

  412. Andres

    Works very well and charges fast, very handy for air pressure and portable chargers. Has different settings for different air pressures.

  413. Sugapop35

    Been using this for awhile now, It works as much better than a lot of its competitors. I use it to pump my electric e-bike and normal bikes. Won’t ever go back to a physical pump after this.

  414. Dan Weeks

    My new e-bike with 4″ fat tires wants 30 psi for street riding, 20 psi for trail riding, and 5 psi for sand/snow. I wanted a quick way to go between these air pressures. The Prilotte “Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor-Upgrade 20000 mAh Air Pump for Car Tires-150 PSI Electric Tire Inflation-Cordless Tire Pump with Pressure Gauge Emergency Light for Car, Motor, Bike, Ball, Black” (very long title) made it easy for me to set the pressure I wanted when I needed to increase pressure in my tires and then I could watch the digital screen on the pump quickly raise the pressure to what I needed and automatically stop when I get there. The battery in the device can do lots of tire inflates, and boy does it do them quickly.

  415. hqwqq

    The product worked very well for me!

  416. Jkim

    I used to carry around one of those tire pumps that hook up to your 12v cigarette lighter, but it recently broke and I thought it was time to finally get a new one. This one is fantastic – it’s light, small, and pretty powerful. Makes going around the car and pumping tires much less of a chore.

    The only thing I’d caution is it has a lithium ion battery so I’d avoid leaving it in the car for too long if you live in a sunny state. Otherwise, highly recommend.

  417. hill

    Works as intended, no complaints, portable and easy to use. Would recommend as a keep-in-your-car compressor.

  418. Yell

    Portable air compressor was easy to use. We used it to inflate large boat fenders and it worked quickly and effectively. Like that it has the LED for use at night.

  419. Barb Gorsch

    Very happy with this.
    Easy to use and has enough powers for all I need

  420. Gail

    Man I love this machine. Quick and quite. Finally an air pump worth a darn. Highly recommend it

  421. Joe Elenbaas

    Haven’t had to use it yet… But that’s kinda the point, right. Can never be too careful!

  422. Stephen Sansom

    This product works for me as expected and as advertised.

  423. Pap Pap

    Product arrived as described and on time. We have yet had any problems with it.

  424. simone

    Powerful pump for the size and compact. Easy to use and fast. Exactly what I was looking for.

  425. AsRealAsLifeItself

    This air pump works great. The directions were pretty clear. Assembling it was really straight forward, I use this to keep my motorcycle tires at the proper pressure. I love the fact you can set the desired pressure and it will automatically stop once reached. I did do a double check with a manual tire pressure gauge to see if the air pump was accurate, and it was spot on. I would recommend this as a buy.

  426. Ivan Patino

    It works excellent, ideal size to have it in the car for an emergency, I would buy it again

  427. Rick Rogers

    I purchased this product for use while traveling on a motorcycle. Its one of those things I¡¯d hope to never need¡­ but I did need it and it worked perfectly. About 1000 miles from home I locked up a screw in my rear tire. I was able to plug it and used to compact tire inflator/compressor to refill the tire. It worked like a charm. Filled the tire from flat to 40# psi in less than two minutes. It was easy to use and I like that it¡¯s compact size makes it easy to pack on the bike. It¡¯s a neat little tool and I am happy to have it.

  428. Mandy

    It works well!. No need for any cords, just use at your convenience and the different needles are the best to inflate anything.

  429. Chase

    This product is convenient to carry in my truck as it doesn’t need to be hooked up to a power supply like my previous one. It is a bit loud, but for the size and the pressure it’s capable of, what do you expect? It comes with all of the necessary attatchements and I can even use it on my mountain bike with a Presta valve. Not small enough to take with on a bike ride though.

  430. Cynthia Coronado

    I honestly love this product such a great buy! Never have to drive gas station to gas station to put air in my tires again! Also love how you can adjust the psi to whatever you want.

  431. Javier L.

    This air compressor is very easy to use; fast and convenient. It save time and money. I highly recommend it.

  432. MH

    Be careful not to overheat or you¡¯ll have to buy another as I did.

  433. Holly M. Block

    Purchased primarily for bicycle and motorcycle. High pressure works for the bicycles and the easy connect works fine for accessing the valve stem on a twin rotor BMW front moto tire. Does the job in seconds instead of hours and it’s portable. Not cheap, but worth it.

  434. Thangavelu Chokkalingam

    Emergency inflate auto tire

  435. Xiaofei

    Outstanding tire inflator offered at a great value. Its setup is straightforward, and it provides rapid and precise measurements. I’ve successfully used it for my car. I’ll recommend it to people who need to inflate their vehicles frequently.

  436. Daisy

    Works great! Nice to have for emergencies

  437. jayanth reddy chintam reddy

    Liked this product a lot. compact and useful

  438. Yang W. LA

    Used it to pump the air for my electric scooter. It worked really well. Still waiting to try it on my car tires. So far so good!

  439. Prime Global Remodeling LLC

    Great product for trucks

  440. Delta Tran

    Love it. Used it twice: for a basketball and for my 18¡± EUC fast as advertised. Have not used on on my 21¡± SUv tires yet but when I do I¡¯ll update if I can remember.

    Compact (really portable, ideal for any Electric Unicyclist/Scooters
    Slick looking
    Has output to charge phone in case of emergency

    Bit heavy
    Not so quiet (but hey thats why its powerful)

  441. Jason Lee

    I purchased this portable tire inflator just before a road trip, and it saved the day. Brand new tires just mounted on the car the day before, one of them developed a slow leak about 3 hours into our drive to a wedding that was 8 hours away. I pulled out this little compressor and was able to precisely bring my tires back into the suggested 42PSI. Drove for another hour and a half and was losing pressure, stopped and brought it right back up. Had to drive a couple more hours until I found a gas station with tire slime to repair the leak on a brand-new tire, but this little gadget saved the day and we arrived at the wedding on time.

    This product based on the things I have used features the following:

    Is rechargeable using a USB A to micro USB cable
    Has a little flashlight
    Uses a screw on valve connector
    Has a digital pressure gauge
    Will automatically inflate to set PSI and stop (or other pressure measurements based on your selection)
    Remembers the last set inflation PSI
    Can be used as a portable battery for other USB devices
    Has some accessories for balls and other inflatables

    I have since tried a couple of similar and cheaper products sold on Amazon, but this is a superior product to others since the battery lasts longer, and it inflates things quicker, so even if others may be a few dollars less (this one does often have savings if you watch it), this is a better product while comparing to items up to about $60.

    As a quick note, I have used this on cars, and not trucks so please refer to other reviews if you are a truck owner since truck tires may require additional compressor load over a car tire. My car tires however are suggested 42 PSI over a max of 50.

  442. Sanjib

    It works greats

  443. LL

    Easy to set up and to use. Inflated tires accurately – I tested with a regular pressure gauge. Runs on car’s battery, so you have to have a cigarette lighter built in to your car.

  444. Mario Alonso

    The most practical way to inflate a tire. I love it

  445. Weicheng LIU

    It¡¯s a good product and the noise is not big even the size is small easy to take and cool enough. I bought this to pump my cars tires. It is so nice

  446. Kayrora

    Very convenient to use since it functions as a versatile tool. Compact enough to take on the go, sturdy enough for regular usage. Charge lasts longer than expected.

  447. cody

    This was everything they said it was light weight easy to use and not to big. I am glad I got this one.

  448. Pavan Kumar

    I got a defective piece initially and I had made up my mind to order a different brand, instead of getting it replaced. I¡¯m glad I didn¡¯t do that, and instead ordered a replacement.

    Absolutely love the fact that it is lightweight, has preset pressure settings for a variety of transportation modes and is pretty fast for its looks.

  449. Montrese Wingo

    I have been in need of this for a long time. I¡¯m impressed with this item. The only drawback is it is loud. It works great.

  450. Dave C. Jones

    The cord could be longer but otherwise a great unit. Easy to use and must have when camping or traveling.

  451. Es

    It’s a practical one! I loved

  452. Patrik sarni

    Very satisfied..excellent product

  453. Giovanni Guidi

    A few words…excellent device!

  454. dwilson

    the product is as advertised. i have used it to inflate everything from a basketball to a tire and it has worked well everytime.

  455. Daniel Contreras

    This is a simple and easy way to inflate your tires in the quickest possible. With just a few clicks you set the PSI you need and after that it is plug and play. If you’re tired of going to the gas station to get air, or you just want to be prepared while on the road this is a good buy.

  456. Jesus Yanez

    I feel backed up with this product in my hands, actually I¡¯m carrying it in my glove compartment, easy to use and very efficient. I will recommend it.

  457. nklaus3dog

    I HAD a Vespa Scooter with 2 almost flat tires. Purchased this tool, read the manual, went to work. WOW right out the box it inflated the 2 tires very quickly. Checked the pressure with my gauge and the tires were right on what I set. 6 Stars

  458. Felix G.

    I like it so much thinking about getting one for my daughter to have in her car

  459. Nicole

    ?I needed to replace my old air pump and this one is perfect. It’s portability and power gets the job done right every time.

  460. Joe B.

    I have used it twice. Works great.

  461. Nichole

    I absolutely love this tire inflator, it¡¯s portable and works for so much more than my motorcycle. I couldn¡¯t find anything like this that would work on my custom wheels. Thanks so much!

  462. Cristina Garrotto

    Although I personally never received this order due to my cancellation. I had observed this product in motion in the hands of another customer, product did work after all, with no complaints. Return policy¡¯s lived up to its duties, great customer service!!!

  463. Stephanie lee

    Simple and convenient

  464. andrzej wierzbinski

    Am thrilled.

  465. Lady Eileen

    What can I say? They do their job excellently. So far I haven’t encountered any problems whatsoever.
    Highly recommended.

  466. Ahmad Chafeh

    Very good

  467. JD

    Don’t have enough time in using it to give it 5 *, but I did use it (very easy to use and understand) to check my boat trailer and atv tires. It topped them off easily. Not sure how it will do on a full fill yet. Will update this review once i get a better use case.

  468. James Butman

    This product I would highly recommend to anyone who doesn¡¯t have the time to go to the gas station to fill up their tires every time there¡¯s a need for air. This is a very portable easy to use air compressor that works very well and has saved me in many jams while traveling. It also filled up the air in all my basketballs and footballs that needed air. The only thing that¡¯s holding this back from greatness which is 5 stars is the amount of noise it makes while it¡¯s turned on and it can take about 5-10 min per tire. Also need to wait in between sessions for the machine to cool off because it can get hot after 10 min and don¡¯t want to overheat it. Minor issues since this machine is saving the day. You charge it like a cell phone and you need a usb which it comes with to start it up which you can use through your car usb port or you can turn it on anywhere there¡¯s a usb port. A great device to have in case of emergencies.

  469. uiwes

    I purchased two of these air compressors to carry on my Motorcycles. They’re PERFECT. Thanks so much.

  470. Bele

    We have several motorcycles including dual-sport machines that we take on unpacked roads, sometimes requiring to reduce the pressure to pump it to standard pressure when we return to paved roads. The Prilotte air compressor is small in size and weight and so capable of reliably being available when we need to change pressure. Presets as well as individual target pressures are very convenient. The ability to safe a few custom pressure values for respective vehicles would be a cool future feature for the next version. But that is no reason for not giving the product the full five stars or not buying it again. Fully recommended.

  471. GRG

    It works great! I use it for many things like filling up my exercise ball, my tires and whatever else needs air. It is an awesome device! I normally keep in my car and it stores easily. Glad I bought it. Excellent product!!!

  472. Deborah

    I’ve used the inflator to adjust air pressure on my motorcycle and car. The automatic pressure sensing and shut-off gas worked flawlessly every time.

  473. Bruno de Sales

    it is an excellent tire inflator. Very fast, with precise stop when it reaches the pressure, silent and can work a lot without heating up

  474. Ping Huang

    This machine works very efficiently. It generally doesn¡¯t take too long to fill up the tires. Know that this won¡¯t work well for an air mattress or anything because of the size of the attachments, but works very well to fill up tires. I keep mine in my trunk and it¡¯s so handy to just have. I can fill up each of my tires with the cord length, but I do need to put the machine out on driver/passenger side for those respective side tires. The machine is lightweight and small. I¡¯d say it¡¯s worth it!

  475. Kendra J. Bowers

    I have had other portable air compressor and their gauge has never been very accurate on the tire pressure. Not only was the gauge accurate but it has an auto stop on it to stop at the appropriate pressure. Worked amazing.

  476. EVA

    Easiest thing I¡¯ve ever used. At 70 you need things easy!

  477. Bennie Chase

    I used this to inflate my car tires and it works great. It automatically shuts off when and does not over inflate the tires.

  478. Marwa Arun

    Good for the price. It doesnt stop unless you force it to, but it gets the job done. It does take quite a while to get the tires inflated.

  479. M. Rodriguez

    Always wanted to have this with me in case of emergency while traveling. Glad I purchased this one.

  480. Gentleshopper7422

    Only used it a couple of times and it’s consistently inflated to the indicated pressure. I carry it when going to remote areas. Loud.

  481. popo

    Top product!!

  482. maurizio

    Great product

  483. Abdul Sayyed

    Very very very good indeed

  484. Ywet

    I like the most about this unit: Compact and Easy to Charge and Carry

  485. D. Brown

    Highly recommended and works as advertised. Very easy to use.

  486. Nik

    It seems to be a good product, excellent motion sensor, detects movement immediately. Very good mermaid.

  487. G. Lott

    Worked as it¡¯s supposed to, wish the cord had another five feet too it but not a big issue.

  488. Deb Paone

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve “had it” with my “low profile tires”, they CONSTANTLY require air whenever the temperature changes. I have spent DAYS trying to find a gas station ANYWHERE that has a working air pump for my tires! Frustrated is NOT the word.
    THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL LITTLE PUMP!!! Got all 4 of my cars tires 35.5lbs of air in less than 15 minutes! BRAVO! ??

  489. NK

    Pros: Works for filling a car tire, is very compact. Topped off all four of my tires from about 32 psi to 42psi on one charge with one bar left in the battery indicator .was able to figure out controls needed for filling tires without instructions (but not for the light)
    Cons: SUPER LOUD – recommend ear plugs if close while running. Cord is too short – gotta park so that valve stem is close to the ground or it hangs which prevents a good seal. doesn’t come with a power cord that allows it to plug in when running. Short duty cycle -gets hot -very hot. Cant figure out jow to turn on the light without the instructions

  490. cindy shiwang

    Very good product

  491. Jim holcomb

    It doesn¡¯t pump as fast as advertised,; it is very handy to use after you understand the directions. The digital readout seemed to be very accurate.

  492. HS

    I¡¯ve used the Prilotte tire inflator now to top off air in my cars. I found it very convenient to use since I don¡¯t need to route a power cable. Battery life seems good. After topping off 12 tires the battery status was down only one notch from 4 bars to 3 bars so it had plenty of charge left but I decided to recharge it anyway. It is small enough to easily carry in the car for road trips.

  493. MrBen23

    I used to drive to a gas station or Wawa with a flat tire to use their air machine. Now I have this portable air compressor and it works great so far! I used it to top off all 4 tires and it was very easy to use. Will try it on other items like a basketball with the included attachments and report back.

  494. Annie Smith

    I work for a car rental company and we are always looking for easy ways to inflate tires. This product is fabulous and so easy to use! The portability makes it a must for work and I use it at home as well. It is quick and easy to charge. The directions are simple and easy to follow. Love this product!

  495. Carl B.

    I liked the fact that it is a powerful air compressor , and that the compact design of it makes it easy to carry along with you in your vehicle. Would definitely recommend this to anyone in search of an air compressor.

  496. Nina

    Comparable to a different model that¡¯s more than double the cost. Efficient and compact

  497. Alan

    Muy bueno excelente

  498. Janice

    Had problem when initially tried to use as the batteries supplied with unit were duff, replaced and now machine is working perfectly

  499. Lawrence McMurtry

    great product

  500. Chris

    Have one of these for each cars. My wife can even use it. Easy to use and been working for a while now

  501. IchibanKnifeFan

    My previous 12V tire inflator (different brand and larger model) finally gave up on me bouncing around in my trunk for years. So I bought this one to replace. It¡¯s surprisingly smaller and it does a bang up job of swiftly inflating my auto tires.

  502. jay wang

    Prepare for my 2000 toyota, the tire producted from 2012 (5 years in backyard), but it still can work. I just buy this for emergency. White backlight looks luxurious, the working noise is not very loud, and the inflation speed is about 0.5bar in 20 seconds.

  503. Lance J. Miller

    Very Handy, small & works as expected. Its sister the 2000a jumper battery pack works seamlessly with this.

  504. Dwayne McCaskey


  505. B. A. Mentsch

    Used to have to stop and check the tire pressure separately and then pump a little more air – and repeat again – or let out air if too much went in. Now never happens! You press the number of pounds your tire recommends to beset at and press start. It works itself and shuts off when it reaches that setting. Voila!

  506. Ang52

    Delivery in, gift

  507. George

    Good product

  508. JEQ

    Stability buttons connectivity

  509. Knappe

    On time and as described

  510. Yvonne

    Is in the car. Everything in it. Price performance fits

  511. Paola Gabrielli

    Practical and functional

  512. Yakub M.

    Absolutely perfect worked straight out of box and the box looked very expensive

  513. adam steigerwald

    So far I only used this once, on a snow blower tire, but I love it! It’s so simple to use and fast and works great! I bought it because I had a slow leak in my car tire and wasn’t able to get it repaired right away, so it was a nice security to have it. I plan on using it for bikes often. I highly recommend this product

  514. Anthony Cox

    Nicely packaged, clear instructions. Well worth the money

  515. Anthony Harrell Jr

    Good product, functional and does what it should.

  516. Mr John Haueisen

    I tried it for the first time today. It was a surprise to me when it indicated the exact pressure in the tire that had the “low tire” signal on my dashboard. I expected a long wait, but it took the pressure up to the recommended 35psi in just a minute or two. It was also nice to watch the display show each increase in pressure as it went up to the 35psi I had typed in on the inflator’s screen. Very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to family and friends.

  517. Alan P.

    I’ve had this for three years now, and it works perfectly every time. My car tires deflate when there are big temperature swings, triggering my “low tire” warning message. This compact and light air compressor works like a charm. The chord length is nice and log to reach all tires. Connects to the lighter and it just works. Setting the PSI level so once it’s clamped onto the valve, the machine goes to work and stops at the PSI entered. Saves time going to the shop or finding a gas station with a compressor.

  518. xoapqoamg

    Small, but works fine well.

  519. Sarah

    Buy this!

    I have a crack in my wheel and I¡¯ve had to use this every day to air my tire up until my new wheel comes. It takes my completely flat tire (5psi) and fills it up (33 psi) in a matter of 5-7 mins. You hook it to your outlet in your car and the cord is long enough to reach your back tires. Worth the money and gives me a sense of security if I have to air my tire up when I¡¯m on the road and not near a place to do it.

  520. Nicole B

    Decided to purchase this for my car because I hated having to stop at random gas stations and ask for help in putting air in my tire lol. Super beneficial & convenient to have! Also extremely easy to use. Literally you just plug the machine into the vehicle & attach to your tire and it will tell you what your tire pressure should be (if it doesn¡¯t already show you in your vehicle). Flick the switch on and it does all the magic for you lol, it even cuts itself off once the pressure in the tire has reached the ideal pressure. It¡¯s even nice that it comes with a little light that can be super helpful in the dark. I had one issue with the machine were the wires became exposed & it eventually stopped working altogether. The seller was extremely nice & helpful with assisting me in getting a new one in exchange for the defective machine and I haven¡¯t had any other issues since. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

  521. Jonathan

    Works amazingly

  522. Carlos Gutierrez

    Exceeded my expectations, super excellent product. As soon as I connected it to the tire, it began to inflate the tire at high speed.

  523. Elizabeth Cloud

    1-day delivery and it worked right our of the box. Some useful attachments included. Deducting one star for now because the air hose is the typical fabric braid over rubber, which will probably deteriorate in a couple years and is impossible to fix or replace. That is what happened to my older one. If it holds up a year ot two, I will change my rating. I do wish that they would include an alligator clip adapter for machinery that does not have a “cigarette lighter” power socket.

  524. Randy Hager

    Good value, works great, straight from the box.

  525. Smstoia

    It does everything advertised. I might get one to keep in my other car too.

  526. Wilson

    Been using this for months now, I’m glad I bought it because I used this multiple times. Highly recommended.

  527. The Missing Piece

    I have a golf cart tire that goes down occasionally. I bought this just in case after having the tire plugged. Guess what? I needed it and it worked perfectly. Great purchase for under $20

  528. Emrich

    Very quick and easy , no need to charge, just plug in cigarette lighter. It took about 2 min for 20 psi.
    I think every car owner should have this.

  529. Morgan B.

    After owning it for 3 strong years all I can say is that I highly recommend it. It has saved me on tons of money for air fill ups and all my friends and family have used it many times as well. The psi is spot on. It¡¯s also really durable(it¡¯s fought battles in my trunk and had taken a few accidental drops) the flashlight is very strong and didn¡¯t break or go out. I got a new car and lost it so here I am writing a review before buying it again. Again! I highly recommend

  530. Bakhtawar Khan

    Great product that’s simple and easy to use. I love the feature where you can set how much air pressure you want and it turns off automatically. Worked well and easy to store. Highly recommend.

  531. Also

    It brought 4 tires up to pressure in about 2 minutes each (from being down 4-7psi).

  532. ROCCO

    Fast inflation

  533. vv

    I have used this product several times and love that you program your tire pressure.

  534. KB

    Nice little compressor. Cord length can be a concern for big SUV’s but is plenty long enough. Built in light and pressure gauge are helpful features. Much more compact and quieter than an older model it replaced. Would recommend and buy again.

  535. M. Dickinson

    Used it a few times so far and seems to work great. Portable and easy to use.

  536. Hector The Honest Reviewer

    This specific portable air compressor tire inflator has been a true lifesaver on multiple occasions. It’s become must-have for my and family’s cars, whether we’re in the city or embarking on a long road trip. Compact and versatile, it fits easily in any space and performs its intended job to perfection.

  537. YM

    I bought one of these, liked it, then bought another for my daughter. Plug it in, hook it up to the tire, set the desired pressure, and turn it on. It will inflate the tire and turns off when it reaches the set pressure. Yes, it¡¯s loud. No, I don¡¯t think it would be great to inflate a totally flat auto tire. But it¡¯s perfect for topping up your tires.

  538. David Fischer

    This comes with multiple different needles to inflate bicycle tires, automotive tires, basketballs, footballs, you name it. And with an adjustable digital setting, you can choose the perfect pressure. I love it!

  539. Teyonie

    It came in the mail today and it¡¯s dark so the light that¡¯s on it helped alot when I used it . Everything works well and especially well since I hated going to gas stations to fill my tires. 10/10 recommend

  540. Jasper M Santos

    ?I was expecting it to be a lot faster but it¡¯s ok.
    There¡¯s a bit of a lag on the counter.
    First time using it and I was pretty impressed.
    I like the feature where it Automatically stops at the set PSI set.
    Could be better but for the price, it¡¯s not bad.
    Hope it doesn¡¯t break any time soon.

  541. Cohoman

    This tire inflator appears to be of high-quality construction. Very compact, and seems rugged enough to last a while in the back compartment of my SUV. I plan to use it for inflating my car tires and also bike tires. I tested it on all 4 of my SUV’s tires inflating from 33 psi to 35 psi and it worked very well, quickly inflating my tires in just a few minutes. Note, that you need to have your car running when using this inflator for maximum performance. Also, you can set the desired pressure in 0.5 psi increments, and the inflator will stop when it reaches that setting. The only negative is that it doesn’t have a bag or case to hold the inflator and associated fittings, but that’s ok, I’ll just keep it in the original box.

  542. Churchill

    When I get a low tire light, I pull this out and it allows me to check all four tires in my garage, find the low tire, and fill it (within minutes) to the correct PSI. I had some questions about the attachments, fuse, etc. and their customer services was VERY HELPFUL, very responsive, friendly. Thumbs Up on all counts!

  543. Lawton H

    Long lighter plug which allows for easy access to all four tires. Easy to preset the psi and inflation automatically stops at the settings.

  544. Therese Gautreaux

    Love it

  545. P. g.

    easy to use. filled a flat tire fairly quickly Has digital read out.
    Very pleased so far with product.

  546. Carlos Abreu

    Very efficient and compact. It looks well finished and inflates quickly! Excellent team so far

  547. submariner

    Imagine your tire going flat at home? To avoid Wrecker Costs I simply contacted Amazon and presto the next day I get my air compressor. This little beauty aired my tire up long enough to get to a Tire Repair Shop. It¡¯s lightweight, has a chord long enough to go from my cigarette lighter plug in to my rear tire ??. ??????????????

  548. Yanna

    My husband got one before but after we moved he throw it away….. So I have purchase new one, I like the price only pay less than 20 for it. Very good price!!!

  549. jonathan phillips

    ?This little guy gets the job done! I bought it for my Wife and I cars to fill up the tires and it is perfect. You have different attachments that comes with it that you thread on to the main hose. So it can work on different inflatables (tires, sport balls, etc). You can select different settings (i.e., psi) and set it to whatever max amount you need. Once it hits that max amount it will stop. Now it also gets its power from your car since it’s hooked up the 12v converter. So make sure you got your car on haha.

    So why the 4 star? It can only work for 15 mins. After 15 mins you need to let it sit for 10 mins before using it again. I turned it off after each tire to give it a rest in between tire setup. I did time each session tho. Going from 22psi to 32psi it took 2.5 mins each. So that’s a total of 10 mins for 4 tires. I’m definitely impressed but if you got a lot to air up you might be slowed down by this little guy. It gets the job done tho. Still highly recommend.

  550. Oena

    not bad for a portable pump

  551. J.T.

    I was skeptical, because it is so cheap and so small. But this little thing packs more punch than the bigger ones! I bought a $80 Husky and it was much too slow. Someone told me about Astro AI, so I tried it, and it was 5x faster than the $80.

    I love it!

  552. T.Swenson67

    I have only used it once but it worked great to fill a small truck tire from 35lbs to 60lbs in about 5 minutes.

  553. yoyo

    Encountered a sale, the price is very good, just what my family needs, perfect£¡

  554. Miguel Angel Porras Maldonado

    This inflator has helped me in several situations where my tires have lost pressure. They have not only helped me but also some people who have had problems with their wheels. For faster inflation I recommend turning on the vehicle and then inflating. The pressure adjustment function has helped me a lot even to inflate balls and other inflatables at the right pressure, you can even adjust the system that you prefer or use in your country, I live in Colombia and here we handle PSI.

  555. monique roundtree

    I used it on my truck and car and it worked just great .

  556. preeces8

    really easy to operate.

  557. Elfin Crisostomo

    Es lo mejor

  558. anna long

    I like it was compact. Easy to set. Was disappointed it didn’t come with carrying case

  559. Julio A.

    I kind of wish that the cord length would be longer, but it doesn’t depreciate the value. It’s amazing for the price. I’ve used it a few times now and it works amazing. Easy to use. I really like the fact that it stops once you reach the desired pressure so you don’t overfill. Filling up is very fast and only a few minutes. 10/10 would buy it again.

  560. Albert R Tamayo

    Received the Air Compressor the day after it was ordered. Works well. Highly recommend it.

  561. Bill R. Gerhart

    I quit reviewing far awhile because of a disagreement, but I am back. I have a problem with my tuires leaking and have had since I got the tires. Not bad just need too add ait every 6 to 8 weeks. The porblem is everyone now charges for air AND it is nearly impossible to find an air pump that is not broken. This thing will pay for itself in no time!

  562. MNA

    This little compressor can do it. I filled up my bicycle tires in about 20 seconds. Plugged it into my accessories plug, set the pressure and Pssssst! It filled the tires and shut off when the pressure was reached.
    BUT….make sure you have the car running on full power, not the Remote Start operation, as your accessory circuit may not be running, and you think the unit is faulty, like I did 🙂 HaHa!

  563. BO

    Plug in and go. Pretty quick action to fill the tire, etc.

  564. kdfuser

    My previous pump had a damage at the end of the cable which is not repairable. This design has a detachable end piece which (I assume) can be replaced.

    The accuracy is probably find but the measurement disagree with my cars’ tire calibration measurements by 1-2 lbs.

  565. Phil Johnson

    Took me a few to come around to the point where I actually read the instructions ?? but once I got over myself I quickly learned to set the desired air pressure and let the pump figure the rest out!

  566. supreet

    I¡¯m a horrible driver. I always hit the curb and my tires suffer. I also am useless at inflating them at gas stations.

    This saved my life.

  567. Craig

    I have always had an inflator that used 120 volt power. This inflator runs off the automobile 12v plug in. I was surprised at how quickly it filled a tire and the accuracy of the pressure gage. The inflator pressure gage and my car’s onboard diagnostics match PSI. I just set the pressure on the inflator and it fills to the set point.

  568. Tele Player Forever

    There’s nothing I disliked. I had a tire with a slow leak and it took a little time for it’s replacement to arrive at my mechanics shop. The flashlight came in very handy when I had to inflate the tire in a dark lot. It just works very well.

  569. Frank Julio Ricardo


  570. Karen

    Quick and easy to use. Digital readout is great and you can set it to a specific pressure to stop. also light and compact.

  571. Jack love

    It aired my tires quickly and it has a light for safe use at night.

  572. AK

    I¡¯ve used it several times over 2 years and no issues

  573. Retired Oldie

    it is exactly what I wanted. Both AC and DC power. So I can use it in car or at home for bikes.

  574. KH

    Worked to fill my suv tires on my 2011 Ford escape with no issues .

  575. robert albertson

    as represented

  576. Melissa M.

    This is a great little air pump. I am going to order one for each of my vehicles. Price point is good and it works.

  577. Bridget

    I have very little experience with putting air in my tire, but after a few tries and re-reading the instructions, I was able to put air in my tire. It has a built-in air pressure gauge, which is cool ..definitely get it for those just in case moments.

  578. Robert135

    Works great

  579. Colton

    I went to the dunes and a bunch of friends came out and didnt bring compressors. This thing was able to get 3 vehicles all the way to 25lbs in about an hour. We then drove to the nearest gas station and filled up all the way. But for a little quick air compressor I was impressed. Didnt even struggle, pumped all we needed and kept us moving.

  580. bilR

    I bought this thing to help a friend who had a flat tire at his apartments. I parked behind his car, and the cord reached from my car to his back tires. It aired up his completely flat tire in about 5 minutes. I wanted this one over a cordless battery operated one because with my luck, the battery operated one would probably be dead when I needed it most. It’s always that way with my cordless power drill.

  581. cplum

    Good find, good buy. It blew up all 4 tires in 5 minutes or less, from 30 psi to 36psi.

  582. DowntownDweller

    It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but it works really well. I love it!

  583. Firuz

    It is compact, has long wire different attachments, does the job but gets very very hot after pumping one tire. I would recommend waiting at least 30min if you need to pump second tire. Overall happy with thr product

  584. RedMan

    The item works as advertised. The compressor noise isn¡¯t extremely loud like some I¡¯ve dealt with in the past. The long cable makes it easy to access all 4 tires. I plan on buying one for every vehicle my family has. Definitely an item you want to have in case of an emergency.

  585. Kenzie Metcalf

    Love how fast it works, just nit the color I wanted

  586. bamatina

    I love the screw on connection to the stems rather than the clamp on. It has both so you get the best of both worlds. It shows your tire pressure when it’s connected to your tire. Set it to your desired pressure and flip the switch. It fills really quickly and shuts off when it’s done. All 4 tires are now up to pressure ready for the cooler weather to come. The motor is not as loud as the last one I had so that is an added bonus for me. It now lives in my trunk ready for when I need it again. 🙂

  587. Richie D

    Simple to use. Hopefully it lasts. Good value

  588. John Small

    We bought one for one of our cars. After trying it out, we liked the ability to set the pressure, do all the tires on the car and stow it away so much that we immediately ordered another for our other car. We also ordered the suggested case that goes with it.

  589. Emerson

    You need air in you¡¯re tires and you not a pro and don¡¯t like bulky and complicated stuff. This is pretty much made for you.

  590. Hormoz K

    Super easy to use. Powerful. Accurate pressure measuring. Light weight. Long cord. Great material

  591. Sean V

    Got the “tire pressure low” in my car so at the next rest stop I pulled this out (for the first time in over a year) and inflated the front left tire from 36 to 42 and the rear left tire from 38 to 42. Setting the pressure was easy, the pump stopped at the correct pressure and when the TPS system started reporting again, they were both bang on 42 psi, so pretty pleased there.
    I thought the pump was definitely quieter than previous portable pumps I’ve owned, and most of those had jumpy needles to tell you the pressure, which were hard to read. I think this one was also a bit quicker and stayed put on the ground where I put it. I imagine the light would be a huge boon at night.
    Very pleased with my pump!

  592. Aliyyah Coachman

    This gadget is absolutely perfect! I¡¯ve recommended this to all my friends, especially the girlies. You have to buy this.

  593. Rose A. Fennessey

    This pump works great and so easy to use. I bought one for the second car. No more anxiety about the tires losing air. Highly recommend this.

  594. Grismaldo castillo

    Saca de apuros

  595. J. Loney

    I can¡¯t believe how easy this is to use. Works great, too. Only wish it shut off automatically when it reaches the set pressure. Already bought another for a birthday present for a friend.

  596. Krishna K. Maddula

    I tried with my toyota corolla and it pumps air very fast and works as expected.

  597. jack

    The cord that plugs into the car cigarette lighter/power slot is really long so the pump easily reaches all 4 tires.
    The noise is pretty quiet and the light on the front of the pump helps a lot if it¡¯s nighttime.
    Great product and small enough for anyone to handle.
    I bought a second one for my wife¡¯s car, just in case she has an emergency.

  598. Jose Rosas

    Can¡¯t beat the price and quality.

  599. Jared

    Works great comes with a led light in the front .

  600. anna mathews

    Handy size. Works well

  601. Beatrice A BONNET

    Pump works great, easy to use. Does not take too long to get the job done. Loud but it’s only for a short time so it’s fine.

  602. Emily

    Super compact, Easy for girls to use i love it. pretty much does the work for you when plugged in

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